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Started by lovelygirl, July 20, 2010, 09:18:36 AM

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I am posting some of these because they never got off the ground, hopefully someone will have an interest in them now

Allison was a big fan of books about medieval times. She could get herself lost in stories about Kings slaying dragons, and rescuing the fair maiden. One night she sees a book in a little book shop that is very worn and old, but it is about her favorite subject. She purchases it and goes home and begins to read all the wonderful tales and legends. She falls asleep reading it. When she wakes she is no longer in her home, but in a castle, dressed in period clothes. At first she thinks it's a dream, until people in the castle start addressing her as Princess Allison. Soon she finds herself in the exact world she fantasized about. She finds she is betrothed to Richard, the king that rules the land. He is not kind to her at all, he feels he can rule on his own without a woman to bring him down. He is not marrying out of love but out of duty. They live together in the castle, but apart from each other. One day Allison determines she will not marry with out love. She flees the castle at night and is taken captive by a evil wizard, that it determined to take Richard's land from him. When Richard finds she has been taken prisoner, does her rescue her out of love or out of duty?
Charles not an evil vampire, but kind. He is 1300 years old. None of the conventional "myths" apply. He can walk during the day, stakes do not kill him, etc. He has lost his clan in a battle with a much stronger rival clan, he was the only one to survive. He is in danger of losing his "territory" if he does not rebuild soon. He will need a mate to help him build that clan. He is very handsome and gallant.
Jess is a grad student that has studied demonology, bu never truly "believed" because there has never been any actual proof. The vampire has been tracking the student, because she is a loner and has no real family to speak of. He approaches her as a friend and opens his house to her. He draws her in because he has many books on the subject for her to study. He eventually reveals himself and his situation to her.
At first he suggests that he bite her to "bond" with her, not to change her, so she can better understand his "world". She then must decide if she is to change her life forever and become like him, to help him rebuild. He his handsome and kind to her. He romances her and she finds it very hard to resist him.
This one I did play out over IM and came off well, so I am looking to do it over forums now:

Sarah has been a servant girl in Edward's court since they were both young. Her parents dead. She wears a pendant around her neck with a coat of arms. She was told long ago that her mother bought it from a peddler as a gift, something to remember her by, but it holds a secret to her past that she is unaware of.  She is kind and sweet and has always had a longing for Edward.

Edward is a kind and gentle king, but he is betrothed to Emily, the princess in the next kingdom. She is evil and wicked. He feels nothing to her, but is bound by duty to marry soon so he can strengthen his own kingdom.  He has an eye for Sarah but knows because of her standing he cannot be with her.

I see these all as long term, with romance and peril involved. I don't care how long the posts are, just as long as they move and flow.  Names can be changed to your liking. PM me if you are interested. I am also open to any other ideas you may have if they run along the lines of the following pairings:

Werewolf x human
Werewolf x werewolf
Vampire x human
Vampire x vampire
Incubus x human
Demon x angel
Demon x human
(you get the idea, can be either NC or can turn to romance)

Update: Edward/Sarah taken- Charles/Jess taken
Slowly getting back to posting

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A &A's updated 3/27/16 UPDATE Very Important!


I would be very interested in playing king Edward. Pm me? =]