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Author Topic: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays  (Read 987 times)

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Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« on: July 21, 2010, 02:56:49 PM »
"Helloooooooo im lindsey lohan" quote from my favorite puppet, Akhmed the dead terrorist....

Well hello people of earth, heaven, hell and beyond the name is Acid Lips. I been just approved into this wonderful site and now I am looking for some rps. I been roleplaying for over ten years and now I came across this site in hopes to advance my knoledge in the English language. Here are a few things you need to know about me.

I can do dom or sub but I am better at doing sub.
I am looking for roleplays but also for friendships.
If you need a player for a group rp don't hesitate to pm and ask
I am looking for a partner I can learn, reason why I don't want replies with less than a paragraph
I live in PR so my language is Spanish, I will use spell checker for errors though but expect mistakes in my posts.
I don't have any limitations in term of erp, but don't come at me with only a sex rp, I like plots in a story.
I take deep pride when I make my chars, reason I want to see them develop in the story, so I ask again, if you going to contact me, have a plot in mind.
I do love modern settings, but can do anything at all including post apocaliptic.
I will start my studies in a month, but I won't leave you hanging please don't leave me hanging in a rp.

Ok now that we got that out of the way, the pairings and plots I can come up with.

Let Fate Decide... (taken)
MxF, FxF
Maybe Bondage, Modern, Drama.
Jessy, a 20 years old woman that has her life going the right way, she is a student in a Music University and is the top star of the school with her amazing voice. Fate will play a harsh card on her, while driving she got into a very bad accident leaving her injured. But the thing is, somehow she was left mute. The cause of the Accident (your character), took care of her until the ambulance arrived. Now with her ticket silenced, she must find another way to make a impact in the music world, the thing is.... can she do it when the person responsible becomes a friend of her?

The Witch Hunt... (Taken, not looking anymore)
Action, BDSM, NC,EX.

Esther, a witch from the past appears in this timeline. She has no idea how she got there she only knows its not her planet or time. She walks without a direction when she ends up meeting your character, who is a witch hunter. The witches being extinct and your character finding my character lost in the world... would he/she capture Esther and force her to be his/her personal witch? Or will the hunter fall in love and protect Esther.

The Day of the End.... (not looking anymore)
Action, Post Apocaliptic, Ex, Powers, BDSM

The day of judgement, the day where a error caused the destruction of humankind by nuclear bombs. Slowly people who survived began to take messures to ensure their survival, money was now worthless. Some people began to show signs of powers, from manipulation of a element to control over the mind and body of a person. What would happen when my character discovers the power that she can control minds, that incredible power that is making her afraid of it. Your character has the power of being  a mental shield, rendering her abilities useless. What would happen when your char discovers mine, kidnaps her and breaks her to do whatever he wants with her power

A daughters choice.... (taken, not looking anymore)
Humilliation, Puppy Play,BDSM, Drama, EX, Blackmail

Jessy, a 26 years old woman with the body of a model. She enjoys her body and make sure she keeps it in check. Her curves and hourglass shape of her body make her a very desirable woman. His family is making their best effort for her to use that gift to her advantage sending her to a modeling school, however they took the money from a loan shark that nows wants it back. What would happen when he only wants one thing... their daughters free will. He or she wants Jessy to become his or her puppy slave or they would kill them and all the people they know. Jessy being worried about her family accepts and enters a world of BDSM and humilliation with no possible way out. (I am planning her to be rescued but be so screwed up in her mind she would actually think she is a puppy. I require a very specific person that are able to do the dominant part.)

The Winning Ticket....
Romance, bondage, drama (maybe)

Denisse a young sucessful woman ears a trip to the beautiful island of hawaii. She takes a break from her work and goes on the trip there. Denisse had s always been interested in bondage and that world in specific, but she does not know much. So a day after she arrived she discovers there is a bdsm party in town and decide to go check it out. In there she meets this person and they instantly hit it off. He/she teach her what that world is all about and form  a relationship. Now with only a week before she goes back she needs to enjoy every little bit of her time there.

Well those are some of the rps I am craving. Here is a list of what I won't do...

I am in the mood for a good plot rp, weather I am dom or sub I just want a good plot running with it.


Pictures rps
I will post some pictures here, if you manage to make a plot with one of those pictures I will love you

If you have a idea in mind, don't be afraid to pm me and we can discuss it. Let me know your plot and we can discuss what to add or remove to make it better for both of us. Hoping to get some good rps from this. Soon I might post some pictures for a picture based rps.

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Re: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2010, 10:33:54 PM »
New craving added, in a dominant mood.

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Re: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2010, 11:02:04 PM »
I'd be interested in playing a sub male.  I haven't played sub on here before but have done it regularly in IM gaming.  I'm open to plots, could be more of a reluctant sub than willing.

I think I would like a mix of both if we do play.  One that keeps you guessing what her intentions are, nice one minute cruel the next.

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Re: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2010, 11:15:30 PM »
Do you have any plots? Settings? Pairings? I don't want just smut rps, got enough of that. I am interested in a rp with a good plot and storyline, if you have those then of course we can play I see no problem in that. ^^

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Re: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2010, 01:57:27 PM »
New plot and new craving added

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Re: Acid Lips is looking and hunting for roleplays
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2010, 06:11:42 PM »
Some craving and some pictures I like for plots