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Started by Elven Sex Goddess, October 20, 2006, 12:12:57 AM

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Elven Sex Goddess

Heavenly Abyss

Heavenly Abyss is a story of a Thai woman, Rong.    A farmer’s daughter from the rural of Thailand.   A beauty that held a dream, of which her family desire was to see the dream of Rong’s come to fruit. 

Rong’s dream is to become a top super model. Always faithful to watch the weekly tapes of Top Model show at the village recreation center.  It is here at the center that also had an internet café.  That she comes in contact through the internet with a Taiwan businessman Choi Yan.   

Choi Yan could not believe his great fortune in finding Rong.  She was a beauty, a stunning sexy body that men would drool over and pay anything to have.   Now Choi a notorious sex shop club owner, whose business included massage parlors, internet cyber sites, mail order bride services.  Of which in the latter he would target rural woman such as Rong. 

After a month of emails correspondence between Rong and Choi.  She would learn and come to believe that in order for her to reach her dream of becoming a top supermodel.  She would need to go to America or Europe.  However, unless she has a husband.   She would not be able to gain entry or even stay.  Of course, this is all due to how Choi had misled her, and she herself not knowing or to even check such is not true.  Or not true to a degree, that it was not mandatory to gain entry to the United States or Europe through marriage only.

Her family wanting their daughter to succeed would take a lean out on the farm.  In American terms of the monetary, it is $10,000.   A steep debt that is worth 15 to 20 years of the family income.  But this is the fee that Choi has set, claiming the amount of work that it takes to set up the arranged marriages.  However, to Rong and her family.  Choi seems as if a benign heavenly ancestor.  For he seems to out of his own pocket front the money to Rong with the family’s farm as collateral.   With Rong signing a contract that her and husband would pay back the loan with the determined fair market interest rate at the time.   

What neither Rong nor her family realize is Choi’s mail order bride service is nothing more then modern day slave trafficking.  The supposed husband is charged a fee of $5000.  A completely worthless marriage certificate is made and given.  And the said bride such as Rong is sent to the supposed new husband. 

Most of the men that take part in the service are as unscrupulous as Choi.  Understanding the marriage is not even properly legal or acknowledged.  As the supposed wives are often placed right into their own endeavors.  From working at gentlemen’s clubs, massage parlors, doing cyber internet live video feeds.  To even making pornographic films.  Escort services to just plain pimping the naïve female out.

Of course, it is usually quick that the said buyer makes a big show of not being happy and makes the impression that he is divorcing the said bride.   Forcing her into one or multiple of the above work. 

Thus, Rong finds herself in such a position.  Her husband having torn up the false marriage certificate and producing false divorce papers.  Leading her to believe she has been divorced.   With the knowledge if she did not work, she would be deported.  And if she were deported, she would default on the contract with Choi.  Thus, her family would loose the family farm.    Now she see’s nothing of what she earns.  For part of her, pay goes to paying off the debt of her family at an interest rate of 300%.   Then he who had been her husband takes the rest for recouping his initial outlay of $5000 and the supposed expense of housing and feeding her, along with clothing her.


Ok a husband/owner is needed for Rong; he will be an unscrupulous individual.  Can be from anywhere, from Europe, such as Paris as example.  Alternatively, an American and somewhere in the United States.   Or even right they’re in the Far East, such as a Japanese buyer from Tokyo. 


Wow nice description. Thats pretty well thought out - dont see that too often here. I would be interested in playing the "husband"/Owner if this is still up for grabs.

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