Seeking female long term partner.

Started by Kenshin, July 22, 2010, 10:38:59 PM

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I am looking for a female writing partner(and female character) who has a desire to come up with a role play with me based on a few ideas.

Two things I am interested in is playing a man who has a corrupted past of some sort, deeply wounded and nearly evil, but not quite. A chaotic neutral character if you are familiar with that term of alignment. I want the setting to be in the past, and in my head I have an image of Japan and my character as a swordsman, but this can be negotiated. He would be only dominate as far as personalities go.

The second thing I would like to try is a character of mine being submissive, but not starting out that way. A struggle perhaps between writers for power over the characters? This seems like fun to me, however no details are thought out on this one. Hit me up if either of these strikes your fancy. (PM me)