Queen's 'special' servant (M seeking dom F)

Started by Snark, July 22, 2010, 07:54:52 PM

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Name: Queen's 'Special' Servant

Content: I'm not completely sure of what going to go on in this one, probably light human bondage type category. This might change at some point though depending on what whoever I'm RPing with would like to try.

Scenario: A fairly simple a straight forward plot, a young man whose been working as a butler for the royal family for years is told by the new beautiful Queen that he's to be given a special position, which would require him to meet The Queen in private during the night. I would be playing a rather naive man whose taught quite a lot by his new dom.

Setting: A dirty story to say the least, but with maybe a bit of romance thrown in, the place and time is negotiable, from 'cliche nameless kingdom' to England a couple hundred years ago, I'd like to think I'm pretty flexible, the stranger your idea the better! Bring it on! :-)

Requirements: Well I was hoping to find a female writing partner who wouldn't mind playing a character that is a dom, into bondage and had a desire to try new things.