Ths is embarassing... but Hetalia's Germany is looking for a suitable Italy.

Started by Captain Maltese, July 20, 2010, 04:55:39 AM

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Captain Maltese

I am usually not interested in canon characters, but have been cosplaying Germany on a cosplay con and spent some time studying the character - there are even pictures... and would like to take that Germany/Italy scenario a few steps further. It doesn't matter much to me if my coplayer is male or female as long as he or she knows and enjoys Italy's personality, and will play it out on a full erotic level.

After way too many months of zero writing output I am not looking for a real story here, just a scene played out in a forum thread or pm or IM. Maybe the two of them are out on the sea in a lifeboat on the third week after their pocket cruiser was sunk , or something like that.

I consider Hetalia to be lighthearted comedy with sometimes yaoi overtones and wish to at least start out the story like that.

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