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Author Topic: LittleRed's Rp starters  (Read 10956 times)

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #25 on: January 18, 2011, 02:45:10 AM »
The Fire God x The Ice Maiden

The Fire God was in need of a wife.After spending five thousand years atop Hitsgiru Mountain, it was time for him to settle down, have children and see to it that they grow and be the ones to watch the Earth and mystical beings that roam about as well.Unfortunate to say, thanks to his cruel behavior, anger issues and pig headedness, no female, whether it be human or not, did not wish to have any business with him.He could not force a female upon himself, no, that is not how it worked.He had to sense her, seek her out,as it the string of love would help him, though when he does sense her, down in the Matruoshi Snow Field, his brain protests, scream, that it cannot be, but yes, the one to be his wife was none other then the Ice Maiden Princess.A deadly female warrior, who's blood ran cold like ice.She bares no emotion, none.Could he make her his, or will his crude attitude drive her away instead of luring her to the warmth she so needs and deserves?

Yuukie had been roaming around the snow topped forest in search of a kill to feed a starving family that lived close by.She did not do this because she cared, no, she did it out of pity, though she did not show it.She didn't show when the deadly cold air hit her skin like daggers, then again, she was used to it.The cold was her home.She used it as a means of powers, stealth and even relaxation.Thanks to what she is, she did not feel happy nor sad.Anger or joy.She could kill without remorse.Her heart was cold as ice,like the field all around, it was dead, submerged in cold and nothing could warm it up.The Ice Castle that was hidden thanks to hard winds was miles beyond, for no one could locate it only her and any other God or being powerful then her, though who would want to visit her.Her castle wasn't the joyous to be in, nor was it warm enough to keep guests....if she ever had any that is.

Focusing her mind, she spotted a few snow rabbit jumping about, trying to get away from the snow, though it was no use.Standing away, she did not move nor made a sound.She raised her hand and her palm glowed, until four thin ice shards appeared above her head.Watching with a keen eye, held her ground, then swung her hand, sending the shards flying, each stabbing a rabbit.Four lay dead, while others scampred away.That would be enough to feed a hungry family of four.She walked over, the ice vanishing and she picked each up by their ears.She looked at them, dead and liveless.Glad that she was for not feeling, else she would be crying like a child.Turning away, she placed the rabbits in a blue sack, then whistled.Minutes later, a large hulking snow wolf appeared.Big it was for it was no taller then her.She offerd the saw and said."Take this to the family beyond the river.Set it upon there door and leave."She said.It knew what to do.It took the bag and ran off.

Yuukie stood there for a moment, her senses on alert.She felt as if something were to if...something...or someone were approaching.She shook off the none existent rattle and walked on, hair flowing with the wind.For a woman who lived in the cold, she had no worries about outer wear.She wore a simple kimono, revealing as it was, for her legs showed, up to the thigh.Her breasts threatened to spill out as well.Her hair was held up with a blue ribbon.Her skin was a palish peach, giving her a sweet look to her.Men had no chance to look upon her, for the cold would quickly drive them away and back to there warm homes.She never had a chance for a man, for no one could handle her cold touch, no one dared.A few immortal beings did, but non ever lasted with her.She never even showed emotion while engaging in sexual acts, so she simply gave that up.Yuukie could never experiment the joys of sex and love, no matter how badly she want it to happen.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #26 on: February 08, 2011, 12:25:22 AM »
The "Princess" x The Mafia Prince

Jewel Mistrano was a bright 25 year old with a good future ahead of herself.She was a pediatrician and so far, she had been in the childrens medical field for the past two years now.Her first year was rough, but coming to her second it became better.Her family was wealthy, how they became wealthy was anyones guess, but she knew.See her family was in the mafia business,so when one hears the word Mafia, one should already know the definition.Her mother had died from breasts cancer five years ago, leaving her father alone in caring for there only daughter.Now her father was over protective, especially when he had other mafia families after him and his turf, so Jewel was never safe, only when she went to work or was home.

___Name_____, was a tough headed guy with nothing else to do in his life then to keep up with the family business.Right now his father was on bed rest, since he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.It was up to___Name____ to keep the business going.Recently, his father had told him about the Mistrano family and how they were slowly growing in ranks.Well that needed to end.Thanks to a little bit of info, the head boss's daughter,Jewel, was seen going in and out of the local children's hospital and so ____Name's___ father suggested to nab her and use her as a means of randsom, a trade.With her, Boss Mistrano would have to give up his turf and line of work if he wanted his daughter back, but who would have though that Boss Mistrano's daughter was a tough little cookie.Its going to take alot to break this girl and hopefully succeed in getting the trade off going, that is if she's willing to behave.

((I set it up so she was kidnapped from the parking lot.You could choose to either have your character be in the car, watching or be outside, helping in nabbing her alright))

Jewel was on the phone talking to her father while she was driving, pulling into the underground parking lot of New York's Children's Hospital.She sighed, parking on the first level, turning her car off and shook her head."Ah, pa, don't worry, I'll be safe.You did force me to take self defense classes and to that horrible karate class."

"Yeah, I know my princess, but you know me.Don't want nothing happening to my precious little Jewel."He said, chuckling.

"I'm not little anymore,'member.I'm just glad you still let me come to work."

"Wish I could just keep you here at the house."

"Yeah and cook dinner for you and cousin Vin and Uncle Pascel, no way."She said laughed, grabbed her bag and sweater and slipped out of her small Audi.She locked her car and started to walk."Alright Pa, gotta go,I'm gonna loose you in the elevator."She said.

"Alright.Be safe alright.Call me for anything."He said and said good bye, hanging up.

Jewel flipped her phone closed, then stopped, throwing her head back."Christ..."she said and ran back to her car.She forgot the file with her patient's x-ray pictures.She cursed, rumaging through her large purse, looking for her keys."Ah come on, where are you."She said.She so needed to clean that bag out, especially when she had loose wrappers and receipt slips.She placed the bag on the hood and moved her wallet around, then her glasses and finally."Ah, hah, found you."She said and just as she swung her bag back on her shoulder, a heavy hand was brought down ove rher mouth and an arm wrapped around her waist.She struggled, kicking her feet and managed to get whoever on the shin, though it didn't falter there hold.She was hauled and taken to a large SUV that was hidden in the shadows, where she was thrown in the back seat hard and then the car turned on and skidded out of the parking lot.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #27 on: March 29, 2011, 02:27:32 AM »
White Wolf x Red Fox

By laws of the village, the daughter of the Moon village must be wed to the son of the Sun village in accordance to keeping peace. For centuries these two villages have been merged into battle, spilling blood as swords clashed, but now, after much dilibertions and talk peace has been agreed upon. Now for Yukie, she could never forget all the damage the Sun village had caused to her's. Taking loved ones, which included a few of her brothers and cousins. She would marry the man whom she was forced to marry, but never love him, reminding him of all that they have done.

As for __--(Name)--__, he too could never forget what the Moon village had done to his home, but he cannot hide the fact that Yukie was a very attractive woman. Perhaps married to her wasn't going to be so bad. Both were skilled fighters so no doubt it would be challenging for both of them to submit to each other.

After weeks, Yukie was to head to the Sun village and spend time with her new found husband. Traveling alone, she wondered the forest that seperated both villages. Two days it took her and when she finally reached the river that actec as a border, she crossed with ease,, but when she jumped onto a wet boulder, she loses her footing and hits her head hard. Unconcious, she is left alone, vulnerable to attacks, but lo and behold a few members of the Sun village come across her and help her, bringing her back and taking her to her husbands home. Little did they know, they were in for a surprise.

(Case of amnesia, Yukie remembers nothing, only her name and of her family, and nothing more. __--(Name)--__ can either choose to lie and say they were lovers and attempts to seduce her or lies and says she is his war prize and claims her as a slave. What ever you prefer, change it up if you want.)

Yukie stired, something poking at her head and making it throb.She slowly opened her eyes, but the light around the room made them hurt, so she closed them again.Gently, she raised her arm and draped it over her eyes, blocking the light and opened her eyes once more.Where was she?What happened to her?Her body felt heavy.Slowly she drew her arm away, her eyes slowly fixing themselves and adjusted to the light, while she blinked rapidly.

Looking around, she discovered she was in a room, but who's. She....didn't recognize this room. Yukie grew scared now. Who had taken her from her home. Were her mother and father around to help her for if she screamed. Slwly, she sat up, wincing and layed back down. Her head was throbbing and she reached up and behind her head, feeling wrappings and a tiny bump. Seems she fell, but she could not remember how she fell and where.Slowly, she sat up once again, being careful and looked around.

The room was big and so was the futon she was in. More importantly....she was naked.The heavy blanket that had covered her fell to her lap and her breasts were exposed.Blushing, she grabbed the blanket and covered her front, fearing someone would enter. Was she alone?Was no one going to come and see to her aid?And where were her clothes?She had to leave, had to find her family, but with her head throbbing to much, she knew she would not get far." everyone.......and where am I?"She asked herself and sighed.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #28 on: March 30, 2011, 07:06:32 AM »
The Maid x Master

Yukina was a business and Entrepenuer graduate with a goal in her life. To make money of course. Now did she had a well paying job in which she worked with celebrities and lived the high didn't. She could barely afford rent, let alone pay her school loans, so what could she do, well be a house maid of course. Looking at the local adds, she saw one in which a wealthy young bachelor was looking for a house servant, though it seemed that the add cut a section off for the man only asked for men.When Yukina arrived she was about to be waved away, but she pleaded her case, begging so loud that the owner gave her the position in order to shut her up.She was to live there and work, doing everything that mostly twenty to thirty people had to do.Now as she spent her first weeks, it wasn't bad, but she grew weary.Where was the owner? and why were there only males working here.

__--(Name)--__ wasn't a cold hearted person for well....his heart didnt beat. He was dead, though still walked, ate food, though he had no need for it and he slept in the day though he could choose to sleep whenever he wanted. He was a vampire, ancient that he was, he didn't much act like it though. In this case he could go out into his garden in the day, and enjoyed human life except for the one thing. He needed blood. He refused to drink from humans, thinking it vulgar, so he hand an endless blood bag supply. Now in his home, he only hired men to work for him, reason being.....woman made him...well....not himself. He would act weird, as if he had never seen a woman before, not only that, but woman gave him that sudden urge to bite at them and draw at there succulent blood. Thinking that after centuries he over came such athing, and letting one female human inot his home to work wasn't going to be bad......little did he know........

Yukina wasn't sure what kind of uniform she was supposed to get, but the Head chef on the manor just told her, "Something with an apron." THe bastard wasn't useful, so she went out to the mall and came back with three maid's outifts.....which cost her a pretty damn penny.They were low cut in the front, showing a bit of cleavage and stopped just above her knees.She even bought some stockings, black and white and no other.Shoe's to go with it and she was good to go.Now she couldn't get why the owner only hired men.Was he gay? If so, then why would he have a problem with a woman.She didn't think much about it and asked the Head chef what she had to do.He began giving her instruction, saying the bathroom needed cleaning, laundry, some bedrooms, the home theater room, the living room.Days had gone by and she managed to do a few things, but not alot. She was the only one that tended to the house cleaning, while another tended to just go back and forth, serving the owner...who..never came out..of his room...for some odd reason.

She almost fainted from all the things he told her.After days of doing this and that, she finally settled with the laundry, make it easier, then would head out to clean the bathrooms...all...ten..of them.With a groan she set off the gather all the dirty laundry, from the servants of the house, to the owners. She made sure no one's was mixed. Having set those in the washing machines, and to her luck, there were five of them, she set them to wash, while she gathered her things to clean the bathroom.

After maybe three...four days...she wondered why the owner never showed himself. His cars were all here and he never left. She had asked the Chef and just said to mind her own business and keep working.Ass that he is, Yukina just shrugged and went off to clean one of the first set of bathrooms in the upfloor. The tiles were a bit filthy as if it had been some time before anyone cleaned."Alright. No one has been using it, but still, the tiles are all nasty and so are the walls. What kind of owner lets such nice bathrooms get filthy."She said and filled her bucket, threw in some cleaning chemicals and began to scrub the floor, having removed her shoes and stockings for the job, since she doubted a mop would have helped in cleaning the floors properly."Lazy owner.Won't even hire....more clean his home.One gardener, one chef, one man servant and one damn maid, how charming. He even has someone to take care of his pets...which is a freaking jungle."She said, unable to believe the man had so many exotic animals in his back yard.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #29 on: April 26, 2011, 02:37:23 AM »
The Skilled Villain x The Useless Hero

For the Black Raven, being a  twenty something year old villain could get tiresome, especially when she just killed off Draken City's hero, Bullet Man. Anything he had his hands on instintly became useful bullets. Yeah, as if such a skill was useful. Now with no hero's to stop her, life as she knew it was over. Her acts of being a villain gone, no more, so what else can she do. Well, retire...maybe....and life a normal life....maybe. Before she could do that, she needs to see if anyone else is willing to stand up to her, whether they be a normal human or some freak in a cape.When she begins to cause maybe once more, who would be brave enough to stop her chinanigangs and stop her.

For _(Name)_, life was just the same. Moving into a new town, same. Going to a new school. Same. But was it normal and same to have accidently touched a radioactive chemical solution that was found in his father's basement lab, no, not the same and normal for some other person. _(Names)_ father worked at a special research and science lab, so he had the tendency to bring work home or just stay home and work without actually going to work for days. _(Name)_, living with only his father, went to get his dad, since the man intended to skip dinner. Not finding him down in his lab, he decides to look around, safe right? Wrong. He ends up knocking over a test tube full of..something. Tries to safely clean it up and touches some. Thinking nothing bad, he finds his dad and doesn't tell him. Upon going to sleep, his body heats up and before he knew it, he was engulfed in a blue fire, his blankets charred, but nothing else, for he awakens. When telling his father, they believe nothing bad happens. But after being picked up and bullied things go out of hand...and so do his freaky fire powers. Having to more, _(Name)_ is now trying to enjoy his new town.....until he finds out the Black Raven and instead of walking away like a good person, he confronts her.

Will this evil villain fall once and for all, or will this useless hero get his ass kicked?

Three Weeks Ago....

Everyone wore black, there heads bent down and silence looming over them. The crowd sent prayers to Bullet Man who was now in heaven. With the cemetary over filled,it was hard for people to park, but it didn't matter. This funeral was for Bullet Man. As the priest said a few words about Bullet Man, a shot rang out, then screams as a dark haired beauty appeared, sitting on the statue in the form of Bullet Man, her arm wrapped around his stony neck, her deep blue eyes scanning the large crowd. Snapping her fingers, she mic that the priest used floated up towards her and she snatched it."Oh wah, wah, wah. Bunch of babies. Bullet Man wasn't a real Man."She said, laughing and making everyone glare at her."Anything he used were made into bullets, being shot with such force.Oh pu-lease. I'm a fucking witch who uses magical bullets and weapons and can summon anything I so want. He had it coming."She laughed once again, standing and balanced on the statue's shoulder."Bullet Man always failed to capture me. Failed to beat me and failed to kill me.One thing he didn't fail at.....dying."She smiled.

"You Bitch, you'll pay."

"Someone will bring you down, just wait."

"You'll never control us."

They ranted and shouted and Raven only yanwed, covering her mouth. Summoning a gun, she aimed it up and fired, the sound echoing through out the cemetary rather loudly and silencing everyone."Oh I'll pay? As if. If you can find me someone who can best me, then I will submit.Which one of you wish to take me on."Silence."No one. Oh come now, there has to be someone."Silence and a bit of feet shuffling.

"Thought so. No one can fucking touch me. I'm the Black Raven. I'm the bitch that killed Bullet Man. Be prepared Draken City, for a new ruler is upon you and no one can stop me."She summoned another gun and aimed both at the large crowd."Now get the fuck out of here. No one will ever be permitted to see Bullet Man's grave."She smirked and aimed up, shooting the sky and scaring everyone. She watched as everyone scrambled, cars screeching, people trying to leave. It took an hour until the cemetary was empty and Raven hoped down from the statue and looked back at it." know that. You were....worthless."She said it with sadness and aimed her gun though didn't have the guts to shoot at the head. Instead, she was enguled in a black shadow and disappeared.

Three Weeks Later.......

Black Raven stood otop a tall sky scraper, looking down at the people the milled about, pretending as if nothing ever happened to Bullet Man or as if BR never exsited."Time for a bit of fun."She said, and jumped, falling down and down, not worried about having her body being broken and splattered. Before she reached the ground, she spread her arms and a vicious wind blew, slowing her, though when she landed, the ground shook, the ashfalt craking under her feet. People stoped and cars swirved to avoid her."HELLO DRAKEN CITY."She said moving down the street, cars avoiding to hit her."Has a new hero been found.....?...No.....To bad."She laughed, summoning a gun and shot at a jewelers window, the inside exploding a bit."Where is a fucking challenge when I need one."She shouted, laughing as she shot at a few cars, making them explode and sending them flying up, before they landed back on the ground with a harsh crash.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2011, 12:16:03 AM »
The Living Marionette x The Intense Collector

((I am making two starters.One where I play the guy and the other where I play the marionette))

_(Name)_ was an extreme collector, collecting that in which cannot be obtained, yet he manages to do it with nothing more than determination and money. He makes his money by some secretive means in which not many people would dare to question._(Name)_ had recently heard about specially made Marionettes that served people in many ways. From being secret weapons, to the army's super soldiers to even sex dolls.One Marionette in particular was created with human feelings and senses. It was like an ordinary human, except it didn't need to eat, didn't need to sleep. It could cry, smile, laugh, grow angry, but it was still nothing more then a doll. She was the only one of her kind, for the one who created her died do to heart failer. _(Name)_ was determined to obtain this Marionette and add her to the rest of his collection of special things. When he obtains his Marionette, he kept thinking of his collection, but when he sees her, his mind changes and decides what this little Marionette was good for and so tests her out in more ways then one.

Kaid tapped his fingers against the tinted window of his car, his sunglasses pushed down on his nose, his eyes taking in the scenery that passed by.Today he was getting his special doll, one that would be added to his ever growing collection. What was special about this doll, was that it was life size and practically human, but scientifically speeking, it was still nothing more then a doll.Sure it could feel like a human, cry and laugh, but it was strong like a soldier almost, or perhaps ten soldiers in one, a born killer and no doubt skilled in the art of sex. He didn't need a sex partner,he had many lovers, all in which he can call with a mere flip of his phone.

With a sigh, he looked over to the driver and was about to ask how long it'll be before getting to the facility until he felt the car come to a stop.He sighed in relief and waited as the drived parked, stepped out, opened his door and held it open."Finally."he muttered, slipping from the limo, fixed his suit coat and smoothed his hair and looked at the research facility in which his new found toy was in. She was suppose to be the first of many, but the old man who had created her finally died of some heart attack or whatever. Kaid was told that the old man didn't want his Marionette to be sold or for his research to be taken. Kaid had to wave alot of green just to get what he wanted. He didn't care about research, he only wanted the doll and a few millions of dollars wasn't going to hurt his pocket.Moving to the front, he flashed a smile to the camera's and was let in when he heard a beep.

Everything was white and shiny, which gave him the creeps. Not waiting long, a man in a white coat appeared, his glasses small on his face, his hair peppered in white and gray.His face was pintched almost and Kaid found himself already annoyed.

"You are Mr. Inventerse?"

"Yes. Now, I don't have time. Where is it. I wanna get it and go."


"She. You call it a she. Its a doll, not a person. Now come on, show me where she is."He demanded and saw the man turn around swiftly on his heel and lead Kaid down a hall.Doors were passes, each with different signs. When they stopped at one that said Observation, Kaid stepped through, finding himself in another room, but with a large clear window on the wall to his left and another room with people looking through."I wanted to be taken to her, not so I can see-"

"She is in there Mr. Inventerse."The doctor pointed to the window.

Kaid walked to it and looked through, seeing three men in white coats and what looked like to be a naked woman sitting on a table. Upon further inspection, he sucked in a breathe when he saw that it wasn't a woman, but the doll he was to take. She was slender and pale, her hair the color of gold.Her eyes were closed so he couldn't tell the color. She looked human, except for a few screws that showed on her elbows, knees and ankles and neck."This...this is.......her?"He asked, surprised. He thought he was taking something small, like a child, but this was a full grown woman almost. She was beautiful, desirable looking.

Kaid was just going to place her on a shelf somewhere in his house, but now. Now he wanted to see what this Marionette could do."Dress her and take her to the front."He said and turned on his heel and headed back to the front to await his new doll.


((Second starter.Playing the Marionette))

Few Weeks Ago.......

Come on, say Daddy.Come on.Daddy. Can you say Daddy.


Good girl.What a good girl.

The Marionetted smiled, looking at the one who created her, the one who spoke to her and the one that made her feel special.This person would tell Faiy how special she was. That she wasn't like all the other girls.No. She was made by his hands, made to help people, to save, to protect. As she sat on a table, watching as he screwed a bolt more tightly on her elbow, Flaiy would say the word Daddy, which made him smile and made her smile as well.He moved back and forth, typing things, saying something to himself and would write some things. Flaiy wondered when she would be able to leave this room in which she was born in. She wanted to know what the room looked like outside.

Flaiy could barely speak, since her Daddy had yet to teach her more words, but she was able to learn.She learned the word Daddy and that's who he was.When he walked back to her, she smiled, but then frowned, seeing him clutch at his chest.

"Daddy?"She asked, seeing him fall to the ground, coughing. Flaiy could not move, she only watched as her Daddy rolled from one side to the other, looking to her and whispered something.She tilted her head, seein ghim stop."Daddy?Daddy?"She asked, her legs having yet to be connected and set.Looking up, she saw the door slam open and others that were dressed like her Daddy, rushing in, taking him and looked at her.


Flaiy sat on the cold metal table, her arms being raised and moved around, the screws in her elbows squeaking a bit.She felt something prod her, her arm move and the sound gone.Her legs were also moved, her ankle turned a bit some side to side.Her head was also moved this way and that and she was getting rather fond of this game.Her eyes opened, blue eyes scanning the room she was in.It had been weeks since her Daddy died and after having been programmed with the English language into her cerebrum.She was told what happened to her Daddy, and though she was engraved with human feelings, it still took some time for her to comprehend until she finally understood.She cried.Cried oil for her Daddy.

She was to be owned by someone else.Someone who didn't sound so nice. She didn't want to go, but the people who had taken care of her only said that they had no choice but to give her to him.And now, she waited, being cleaned up and checked to see no issues were found.Was he going to be nice to her or be mean. She hoped he wasn't going to be mean. She wanted a new, nice Daddy to take care of her and loved her.

Flaiy was programmed to be a fighter as well as, what the people here called, a cortesan, which she found out was a nicer way of saying whore.She wasn't a whore, she was ingraved with how to pleasure a man, but it didn't mean she wanted to pleasure her new found Daddy.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
« Reply #31 on: May 14, 2011, 10:40:17 PM »
The Model x The Obsessed

Amie Denick was a top model, was only twenty five years old, seen and loved by many which was rather surprising.She wasn't like most models, self centered on herself or selfish.She gave to charity, supported PETA, ate only organic meats, yup, everything about Amie was totaly the opposite of what most models were.She loved to take pictures, pose for many magazines and sell whatever she promoted.She had many fans who loved her and one particular fan happens to be her personal photographers. _(Name)_ was a skilled photographer, graduating from an Art University and working his way up in the photography world.He kept to himself, seen as a creeper since all he ever did was go to work, take pictures of Amie for whatever shot and go home...with copies of Amie's photo shoot.He fantasized her, imagined them being together.He invisioned taking personal pics of her in his basement where he would change the setting every time and he even imagined taking pics, even video taping while they made love.

One late afternoon, _(Name)_ decided now was the time to take Amie and show her how much he loved her.After her shoot, he drugged her water and hand it to her, waited and kidnapped her, making sure no one saw them and even lied,saying she went home with someone.Bringing her back to his two floor home outside of the city, he sets her down on a cot made of flowers, where she is still clad in the outfit she was in.With the cameras set, it was time for Amie to see how much _(Name)_ truly loved her.

((Creapy stalker type of rp, where the guy is overly infatuated of Amie, to the point where he threatens to hurt her out of love.Think creapy, emo-ish, kinda alright.))

Amie moaned, her head throbbing as she lolled her head from side to side.What happened, she could barely remember.All she knew was that she was downtown at a photo shoot for a new mens magazine spread and after that...she felt sleepy and dozed off.Her head was throbbing and as she blinked her eyes, seeing bright, white lights flash down at her, the head ache pounded even more.Groaning, she moved to her side and breathed in, smelling.....roses.Opening her eyes carefully, she saw she was surrounded in rose petals of red, pink, white and yellow.Where was she?She wasn't back at the studio. Slowly, she tried to sit up, but found her arms uncomplient.Wiggling, her arms were tied behidn her back, the rope burning her skin each time she moved."W-What...the..."She looked around, wiggling from side to side, taking in her surroundings.The room itself was dark, except for the lights beaming down on her. Fake rose bushes were to her left and right and paper macheyed trees, painted in brown, which were well done, were right behind her with a few real branches full of leaves sticking out.

Who could have taken her and how long had she been out.Groaning, she tried to wiggle her wrists from the bindings but was no use.Looking down at herself, seeing she was still in that gentle summer dress she took photo's in, she saw no injuries on her person."H-Hello...??"She called out, hoping yet fearing some was there.What did they want with her.Did they plan to hold her for random.If so, then surely her father would pay anything to get her back to safety.

Thinking she should find some way to escape, both from her binding and this place, Amie tossed from side to side, the hem of her dress rising up a bit, revealing little by little her thighs.She twisted her wrists this way and that, the rope eating at her skin and bruising it."Come on.Snap dammit."She whispered at the rope, wanting it to comply and break way.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters
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The Righteous x The Lost

Emily Thatcher was a woman devoted to her God. She loved him and worshipped him and would do anything in his name. Being in the church for most of her teen life, Emily was raised to help in the exorcism of evil and to bless those of unfortunate holdings.One day, she is asked by the amaculate Farther of her church about an evil spirit that is rumored to have taken residence in an abondance manor. Taking on the task without fear, Emily gather the necesary tools and heads towards the Manor that is just a few miles out of town.Upon reaching the abondoned dwelling,all seemed quite, that is, she thought all seemed quite.Within, the "evil Spirit" that dwells, is no spirit, but a Lust Demon who comes out in search of life energy to steal using the method of sex and temptation.Seeing the little nun approach, a smile curves his lips, for finally, after months of no food, he decides, why not have some fun before he terminates his little nun. The demon had a special ability. One bite from him and you are his target until he takes your life, only then are you free from his curse, for no matter where you go, he would appear.

((This is old times, no electricity of the sort alright))

Emily stepped down from the small carriage she drove and peered up the large Manor before her. It was in shambles...almost, vines crawling up the tall, stone walls.She imagined this place at its prime, when it was clean and well taken care of.But now, thanks to a spirit, no one can claim this lovely home. Straightening her shoulders, she goes towards the back of her carriage and grabs a small black bag with a holy gold cross embroidered on either side.Inside it contained her holy bible, a cross, holy water and a prayer candle, as well as herbs collected from the garden of her church.

Slowly, she approached the large home, tilting her head back so she could take how tall the place was."So lovely, no doubt.."she said, seeing no lights illuminated inside. She could only perform an exorcism nearing the witching hour, but it was good to prepare early on, so no mistakes could be made.

Climbing up the wood steps, her heels clicking and echoing, Emily reached for the door and tried the knob, turning it and was surprised to see it unlocked.Pushing the door open, she peered inside, the lst few rays of the sun illuminating what ever can be illuminated.Needing to find candled, Emily set her bag down, took out her candle, as well as a flint and stone and struck a light, lighting her candle and took hold of it, peering around."There should be candles around.It'll help with my exorcism."She said, closing the door slightly and walked around the foyer, heading towards the parlor room no doubt.The place was big and it would take some time before Emily can fully clear this place of it malevolent dweller.

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The Brazen Beauty x The Demonic Collector

At Demon High, kids of different species come together to expand their mind as well as learn a thing or two of one another and of themselves.For Mina Heartkit,an angel, was among the top ranking students. With perfect grades, being President of the Student Council, as well skilled in practically every sport, Mina was seen as a perfect example....unless people knew of her secret. See Mina had a dark secret.She liked to webcam alot.Living alone, Mina was a whole different girl in her home.When the windows were covered and the doors were locked, Mina would slip into a costume, put on a cute mask and would go alone to different chat rooms and either strip tease dance as well as masterbate for other demons or non-humans to see.One night, as she flaunted her delicious breasts, an anonymous person came onto her window.Unable to see them, Mina simply continued to touch herself and dance, being erotic.If she only knew that the person watching her was someone who went to her school.Thinking no one would ever notice her, Mina thought herself safe, that is, if it weren't for the specific birthmark on her tummy.THe next day, _(Name)_, a Hellspawn demon came to her early morning and revealing to her that he had been watching her last night.At first she didn't believe...until he pointed out the little mark on her skin.Growing scared, Mina begs him not to say anything and that she would do anything.With an evil smirk, _(Name)_ will see how much of this anything Mina would do for him.

((Could be a basic Master and Slave rp alright.Add some twists, whatever you like))

No matter what day it was, Mina always did this.At first, it was suppose to be something rather innocent, a little web chatting and that was it.When she didn't want people seeing her face, she thought that would work, but when they asked her to show her tits, well...Mina would do so, since well, they coudl't see her breasts.When showing her breasts wasn't so much fun anymore, Mina decided to take it up a notch.She would show her whole body.And after a while, she would touch herself.Now, doing this for almost a year, Mina would dress up, wear a cute little mask and dance, strip teasing and even masterbating infront of her web cam for others to see.It was a fetish she got, something she personally loved doing.She was a grade A voyeur, loving others watching her or she watching others.

Tonight felt no different.Slipping into an skmpy maids outfits, her wings extended out a bit, Mina started her web and opened her window.Smiling, she saw the first person, an imp, grinning mischievously and asking her to touch herself.She smiled, compling, her hands skimming all over her body, from her breasts to her thighs and bending forward a bit.By the time she was done, she would be on her bed, saded and exausted.back and forth her partners would change, from one demon to another.Wearing the mask protected her from others knowing her identity.If anyone she knew saw her, all hell would break loose, metaphorically speaking.Removing her black gloves, Mina sat on her bed and raised a leg, skimming her hands up her white stocking leg and to her thighs, touching herself a bit.With a moan, she parted her legs, revealing she wore nothing under to whoever was watching her.

Already she was wet, her cunt moist and throbbing.If only she could get whoever was watching her to come here to her apartment and fuck her crazy.With a sigh, she arched her back and began to undo the buttons of her dress, slowly revealing her large ample breasts.Moaning, she skimmed her fingers along her revealed nipples, a sigh escaping her lips.She saw a few men masterbating, moaning out and asking for her to keep going and to say dirty things to them.With her hand she would show them to go slowly and that she wanted their dicks inside of her.

To think, a prim, Grade A Angel, who never got in trouble, always got to school on time, was the smartest, nicest and most friendly girl in Demon High, was doing such as this.Her partner changed once again, and it was someone anonymous, their face unrevealing."Oh, you won't show me your face."She teased, her dress falling to the floor, revealing her pale, creamy body.Near her belly button was a tiny little dark birth mark, inherited by her father."Come on, show me who you are."She said to her partner.Wearing nothing more then the little mask, white stockings and black heels, Mina reached over her bed side table, revealing a purple dildo."Mmm, I'm showing you mine, show me yours."She teased, sitting back on the bed, her legs open and her hand working the dildo up and down her slit.She moaned, licking her lips, the heat of the moment building, her body shaking with delight.At this point, she didnt care who saw her, so long as someone was looking at her, Mina would continue until she was spent.

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Her Demon Husband xHis Human Wife

Maiya was a young girl of sixteen who was trained in the art of wife hood.She was prim and groomed to be the perfect wife.....that is...until her father announced her sacraficement to the Water God, Hisho. Hisho was a spirited dragon of water, prayed upon by the people of Konkie Village. Giving the spirit food offerings and prayers, it gave the villagers endless water that either came down from the heavens or filled the river bank.But for the past three months now, no water has been given. Every day, men and woman, along with children, head into the Konkie Forest, stopping at the Water God's shrine and offered many givings, like prayers and food, even coin, but nothing.At last, something thought that it would be best to offer a sacrifice.A virgin sacrafice that would surely make the God happy.Being the elder and leader of the village, Maiya's father offers her, not even caring about her daughters feelings or well being.

Placed before the shrine, garbed in a white robe, Maiya was tied to a post, left alone until either the Spirit arrived for her or until she starved to death and the crows pecked at her.As days passed, nothing happened.No one came, spirit or human and Maiya just hung there, loosing her means of sanity..until..a man appears.With skin so pale and eyes like the ocean, she is rescued, taken and well cared for, unaware that the man that saved her was the God himself.Watching her for days, Hisho fell for the girl and offers marriage to the young girl.Not knowing what to do Maiya refuses, only to see that the God will do anythin to get what he so desires.

((Basic romance.Winning of the heart.Be romantic alright)).

Of all the things to become of her, Maiya never expected to have this done to her.Her hands bound above her head and to a post infront of the Water God's sacred Shrine, Maiya was forced to endure long, hot days until the spirit claimed her and once again provided her people with refreshing water.She was to be someones wife, become a caring mother and eventually a grandmother as well.To end up being a sacrafice to the water God.Such things had been banned to do the tragic amount of young virgins that were constantly sacrificed.Sniffling, she looked around, the hot sun peeking from between the leaves, her arms already numb from having them above her head for the past two days now.She was hungry and lonely and so far, her mind hasn't left her, but there were times when small noises made her jump and hyperventalate.

"Oh Papa. One day you will regret this decision."She said to herself, sniffling back tears.She wanted to go home. Be back with her dear mother and siblings, but instead, she was hear, waiting to be some God's dinner no doubt.No one even knew what the Spirit looked like.In her village, he was classified as a Blue scaled dragon with beautiful golden eyes and a long body. He was ancient, wise and all knowing. Maiya at this point believed that he was none existant.

For two days she has been tied to this post, looking up at the Shrine with two dragon pillars in the front and so far nothing.If the Water God didn't come for her, then surely a wild animal will, or perhaps the crows will start pecking at her body little by little."Please.Someone. Untie me from here.I wanna go home.I...I wanna....go some place good."she cried out, her body shaking as she held back as many tears as she could, but to her failure, some rolled down her cheek."Mama......Koye....Suyin...Muyine....anyone."If the Water God did appear, she hoped he would make her death quick and painless.

The Captain x The Assistant

Captain Aizen Trigren has been accused of mistreating his soldiers, harassment  as well as sexual assault., but no evidence has been gathered in order to prove all this.In comes Lorrain Bun, a top secret American agent that was hand picked to travel all the way to Russia in order to get video record to prove that Aizen is abusing his soldiers and his position as top ranking officer in the Russian army.Possing as his new secretary, can Lorraine uncover the nasty truth about Captain Trigren,or will she have to battle against not only finding the truth, but against his sticky paws as well.

Lorraince galnced out the window of the large airplane, her brown eyes focusing on the snow that blanketed everything it fell on.She just arrived at Moscow and now, she was going to get out and be picked up by some random soldier who was going to take her to her new job.Being an under cover agent was tough business.She had to make sure no one new her real identity or her reason for being at a certain place.Taking in a slowl breathe and letting out it out gently, she rose from her seat, smiling at the flight attendant who wished her a nice trip.No one, other then she and her employers, knew her reason for being here.She was to uncover the truth about a certain Russian Captain who's been a bit to heavy handed against his soldiers.Reports have come in, saying that the Tiger anthro has not only phsyically abused his soldiers, but even sexualy, whether they be male or female.

Unable to gather much truth, outside intel has asked U.S to help uncover the truth.It was a bit risky, since the last thing the U.S needed was to be pinned for lies and war to break out, but they were assured no such thing was going to happen.leaving the plane, Lorraince walked down the connecter until she was in the terminal.Stepping away from the door, she was imidiatly approached by a wolf anthro in a slick green military uniform, his hair trimmed almost to his skull as was custom.

"Good evening Madam Bun."He said, his English thickened with an accent."Please.This way.I have already grabbed your suit case.Car waiting for you outside."He turned, saying nothing more.

Lorraine kept her eyes peeled and followed the soldier, her hands keeping a tight hold of her coat.Stepping out into the chilly air, she shivered, her ear hanging low trying to keep warm as best she could.Seeing the unmarked, the door already open, she slipped in and so did the soldier. Her gig in all this was to play as Trigren's new secretary.Apperantly the other one had suffered some sort of  accident or so the report says.Keeping quite, she mentally went through her notes about Trigren and about his record and bio.The male was big and powerful and no one dared to question his motives, not even the other officers.If he was truly mistreating his soldiers and fellow comrades, Lorraince was going to get to the bottom of it.

It took about an hour and a half to reach the base she was to call her new home.She was told that she was to live on base, instead of off in order to better keep an eye on Trigren.With a series of stops and goes and passing check points, the car finally came to a stop and the soldier who sat next to her opened the door and helped her out.Another soldier, the driver, gathered her bags and she was escorted towards a large building with many windows.No doubt the main living baracks for all the on base working soldiers.She wondered where Trigren was.Damn cat was no doubt doing something improper and had little care for her arrival.

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The Innocent Being x The Fallen Hero

Her job was to keep him from commiting the ultimate sin, and that was suicide.After serving his country for a good five years, Capt _(Name)_ had finally called it quits, well, the Army did, when he took a bullet to his shoulder.Unable to hold a gun properly now, Capt _(Name)_ was discharged from the Army with a Purple heart and honor to his name and hero to his country.But having spent only month's in his small cabin out in the woods, Capt _(Name)_ was getting a bit antsy.Everything around him set him on edge.His whole life, he'd been trained as a killer, defending his country and killing those that were deamed as a threat.If he heard a simple twig snap, or a bird squawk in the distance, he'd reached for a gun or knife he had tucked away and.....did nothing.He couldn't take this.The constant nightmares of him out in the desert, commanding his unit, running from detonated bombs or having to stop a wound that was bleeding while his soldier gasped and choked in pain.On the final night of his ordeal, he coudln't take it. Taking the gun from under his pillow, he set the safety off and placed the barrel to his temple.Closing his eyes, he pressed on the trigger, and before his brains could be blown, something in the shape of a glowing woman appeared before him and slapped the gun, tears streaming down her cheeks.It will be up to his guardian angel to keep him from killing himself and lead him back on the rode to being a once civilized man, though can she do it, without having her heart be taken, let alone broken.

((Cute little romance type.The capt refused to take a reforming course that would basicly help him get back into society without having him freak, so now its the angels duty to do it, which will be hard.))

Serene watched, her heart breaking for the man that she so desperatly wished to help.She had just finished with another charge, guiding the young girl into the path to bettering her future, and that was by keeping her away from the gang that had been and helped her with her studies.Now, the young girl was graduating third in her class and Serene felt so proud to have helped another soul.Now, she watched as another was bent on ruining his soul, the poor thing unable to cope with the fact that all around him, no harm could be done to him.Nibbling her lip, she wished she could be in charge of him.

As if her prayers were heard, she felt something tingling on her chest.Looking down, a small symbol was slowly creating itself between her breasts.The color was a beautiful green, which meant that is she did her job right, her charge would head down the path og righteous, keeping himself in line and civilized.But if her symbol were to turn a hot red or else faded, she either failed to help her charge or her charge deceased, its body unable to be saved.Smiling, she looked down, her eyes widening, seeing the human pulled something from under his pillow."W-What...what are you doing?"She called, but knew he could not hear him.She was looking at him from a mere fountain, her way of seeing the humans down bellow.Swallowing, she rose to her feet,her long brown hair falling in curls behind her back.

With her heart thundering in her ears, Serene extended her wings and flapped them hard, taking to the sky.She had to help him, had to make it.She just barely received him as her charge and already he was going to take his life.Making a fast trip towards the gates, she need not wait for them to open.She simply went through them and flew through the clouds, the white puffs a blur to her eyes, until finally, blue skies met her."Please, hold on, hold on."She said, plummiting down towards the Earth, her body nothing but a white blur, no one unable to see her.

Reaching the forest his cabin was in, she zoomed past the trees.She could have easily flashed herself to his home, but this was a trial, such an ability was taken.Seeing the cabin, she could already hear him pressing on the trigger, the metal gently cliking against each other."No, wait..."She flew onto the balcony and gasped.Going through the glass, she jumped on the bed and swung her hand, slapping the gun from his hand and onto the ground, hearing it go off and shook the wall."Are you crazy.."She said, her voice laced with anger, but her eyes were already shedding the tears she had kept until coming here."D-dont....don't ever do that."She sniffled."Don't ever do that again."She covered her eyes, and cried.With her body aglow and her wings still expanded, Serene was unaware that she was on her charge's lap, crying, yet to realize she has yet to explain who or what she is.

The False Employee x The Lord Employer

_(Name)_ was a succesful drug lord that ran a private strip club in the outskirts of Dessen City. He was known for aquiring the most illegal and expensive drugs, guns and even woman who have been bought and sold. Police have tried to storm in and arrest the bastard, but in the eyes of the public, he is seen as a saint or so and no warrant has been issued to search his club or his home. In comes -(Name)-, an undercover agent with a keen mind and....womanly curve? Yes, -(Name)- was a very feminine looking man and thus was picked to handle this assignment, for no doubt _(Name)_wouldn't have the heart to look away from a pretty face. Needing a new secretary, _(Name)_ places a job add and -(Name)- takes it, hoping that he would get the position as well as the opportunity to shed light to _(Name's)_ drug ring. Will -(Name)- be able to uncover _(Name)_ drug parade or will he have to deal with the fact that his new found boss has the his eyes set on -(Name)-.

((Yes, this is a guyxguy plot. If your a girl and wanna play, then feel free, I'm not stoping you.I shall make a starter for both men, since I wanna play either/or.))

Kain frowned, looking down at his club from behind a bullet proof plexy glass.Everyone was having a good time, except for him.One, he didn't have a secretary, since the chit decided to sneak money from his safe, something he didn't like.To think he would give the bitch a fucking good time, both with his cock and with parties, but apperantly, money and drugs were what she wanted.Now, with no one to take his calls and schedule his appointments, Kain was in a dilema.He needed another woman, since men were hired for grunt work.

Hearing a knock at his office door and turned and called out."Yes?"

"Boss, Mr.Byrne is here."

Kain walked over to his desk and stood behind it, pressing a small button underneath and unlocked the door.Security was very tight here and no one could get in without an access code and thumb print.Only three people have the code.Himself personally, his head of security and his ex-secretary.Thanks to her leaving, he had to change the code, again, for the third time.As the door opened, Kain sat down, not much for pleasantries."Mr.Byrne, good evening.Please come in, sit."He gestured for the seat infront of his desk."How are the children?Wife?"

Byrne sat down, holding tightly against his chest his briefcase, as if something was going to happen."Theyre fine.Susan is going into Kindergarden next week....and Mary has been promoted to Head of the Nursing staff for morning shift."Byrne swallowed, looking at the door, which was guarded by a hulking man with bulging muscles.

"I'm glad to hear they are doing fine.Now, business at hand.You know I can't give you anymore without receiving what you owe me."

"B-But..I just need a bitTo pay off Susan's medical bill.Please. Just a thousand-"

"You still owe me three.Giving you a k more will be four and I doubt you have three hundred on you."Kain stood and grabbed a cigar from a small black box.He saw on his desk and looked at Byrne."You know what happens to people who don't pay."

"I'll pay you back, I swear it.Please.Don't hurt my family.I'll do anything."

"You recently got fired from the post office."

Byrne cringed, hated to be reminded."Yes.I was.But it wasn-"

"No it wasn't, I looked into it.So...."Kain rose and sat back on his desk."Starting next week, you will arrive at my club at 2 am, no later, understand.From now on, you will work for me until you've payed me off.If you feel like staying, then feel free.You will do janitorial work got it.SO best you wear something appropriate okay."

Byrne rose, stunned."S-Sir, I"

"Tell Susan good luck in Kindergarden."

Byrne was escorted out, smiling happily.Rubbing his face, he stared at Big M."Say it.Just say it you bastard."

"Softy."He said and snorted."Also, the woman that called about the add is coming today."

"Good, bring her up when she gets here."


Why oh why was he choosen for this stupid mission.Was it his fault he was born this way, looking like a woman, but in truth he was a man, a  man for fucking sakes.She already got hit on by the new rookies who came into the precint as well as thugs that were brought it, but to be used to infiltrate this damn club.Looking up and squinting his eyes from looking at the neon lights that spelled the clubs name, Dean or in this case Dhiana, was to go in and speak to the owner who was in dire need of a secretary.

Dean was suppose to put on a good face and poilte smile and hope to God he got hired.If he did, then he was to snoop around for a couple of days, perhaps weeks and see how the owner did his business.If Dean caught the man doing drug exchanges, money transfers and illegal prostituting, then he was to call HQ and have them storm the place.He would be seen as a hero.Smiling, he headed for the front of the line, men whistling, while woman hissed in jealousy.He was sporting a way to small, black pencil skirt and a luscious white frilled blouse.He was wearing a stuffed bra under and he was forced to wax his legs, arms and arm pits, eyes brows and upper and lower lip.Wearing a hazel, brown wig that was curled and stopped at his shoulders, Dean's appearance screamed sexy yet classy at the same time.

Going up to the bouncer, the man immidietly raised his hand and said."Back of the line sweet heart."

"Oh.."He cleared his throat, making his voice a bit high pitched to sound like a womans."I-I'm here for the interview.You be the new secretary.The owner is waiting for me."

The bouncer spoke in his ear piece, then nodded."Alright.Just head straight to the back and to the stiars, someone will escort you to his office."He moved the rope, people cursing and complaing and let Dean in.Piece of cake, now all she had to do was convince the owner to hire him and he was in.

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His Surprise Wife x Her Confused Husband

He went out to drink, hang with the guys and have a good time.The bar was located just a few blocks from a tiny little wedding chapel and as he drank more, the more he poked fun at the fools who choose to marry.Though they told him to stop, he wouldn't, he just kept going.He never imagined he would meet a pretty little thing, talk to her, get to know her and even flirt with her.When he decided to have one more drink, thats when everything went all hay wire.The next morning he wakes up, wearing nothing more then his pants.Major headache, eyes bloodshot and his memory of the night before is a total blank.What happened last night, he didn't know.Before he even gets out of bed, a hand reaches around and wraps around his waist.Shaking, he turns......and sees a woman.He doesn't know who she is and why she's wearing his shirt or the fact that she's also wearing his highschool ring.What the hell happened last night?And why is she wearing his ring?

((You know those days where you can't remember what you did last night thanks to heavy drinking.Well this is it.Lets see where this will lead to.I shall make a starter for both the guy and girl alright, since i know some girls would love to play this out as well.))

Lannete had gone to the bar with a few of her friends.She never expect to leave and go get hitched, but that night had been magical.Her luck had been all off kilter.First her boyfriend leaves her, then she finds out she only have two weeks before she's kicked out of her apartment, not only that, but her car was a total junk that wouldn't start.Her friends figured going out would help, but she doubted it...that is....until she met him.Sure he had been a bit drunk, but he was sweet and charming and a total flirt.He looked sexy, even though he was all slammed with beer.He talked of romance and happyness, something Lannete truly needed.She herself shared a few drinks with him, not strong ones, but they were enough to get her a bit buzzed.Before she knew it, he had gone down on one knee and asked her to marry him.At first she thought it a joke, but when he wouldn't get up from the floor and everyone cheered her on, she agreed.

The little chappel a few blocks away was the perfect place to get their marriage certificate.So they had gone, her friends came along and so did his, along with a few strangers.The elvis looking priest gave them their vows and they said it.When asked for the ring, he gave her his highschool ring.And the kiss to seal it had been amazing.When all was said and done, they didn't go back to the bar to celebrate, no.With the last drink in his hand, they went to his apartment and from their, they had the best sex ever.Now as light poured through the window and she felt the bed shift, she stirred and turned.Opening her eyes, she smiled and threw her arm over her new found husbands stomach and hugged him, spooning him and gave a happy sigh."Good morning husband."She said and hugged him tighter against her body.


Kayne stirred, his head pounding, almost as if someone was going had his brain with his sledge hammer.Groaning, she opened his eyes and looked at the time.Already it was 10 in the morning.Good thing he didn't work today.Good thing he never worked Sundays.What happened last night.He remembered going out to drink with the guys, but from their everything had been a blur.Looking down, he was shirtlesst, but he had his pants on, but his fly and button was down...and....he wasn't wearing his boxers.What the hell?Swallowing a dry lump, she shifted, but when he felt something soft press against her, and then an arm, he tensed.Shit....d-did....did he fuck someone and not know it.Crap, what should he do.Rubbing his eye, he tried to think, btu when he saw his hand, Kayne's eyes widened."What..the...?"His highschool ring was missing.It had been encrusted with emerald diamons and int he center was a solid topaz and enscribed around was class of 03.Looking at the hand that was draped over him he saw his ring.

Who was this girl...and why was she wearing his ring.Slowly, he sat up and turned and in his bed was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen.Beautiful silver hair and sleepy blue eyes.No way did he had this goddess in his bed all of last night.Did they have sex.Seeing his shirt on her said it all."H-Hey.Good morning."He said and smiled.How fucked up would it be if he asked who she was.Wouldn't be that fucked up, no."I'm sorry...but....this may sound awful...but.."he rubbed the back of his neck."Who are you?I know your from the bar, but I never thought I would come home with someone sexy like you."

His Unbelievable "Wife" x His Confused Husband

((Warning MxM))

He went out to drink, hang with the guys and have a good time.The bar was located just a few blocks from a tiny little wedding chappel. Now he never went to this bar and he assumed it was pretty, little did he know that his own friends were taking him to a gay bar.The beers were better and the people much friendlier.Sure he saw a few woman and thought nothing of it.He drank and drank and though they told him to stop, he just kept on drinking. He was about to get his suppose last one until he saw "her".A fine looking thing with pretty short hair and nice eyes.Legs that would look good wrapped around his waist.He thought nothing of it and approached "her". He used his pick up lines and flirted, bought "her" drinks and heard "her" sad story.When he had his last one, everything was spinning, the night going by him to fast.The next morning he wakes up, major hangover.Opening his eyes fully he sees a pretty girl next to her.Whatever happened last night, must have been good.Whispering a good morning, he reaches his hand down between his last night's fun legs and discovers something that wasn't suppose to be to their.Freaking, he pulls his hand out and falls out of bed.What the fuck happened last night?And who was this dude in his bed?And.....why was his highschool ring missing?

((This is the same as the starter above this one, except its with two males.Lets see how fun this will be.))

Dilan, or Dee for short, didn't want to go to the bar that night.He had been down in the dumps, his boyfriend had just left him for who, who you say.Some bimbo who was a top tranny.Dilan could be a good looking tranny as well...if he put the effort.Sure he didn't go all out with the make up and what not, but he waxed...and he grew out his hair...and he bought extra cute clothing.Had it been enough for him, no, of course not.Though he really didn't want to, he really needed a pick-me-up, so Club Purple was the place to go.Wearing a cute red dress that showed off his legs, along with a light sweater, he was good to go.No make up, why bother.Fixing himself at the bar, he ordered his usual and thought how crowded the place was.

He showed up, already drunk, but either way, he was still cute.At first Dilan thought him straight as a bored, but upon hearing his pick up lines and flirtatious voice, Dilan assumed he knew that Dilan was truly a man.He told him his story and out of know where, he was being proposed too.Everyone went awww and cheered and after ward, they went to the little Heaven Chappel down the street.The vows were beautiful and everyone that was there were either drag or trannies, a few the man's friends.They had a few more drinks and from there, back to his apartment.Last night had been wild, passionate and oh so amazing.Her new found husband was amazed at Dilan's body, he didn't even think or looked twice when he saw his small, six inch penis.Now as morning krept over and the sun poured in, he sighed, feeling the bed shift.Stirring, he feels a big hand between his legs and before he can let out a nice, sweet moan, the hand retracts."Hmmm??"He sits up and sees his husband on the floor.Frowning, he looks at him confused."W-What do you mean who am I?I'm your wife...err...husband..."He raises his left hand and shows him the ring that glinted from his finer." married me last night and after, we came back here and we...we....had sex."He blushed and looked away, embarissed at the fact he slept with a man after just knowing him for two hours and married him.


What the hell happened, he really didn't know.Kayne had gone out to drink with the boys.He rarely ever went to drink, so his friends took him to this place called Purple.At first he asked if it had been a gay bar and they assured him it wasn't.Believing them, he goes and straight away, he orders his drinks.He was suppose to drink only two, but two ledt to four and four led to six.He was so hammered, he didn't notice how some men grinded against other men, or that some woman were touching other woman.Nope, didn't notice.When he was going to get his suppose last drink, that's when he saw her.The most cutest thing there ever was.Cropped brown hair, nice golden eyes.Kayne, like a cheese head, goes over and hits on her.Buys her a drink and even lends an ear when she begins to tell him about some ass who left her for another bitch.Not even thinking, he goes on his knee and proposes...even offers his  highschool ring.It took a moment, but she had said yes.

They went to the Heaven Chappel or what it was called and got hitched, went back, got mroe drinks and took her back to his place.Now, waking up, he can't remember a damn thing.Seeing her though, curled up and hugging his pillow, well atleast he can figure that whatever happened last night sure as hell led to this."Well good morning there gorgeous."He cooes and reaches his hand down, stroking her leg and inches it up and over."Mmm, feel like some morning fu-."He stops, feeling something long...with...two things attached."-Fun...."that...was a man's dick he was touching.And the being he was touching sure as hell was not a woman...but a man.Kayne takes his hand back and at the same times, crawls backwards and falls off his own bed and lands right on his ass."W-What the fuck man!?!"Eyes widening, he stares at the gorgeous thing....who was a man.A fucking dude.What the fuck happened last night?"What happened last night?Oh God."

Kayne gets up and grabs his hair.....then looks down realizing that one...he was naked...and two....his hand felt different.Looking at his left hand, he sees that his highschool ring is missing." better tell me who the hell you are and where the fuck is my ring."

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Shy Eyed Bride x Loose Cannon Husband

He was free spirited, a bad ass, a gun for hire, a ladies man and an all out penny pincher..more or less.For years until he finally reached thirty, _(Name)_ has been living off his father's old money since he was little.Well what happens when one day, hearing a knock on the door, he finds an unusual large, tall box infront of his door instead of the usual parcel with loads of cash his old man sends him.Infront of the box was a letter addressed to him by his old man.Dragging the box inside, he shuts the door and tears the letter open and promptly reads.

Dear Good-For-Nothing-Son-Of-Mine,

If you get this box and are reading this letter, then good news for me, your not homeless.You've reached the age where you can support yourself.You've lived off my money for thirty years now and frankly, its time for you to properly earn your money.Wanna know how?Its called a job and in case you don't know what that is, surely you have a dictionary or a computer so you can look up the definition.No doubt your cursing me and wish me dead by now, well to bad.I may be sixty years old, but it'll take more then prayer to kill me.If your wondering about the box, well, lets just say your first means of responsibility is inside.Its times to keep your cock in your pants and start sticking to one flower.If you fail with your responsibility, then you shall be completely cut off.That's right.I'm still giving you some money, but only enough to help pay off whatever you can and to help you with getting a proper job, not going about and killing people.Best you take care of your responsibility, or else it'll run away from you.Oh and one more thing.Congratulations.I took the liberty of seeing that you are happily wedded.Best you provide a nice wedding band.

Love you always

Your Still-Living_Father, Dave.

The hell.Looking at the letter, he coudln't believe this.His old man was holding his allowance and not only that...but he had to take care of whatever was inside this box.What was it anyway.Tossing the letter, he reached for the box and began to tear at the tape, opening it up and inside, was a beautiful girl with big blue eyes.He blushed and oggled her, she blushed and cringed away.When he reached for her, she went wide eyed and screamed.Damn, this responsibility was going to be harder then he thought.

Emmalina did not know what had happened to her during the brief hours in which she was unconcious.She remembered being in a white room, her clothes removed and she was forced to wait a plain white robe.She had been scared, confused and lonely.Her family had sold her to a "flower" shop, a place that was known as a bridal shop in which men literally ordered and payed for brides of whatever kind and were shipped off to their homes.Being the year 2055, it wasn't an uncommon thing, but it was illegal.Those who were in desperate need of money and had no other means looked to this choice and in this case, Emmalina had been chosen, since she was the only girl among five boys.

Inside the room,it was cold.No one came in to see her, though their was a mirror inside the room, nothing else occupied it.Going to the mirror, she had knocked on it, then peered into it, thinking it was two way, but she could not see a thing.What was to become of her.No doubt they were deciding whether or not she was even elligable to be bought.Before she could even shed tears, the doors on the other side had opened and an old man, along with a younger one came in, both looking at her.

"Is this her?"Asked the older one.
"Yes.She's fairly new.Surely you do not wish some more...experienced...and more...known to what they are to-"
"No.My son needs to learn responsibility and having to take care of her will do just that."He eyed Emmalina, accesing her."She is sweet-"
"-Untouched."Said the younger man.
"Hmph.My son has touched many.....but never a virgin.Hates them.Hard to deal with, since he finds them to sensitive.She'll do.It'll teach him a thing or two."Looking at the girl, he smiled in a sense, then turned and walked away.

When she saw both men leave, she raced to them, but the door shut."Wait..let me out.Please.Let me out."She banged on the door, then a hissing sound was heard.Looking around, she saw clearly some smoke coming from the vents."H-Hey.W-What is going on...what-"Her voice slurred, eyes drooped and she fell.

She did not know how long it had been, but when she opened her eyes, she gazed at the face of another male.He was tall and well built.Muscled and down right dangerous and scary looking.Her heart pounding, she didn't know where she was, but when he began to reach for her, she grew panicked and scared and started to scream for her life."Nooooooo."She slapped at his hands and tried to scratch at him, but as she wiggled, the box moved and before she knew it, she was falling backwards along with the box and her breath left her in a heavy gasp, her lungs aching from the fall.Dear lord, what was to become of her.

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She Goes Moo x He Might Too.

_(Name)_  had been away from his childhood home for so long that he didn't really know what had happened to the place. With it being the year 2078, farming wasn't something that was still done, but some farms and companies still liked to produce and offer fresh meats and dairy to the people in town.For twenty years he had been busying himself, making money, owning his own construction sight and running it.It would never hit him to think about his parents....until he received a letter from a coroner's office.His parents have died, both at the same time from over exertion and heat._(Name)_ was to own the farm he grew up in and determine whether to keep it, run it and use it, or to sell it and have something be made over it.Before deciding, he heads back, the flight taking a whole day and upon reaching his old house in the morning, everything looked....the same. Anthro animals grazed about, mingling, the sheep all stood as they watched him approach the house, then scatterred away.How many animals did he have?Checking the place out, he goes to the barn where he use to hang out as a kid and upon entering, he gazes at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.Except there was one thing about her.....she was an anthro....a cow anthro.He's heard of people having intimate relations with their....animals of the human looking kind, but he was always one to never favor it....until now.God, could he even keep himself from even touching this lovely dairy girl, or choose to sell her, along with the farm.

She had no name when she had been born, but after being moved around from one farm to another, she had atleast ten different names.Now, officially, she was Lily.Lily the milk cowgirl.She was bought by some sweet old couple who had a tender heart for their animals.When first she arrived, she saw how green the grass was, the fresh air and how happy all the animals were.Situated in the barn, Lily made herself at home, fixing up her hay for her to sleep on, seeing who was a threat to her and who wasn't.A few bulls had eyed her upon arriving, but her owners made sure that none would touch her unless they felt it was time to breed her.

After months of being on the farm, word spread among the animals, that the owners had died.Lily had been grazing on the field, until a chicken clucked by, saying that the owners were dead.The poors things.The heat had finally gotten to them.The animals were unattended too, running around, but, amazing to say, they behaved themselves.Lily didn't want to be outside anymore.She missed the kind old people who had been nice to her, nice to the others.She had been cooped up in the barn, ignoring anyone who came by.Drifting to sleep, she was oblivious to what was happening around her, until she heard foorsteps.Opening her eyes, she assumed it was either another person to own her or simply someone who might be a threat.

Bracing herself, her breath left her when she gazed into the eyes of a human, who's face was sharp, though his eyes showed how he was desiring her.She'd seen eyes like that on both the horses and bulls.He simply stood there, transfixed.She  grew flummoxed, shifting from one foot to the other.Blushing, she looked away, her hands placed firmly infront of her.Was he her new owner.If so, then he sure didn't look friendly.He didn't look as if he even belonged here on this farm.Lily wondered if her previous owners had aranged for her and the others to be taken care of by someone else or....sold....She dind't want to be sold.Not again.

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The Gentleman and the Doll

Things were a bit different in the year 1815.Woman were either wedded at the bright age of 18 when they came out or were seen as unamarriagable and were left to be spinsters.Brothels were always filled and visited by London lords of whatever ranking and those who wouldn't imagine visiting such hellish places took mistresses.But what if some men had more of a darker taste.What if they wanted a woman who had no say in anything and were kept in their home, in the dark rooms where no one would venture.Some lords, those of the unmarried typed, intended to visit places only known in certain circles and bought woman for their only pleasurable gains.These woman had no families or they once did.They were seen as lower then being whores.They were seen as slaves for woman.When a new slave was brought in, she was the most fairest thing evern.Pale cream skin, eyes the color of the sky, hair like the color or golden butter.She was thin and young, something everyman wanted her.She didn't speak, a mute they were told and if one were to do things to her, she could open her mouth, but never make a sound. Lord _(Name)_ wanted her and thus fought and out bidded every lord until he did.She was a young girl of 17,her family needing money and she was the only means of getting it.The men were never told about the woman's past for it was deemed that they need not know them, but after taking her home and was about ready to use her, to his surprise, she spoke....but the choice words she said gave him pause.What happened to this girl that would make her be made into a slave instead of a respectable lady.

She hated reliving that dream.Hated having to close her eyes and see his face, the one who brought, well..sold her here.If it weren't for him, she would have been a heiress, a respectable young lady still waiting for her come out.Instead, she was nothing more then a broken girl, unvirgin and casted out.Her mother was ashamed to find out about what had happened to her, though the story that had been told was not but a lie.Her mother believed that Seiriee had been rolling around with a stable boy and was perhaps with child.For months, her mother had been planning to get the Marquiss of Everslay to court her and hopefully see her wed to the man, but since hearing what her step father had said, that was unlikly.Her mother moved away, and her new found husband decided it be best Seiriee be taken to a place where no one would suspect she was there.The last thing they wanted was a scandal, right.People would assume she was ill or she was living in the country or had been moved to another country, it wouldn't matter, that bastard would think of something.

Seiriee was an innocent, forever and always, but ever since what happened to her, she refused to speak, was afraid to speak, since he made good with his threats.She was a broken doll as the other woman saw her.Some felt pity upon her, some only cared for themselves for they wished to be out of this hell hole.They were kept in a cellar in a large mansion no doubt out of London.Seiriee had been here for three weeks and never once was she displayed, until now that is.She was grabbed brutally by the arm, but she said nothing, she was declothed and washed and still, she said nothing.Dressed in a white, cotton dress, she was takin out of the cellar and upstairs.The home was lovely now that she saw it.When she arrive, she had been blindfolded.Candles were lit everywhere and she could here distant laughter.Being pushed by a servant in livery, she was taken to a large ballroom, where the room was midly lit.Everywhere, men who were well dressed, sat, talking amongst themselves or eyeing what was displayed.On a small stage, ten woman were forced to stand and with Seiriee it was eleven.What was happening?Was she to be declothed before these men.She hoped not.Were they going ot buy her.She hoped not as well.

Some of the woman were crying, some stuck their chins out, showing their defiance, but Seiriee just stood there, her lifeless blue eyes scanning the mens faces.These were all lords of different ranking.Bachelors of different ages.She knew some, seen some and walked by some, but she at this moment, couldn't remember who was who.All these men where hear to buy these woman no doubt.The way they eyed her and the woman was the same as if they were eying a fine horse, ready to bid and win their prize.Standing as still as she could, she heard a banging sound and a disheveled looking man approached a podium and spoke loudly.

"Gentleman, please.Settle down.Now we have some fresh new things here as you can see and you all know it goes.Who ever outbids the others wins the prize."he said licking his lips."Will start off with Miss Sally."He said, turning her head, seeing a tall, curly brunette being pushed forward by a certain."Will start the bidding with 10 pounds."he said and soon men began to shout numbers, each raising their sum higher and higher.Seiriee wondered how much they would pay for her.No doubt a little, since she wasn't that pretty.With Blonde curls falling to her back, pale skin and rosy lips, she was rather lifeless, like a doll.

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Dominatrix Delilah x Desperate Husband x Faithful Lover

Delilah was a Dominatrix. Her occupation was secret to some, but not to many.When she gets a phone call from a man who needs help in woowing his lover, Delilah was happy to help. Delilah wasn't just a Dominatrix, but a couples counselor as well.Counseling and Dominating went hand and hand for her. For _(Name)_, woowing his partner has been challenging.Thanks to his long hours at work, _(Name)_ comes home late, finding his lover either awake waiting for him or already asleep. Pulling long nights has turned his relationship down a bumpy road. The last thing he wanted to do was lose the love of his life.Needing some guidance and help, he asks a friend, who refers him to Delilah.The last thing he needed was a Dominatrix, but if the woman was good at what she did, then _(Name)_ was willing to "speak" with the woman. Kirum loved his husband, but at times, he wondered. Did _(Name)_ have another in his life.Was that why he was coming home late.The last thing he wanted was to lose his husband to another. Its up to Delilah to save this couple and help patch up the pieces that are slowly being split.

((I'll be playing both Kirum and Delilah. WARNING: Guyxguy alright.Be adivsed, you will get a strap on to the ass.))

In one hour, Delilah was going to meet her new playtoy, errr....patient.Yes...patient. The man who called her had asked for help in regards to his lover.The poor thing.Thanks to his job, it seems the love of his life believes that some night action is going on in secret. Delilah got cases like that. Men thinking their wife or girlfriend might be cheating.Woman believes there might be another involved.Half the time the problem was because there wasn't much spark in the bedroom or in the house at all.

Moving along the room, she made sure whips and chains were in place.Her toys all color coordinated as well as placed in specific places thanks to what they were and what they were used for.The bondage masks and balls ass hanging on their own seperate little hooks.Her tables cleans and sparkling.Delilah liked to keep all her intrusments cleaned. She warned her new patient about what she did and that if he wasn't sure, then he should find someone else to help him. He was desperate for the help and Delilah was a giver...more or less.Checking her watch, she smiled. In half hour, the fun would begin...kinda.She needed more details about this man and about his lover.Heading for the stairs, Delilah left the cellar and appeared in the kitchen.Her black stiletto heels clicking on the tiled floor. With her body wrapped in a tight red dress, her breasts ready to spill out from the soft fabric.Her hair was loose, the blonde locks cascading down her back.With red lipstick and black eye shadow, she was all about dominating.

"Hmm...Sauvignon Blanc.......or the Zin of Zan...."She asked herself as she looked in her fridge, debating between the red or white.Looking at the time, she smiled."Red would be nice for this afternoon."She said, taking dark red bottle and set it on the table.Grabbin two glasses from the cabinet, she grabbed the bottle and headed for the living room, where a bucket of ice was already placed, the bottle going directly in it to make sure it was still chill."Ten minutes."She said, looking at her watch.Her home was very humble.Delilah lived in a very quiet neighborhood.Families living all around her, a school near by. Funny how a Dominatrix like her would be living in such an area.Then again, she wasn't some psycho.She was a rather nice person.Went to college, got a degree, started Dominatrixing for about 6 years now...and she was only 28.Still young.Which isn't bad.

Curse Kuja  x Pressured Sephiroth


Thanks to Garland's pesky experiments, Kuja ended being a ginnie pig without even knowing it. He assumed that he would be able to enjoy his life now that Cosmo and Chaos had settled there differences, but it seemed that wasn't going to happen for him.While enjoying a nice lunch, Kuja was unaware that Garland had slipped something into his tea. It took only a hour to guess what his concoction did, and it was rather embarissing. Garland seemed to think that the only way to reverse the effect was to find a certain plant located in......Sephiroth's world. Though he and Sephiroth weren't the best of chums, it wouldn't be easy to go up to the man woman.He had the...well..breasts, but he was all man still. Sending a letter to Sephiroth requesting his help, Kuja needed to figure out how to meet Sephiroth without him questioning his...extra parts. It wasn't like the man would be distracted, or ast bizzare question, or behave strangely. Sephiroth was one of the most stoic beings he has ever met.He just hoped the fellow would stay stoic until there search for Garland's stupid plant was over.

"No., NO."Kuja screamed as he tossed another shirt onto the floor, cursing up a storm as he went through is wardrobe.Nothing in this closet was any good in hiding his...well...breasts. Kuja never thought once to ever change his wardrobe, since he felt showing a bit of skin never hurt anyone, now he wished he had something that would cover his chest up.Looking away from the closet, he racked his eyes on the clothes that were all strewn across the floor.Damn Garland and his stupid experiments. One day.Just one day, he wanted to enjoy himself without any complications and this is what he got. Woman breasts growing from his chest. Thanks to these beauty, Kuja looked even more womanly then ever. For the past three days he hasn't been able to leave his home in Treno and Garland, the old fart, says that the only way to reverse the effect  was by using a plant found only in a different this case, Sephiroth's. For a being with grand powers, Garland was useless. The bastard did this purposely Kuja figured, since he managed to catch the old man leering at him from time to time, which gave him the creeps.

Though Sephiroth and he weren't the best of friends, Kuja knew no one else that would help him.Zidane was off playing husband to Garnet and Cloud...well Cloud was who knows where. Kuja sent a letter to Sephiroth asking...well...begging that he help him with a problem that only a special plant from his world would solve. Receiving a letter....after a week....from Sephiroth was a relief, for he agreed, since it seemed he had nothing else to do.They were to meet at the maid entrance square of Treno in hour.Wait? An hour? Kuja screamed in frustration as he threw shirts here and there."This. No, perhaps this.Maybe....oh bloody hell."He said and grabbed a blouse that looked like it can cover.Slipping it up, he buttoned up the buttons, though the top three were no use on account of how big his breasts were.He buttoned the one where the colar was and Kuja tied a cravat, hoping to cover some of the cleavage.Slipping into a long fronted loin cloth with a heavy silver belt and long skirt in the back, Kuja then donned his knee high boots as well as a feathered cap and cloak and looked in the mirror...and frowned."Bloody hell....I look like a slutty woman."he said, grimacing.Checking the time, she cursed, since he was late."The cloak would help."He assured himself, making sure the lapels of his cloak were together, not wanting anyone to see his cursed condition.

Leaving his home, he made the long trip towards the square entrance, where he hoped Sephiroth was not yet there, since the last thing he wanted was to be scolded by the man.

Spanish Delight x Foolish Argh

Sailing across the sea was no easy task, especially when it came to sailing from Spain to England. The trip was no fun at all, with harsh weather and squarce islands to stop by, hoping to reach England would be some what of a miracle. Maria Esmeralda Ramirez was a noble spanish woman of twenty who was sailing and braving the harsh sea in order to meet her future English husband. Her father had met the man when he visited some time ago and Maria's father assumed that they would be perfect together. After enduring a month of nothing but vast blue water, Maria wished for something extrosdinary to happen and lo and behold, a pirate ship appears. Bearing a jolly roger flag that waved high, Maria along with her maid were hidden away in the Captain's quarters, hoping that the pirates would want nothing more then their food and water.

Captain _(Name)_ of the Black Bone was a merciless pirate who hated both the English and American's. He became a pirate due to the way the English had stripped his family of their money and because the American's refused to be of any help in giving them a home or job. For years _(Name)_ has been terrorizing the seas, pilfering only from noble ships, taking their jewels and food. Though, hitting the ripe age of thirty-five, _(Name)_ felt that his pundering days were coming to a close and what better way to end his pirating, then by stealing from a ship for the last time. Taking hold of what he assumed to be an English ship, he hops aboard, learning that the ship belongs to some Spanish noble. Not caring, he commands his men to take the food, the water and whatever was valuable. When Maria hears that her things were to be taken, she grows angry and confronts the pirate. Rather surprised by the woman's boldness, he takes her, claiming her as his new wife, though who would have thought having a Spanish woman for a fiance would be so hard.

((Some names for places will be made up. 1800 time frame))

Maria had been getting rather bored from watching the ocean.Nothing but wave after wave, blue upon blue and salty air among salty air. A month she had been on this blasted ship and so far she has finished every possible book she brought, finished every embroidery she started and right now, she was tempted to start a fire, just so she could keep herself out of boredum. It would be another week or so until they reached the Island of Los Capos. Fixing her green eyes towards the horizon, she wished something of interest were to happen, though what could possible occur here in this God awful ocean.Nothing but waves and nasty storms occur. She wasn't even sea sick, then again, she had always been good on boats, thanks to her father.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Maria pulled away from the railing and looked at her maid, Anna."Is there no book that I have not read here on this boat."She said, her accent quick thick as she spoke English.

"No senorita. I have asked the Captain, but he has given you every book her has."

And that wasn't a lie either. She's read the Captain's book on the various maps there was, about Greek Gods, about the oceans. Even one about cooking chicken in so many different ways.Pushing a brown curl behind her ear, Maria was about to head back to her resting quarters when a man shouted.

"Ship ahoy.Off to Starboard."He shouted, looking into his eyeglass.

Maria raised a brow and went to the other side, looking over and off in the distance, was indeed another ship."I wonder what kind of ship it is."

"Mayhap a cargo ship of some sort."Anna said, sounding a bit nervous.

When the Captain came out, he shouted up to the crows nest, demanding to know what kind of ship.As the boatman fixed his glass, he paled."Its a pirate ship Captain. They be hoiting the Jolly Roger."

The Captain cursed and looked at Maria."Senorita, you need to lock yourself in my quarters. You and your maid."


"No buts. I cannot have you in danger.Now go. "He motioned for her to his quarters, Anna following behind.

As the woman locked themselves in the Captain's quarters, Anna paced back and forth, while Maria peeked througha tiny hole in the door and tried to listen."Come now Anna, do not worry. Perhaps the pirates will just take some food and water and that is all."

"But...senorita...w-what is they take your jewelery."

"Nonsence. The Captain will do all he can to keep those pirates away from my valuables, or it will be his head on a platter."She said, keeping her ears opened while she commanded Anna to sit down and relax as best she could.

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Snakish Desire x Unhuman Collector.

Isis was a Lamia, curious about the world outside of her home. _(Name)_ was a demon who collected the uncollectable. _(Name)_ was a powerful man, living at the top of the food chain. He collected things that were aww inspiring, whether they were an object...or a being. Lately, _(Name)_ had started collecting woman and not just human woman, but woman of different speicies. Keeping them locked up in his million dollar home, _(Name)_ has them all, from mermaid, to harpie, to elf.The one thin he needed to complete his collection was a Lamia and where better to find them then the Sahara Desert.  Set up with an arsenal of tranquelizers and guns, _(Name)_ along with a few servants walk the desert in search of a cave, said to be hidden and that only the setting sun can reveal.Unaware of what is to come, Isis, future queen of her den, sets out, choosing to ignore the rules of their den and venture outside of their den, wanting to see the world outside. Looking at the cliffs about her, she was unaware of the foreign presence, until it was to late. Tranquelized and captured, Isis is taken, only to awake in a stone cell with metal bars to confine her.What is to be her fate? Only the collector would decide that.

((Present time.The demon disguises himself as a human, though only reveals his true self to his servants at home and to the woman he has collected. As the collector, you get to decide Isis's fate.Will start when Isis leavs her den and is captured.))

Isis peeked out of her door, making sure the coast was clear.Slipping out from her room, Isis fixed the veil over her head and made sure her face was partially cleared.Being cooped up in this place was tiresome.She wanted to know what the outside world was like.She'd seen pictures and read books, but never in her life had she ever stepped out of her secured den. She read that humans lived in tall buildings made of glass and medal and that they rode in boxes that were made of medal as well. Isis found this things intriguing. A few humans, male of course, lived here in The Den, having been captured by females to be used for breeding purposes, but though they were deemed as slaves or consorts, they were kind enough to retail stories about their world.

Moving along the shadows, Isis ducked behind a corner, managing to avoid the patroling guards that roamed the castle halls.Reaching the stairs, she descended them, looking around to make sure no one was around.Once she left the castle, it would be easy for her to reach the main entrance of The Den. Only a few guards stood guard, but it would be easy to distract them.Finally leaving the sanction of her home, Isis headed down to the town that surrounded her home, seeing that everyone was asleep, tucked away for the night.When she finally reached the outer interior of the town, the guards posted at the entrance, she grabbed a rock and chucked it, hitting something off to the side.With relief, the guards went to check the noise out, letting Isis to escape.The path out of the cave wasn't easy.Pointy rocks and pebbles lined the walls and flood, scratching at her scales and making her wince a bit.When she saw light at the end, she gasped in relief and smiled, feeling fresh cool air his her skin and scaled.

" beautiful..."she whispered, looking around, her golden eyes taking in the black sky and stars and the expanse of sand that went for miles and miles.Moving away from the entrance, she slithered about, looking around to see if there was anything of interest."Everything..looks so plain."She said, wondering where the buildings of glass were and the medal boxes the humans drove in.Perhaps they were in a different part of the world.One of the lamia's consorts mentioned that their cave was located in the middle of a desert.Right now, the desert looked beautiful, the night air fresh and breezy. She wondered how everyone would look like in the day.Would everything be brighter by chance.Would the air be hot or cool like it is now.

Descending the small cliff, Isis ventured further away from the cave entrance, looking around to see if she could find anything of interest.She wasn't aware if there was any danger lurking around, then again, the consorts spoke of nothing dangerous that was found here inthe desert, except for dehydration, snakes, scorpians and vultures.No one dare attack her.She was a lamia after all.

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Arachnid Lover x Unsuspecting Mate

They told him not to, but he wouldn't listen.He was determined to prove that nothing scary lived in this forest, oh but how wrong was he. The Forest of Nill was said to be an enchanted place where creatures roamed freely, some harmless, others not so much.Those that were vicious were creatures of horrible forms, some being spiders the size of horses, others were small like a bird, though still deadly._(Name)_ was an adventurer, loving to travel and meet new things and people. Living in a small village, _(Name)_ had heard from a traveler about this forest.He was told of the creatures who lived here and that one should never enter.Not believing about the danger, _(Name)_ was curious about this forest and decided to check it out for himself.After spending three days, no harm has befallen on him, that is, until he stops and sets up camp for the night.Distracted by thoughts, _(Name)_ sits by a fire, reading a book, until he was attacked.He never saw it coming. Tilil was a feared creature.Queen of the spiders, Tilil was in search of a mate to help her produce more offspring as well as more to add to her family.The males around this forest grew wary of her, knowing full well what she is capable of.At this point, she is deciding to take a slave.Upon hearing word from other creatures, she finds out a human roaming about, foolish he was to even enter.Happy to hear she has found a potential mate, she begins her search, until the smell of burning wood catches her senses.Stalking through the shadows, she watches closely, until the human is distracted and pounces.Not only will this human be fit to be her mate and fuck toy, but as well a her slave and perhaps future meal.

Tilil looked at the elf she had kept for the past decade.He didn't last long, which was a shame.She needed a male to help her reproduce for her kind was rapidly declining. Offsprings that are born have a hard time staying alive.Out of a hundred that hatch, only half or less survive and grow up.As the Queen of her race, she needed to mate and reproduce, needing to fill this forest with her children.No male would want her, hell, no male would let themselves get captured.They would either kill themselves if caught or end up weaking from the abuse she made them go through. Tilil wasn't a bad woman...just a bit...rough.She didn't kill her mates and used them as sustenance.Fucking them and taking their cum was sustanance enough. Instead of poison that killed, she injected her mates with a poison that stimulated there sex drive.An aphrodisiac to be precise.

Now as she looked at her elf, seeing him dead, his throat slashed deeply, she frowned. He was never happy to be with her, though she treated him with some what care.Sighing, she whistled, summoning a few of her children."Enjoy by beloveds.Do not waste anything."turning, she walked away, feeling her children scattering under her to get to their new fresh meal.

Moving within her home, a cave to be precise, she headed for the entrance, the night air wrapping about her body, making her sure.Eyes scanning, she wondered where she could get another mate.The males that dwelled in this forest either feared her and fought her.No one wished to be with her, for rumors about her natures has painted her to be evil.She was not.She was caring.A loving mother and a devoted lover.Moving towards the forest, her eight legs making quick quick work of the floor, Tilil sniffed the air, trying to find any male that was out and about
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His Dead Experiment x Her Mad Scientist.

Being a mad scientist was amazing, especially when one kept their experiments a secret to the world. You've done it all.Traveled through time more then fifty times. Go invicible....and rob a bank. Defy gravity, literally, you at times walk on your ceiling. After a while, nothing seems to fly at you, that is, until you see a zombie horror film. You figure, why not bring someone back to life. It would be the ultimate experiment. You do your research, find out who recently died in your city, look up their info and baam, decide to choose them for your "little" experiment. The perfect day arrives, you go grave robbing...while invicible, steal the body of one Miss Ashely Den, bring her back to your large mansion located out of town, which is quiet a drive, take her to your basement where all the fun happens and begin. Wire connected, chemicals pumped into her body. Electricty running and sparking. The moon is full and clouds gather, perfect Frankenstein weather. You pull the switch, lights go flashing and after a moment.....nothing. She doesn't move, not even a twitch. You check everything, nothing could have gone wrong, but she's not moving. Leaving you begin to go back to the drawing board, trying to figure out what happened and as you leave, Miss Den moves, slowly rises and opens her eyes trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Her life is just given back to her and its up to the mad scientist to keep her in line and behaved or else that last thing he wants to deal with is dead, mauled bodies pilling up his back yard.

But will he be able to be the teacher and keep her on the right track or will his crazy mind get side tracked from having to take care such a voluptuous dead girl.

((Thought this would be fun))

Ashely had it all....well..she used to. She had been 21, going to college, getting her medical degree and enjoying her youthful life. She had a boyfriend whom they had been together since highschool. Parents never fought,been together for thirty years and still going strong.She had three older brother, all who were married and settled a few kids here and there. Ashely never assumed or thought her life would go from great to bad in just a snap of the fingers, but it seemed it did. It had been a late night, around 11 or so.She was out of class later then she usually came out, then again, one could never trust the copy machines at school, so she had to bounce from one to another, to another and another. It was such a hassle, but finally, she did her copies, grabbed her things and left the administrators office.Walking over the campus on a dark, late night wasn't scary, no not at all.She had her pepper spray in hand and her cell phone in her pocket, hand clutching it tight.Messanger bag swung over her shoulder and her short heels clicking as she crossed the campus quick enough to get to the parking lot.

The moon had been covered behind some early rain clouds, but she had figured it was going to rain perhaps in the morning.Few more steps she had told herself and she would be in the safety of her SUV, car going and she would be home to her shared apartment no less then twenty minutes, simple, easy, right? Wrong. She never heard him approach, the masked bastard who came up behind her just as she reached for her car keys.She screamed and he punched her, slamming her to the car.Wincing, she never saw it coming. Pain had ripped through her stomach and Ashely stared wide eyed, hand dropping her cellphone and spray and clutching at the bleeding wound."W-Why?"She asked and instead of a word answer, she was stabbed one more time in the gut, then in the chest.He didn't relent, not until she was lying on the ground, motionless and bleeding. Twenty stabs she had received.The attacker had been caught a week after her death.He was a local student, apperantly on heroin.He had been high and he needed some money and in order to get was to kill someone and steal their money. Her parents mourned, finding it difficult to see their baby girl murdered in such a manner. Her boyfriend grieved, but not for long it seemed. He managed to find another girl rather quickly.

Now here she lied, dead thought certainly not forgotten. Its been two weeks now and Ashely rested peacefully in a lush upholstered casket of pink, her body dressed in her favorite purple evening gown of silk, her hair had been curled and her face makeup so she wouldn't look soo dead. Here she would lie never to experience life ever again.

His New Creator x Her New Fledgling.

Annette never expected to turn a human into a vampire, let alone someone so...young. Then again, it was her fault for going to the extreme in trying to hold off drinking blood and now looked what that got her into. _(Name)_ had just been minding his own business, coming back from doing a bit of grocery shopping, a bit meaning, cheap microwave dinners since he was practically living off pennies. He was just nearing his home, literally, just one more block, until someone crossed his path. She looked to be no more then sixteen or so. He wasn't a perve or anything, yeah, he just turn 22, but still. He did admit that she did look rather cute.Her eyes had bee alluring, glowing in such a..wait....glowing.Eyes don't glow. Before he could question what he was seeing, she disappeared, there one second, gone the next. Before he could make heads or tails on where she went, he was pulled against a building wall, into the shadows and pain shooting up from his neck.He didn't even scream, his body and mind focusing not on pain, but on something pleasurable, until finally, he blacked out. When he awoke, he didn't know what happened, but he was back in his living room and....that same chick hovering over him.What the hell was going? One minute he was out, next thing he knew he was craving....blood. His teeth tingled and he had fangs. Accidently turned into a vampire _(Name)_ was going to have to face the facts and blame this vampire chick why he was now an undead being. Though he still, till this day, admit that in truth....she was still rather cute. Annette had alot of explaining to do, but could she keep focusing knowing she would have to deal with someone so young, naive, annoying...and cute. Damn her immortal life.

One would see her as a cute sixteen year old, young, sweet and dazzling, but in truth, she was actually around five hundred years of age.She'd seen it all and been apart of almost every major historical event. Her life was always changing, but never her appearance. Turned at that ripe age of sixteen while being raped, Annette attained that young appearance no matter how many years flew by.Sure, perhaps she grew an inch or two, but that was it and at times she hated it and at times she didn't. It worked to her advantage though, inncocent mortals never suspecting she was an immortal being who used her looks and glamouring eyes to lure them for a quick little bite.Times have changed though.It used to be that vampires were allowed to kill their victims and discard them like rubbage, but now, they needed to withold themselves. They could only trance them, taking as much as they needed, erased the mortals mind and sent them on there way, giving them the thought of never having experienced the encounter. Humans were their source of life. Yes, vampires could still eat food in order to help keep their bodies muscled and toned, but the blood is what kept them alive, without it, they were nothing.

Annette would usually need to feed twice  every two weeks or so, but for the first time, she pushed the boundaries.She had been busy as of late, maintaining control in her company that she had set up twenty years ago. Annette was the first to provide an efficient distrubuting blood bank for fellow vampires and their family.Her company was holding strong and already she had atleast twenty going in the states and perhaps around thirty in Europe since most vampires, the older ones, refused to leave their place of origin. She was working to get a few banks over to China and Japan as well, as of now, blood was flown or shipped across. Annette had skipped feeding, passing more then three weeks and already her hunger was growing strong. She had been leaving her office and leaving the bulding when the waves of hunger pain hit at her gut."Dammit..."She cursed, bracing a hand to her stomach. Taking an employee was a no go for her, she respected them, surprise there. She wanted someone off the street, someone young and lively. Across the street was a tiny grocery store and some random, young human walking out."He will have to do."She said, since it was a bit late in the night and not many people were walking about, most were couples, not many singles.

Lurking in the shadows, she stalked the human, waiting until he was near the darker park of the street and finally she jumped out a few feet in front of him.She smiled, her eyes focusing on his neck.Catching him by surprise, she moved quickly and behind him.While he was still wondering about her, she pushed him against a building wall and drew him farther into the shadows."I'm sorry."She said and pressed him to the wall, her fangs extended and she bit into that sweet neck, tasting the first stream of hot blood as it touched and ran down her tongue and throat.Focusing, she connected with his mind and made him feel pleasure thanks to the bite instead of pain.She loved this ability. Annette was so deprived she continued to drink, keeping her mind connected with the human, sucking at his neck, moaning a bit as her hunger slowly ebaded until she felt the human slowly going limp in her hands.She wasn't paying much attention, until the human just, kinda gave way and slide down the wall.Gasping, she pulled away, seeing that he was pale."Shit, Gods, I'm sorry.."Annette freaked, looking around.She really did it this time."Oh Gods, Oh Gods...."she couldn't just leave him and neither could she just take him to a hospital.They would question as to why he was lackin in blood and there was really nothing she could put in his mind for him to say in order for a story to make sense.

Raising her wrist, she bite into her neck and pressed the open wound to his mouth, letting her blood fill into his mouth."I'm so sorry, I didn't mean.Dammit."She said, continuing to feed him for a good five minutes, before pulling her wrist away and sealed her wound with her tongue.Nibbling her lip, she searched his pockets, found his wallet and checked his ID."Oh live close by.....just my luck."Looking around, Annette grabbed the human bridal style, grabbed his grocery bag and like a bat out of hell, went straight for his apartment, unseen by no one as she blended into the shadows.Reaching his door, she mentally unlocked it, used her mind to turn on the lights, then closed the door and locked it up with her mind again.Gently she set the bag down, then placed him on the rather raggedy couch and prayed that he survive. Turning humans into vampires wasn't her thing....well...she never did it truth be told, responsible for a fledging wasnt on her to do list, but what else could she have done." okay.Its gonna hurt a bit, but at least you won't die."she chuckled at that.He won't die, not with the blood she just gave him.
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The Nymph Queen x The Dragon King.

The Nymphs of Helvita have been at odds with the Dragon dwellers or Mount Orcan. Thanks to an incident that happen a century ago, Sienna, the Nymph Queen has declared the Dragons as their number one enemy. No Nymph of any kind may be allowed to socialize, even pleasure the Dragons no matter if they were tempted or tortured. The Dragon King, (Name), never would have imagined that Sienna would react in such a manner, especially when it came to the incident that caused a rift in not only between them, but between their people as well. No one new the actual truth of what had happened, only Sienna and (Name).

One evening, while Sienna was out and about in the Ice Forest surrounding the castle of Helvita, she was attacked by fire demons. No creature ever dared to come near this forest, let alone trudge through the blizzard land that surrounded it. Beaten into unconsciousness, Sienna was taken, to a castle she did not know of. The only being that could save her, was none other than (Name). Weeks pass until finally the Nymphs decide to ask for aid from the Dragons and from (Name). The fire demons could have only come from a certain castle, located at the base of a volcanic mountain a few days away from Helvita. (Name) could only assume the king of that castle wanted one thing from Sienna and that was her blood. Her blood had an intricate ability. It can heal any deadly wound within seconds instead of having the wounded suffer days until their wound healed naturally. Though if, one sipped to much of her blood, they become addicted, their body and mind needing nothing more then the blood to sustain them now. Sienna was in danger of having either her blood drained completely from her body, or having to be held for the rest of her life, her blood drawn painfully from her body from time to time. With Sienna's life at stake, can (Name) make it in time and if so, would his arrival change the way Sienna saw him, or would she still see him as the bastard that slept with her sister.

No matter how many years passed by, Sienna could never shake away that awful memory from her mind. The evening that she caught her twin sister with him, her heart had been ripped out, stomped, then kicked without a care in the world. Sienna had been furious. No matter how hard he tried to explain, there was no excuse. How could he have mistaken her sister with Sienna. Yes they were alike in every way, from looks to almost acting the way, the only difference was that Sienna had a certain birth mark on her inner thigh. If he had truly loved her, he would have demand to see the mark, though chances were he saw it and didn't care at all. He was forced out of Helvita and thanks to him, no one from her castle was allowed to have any contact with the Dragons from Mount Orcan, no matter what. All the nymphs assumed that Sienna had been insulted or threaten by one of them and she let that lie stay so as to not reveal the real reason of keeping distance from them. As for her sister, Lulan, she was banished. A harsh thing to do, but Lulan had been the only person whom Sienna trusted. That was broken and there was no way to repair the shattered trust. Sienna did not care where Lulan went, so long as she was away from Helvita castle and away from the forest surrounding it.

Looking up at the gray clouded sky, Sienna sighed. Though it snowed on occasion, she wished it was right now. Seeing the snow flakes flutter about her body always soothed her. Walking between the blue tinted trees, Sienna's mind wondered, a dangerous thing that can happen. As the Queen of Helvita, she wasn't allowed to leave the castle walls for threat of danger. She broke that rule and was walking about the Ice Forest that surrounded her precious home. He...would always bring her here and made love to her in secrecy. He would promise her things, though she knew now they were nothing but a lie, a means to be able to get a good roll around with the Ice Nymph Queen of Helvita. Stopping, Sienna looked up to the sky once more. She was lonely. She was suppose to be married now, but she'd been holding that off. Nervous? Scared? She didn't know. Before she let her thoughts wonder about such a topic, a twig snapped near by. Snapping her head to that direction, Sienna's eyes changed color, her little fangs bared. Hissing, she called out. “Who is there?” She demanded, pulling out a small curved blade from her hip. “Show yourself.” Nothing. Her body tingling, she knew something wasn't right. Before she made a step, heavy, thick arms banded around her waist, pulling her backwards.

“Hehehe. Hmmm...The Ice Queen...out here. Tut, tut. Bad girl.” The male said, his breathe hot and rancid. His body was hot as well, too hot truth be told.

Struggling, she looked over her shoulder and her eyes widened. A large, red skinned brute of a demon with black eyes and long black horns was holding her. A fire demon. Struggling, she heard more laughing and Sienna turned her head, seeing two other fire demons appear.

“What do you want from me?” She demanded. Fire demons, well, demons of any kind were strong. Nymphs always had a hard time bring them down, so they relied of whit to do it.

“Our king would like to have you over Ice Queen. And he wishes for you to stay for a few days.”

“Tell him to go to hell.”She cursed and elbowed him hard, which only seemed to hurt her more.

The demon laughed. “Sorry deary. But orders are orders. And we were told not to let any drop of your...special blood to fall. So sad. I would have loved a taste.”

Tensing, Sienna looked at her captor. This wasn't good. If the King of these bastards wanted her for her blood, Sienna was a world of trouble. Struggling, she screamed for aid, but instead, was turned and backhanded hard by his heavy hand.She winced and struggled and once more was hit, this time harder. She winked in and out of conciousness, her mind commanding she stay awake, but when the third blow came, she couldn't keep herself awake and let darkness take over, her body going numb. How long would it take for her subjects to know she was gone? Not long she hoped, but then, hoping was something she stopped doing.

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Little Miss Innocent x Big Time Millionaire

Korin thought she had it all. A good job as a caterer, a great fiance' who was a lawyer, a lovely condo in Miami, but apparently, she didn't have it all or that good either. Her fiance' decided, why not have one last little swing before he was officially leg shackled and who better to fuck than, well...her best friend. After that incident and it was a big one, Korin was all over the news, along with her fiance'. The wedding was off and she needed to get away from the reporters and from her former life. A friend offered her vacation home on a small port island where no one would be able to find her. Only five homes were on that island and everyone there was very private. Her friend even insisted she go and take a deep in her neighbors pool. The owner was rarely ever there and he would never know. The lock on the pool door was broken, so she could let herself in, take a dip and leave. And the pool water was always warm. She agreed. The first thing she did, was take hold of her friends liquor, take the first bottle and drowned herself in it. With that, she drunkenly stumbled to her neighbors large home, let herself to the pool and removed her clothes, naked as ever, she took a dip, not realizing that the owner was home.....and ready to take a dip himself.  Being caught, the owner offers a bargain. Since he knows who she is and if she wishes to stay hidden, she either agrees to be his little slave for the next two weeks and be safe from the tabloids or risk being exposed, adding this skinny-dipping adventure to the news as well. How bad could this be. Do a few chores right, it wasn't like he was going to ask for more or anything of the sort, right? Then again, the man that discovered her happens to be a multimillionaire who was both, owner, president and CEO of the top Electronics company known to man. Lucky her to be discovered by him.

Why her? What did she ever do to deserve this? All she ever wanted was a good husband, a happy family and live in a nice big house and have a dog or two....oh and a mini van to fit all the kids and take them to soccer practice. Her parents had been happy with each other until they both passed and Korin was left alone with no siblings. She had a great career, was a dedicated person and a fiance'-correction, ex-fiance' who said he was a dedicated person, but apparently bullshit ran deep. The son of a bitch had the nerve to get blown while driving and honestly, he deserved that sprained back and her so called, ex-best friend deserved that neck brace. Bastard also deserved that hard teeth marks around his dick. Rather sad that she didn't bit it off when they crashed. He was a top notched, well known lawyer, always getting people out of predicaments, winning cases. He was truly well known. Bastard has been on TV and in a movie or two. And she. Well, she was a top notch caterer herself. She had planned so many weddings and parties. The biggest had been one for Hugh Hefner. The man really liked his parties big. And now, here she was, stumbling down a dirt path, bottle of Crown Royal in one hand, the other out stretched, ready to steer herself away from whatever object laid in front of her. Her friend from the catering company she worked in suggested Korin go and use her vacation home in Canada, on a stretch of island in the middle of a river. She didn't want to, but with so many reporters asking for an interview about what happened and about what she was going to do, she needed to get away. A few weeks of being gone from the eyes of media vultures and she would return.

Her friend even suggested she go and use her neighbors large pool. Apparently the man was never home. He just bought the home and was never there, just maids that went in, cleaned and left. The pool water was always warm year round and even better, the door to the pool was broken. Oh huzzah. But one problem. Korin would never, well...had never did such a thing. She wasn't the adventurous type, never took risks. She ate her veggies and brushed her teeth and went to sleep on time and woke up early and was never late. But now, with this Crown Royal in her system, she had the nerves of fucking steel, like the Hulk almost and decided, what the fuck. She was also cursing more, like a sailor, cursing her ex-fiance and ex-best friend. Taking another swig from the Crown Royal, Korin almost lost her balance and laughed when she almost tripped. “Oh, oh, don't fall. “She snickered, then shushed herself, snickering even more. She continued on the path and looked up, seeing the large, multi-windowed cottage. And here she thought cottages were made of wood. Oh well, what did she know. Quietly as she tried to be but failed, she walked up the wooden porch stairs and reached for the glass, sliding door. She jiggled it a bit and smiled when it opened. She slipped in and closed it as lightly as she could. With it being dark outside and inside, Korin had a hard time locating a light switch, until she reached the far wall, skimmed her hands along it and scoffed when she saw those light switches that were lit when the lights were off. “Smart. Thank you Mr. Neighbor.”She whispered, flicking it on and illuminated the inside of the pool only. “Works for me.”She chuckled and walked over to a beach chair and set her bottle down on the floor. She fumbled in taking off her blue peasant top and jean shorts. She kicked off her sandals and removed her black laced bra and matching panties. Taking off her hair tie, she shook her hair out, black waves cascading down her back. Reaching for the bottle, she took a tiny swig, swallowed and set it down again.

Walking over to the pools edge, she dipped her foot and sighed at how luke warm it was. Perhaps the quick shock of cold would sober her up again.....or help in drown her. She didn't care at this point. Her whole life was ruined. Taking a breathe, she dove in, hands pointed outward and swam to the other side of the pool, popping her head out of the surface. She did a lap, back and forth, until she stopped and let herself float on her back. Her eyes were closed for a moment, her hands paddling gently to keep her afloat. This was nice and exactly what she needed. Good thing the owner was never here or else she would be able to come back again tomorrow.
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Intimidating Dom x First Time Sub

There job was to please him and nothing else. To quench his hunger and complain not about it. Darius had a secret life that was kept in the dark. Being a man of business, such a thing needed to be kept away from the media, away from his friends and family, from the public it self. He asked for the most discreet subs, those that wished only to please and never cause harm or problems. He never stuck with the same sub for long. He intended to switch out every few months, see what was fresh, new, tasteful. He had only one request and that was for them to be male and nothing else. He wanted them young looking, but not really young themselves. Pale skin, light hair, a feminine figure almost. Eye color was not an issue and neither was height. They needed to be at a certain weight and body shape. He kept his subs in check, forcing them to eat specific kinds of foods and to engage in activities to keep them fit and to his liking. They were kept at his second estate where no one would see or hear about them. Darius wasn't one of your typical Dom where he did whatever he pleased with his subs. No. Instead, he asked them what would be appropriate for their person and what wouldn't be. He established a contract with them, following the terms and for both of them to agree. The contract was mostly for the sub to follow, mostly entailing discretion. When the contract is made and agreed upon, from there Darius would do whatever he liked so long as it followed the rules on the contract. When he calls for a new sub, one would be sent within a few days to his estate. On that day, Darius waits in his office, hearing the chime of the doorbell, announcing his new toy. He never wanted to know about their past, about why they were doing this sort of job. If wasn't in his nature to care. All he cared was to get his pleasure and that was it. Darius isn't one to fall in love or grow attached with someone and he never expected it to happen, but none the less, he seemed prepared for when that day came.

((this is a one shot RP. We shall agree on when the RP should finish or if either I or my partner wish to bring in more characters to keep it going alright. Warning: Guy x Guy, light-medium bondage, depending on what my partners asks for. I will not do anything that involves Scat. Depending on what my partners is looking for, I will decide and announce if I am comfortable or not with their requests.))

The last one had been enjoyable and honestly speaking, he was going to miss Blake. He was sweet and innocent eyed, though he already knew from the start that the young man had been doing this sort of business for a while now. He knew what to expect and knew what he wanted. The young man had enjoyed being whipped and denied pleasure. He had soon became a favorite, but already, there time together had come to an end and Darius had forced himself to remember his name, in case he wished for him to come back. He rarely ever wanted any of them to return. Once he was finished with them, he forgot about them, not bothering to remembering their name, their face, voice, everything. He's had so many, he couldn’t remember what his first sub looked like. Darius had used woman mostly, but it soon became rather boring and he switched to men. He found them to be more enjoyable for some reason and honestly, he wasn't going to question himself. Before the new month began, he called the usual establishment where he got his subs from and placed his order. He was favored, as always. He stuck with this secret business for some years now, ever since he received his first sub from them. For a man of 28, Darius wasn't ashamed of himself. He was a successful business man, earning peoples trust and friendship.

Darius ran D.B Electronics and Manufacturing. Already, he's established a way for small and large business to run using solar power energy, helping them save even more money. He offered grants to the local colleges and gave to charity and fund raisers. He was also a Philanthropist and he knew that everyone loved a good Philanthropist. He was also a Narcissist, which no one seemed to mind. He first made his money by working for someone else. After a few years, he decided to do something for himself and that was to better establish a better means of saving energy and using it for a better means. His life had changed dramatically. As for his secret life, he's had that since he first established his company five years ago. Yes, he had been young, but did it matter? No, Darius sat in his office, white dress shirt unbuttoned at the throat, his tie loosened around it, his hair a tad bit ruffled. A glass of red wine sat before him, his hands folded against his taut stomach. Tonight, he was getting a new one and his muscles twitched a bit at the excitement. He never asked for details about the new ones that were sent. He liked to be surprised. The establishment that he associated with knew what he was looking for and so far, they have yet to disappoint. He waited, already knowing what time they would arrive. His driver always brought them at the exact same time, never chances. Darius was a precise man, never making mistakes and always expected everyone to be to be on their toes, well prepared for anything and focused. Any mistake and you were guaranteed to be fired.

He closed his eyes and relaxed, wondering for the first time what this new one would be like. They would not be like the last, he never liked things to be the same. He was a man who enjoyed difference. Waiting patiently, Darius followed the ticks of the Grandfather clock as it counted down the minutes until his new toy arrived. Establishing the contract with them was always quick and far, he hoped this would be no different.

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I've been feeling a bit.....bleh, when it comes to new ideas for plots. I'm trying to think of some juicy stuff never before used. But what??

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Naïve Nana x Mysterious Man

It was the lastes crave of this year. All around the world, people were owning them. They were used as actual pets to guard your home or simply to give you company or they were made into servants who didn't really care about how much they got paid, so long as they had a home, food and a place to sleep on. These were anthros. Beings that were made by splicing human DNA and animal DNA. Because these creatures were so unique, they were protected under law and if harm or neglect were to ever fall on them, there owners would suffer severe punishment and lose their permit to ever own one.

Nana, a cat anthro had been living a happy life with her owners. They were old and they treated her like a daughter. On one unfortunate late night, when everyone was sleeping, two burglars came in to their home and began to ransack the place. The old man had awoken and tried to fight them off, but they ended up killig him. They went after the old woman as well. As for Nana, she had been hit on the head with something hard and had fallen unconcious. When she awoke, she found herself in some sort of cage. All around, there were others like her in cages, some looking as if they have been there for some time, others looking as if they just got there. How long would she be here? How long would it take for someone to realize she was missing once her owners were found dead?

As months pass, Nana is huddled in her cage, growing skinier and skinier. Humans would come in and walk about, looking at them and choosing an anthro here or there, but no one chose her. One day, a man wearing a mask comes in. He saws nothing at all, only looks at each creature with not much interest, until he lays eyes on her's. (Name) is a mysterious business man. Everything about him is a secret, from where he is from, what he does, to even the reason as to why he wears that mask. He came to this illegal black zoo to find his friend a gift for his birthday. Anthros were special creatures and because of what they were, anthros were not to be used in any sexual way, since it was considered wrong and unhuman since in a way, they weren't really humans, but animals. His friend had specifically asked for an anthro that would fill his sick, twisted, sexual fantasy and so (Name) was here, looking for one. He wasn't sure what exactly he was looking for, all he knew the anthro had to be cute, young looking and sweet as can be. He looked at them all, but one in particular caught his eye. She was cute and young looking, but was she sweet. There was something about her that fascinated her and he wasn't sure why. Not wanting to think about it that much, he chooses her, pays and takes her home. Taking her back to his home far from city life, he doesn't bother with her, just lets her know why she was bought and what use she'll be. She would be at his home for two weeks, during that time, all she would be doing was eating, sleeping and keeping to herself while he busied himself with work, but as time ticks and her curiousity gets the better of her, can (Name) keep himself from claiming Nana for himself or will he turn his cheek and watch as another man lays claim to her.

She had been living a happy life. Her owners had been sweet and kind when they had bought her. Nana had done everything for them. Clean, cook, garden,wash. They paid her with love and affection, so why did they have to die. Why did someone have to come in and ruin their lives? She should have done something that night. She should have awake much quicker and alert them, fight off those bad men, but instead, she had been easily over came, knocked out and had laid there unconcious while her sweet owners had been merclessly killed. When she awoke, Nana had expected to find herself staring into the face of that dear sweet old man Poppy, but instead, she saw metal bars running down and all around her. When she was fully concious, Nana panicked wen she saw herself in a cage. She rattled them and pulled, trying to get free. She wanted to call out, but was afraid. When Nana saw other creatures in cages as well, she didn't understand. Had she done something bad? Was this punishment for failing in protecting her owners? There was so much that Nana didn't know about and this was one of them.

Two days had passed and finally, someone came in, smiling and greeting her warmly. She thought at the moment that she was going to be let go. That she was going to be taken to a nice place far away from here, but instead, all this person said that she was cute and a great addition to the collection. She dind't understand and when he ellaborated, Nana frowned and slowly began to cry. She was nothing more than an animal trapped in a cage and was to wait until someone decided to by her, though she was not going to be used like how her owners had used her. Her new owner could beat her, take pleasure from her, torture her, do whatever they wanted. She didn't like it. Nana rattled the bars on her cage and was shocked when cold water was thrown on her, soaking her blood stained pink frilled dress, stockings and hair. She didn't want to be here, but unfortunately, there was nothing she could do.

Nana had been given a collar with a number on it. If she misbehaved, she would be given a collar that would bite into her skin and cut her, something she didn't want. Every day, she was walked in order to stretch her legs, fed, taken to a bathroom to do her business. She was even bathed, though she preferred to bath herself. Men washed her and they would always try and touched her inappropriately and Nana would always hiss and fight them, which only amused themn. These men weren't allowed to mistreat them or do anything to ruin them. They were to be kept preserved for the last thing someone wanted was to be sold broken goods. As months passed, Nana had gotten used to the everyday routine, her only wish though was to be fed a bit more than what she was given. Those two cans of tuna and tiny bowl of water wasn't enough for her. She was losing more and more wait. During certain times, humans dressed real pretty and sparkly would come in and walk around, looking at them all in their cages and would point and talk, laugh and shake their heads. They would always look at her and they would simply pet her and then walk away. Why didn't anyone want her? Was she not pretty? Was she not adorable looking? Every day it was like that. People came in, petted her and walked away. The next day came and Nana was in her cage, dressed in a white short frilled dress with pink ribbons in the front and sides. It was that time again and soon, people would come in and looked at them all and once again, she would only be petted and then ignored. Everyday she gave herself false home that someone would buy her and every day that hope would deflate and she would simply blow it up again and again.

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PersephonexHades or Iron ManxFemale sound like fun. I would love to try either of those.