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Started by KatieSparks, July 23, 2010, 09:20:59 PM

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~Please have on/offs, or at least check out mine if you are interested.~

I am mainly interested in Female x Male roleplays. I normally only play females myself, but anyone who is interesting in playing the male characters here is welcome, no matter what their actual gender.

Some ideas that have been floating around in my head:


Your Biggest Fan
A young woman goes to a show to see one of her favorite rock bands perform. After the show she is able to sneak into the backstage area, meet the band and.. express her love for them and their music, so to speak.

This RP could also be done in a small group, with males/females who are interested - could involve just the one groupie, or a couple groupies with one band member/a couple band members with one groupie.

Deposit (Possibly NC)
A man and a woman both go into a bank to use the ATM late at night. While they are inside, an earthquake occurs, activating the security systems and blocking off the doors. They are trapped inside for at least the rest of the night, and the rest is up to your imagination.

The Adulte Shoppe (Possibly NC)
A girl who has just turned 18 goes into a sex shop for the first time to celebrate her passage into adulthood by buying a toy or two, but is a bit ashamed to go into such a place. Once inside, she runs into someone she knows, an older man, maybe an acquaintance of her father, and both are stuck in the unfortunate predicament of not wanting anyone to know they were there. This RP could involve blackmail, going either way.

Southern Comfort (NC)
Having just finished their last exams, the English students at a local university throw a party to celebrate the fact that they have survived freshman year. One girl has recently found out that the guy she's had a crush on all year is actually gay, and being quite depressed, has more than a few drinks. A guy at the party, who happens to be interested in her, tries to comfort her in hopes of getting close. She appreciates his kindness, but when she makes it clear that she isn't interested in the same way he decides to take what he wants anyway.


I'm always open to other stuff, and if you are interested in any of these but have any ideas for changes that might make them more fun, I'm all ears!

PM me or post in this thread if interested.


I'm interested in the Deposit scenario, pm me if it is still open and we can work out the details.  Thanks.


I'd be interested in "Your Biggest Fan"...:P..More so if we can get more people for it too..*shrugs*