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Author Topic: LittleRed's Rp starters  (Read 12630 times)

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #50 on: August 05, 2013, 10:31:23 pm »
I usually don't bump here, but I need more rps, so....bump.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #51 on: August 14, 2013, 01:53:57 am »
The King X His “Summon”

The Kingdom of Faroen has been at odds with the Kingdom of Ceverias for some time now. No one really knows how the war started, just the previous King of Faroen and the Council that follows the new one. _(Name?)_  needed that land. He needed to fill not only his pockets with gold, but that of his people. He needed something powerful to help him. He had his army, his Council, his people, but it wasn't enough to help him. He needed something great, something powerful. He needed a demon to help him, a strong demon to grant him his wishes, his needs. (Name) new his Father carried an array of books that would help him with what he was seeking. The Council thought it a bad idea, but no way was (Name) going to lose his country to Ceverias. With candles lit, book in hand and the summoning circle in place, (Name) summons his demon, expecting something ferocious, something out of a nightmare, but instead of getting a demon, he gets a girl. A girl who can use strange powers. Can she be of some help, or will King (Name) lose this war, failing his Father and his people?

((This can go 1 of 2 ways or many ways I think. The King can fall in love with her, but she tries not to get to comfy since she wants to go home. He seduces her, uses her for the sole purpose of winning the war and then figuring out how to send her away. He seduces and uses her, she finds out his motive and betrays him. Incorperate some action (obviously), comedy, drama, romance, etc, perhaps? Think of either......uhhh..Magic Knight Rayearth? *shrugs* =^-^=))

Lilith Brei was a very unsual girl. She tends to spend most of her time in the library reading fiction books, science, history and books about old folk tales. She recently got into reading books on how to cast magic and the art of summoning. Those books weren't permitted to be checked out, so every day after school she would just sit in the library reading and reading and reading page after page after page about magic casting. She's even jotted down some notes, copied summoning and casting circles and the like and goes home with her “homework” and studies. People thought her weird. She lived alone, so that was good.....more or less. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father......he loved his liquor bottle too much one could say and when it came to good judgement.....he never had it when he was in a stupor, so off he went driving into a pole and dying. Since Lilith was old enough to live on her own, the government has taken the responsibility of funding her means of living. So long as she kept at it with good grades and a positive attitude, the money would just keep on rolling. At least she was lucky to get some free food from the landlady downstairs. Living alone for the past 3 years wasn't too bad. Trying to learn magic was....a little sad, but it gave her something to do after she was done with her actual work. She almost got the hang of it. She managed to make a piece of paper move a little with a tiny, little, itty, bitty burst of wind and she double checked to make sure the window wasn't open.

Day after day Lilith started getting the hang of it. She's managed to fill a cup with water and maganed to light a candle, yay! The sad thing was that her magic casting really wasn't that strong. She wanted to make balls of fire and cause a tsunami....but that'll never happen. Giving the offense magic casting a rest, she decides to work on her defense magic casting. The down part was that defending took up more energy, since you were using your inner energy to help create a barrier or shield to fend off attacks. Everytime Lilith got close to making a tiny little shield she would end up so winded she would fall asleep. Day after day, she tries and tries, but creating a barrier or shield is just to much work. Maybe she should just stick to offensive.....but a good Magic user uses both, don't they? “Maybe I should stop using magic all together. People think I'm weird and chances are mom and dad would have been rather ashamed of me.” But she loved this.

Nibbling her lip, Lilith looked down at her notes, seeing all the different circles there were for summoning things. She should attemtp it? “Not like its going to work or anything.” Hah! As if anything would appear. A straight A highschool senior trying to summon a big, bad monster to help her. Looking up at the clock on her night stand, she huffed. “ wouldn't hurt to try. Atleast it's Saturday tomorrow, so in case something appears I'll have the weekend to try and send it back.” Nodding her head, she began to gather a few things. A blank piece of paper, salt, a few candles and a kitchen knife. Looking at her notes, Lilith went through them, trying to see what circle did what. “If only the librarian had given me just five more minutes. I could have written more down.” She scanned her eyes over one circle, then another, setting those down and looked at the third one she drew. “I think....this one summoned things.” And by things she meant 'not really sure if it'll be alive or not'. Using the salt to make the circle on the blank piece of paper, Lilith lit her candles and then proceeded to prick her finger, letting just two drops of her blood fall in the middle where, if by chance something does come out, the whatever would be blood bound to her and would have to obey her no matter what. Looking at the incantation, Lilith raised her hands over the circle and chanted, trying her best to pronounciate each word properly. When all was said and done....nothing happened. “Hmm?....Maybe....I didn't say it right.” Clearing her throat she tried again....and again....and.....again.....and nothing. Frustrated, she threw herself back, her back hitting the side of her bed. “Knew this was stupid. Knew it, knew it.” Sighing, she looked at her circle and realized she was too tired to clean up. “I'll do it tomorrow.”

Getting up, Lilith prepared for bed. She showered, brushed her teeth and combed her wet hair back. Slipping into a long tee that stopped just above her knees and a pair of blue and white stripped panties with a little bow in the front, Lilith turned the lights off, making sure the whole apartment was locked down and slipped into bed. Sighing, she looked at her work left on the floor and sighed. “Stupid...” She whispered and rolled over, facing away and shut her eyes.

Was it raining outside? Lilith stired, hearing wind all around her. Opening her eyes, the lights in her room were on. Why were they on? She mumbled, trying to wake up. Rolling over, she peered through heavy lids, seeing that her lights were on, but instead a blinding light was coming from the salt summoning circle she made. And the wind, well the wind was happening all around her. Sitting up fully awake now, Lilith gazed as wind picked up and the bright light flickered. “W-What's....going on?” She asked herself, which wasn't any help, since she didn't know the damn answer. Lilith was afraid, thinking she indeed summoned something, but why would it appear now? Seeing her papers and things fly around, Lilith needed to grab her notes, but just as she slipped one foot off the bed, her body was being pulled by some invicible force. “W-What the-? don' go.” She grabbed at the bed sheets and blanket, but no avail, she was being pulled. “S-SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP ME!” She yelled, but no use. Her body was practically slammed towards the light and she was engulfed, her body disappearing and the light around the room dimming. Everything fell to the floor, her room a mess. Lilith screamed as she fell through what ever it was she was in. It was almost like Alice in Wonderland, except she wasn't seeing clocks everywhere, but just different colored lights. “Oh God, I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm-” her words were cut off as she slowed down and all around her the lights morphed, a room taking shape. When everything was set in place, Lilith was hovering in the air, the wind holding her up for a few moments, before she fell flat on her back, the wind being knocked out of her lung. “O-Ow!!.” She winced, rolling on her side, trying to alliviate the pain on her back. Opening her eyes, she looked around, seeing that she was in some sort of......celar?...Basement? She wasn't in her room that's for sure. “Oh God....w-was....that a transportion circle I used?” She asked herself, and again, she didn't know the answer. Lilith was too afraid and confused to move, not noticing the lone figure that was standing behind her. Her mind was trying to grasp what just happened. It was trying to settled her down and have her think logically, which was useless, since she was freaking the hell out. “I'm just dreaming. This is all a dream and I'll wake up. I have to wake.” She closed her eyes and began to chant over and over. “Wake up, wake up, wake up. Its all a dream, all a dream, all a dream, so wake up Lilith.”

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #52 on: September 12, 2013, 03:26:04 am »
The Seeress x The Samurai

Sayaka didn't have such an extravagant life. Well...when it came to her occupation, it was sort of extravagant, then again, patrons tended to give prostitutes plenty gifts whenever they were satisfied greatly. She's received a few kimonos here and there, a few hair combs, a fan. What she really wished for was to be a regular human being. Why? Well the thing is, Sayaka could see things no other person could. She saw apparitions and shadows, demons and creatures both in disguise and just plain visible to her eyes only. They clinged on to humans, feeding off their negativity, whispering into their ears to comit dirty crimes. It was always hard to service a patron since sometimes, there would be a little goblin on their shoulder, watching her as she performed her services. She wished she could find help. Find someone who can see these things like her. She's mentioned the creatures to fellow girlfriends, but they all told her the same thing. It was best to be quick, else she would find her head rolling off her shoulders for she could be seen as a witch of some sort.

One rainy night, a samurai that goes by the name of (Name?) hears rumors of a woman who sees things that were beyond human eyes. She was a descendant of woman who were known as Seers. He's been looking for someone like her to help him in his endevor to find the creature that slaughter his entire village. (Name?) was able to see a few demons, but only the low life ones. He's managed to use his other senses to detect the more high class creatures, but even his senses wre useless against some. When he finds out the woman works in a brothel, his mental image of her changes. Always he thought that the female he was looking for was sweet and shy, no doubt she would scurry away if she glanced at him, but to find out she was a whore. Unfortunately, the only way to speak to her was to pay for her services. When he finally gets her alone and questions her, he only gets answers he doesn't wish to hear. When she fees his time is wasted she offers herself to him and who is he to turn down a lovely lady even if he did have to pay for her.

After a few days passing, Sayaka is given permission to walk the streets for the day. She never thought she would encounter that samurai again, but when she sees him fending off a demon twice his size down an alley way, she gives herself away by helping him avoid a near death blow. With the lying Seeress in his hands, (Name?) can finally avenge his family and village, but what happens to her once he completes his goal. Would he take her back to that brothel to deal with her ex-keeper or will he let her go free to live her life how she pleases.

(( Basically samurai who lost his family and village to an unseen demon is looking for the Seeress that will help him see the high class demon that killed his people. He's able to see a few demons, those that are considered low ranking, like imps, trolls, ghouls, etc, but he can't see high class one, like vampires, shadow crawlers, animal demons, reptilians, shifters and the like (Not sure if you wish to consider those as high class. You are free to make up your own low and high class.) He finds out the Seeress is a prostitute. He pays for her time and asks her questions regarding seeing anything unusual. She lies, says no, feels bad she wasted his time, decides to pleasure him. Few days pass, she encounters him in an alley was, fighting against a demon that he couldn't see, but he could sense. She helps him, reveals her true indentity and kidnaps her, telling her what he wants and what she'll be doing to help. Bit of comedy, romance, action. Multi-characters can be added, no problem there. Any questions, let me know. Feudal Era Japan setting.))

 He was starring again. He was snickering, his lips curved in that awful grin. The little imp only ever appeared whenever this man came in and payed for her. The man obviously does not know that a little imp was control him by whispering little things in his ears. Sayaka has told the imp to stop, but only continued to cause mayham.

She was on her back, legs spread and her patron grunting as he thrusted into her. He always rushed. This never lasted more than twenty minutes. He never was a patient man. Once he was done wish his manual labor, he came straight here before heading home to his wife, who was a wonderful woman, though he says other wise. He smelled like fish and Sayaka always had to take a bath once they were through. The little imp kept whispering, Yes, faster. Faster you idiot. And he was an idiot, for he pumped faster and faster until he spent himself inside her. Sayaka, like always, did not reach her climax. Her patron heaved and shivered, letting the last bit of his climax expel from his body until he rolled off her. She just layed them, prenting to be spent herself. Slowly, she sat up and looked down at him, smiling. “Mmm, you were more rough than usual Koe'. Was there no good fish this time.”

He only smiled, raised a hand and stroked her cheek. “I'm sorry my butterfly. I didn't...mean to treat you so roughly.”

She shook her head and leaned down and kissed his lips, which was awful, for his breath smelled like the ocean. “Fear not. I liked it a little.” She giggled and rose to her feet and stepped towards the small basin and jug full of cool water. With a rag, she moistened it and began to clean herself of both their sweat and of his seed that ran down her inner thigh. Behind her, Koe' was getting dressed once more, ready to leave and head home to his wife. He came up behind her and kissed her neck. “Tomorrow my butterfly. If the catch is good, I shall bring you the biggest fish I have so that we may share it together.” He kissed her again and left. The little imp said good bye as well, snickering with glee as he did so.

Left to herself, Sayaka sighed and hung her head. “No more fish, please. Not even fine soaps and perfumes will be able to rid the smell that marks my hair and skin.” With another sigh, she heard the door slide open and the cleaning girls began to tidy up the room for the next patron that was to be serviced here. Not wishing to be a nuisance, Sayaka quickly heads to the baths, needing to scrub her skin and hair completely. Inside, ghosts slipped in and out of the walls, having their fun. They were causing no harm what so ever, but the fact that they just stayed here to spy on the woman was annoying. She couldn't get a decent bath. She always had to rush herself so she wouldn't have to deal with them. “I wish I were normal.” She whispered as she rinsed her hair and twisted it to get the excess water out. A ghost decided to tossle her wet hair, tangling it up a bit. “By the Gods....” she hissed and waved her hand, seeing it go through his transparent body. “If you were solid, I would cause so much pain onto.” She warned and left, heading back to her own room where she was helped into a fresh kimono, her hair done up as well as her make up. Sayaka was escorted back into The Cage, where other prostitutes were waiting to be picked and payed for. They waved at men that passed by, begging enticing them to come in and have some fun. She was suppose to do that as well, but sometimes, just sitting there, looking rather sweet and innocent tended to catch men's attention either way. Well....not only men's, but demons as well and other things. Sayaka was the only one that was able to see these creatures. They walked the streets among the humans, either minding their own business or they took possesion of a human and start causing problems. She's dealt with the demons that possessed a few men. They would come in, pay for her and proceed to try and have their way, though she always manages to knock the man out and force the demon out. She always had to lie and say they came I drunk and just happened to black out after climaxing.

She's told her fellow......female workers about what she saw, but either they thought her crazy or perhaps a witch. From then on, she's kept quiet about She wasn't sure what to call what she had. She hated it. She hated having to deal with this creatures. She wished she could live her life like a normal person, unable to see them, to deal with them, but no matter how much she prayed, she always woke up and would see an imp or ghoust in her room. Folding her legs underneath her, Sayaka looked out between the wooden bars of The Cage, seeing men walk by, some stopping to gaze at them, some calling out and blowing kisses. Up above, she heard thunder roaring and not long, heavy rain began to pour down. Excellent. Cold, heavy rain meant more men wished to cuddle and heat themselves up with a fine looking woman. As the woman flagged some men down, Sayaka just rested her back against the wall, wondering how many she'll get tonight. She wasn't that popular, but a few men did like her company. She's been doing this for......five....six years now. She was only twenty- three, but she still had the appearance of a young maiden fresh from the school room and who was considered a woman. Hmph, she was forced to become a woman at an early age thanks to her good for nothing father. Her mother tried to save her, but it was no use.

As the rain poured on, a few woman left to give some men a bit of company. Perhaps tonight will be slow for her. Perhaps tonight, she won't get anyone. So far, every man she's gotten always brings along an imp or devil spawn with them without knowing. Maybe for once, she wouldn't have to deal with that tonight.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #53 on: July 31, 2014, 02:22:02 am »
I now its been forever since I bumped my page and i don't know if its okay to do so. I know its recommended to just start a new one, but to copy and paste all my starters. When I have more time, I'll do so, in the mean time, I think I'm ready to have a few rps again. Maybe I'll be better with attendance. So....uhh..bump...