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Author Topic: LittleRed's Rp starters  (Read 10942 times)

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LittleRed's Rp starters
« on: July 19, 2010, 11:58:33 PM »
Note:Something about me. I will not do anything that envolves the toilet, as in Scat for those of you who don't seem to get what you do with a toilet. I will not do any Gore or Vore.No death. I will not permit any of my characters to be killed. No Godmodding, unless it needs to happen, but not often please. No controlling of my characters under any circumstances.Before you do it, ask to see if its ok. I will do the same and ask alright. Please be able to write a good, full decent paragraph,which for me should contain atleast 10-15 sentences. Yes, that's a paragraph for me. Now, reason for this thread.

Note 2: I'm a person who's RL tends to takes a toll and I tend to go MIA for a few days, to weeks, maybe months. I apologize in advance. If you feel as if rping with me will be an annoyance and you wont be able to accept me being gone at time, then don't shoot me a messager or rp request, plain and simple.

Since I'm lacking in new ideas, feel free to shoot me a couple of yours or even feel free to tweak any of my starters and let me know, okay.

Well hello there everyone and anyone. The reason for this page is to start an rp and what better way to start one, then by me making rp starters. Basically I choose a few pairings and made starters for them. If anyone wants to rp with me, just reply to which ever starter got you interested and either PM me or send me a link to a started thread alright. Be sure when you pm me, put the pairing in the subject box, so I know which one you choose alright. So let’s see how well this goes alright.

NOTE: Since I made the starter, your job is to make a reply to my starter and either send me a pm with said reply or link to the thread you have created with your reply. Some rp'ers have this thing of not being able to start rps, either because they can't/don't know how or they simply don't like to start it, so I took the liberty of basically making starters in order to help out, okay.

NOTE 2: I have no problem when it comes to minor changes to my plots alright. Feel free to let me know before you reply to my starter alright. Feel free to use a different picture if you like or use a description instead. I have no issue if my partner wishes to change the character description/gender/personality/etc. Please let me know before doing so. Also, the pictures I used are simple rough references. You don't have to describe your character based on the picture. You can change it as you see fit.

NOTE 3: Do not ask me to repost my starter alright. Your job is to make the thread with a reply to my starter understand? If you wish to copy and paste my starter or quote it and start the thread like that then have your actual reply, feel free to do it that was as well, but DO NOT ask me to repost and make a thread. Me making the starter and you answering via thread or pm is basically giving the illusion (White lie) that you are the actual starter of the thread......does that make does to me, so yeah.

DevilxAngel (plot)

Three thousand years and the war between Satan and God is coming to an end. For millenia, angels and demons have been killed, fighting over something so petty, which of course that petty something is gaining dominance over the other, but now it has come to an end. To ensure such a peace pack, Lucifer has decided to marry off his son Damien to one of God's heavenly female angels. Of course no angelic female would dare touch a devil, but they have no choice in this matter. An angel was selected thanks to her knowledge, pride, honor and strength. She refuses, fights for her right, but her father cannot not look away from such an ordeal. In order for the peace pact to be official, she must be bedded and taken to live in Hell, though of course she will give Damian a run for his soul. The Devil finds this rather irritating and tells God that he isn't in the mood for such folly. If the angel doesn’t agree, then the long war shall continue on all because she refused to take on a large responsibility. Will she give in and be bedded and let happiness rain on her brethren, or will she refuse all because she wishes for her own happiness.

Ania paced around in her chamber, her heart beating quickly, her hands wet with sweat, her body tense for she was nervous. Today she was to meet her betrothed, the Devils son, Damian. She didn’t want to get married, let alone marry the son of the Devil. How did such a thing come to be? One minute she was studying about different human religious and language, the next, she was pulled to the side by her father and the terrible news was bestowed on her. She cried, she screamed, she wanted to curse, but knew she couldn’t do such a thing. Her dear Father explained the why and she couldn’t believe it. Yes, she was stronger than some of the other female angels, cunning and smart, but still, why her. She could only shake her head, knowing that what she was feeling was against the laws and rules of her dear Father. She straightened her shoulders, looked herself in the mirror and forced a fake smile on her face. She was to dress as lovely as she could and by her Father, she was lovely. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled up half way up to her head, twisted and pinned. Fresh lily’s and purple anemones. The rest of her hair was curled and let loose, stopping at the small of her back. She was 5’6, her legs nice and long, her body curved in all the right places. Her skin was pale cream, her eyes a pale lemon green, her breasts weren’t so big, nor small, the size being at merely 32C. Her lips a soft rosy color and so were her cheeks. She was wearing a loose white robe with a crimson red sash around her waist to keep the cloth closed. It was slightly opened from the top, her cleavage barely showing, though for her it didn’t mean anything sexual or sinful. Her feet were bare and her body was scented with a sweet lavender and fresh sage.
She stepped out of her chambers and headed over to the greeting chamber where her Father was. She walked down the long white corridor, passed a few statues as well as some of her brother and sister’s rooms and reached the Grand stair case. This was the moment in which her life was about to change and by her Father and in the name of Eve, she was going to do her best, whether it killed her or not. She headed down the steps, making no noise, reached the bottom and turned. The double white doors to the greeting room were opened, the room inside was big and spacious, pillars circled around the room, holding the ceiling up almost and there, sitting on a lush white sofa was her Father. “Greetings to you dear Father.”She said and bowed her head.

God could only smile and rise, extending his hand. “Greetings my daughter, please come and sit with me.”He said, his pale blue eyes fixed on her, his lips curved to a smile. Ania smiled and went to him, taking his hand and sat with him. “Today…you shall meet your betrothed. Damian…he is a good….man. He shall not harm you for I will see to it and lay out rules for when you marry.”

Ania could only smile weakly, not wanting to seem scared. Her Father was good and he wouldn’t purposely put his own child in danger.


)(cheesiest one I have)(

A young girl has had it with her parents. The fighting, hitting, abuse and now divorce. She couldn't take it, and what better way to show her parents how much she was tired then by leaving them. She managed to gather a few things and sneak out through her window. The girl walked the streets, hiding from passing cars and passing cops and found herself walking on a very cold night. She stops and looks around, trying to find a place to crash and finds an abandoned house, which struck her odd, since she never saw the house there in the first place. Deciding to spend a few nights, she decides to trespass and slip in the home, seeing how old and decrypted it was. Before long the girl managed to find a decent looking room and fall asleep. Little did she know, someone dwelled in the house and he hated trespassers. Having no other choice, he decides to show her what happens when you trespass into someone’s home.

Lily Ambers was crouching in the corner of her room, hands to her ears, unable to muffle out the screams and curses her parents were laying on each other. She wasn’t crying, not one tear falling, she was pissed off herself. Lily looked up, catching herself in the mirrors reflection and saw how red her cheek was. Her father had slapped her nice and hard, accusing of her fucking someone while in the house, which was a total lie. He did and said it just cause he was drunk the poor bastard and he wanted to get her mom pissed off as well, which worked. Her mother started to yell, curse him out, tell him he was a no good son-of-a- bitch without a proper job. Her mother worked late nights till early morning at a hospital. Her dad..well…he was waiting to get a job, since he worked at construction, but right now, nothing was available, so all he did was spend the money at bars and strip joints. Divorce was the topic of this argument now and Lily had enough. As her parents argued in the kitchen, Lily started to pull out her backpack, emptying it out of her books and papers. She opened drawers, stuffing shirts and pants in, as well as new clean bras and underwear. Running away was always on her mind, but she never took the courage to do it, till now. She zipped up her backpack and tossed it on the bed. Lily looked at herself, her dirty blonde hair all disheveled, thanks to how many times she ran her fingers through it thanks to all the stress. It was short, stopping at her jaw and Lily brushed it out, not caring how much she was pulling her hair. She held it up and made it into a ponytail. Her sapphire blue eyes looked straight back at herself thanks to the mirror. She was sporting a tight black muscle shirt, her 34C breasts straining against the material. Her faded blue hip hugger jeans accommodated her hips well, her legs long, making her at barely 5’7. She was thin, not pencil thin, but she had muscle. Recently graduated from highschool, she had yet to be accepted to any college, but who cared now.

Lily didn’t wait for her parents to go to sleep. She grabbed her bag a sweater, opened her window and slipped out, her feet landing on the soft grass of her front yard. The night was cold, and so she zipped her sweater up and started to walk. She didn’t look back, didn’t want to, all she did was keep going to wherever she could go. Within thirty minutes, Lily was already walking along deserted home area, homes that were yet to be finished, some still under construction and others that were left abandoned. She sighed, her breathe coming out as white fog in the air, her skin getting cold even though she hugged her sweater tightly to her. She didn’t know where to go, hell she was tempted to break in one of the old house and sleep there, but she knew she would be caught. She stopped, ducking as a car, then another passed by. She couldn’t do this, hell, she didn’t know where to go. Lily sighed, biting her lip, then looked up, a house appearing out of no where. It wasn’t there before, though she felt that was a safe place. The house was big, stone almost, the fence high and black, the front yard looked uncared for. It was dark inside, no lights and Lily guessed it was abandoned. She hoped the fence, jumped down and ran across the yard till she got to a window. She prayed, hoped it would open and to her surprise, it did. The room was dark as she slipped in and closed the window, drawing the curtains back in place. No use turning a light on, so she felt around and what she assumed was a bed, settled herself down. “Just for the night…”she said and removed her shoes and sweater and slipped under the covers, which to her surprise smelled nice. She closed her eyes and started to drift into sleep, unaware of the dangers that were around her.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2010, 12:01:10 AM »
((heres another one))

Highschool Girl x Stalker. (girl)

For two months now, Lily has had a crush on a popular cheerleader who caught her eye the moment she stepped on campus. Lily couldn't get her mind clear of the girl and slowly she was growing hard feelings. Little by little, Lily would leave letters and gifts anonimously. When she left a letter saying she wanted to meet afterschool, Lily still didn't put who it was from, but would reveal herself when her crush showed up...if she did. For Lily, she had been imagining the perfect relationship, she even had customed promise rings made for both of them. All day she thought about the girl of her dreams, but when she finally admits her feelings, her crush did the most horrid thing and that was blow her off and walk away. Lily thought it was joke and has now made it a mission to make this girl her's no matter what.

((will start out right when Lily is waiting under the bleachers, just to get it going))

Lily was standing under the bleachers, nervous as can be. She finally did it. She finally told her crush how much she felt about her and that she wanted to see her afterschool, here under the bleachers in the foot ball field. Lily didn't say who she was persay, but she hoped her crush would show up. Was it a good idea, she didn't know, but admitting to another girl, a girl who was popular, pretty and smart, that you liked her was rather weird, but Lily didn't care. Since the first day she saw her, Lily fell in love. Secretly she would put love letters and gifts inside her crush's locker, knowing she would like them, but Lily would never put who they were from. Now the time has come for her to reveal and admit her feelings once and for all. Maybe...maybe her crush would accept such feelings and agree to be her girlfriend, yes that's it. Lily could picture it now. Everynight, Lily would go over, help her crush with strudying, especially with english and then from there, they would make love till Lily had to leave and go back home. In the mornings, Lily would pick her love up from her home, maybe have early morning sex and then head for school. God it was perfect.

She checked her watch, seeing it was almost four. Lily was getting even more nervous. Would this work out. A cheerleader with a..well...proper term would be..nerd..but the actually term would be book worm. Lily had long black hair that reached the small of her back, her eyes were sea green and her breasts weren't small, a mere 36B and she was tall standing at 5'7. She had Olive tone skin that went well with her eyes and her lips were naturally pink. Lily was....okay looking, though no one ever made a move on her, since she wasn't interested in anyone except for her. She paced around, keeping calm, but stopped, turning her head and blushed when she saw her beloved walking across the football field and coming towards the bleachers. She hit behind a medal beam, her hand slipping inside her school sweat shirt and she felt the promise rings she had made. This was sure to be a luck day for her.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2010, 12:01:52 AM »

A new hit sensation had been streaming the nation with his hit new songs, looks and voice.THough something is a little off.Truth be told this new singer is actually a vampire.For years he has been traveling the world, making screaming fan girls happy with his punk rock music, though he was beginning to get tired of it, all he wanted was just to be alone and maybe spend his time with someone.The someone was nothing more than a simple fan girl, that he simply choose out of the crowd, and decided, why not use her to lean on for a while.He decides to keep his secret for a bit, till someone shows up.A representative of his family, saying he is to return home and marry.The fan not knwoing what is going on, finally asks and learns the truth.She decides, why not stay with him, sleeping with a vampire would be pretty fun.

At 5’5, 120 pounds, 36C breasts and black hair that stopped just at the middle of her back, Emily was over joyed at the fact she was leaving tonight to go see her favorite singer, live at his home town in England. At twenty one, Emily didn’t have a lot of things going for her. She was on summer break from med school, her parents living happily in New Jersey and she was here in California. Her bags were packed, her friend outside waiting to drive her, since she was joining Emily for the trip. She grabbed her coat, keys and luggage and headed out of her apartment, locking everything up and headed down. Her friend, happy and waiting greeted her, helped stuffed the luggage in the small SUV and drove off to the airport. “I can’t believe we are doing this.”Emily said happily.
“Once in our life girl, one in our life and we deserve it.”Her friend said as she entered the freeway.
“Yeah, your right. Beside, its only for a week and will be back as if nothing had changed.” Emily smiled and watched as cars passed them or they passed cars. Thirty minutes later, they parked in a parking lot, took their bags and headed off to the airport. Tickets checked as well as luggage, they boarded and before they knew it, they were in the air.
When they arrived at England’s airport, Emily went to go get her baggage, only to stop, hearing screams. “What the-…”Their..being surrounded by fan girls and paparazzi was him. The man who would be singing tonight. He looked stressed, depressed, but that was celebrities for you. He glanced over to her and Emily could only blush and look away. The sounds were gone and Emily sighed as she saw her friend smile like a crack head. “lets go and get a taxi.” She said and both were out, hitching a ride and were standing infront of there small hotel. They checked in, settled and Emily could only relax.
“God..tomorrow is the big day. Can’t believe you got tickets for front row.” Emily said as she stripped off her sweater and shirt as well as pants and simply lied in bed with her bra and panties.
“Yeah, well it wasn’t easy alright.” Her friend said and smirked.
“You whore.”Emily chuckled and turned the lights off.
“Of course, how else would I get things.”Her friend laughed and turned her light off as well. Tomorrow, they would be up close to the stage, looking up at their favorite, sexy singer. Emily could imagine it already. Him reaching down, taking her by the hand and bringing her up to the stage. She was joining him to sing his latest song and Emily would be exstatic. Though it was only and dream and nothing more, though she wished it would come true. Guess she would wait till tomorrow

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2010, 03:47:52 PM »
PiratexPrincess(Duchess really)

The widowed Duchess of Herigebird has been in mourning for the past ten months now. Her husband died of a fatal heart attack, then again, the man was thirty years her senior, so it was bound to happen. Though he was sweet, not often really, but he sort of cared, in that maniacle sort of way. The Duke of Herigebird had his dark secrets and acts and he loved to get his wife involved. He was a man that threw rather dark parties, gathering his friends, wore masks and invited woman who were willing to display themselves in such tasteless acts. The Dutchess never approved. She hated it and if she didn't comply, then a good beating would convince her. She always thought such parties would never be known and to her relief they never were even after her husbands death. Now at the bright age of twenty-five, The Duchess of Herigebird was sailing the seas, having bought a home in France. The trip was long, though soothing and she needed all the time to herself. Though she didn't expect her three day journey to be interupted by pirates. The gastly, gruesome people who terrized the high seas. Attacking innocent merchants or families, robbings them of there wealth and then either left them to starve or simply kill them.

The pirate that boarded the merchant ship she was on was a strong, well built man. He was young looking at well, not even a growing beard on him. The Duchess was scared, and maybe fear made her stupid. She went up to the man, demanding he leave and to let her get on her way. Finding her interesting, the Pirate Lord, is what he titled himself, decides to take the Duchess and ransom her to whoever would be willing to take her back. She protest and fights, which only attracts the pirate even more to her. He takes her to his ship and leaves the merchant ship, telling the captain to relay a message to her family. The Pirate Lord sets sail, heading for a remote island only he knows about and keeps her till he get's his money from her.

The Duchess of Herigebird sighed as she leaned against the sturdy railing of the merchant ship, her hand settled against her cheek, her elbow proped on the wood. Eighteen months ago, her husband died from a heart attack. She wasn't sad, nor glad. She didn't know how to feel. She felt that the man deserved it, after all the years he forced her to do such tasteless acts, but then she told herself not to think in such a way. God would smite her if she thought about such harsh things. She shook her head, taking in a deep breathe, the smell of the ocean filling her lungs.Ten months she has been in mourning. She still continued to wear her black widow weeds, showing those around that she still mourned until the next five months will pass. From there, she would shed her widows weeds and dress into something more suitable, more extravagent. She bought a homein France and all her things were already at her new home. Her dresses, jewelery, books and what not. She was ready to start a new life, at her new home and hopefully with a new husband.

She smiled already thinking about the posibilities, but then her smile faded when the Captain of the ship yelled out pirates. Her body tensed, her heart beated quickly in her chest. She turned, looking at the other side, and yes, there, a pirate ship. She managed to see the black flag with that white skull painted on it. She rushed over to the other side of the ship, getting a better look. Surely they wouldn't attack. The captain yelled to get the white flag hoisted, but it didn't stop the pirates. They got closer and closer and within minutes they pulled next to the merchant ship, planks were thrown across and pirates boarded. The men were dirty, smelly and narty looking. Teeth missing or rotting, hair disheveled and unkept. The Captain pulled The Duchess behind him, his worker gathering around, only to be surrounded. Everyone went quite, except for the few laughs, chuckles and grunts. Foot steps were heard and the pirates dispersed from their group, letting a more younger, handsome and rather clean man approach.

The Duchess didn't know who he was or what he wanted, but she knew he wanted money, gold, anything worth value. Well she wasn't going to give it to him that's for sure. She lived all her years unable to wear her jewlery, asking permission from her husband. And now that she inherited her things, she wasn't going to give it up, not to this lowlife of a man who was a pirate.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2010, 12:21:37 AM »
 OVERLY USED NOW, so will not accept responces......unless other wise noted.Amazon PrincessxVampire

Every year, mating season arrives for the Kitlek Tribe.The Tribe mostly consisted of strong, muscled female warriors, all who fought for their Queen.Every year, a few males are choosen, between five-ten and the woman fight amongts each other in order to claim that male and fuck them till they are of no use.They become slaves these men, pleasing the warriors, cleaning, cooking, doing their bidding, till they are no longer of use and are either released or killed.One particular male, a vampire, was captured, a bad idea if you will.Strong as he was, he fought against his captors, but was no match.He was tied up and bound, neglected of blood and food, until the day in which mating season started.One particular female wanted him.She wanted to dominate him,over power him, keep him as a pet, whether he was of use or not.This warrior was the princess of the tribe and what ever she wanted, she got, even if it meant killing her sister's in order to get it.Will the vampire be willing, or we he fight back, who knows.This would be a battle between doms.

Nola looked at herself in her half broken, mirrored reflection.Her hair was brushed back, reacing all the way to her calfs, her body clad in leather and metal.The only thing that was covered was her breasts, which were hidding behind a piece of leather clothed, tied with a leather strap and below, she had on a leather thong, her ass showing, though she had armor on her fore arms, shoulders, thighs and shins.She had a long blade strapped to her side and small throwing knifes strapped around her thigh.She was a princess, a warrior,a fighter.She was ready for anything and everything.Today, she was going to visit the vampire that was caught along with a few other men, which consisted of two shapeshifters, three dragon hybrids, a couple of humans, plus the vampire himself.Mating season was tomorrow, but she wanted a good look of her vampire before he was bound at the battle arean, watching as the warrior that one would claim him and his seed.

She wasn't picky.She never competed, not wanting to bare children, not yet, but she was almost twenty-five summer's old, and she was ready to bare that and her mother, the Queen, was pushing."He will bow to me..."She said and smirked, leaving her large, animal skinned tent and headed for the slave temple, where the males were kept.She pushed pas tthe guards, walked up a few stone steps then stopped at a stone barred cell, where he vampire was wrist bound against the wall, his shirts and pants in taters, his body amaciated from lack of food and blood."Vampire...I know you are awake.Look upon me."She commanded, waiting for him to obey.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #5 on: September 07, 2010, 12:24:14 AM »
GodxGoddess (More romance than smut)

They say that love can be easily found.Love at first sight is usually the case.But what happens when one falls in love with a God that can never be touched. Etos, God of Illness can never approach anyone, God or Goddess, Human or Demon without causing a plague to erupt.From afar he watches those around him, unable to participate in merry events, touch or dance, kiss and hug or do anything others do around him.With eyes like that of the sea, deep and blue, hair the color of midnight that reached to his calfs, his build muscled and tone, height around 6'7 and skin sun kissed, Etos wishes to only be loved and touched like anyone else.For almost 8 hundreds years that's all he's even longed for, but now, he only wishes to die, to end his miserable lonelyness once and for all.But wait, can it be.Mabe there is hope for the God. Ranmi, Goddess of Immunity could be the answer he seeks.With ruby red hair that curled and reached her waist, skin like that of creamy peaches,eyes a pale emerald green, body curved and full, perfect for bearing children her body only at 5'8. She was only four hundred years old, hasn't leaved in mount Olympus for long, for she had been on Earth, unaware of the happenings up in the sky.But now that she has returned, everyone seems to rush to her, warning her about Etos.A mere brow she raises and ignores her fellow companions.How bad could this God be.Surely he means no harm, since he cannot touch.Wanting to see him, though unable to, without her friends looking down at her.She hopes that one day she would meet Etos and give him the comfort he so wishes and nothing more.

Ranmi smiled, as she chatted with Rhea, the queen of the Titans and Hera, queen of the greek gods and goddess.Yes, it was rare to see the Titants and Greeks mingle with each other, but they decided, why not end such a foolish war and get along.So here they were, all three, chatting it up in Hera's lovely Garden.

"Did you here.Etos was sneeking peeks at Aphrodite again."Rhea said, taking a sip of her wine.

"The poor man.How he wishes to hold someone, though how.Only a touch, a brush of skin and the next day you die of an illness.Even we God's cannot survive whatever he gives us."

Ranmi pouted.It was sad how they talked about Etos, as if he was the black sheep of the entire godly population.One or twice she had tried to pay a visit, but was always stopped by someone or pretended she was lost.She finished off her water and stood, brushing out her lavender robe down."Excuse me, but I have to go fruit picking for the upcoming festival.I was in charge of gathering peaches."She said, smiling at her friends.

"Nonsense, let the little angels do it.They love picking."Hera said, taking a drink of her wine.

Ranmi shook her head."I know, but it gets me distraction.I feel awful for leaving Earth.So ladies, excuse me and take care."and with that flahsed out of Hera's garden and into the fruit field, where tree after tree, vines and bushes bared any and every fruit.What was amazing was that, Etos, the God of Illness lived close by that field.Everyone insisted he move farther away, not wanting him to infect the crops, but he refused, promising he wouldn't leave his field.Maybe..he would visit..or she would catch him.Wishful thinking.Yeah, it was, but did she blame herself.No.Ranmi sighed and walked over to the large and healthy peach tree, the branches hunched down and she easily picked the ones she could reach.Her mind was set, determined to gather as much as she could in order to make the up coming celebration a success.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2010, 08:50:21 PM »

What else needs to be said, I wanna do an rp with them two. I'll start if someone else wishes to do this with me.

You all know the story of Hades and Persephone right. She was picking flowers along with her nymph friends when Hades came up and snatched her. No one really knows what exactly went on down there, so lets make our own stroy, following along the legend of those two and see where it leads too.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
« Reply #7 on: October 22, 2010, 07:15:10 PM »

Its not easy keeping balance in Hell and Heaven. God and Lucifer must always decide who gets what soul and for what reason. Well the scales in tend to tip towards God and Heaven is always over crowded.Having no choice, a random soul or even angel is choosen and is sent off to Hell just to the balance of souls could be righted. God doesn't like such method, but its not his doing for it is Lucifer's. This balance system has been going on for centuries...millenia if you will and so far no problems have occured, except for one day.

Ania, a happy, free spirited angel was never one to agree of such methods.As she spends her day either in her gardens or her chambers, she never worries that she would be chosen to fall to the black depths of the under world.But when she feels burning ache on her wrist, her world tumbles and falls.A black mark slowly paints her skin and she knew her time here in Heaven has come to an end.She fights and refuses and thought God has no power to punish his children for disobedience, Lucifer can. In his fake form, Lucifer appears to cause reassurance that and to help deal with the troublesome angel. With one last word, Ania screams out to her father the words, "I Hate You." and is immediately sucked into a black vortex never to be seen again.

Down below she is stripped and wings ripped. She is to wait in limbo until she is to waken and face the trials that Lucifer has set up for her. This is what he does and for his joy.He forces the good souls to go through trials such as that of Lust, or Violence. For Ania, Lucifer has chosen to make her go through Lust, Gluttony, Violence and Treachery and once her soul and body has succumbed to such things, Lucifer would have his way with her virgin body as he sought fit.

Ania stirred a burning sensation claiming both her back and body.Her wings were ripped.Her lovely white wings were ripped from her back as she was brought down to this pool of Hell.Why her, of all the angels, she had to be chosen. The Goddess of Luck was not on her side, then again, she never was on any angel or souls side when it came to be randomly picked to fall into Hell. Opening her eyes, she say nothing but black, but then light pierced through it.All around, flames licked up the walls and creatures creatures.Souls. Shriveled up souls that were fused into the wall wiggled and cried out. reaching out for her.She sat up, hugging herself, unable to believe she was here.Blood still ran down her back and coated the bed in which she laid on.Where was she and where was Lucifer.Tears streamed down her cheeks.She raised her right hand and saw the black marking that had appeared on her skin.She was chosen...her...and no one else.

Ania rocked herself, the heat of the flames trying to lick at her skin, but they could not reach her.She was in limbo....she now realized.For this was were souls faced judgement.Naked and in pain, Ania wanted to leave, find a way to escape but she knew there was no way for her to do so.Bringing her legs up, she hugged legs, resting her head on her knees, but then, she heard something....a...sob.She looked up and saw a child slipping out from a hole in the wall.She looked closly and saw how the child looked.Pale and dead, its skin rotting and its....oh Dear Father, its abilical cord was wrapped around its little waist, its hands cut off and eyes no where to be seen.It was an unbaptized child and it was coming towards her, reaching out and crying."S-Stay...away.Stay away from me."she said, her voice shaking.

The child did not do as she asked and waddled over, crying out, whimpered as well.Though it had no eyes, it knew where to go and it was reaching out for Ania, either for comfort or to hurt her.She didn't know,didn't want to know and Ania could only press her bloody back against the wall, gasping, when the souls managed to touch and scratch her.She had no where to go and she only hoped someone appeared to saved her from either the child or the wall.


Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, right?What if it was told differently.What if its the 2010, New York City.Two families have been in constant battles for turfs and so far no one seems to suggest a form of peace. Family Montegue and Family Capulet don't seem to get that their little fight is just a waste of time and apparently a waste of their money as well.And what of the children.Well it seems the Boss Montegue's son, Romeo has other things besides taking up the family business.A care free 22year old guy without a care in the world.He sneaks out from the family's manor every night in search of an adventure as well a pretty girls to have a fling or two with.Refusing to have a steady relantionship, Romeo wastes his time with friends as he parties and drinks and does a few of the hit drugs available.But what happens when one girl catches his eyes.A certain girl who happens to be the daughter of his father's rival.In comes Juliet. A spunky, witty young 19 year old girl who's sole purpose in life is to graduate med school and become a nurse.Does her father approve, no he doesnt.He would rather see his daughter be at home and raise him lots of grand babies and to do that, he constantly throws men at his daughter's feet, only to see them running just as they meet her.Unable to take her father's pestering, she decides to take one night from studying and spend it on the town with her girlfriends.Entering a club, she would have never guessed she would end up meeting the man of her dreams as well as her enemy.Though the night is still young, maybe something good will come out of it.

"Angelica, I'm going out.I can't take my old man anymore."Juliet said as she raised up two blouses, debating between the black button up or the blue slip on.She sighed and tossed them both on the bed and grabbed a pink tank top with a little Hello Kitty picture on the bottom corner."Ok, this one."She said, tossing it on the bed as well and rummaged through her closet, pushing pants and skirts here and their.

Juliet's maid and also best friend in the house, only shook her head and sighed."Honestly, do you have to take your father's actions to heart.He means well......kinda.Ok, so its not right for him to push men who are almost in their thirties at your feet, but still.You need to study.Don't you have a mid term and essay to do."She asked, crossing her arms , shaking her head and went on to fold away the clothing that Juliet didn't need.

"Oh you now me.Once I take something into heart, I either get mad or happy, you know that Angie."She said as she looked back and forth between a ruffled up black mini and a pair of black denim shorts."Which one-"

"-the skirt.Atleast your ass will be partially covered unlike the shorts.I don't want some...hooligan gawking at that lovely behind of yours."

Juliet laughed and pulled out the mini.She began to undress, tossing her sweat pants and blue tank in the dirty laundry basket and switched out her underwear and bra, not caring if her maid was in the room."I just need a night to myself.I'm tired of these blind dates and family dinners.Dad already has me waking up early morning for gun practicing.Like a gun can protect me.Guns kill, doesn't he know that.I mean, look what happened to Lou and Big G."She said, grabbing another set of undergarments and slipped into them.As she continued with her own rant, she was dressd and ready, make up applied (which was only light eye shadow and lip gloss) and she was set.Grabbing her purse, she checked the time and smiled when she heard a car horn sound off outside."Alright, that's Lilian.I'll be home before three or so, maybe early.Don't wait up ok."She kissed her maid, gave a hug and quietly sneakd out, not making any sound.She was like a cat, hugging the walls and corners, avoiding the guards and fellow cousins and managed to get outside, until Duke, the families Rottweiler gave one small bark until she shushed him."I'll bring you back something.Be good for mommy alright and be quiet."She whispered, scratching his ear and headed down the white pebbled path and hoped inside her friends Mercedes."Kick it.I can't be here any longer."She said, turning on the stereo and hearing "Never Wanted To Dance." By MSI.As they sped away, Juliet could only imagine what the night would bring.

Heading down to Queens was good.Since she lived in Brooklyn, her family was all up in the money and business, then again, so was their family's rival, the Montegue's.Yes, she was supposed to have a guard, but no one, especially their rival's new what she looked like...kinda.She had changed her hair recently from a strawberry blonde , to regular blonde with green highlights and she even shortened her hair.Enjoying the night air the breezed, Juliet's cares were out in the air and her mind clear as can be.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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I'm thinking about a Princess PeachxBowser rp.Still trying to work up a plot for that.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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Vampire x Werewolf

The world of the paranormal has existed for centuries now, hiding from human eyes and keeping to themselves. Creatures of every kind have made peace with each other..well...almost everyone. The vampires and werewolves are still going on with their little ever lasting fight, but everyone has grown tired of the bickering. Vampires this, werewolves that, enough was enough. The High Council of Dark and Light have come to an agreement. Someone from the vampire nation has to be picked and represent its people and be married off to someone from the werewolf nation. Of course no one would man up, so thus do the Council themselves choose. The vampire was at least nine hundred plus years, being turned at merely the age of thirty. He was strong, cunning, and skilled and was perfect to represent his people, showing everyone how well he could get along with a wolf. From the wolf's nation, a young female who had just turned twenty five, was chosen to represent her people. Of course both creatures refused to do such a thing. Marry one another and show everyone how well they got along, but if they refused or killed each other, then, with the help of the worlds six powerful witches, both the vampire and werewolf would be destroyed. Could these two get along and live happily without tearing each other apart, or will they make peace and love each other in means of gaining that which hasn't been gained in centuries?

Ania couldn't believe what had happened. One minute she was getting ready to go out and party, the next thing she knew, her father, her pact's Alpha leader, had come up to her and told her of the situation between her people and the vampires. She was stunned, not believing what had just happened. A forced marriage between a vampire and werewolf, oh yeah, like that would her did...and she was the bride. Out of all..well...some of the females in her race, she was chosen for such a sacrifice. Yes, it's true that there rarely was any least 10% of her race had females, the rest were males, so it was a great sacrifice to offer her pacts only female to be wed. Ania's dad was a powerful male after all. Leading his people into battles and always coming out on top. They were helpful, cunning, respected, so it's no surprise they would choose her to be wedded off to some filthy longtoothed vampire. Thinking about it creeped her out. She had just turned twenty five, still young and good looking and not coming up to par with this whole marriage thing, but what was she supposed to do, run away, although, that wasn't a bad idea.

She sighed, shaking her head. No, she wasn't going to run away, not when the lives and features of all her people rested on her shoulders, but still, she was a damn her peoples....well pacts eyes. Ania looked at herself in the mirror, unable to smile at the fact that she was dressed to kill, metaphorically speaking. Tonight was the wedding and only those who wouldn't cause an uproar were invited. Both werewolves and vampires filled the conference hall of St, Agreis Hall and sure enough her lovely hubby would be there, along with her friends, her pact members and those of the High Council of Dark and Light. She snorted, wanting to tell those council members to go shove a stick up there asses and have one of them get married.

Alright, she needed to get it together. Tonight she would get married, go home with the vampire bastard and that was it. Nothing more, nothing else. She wasn't going to sleep with him, talk to him and sure as hell, she wasn't going to take his bite and be marked, showing everyone how well they got along. Her eyes focused on the black leather choker she wore, hiding her neck from the vampires and from her hubby. Ania was tall, a good 5'8, though with the stilletto heels she was wearing gave her a good extra 4 inches. She was a very outgoing person. Not caring what people say, though she hated when the word dog was thrown at her. She was a party girl, so that said a lot about her. She had the body of an athlete. Her breasts were nice a big, 36C to be exact, her body lean and toned, thanks to all the running she did everyday at the compound. Her hair was let loose, and stopped at the small of her back, the strands the color of a black raven. Her eyes were sea green, nice and light, her eyes lids painted with smoky gray eye-shadow and her lips were usually a rose pink, but right now, they were a blood red and her skin was nice and lightly tanned. Her body was wrapped in a very skimpy black lace gown, her breasts barely covered, enough cleavage to stop a group of men, though she was kind enough to make sure her nipples were covered. The soft fabric wrapped around her breasts, her stomach nice and exposed and so was her back. The skirt was long and two high slits running up, showing off her tone legs. She was dress to impress and with her black bouquet, she topped the whole Goth bride thing.

“Ania you devilish wolf. Your husband to be won't know what to do with you.”she said and laughed, knowing it was true. Her vampire husband will be on the ride of his life and no one would be able to get him off.
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Who says super heros don't grow up. Well the Power Puff Girls did and they grew up to be charming, and beautiful girls, oops, I mean woman. Buttercup had gone off to the military after graduating highschool. Bubbles went to Vet school in New York and Blossom, she went to Harvard to become a lawyer.Now it was hard for the Professor to let them go, but it was harder on them to place in a retirement home.

Once settled in her new dorm, Blossom decides to explore her new found school. Having walked halfway across campus, she thinks about flying, but stops and tells herself that she needs to be normal, not super hero girl. Wanting to know where the library was and order her texts, she asks around, until she finds it.Inside, the library was enormous. So many people. Needing help, she asks one of the library workers, but mid sentence, Blossom stutters when she looks into the eyes of a dashing looking carrot top. He introduces himself as Dexter and he too has the stutters.Seems these two will be seeing each other a bit here in the library, don't you think?

((More Romance then Smut))

Blossom held her map, looking at it, then looked around. She sure as hell wasn't at the statue that was clearly shown on the map.Officially speaking now, Blossom was now. She was supposed to go here and there, end up at some statue. Sighing, she stuffed the map in her red messenger bag and just began to walk aimlessly, hoping to get where she was going. How hard was it to find some damn library.It would be easy if she could fly, use her x-ray vision and see through the building, but no, she was normal.Key word was normal.

Seeing a few woman pass by, she waved her hand to catch there attention and asked them where the library.Atleast they were sweet. They pointed towards where to go, then where else and so and so. Blossom thanked them, bowing her head a bit and began to walk. Brushing her red hair back, she pulled a hair band from her bag and tied it back into a loose pony tail. So this was Harvard and one expected to be dressed properly, but Blossom checked and it didn't say one had to be dressed properly. She was wearing nothing more then a pair of black denim shorts, slip resistent, black buckled shoes and a red dress shirt with a big pink bow in the back. She grew out her hair longer, reaching just passed her butt.

When she spotted the building, she smiled. "Oh God, finally."she said and rushed over, taking the steps quicklys and slipped in. The library was ENOURMOUS. Chandeliers lined the ceiling. Case after case of books filed along the walls, and down rows.There were three floors. Heart beating as if she might have a seizure, she went in search for someone to be of assitance. Seeing someone behind the counter, she approached, knocking on the fine wood to get his attention."Excuse me. Can"she said, seeing him turn, only to get distracted by how handsome his face was. Nice face, glasses, baby blue eyes and dark orange hair. Wow, Harvard sure can pick 'em.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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Crossdressing Guyx Crossdressing Girl((The girl looks like that, but imagine her with baggy clothes and such and acting more boyish.Hard to find a crossdressing girl))

Ever wonder if who your dating is actually a guy or girl. Well what if your the guy dressing as a girl. Dai or in this case Daina, has been dressing as a girl since..well..since he's been little.See his mother always wanted a girl, but kept having boys instead.Being the youngest, his mother dressed and raised him as a girl. For school, he was given excuses not to dress for PE and such. Yes, this means he's seen the girls change,which sucked because he would try hard to look away and not get erect. He's had a few of the guys have a go at him, flirting and such and he can't help, but flirt back.Same with girls. A few flirt, but it never gets serious. Now, graduating from Highschool, Dai managed to aquire a job as a cosplay maid at a local cafe. People come in , enjoy the maids and such. One particular customer seems to always come in, and always asks for Dai. One night, Dai was asked to close by himself. When finished, it was almost midnight and the streets were dark and lone. Closing up and leaving, Dai makes his way down the streets only to get stopped by the same guy that frequents the cafe. Worried, he offers to escort Dai home. Curious, Dai asks what he's doing out and finds out that her customer works at the arcade shop across the street.Feeling safe, he lets her, but once home, her custome offer himself inside the apartment and makes himself at home.Seems this certain someone is after something and Dai isn't going to give it to him, or is he?

((25% Romance, 50%Smut, 25% Master/Slave))

Vick, or Vicky, couldn't help, but notice the new girl working at the Cosplay Cafe. She was cute, petite and rather adorable. Now being bisexual had its perks, which meant Vicky could fool around with anyone.And what was fun was, she mostly went for girls.Once in a while, she would screw a guy or two, but it was mostly those who just wanted a quick fuck from someone like her. See, Vicky wasn't a typical kind of girl. In the eyes of others, she was actually a he. She was tomboyish, always had been since birth it seems, thanks to her grandmother. Vicky would wear baggy clothes, hiding her curvy body. Going along with the charade, she cut her brown hair short, like that of a guys, except it was long enough to spike out a bit. She tweezed her eye brows, but enough to give a little illusion. Vicky worked at the local arcade shop across the Cosplay Cafe. She wore a large baggy shirt and baggy jeans, held up by a belt. She did customer service and maintance.

Every day she would come in the morning, open up, fix any game that eithe had a token stuck or refilled the tickets. All the girls would come in to look at her as well as a few guys. This night though, she was asked to shift with the night guy and close. Lucky for her, it seems her favorite maid, in which she always asked for at the Cosplay Cafe was closing as well, and rather late. Being nice, she closed up early and waited in the back. Once midnight hit, her maid stepped out, holding tight to her coat.

Smiling, she waved. "High there. Little late to be out, don't you think?"She asked, teasingly of course.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters((Updated 11/16/10))
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Alright, now this plot was made up real quickly.So I can understand if it doesn't make sense.Unfortunate I don't have a starter, but this is an idea I just had in mind.We can fix it or come up with more.

The gist is that Bowser rescues Peach from something that's life threatening, like of the castle towers was on fire and she just happens to be locked inside or....her horse gets spooked and is running wildly while she is hanging on for her dear life.Here comes Bowser as usual to kidnap her, but when he sees she's in trouble, he saves her instead.With no Mario around, Peach grants Bowser anything he wants, which the onlyhe can't get is her obviously.Debating he decides to be human.Hoping that if Peach saw him differently she might want him.Everyone thinking he would turn out ugly, they do as he wishes and Peach or someone else chances him from a large lizard to a dashing looking man.To Peach's surprise, he is rather good looking.Now as she spends a little time with Bowser while Mario is away, her feelings soon change.She realizes that the only reason he keeps kidnapping her is because he thinks she would see the real him and not some over grown dinosaur.

Something along those lines.Like I said, we can fix it up.Sorry I don't have a starter.

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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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Vampire Futa Mistress x Human Miko Slave (can be Anthro as well)

Ebony was a charming woman, strong, powerful, respected and beautiful.She was special as well, very special. She was of course a vampire. A gifted vampire who was able to enjoy the rays on a setting sun, but never those of a rising. Now she wasn't just a vampire, now, she was a witch.A vampiric witch. She was able to summon and cast magic with ease.Now for Ebony, she loved using magic...but on other people, mostly her slaves.That's right, slaves. She collects them and keeps them in her castle where they are tortured and raped, forced to work under extreme conditions and at times killed if they serve no purpose anymore.Today, Ebony decides to purchase another slave, since she accidently killed on who dropped tea on her expensive kimono.Now having slaves was a crime, but in Japan anything was possible.I mean, look at her, she was a vampire, so having a slave market shoudn't be surprising, right?

((Basic Mistress and Slave rp.Warning:There will be tentacles involved alright.You can choose to be all human or the anthro alright))

Ebony looked out her specially made carriage.The sun was setting, which was perfect, which meant she was able to enjoy a few rays.Tonight she was going to get herself a new slave.The last one she was having fun with apperantly couldn't take electricity very well and seemed to have a heart attack.Sad creature, since she was only twenty.Being over nine hundred had its boring times, sicne she'd seen it all.But it was fun to make up new games that would keep one entertained.As the carriage came to a halt, a set of gates were opened, the squeakyness of their hinges loud enough for anyone to here.The carriage moved, then stopped, the gates closing.Her door was opened and outside, a fat looking man who was balding smiled, extending his hand.

"Mistress, so lovely to see you."He said, bowing when Ebony stepped down from her carriage.She recently had it made, since she wanted to personally choose her own slave this time, instead of having one being sent to her castle.

"Is it always lovely to see me, Groaces-Sama?"She asked seeing him tense a bit.

"Uhh, well..please , right this way Mistress.We have new slaves that were recently added to the collection."he said, leading her up a few wooden steps and inside.His home was large, though not as large as Ebony's.Down a corridor, then left, then right, then straight, everything looked the same.Plain.No one was let inside unless given permission and no slave was allowed out unless they were bought.Once they stopped at a set of black doors, Groaces slid one to the left, revealing a rather large dark room wth little light. A few candles were lit, but not much."Please, go right ahead Mistress.They've all bee prep'ed for you."He said.

The one thing Ebony hated was a dirty, smelly slave.She wanted all her slaves to be clean, since she herself was a rather clean person.As she walked down the long path, cages lining the walls left and right, she were out of cages, but tied to the supporting beams around the room.Everyone didn't look at her, some bowed, some whimpered.She looked at each one, not missing any, until she grew bored.None fancied her.All of them seemed a bit...old...either to old or way to young.Some were ok, but the other were-

She stopped, eyes catching creamy skin.A girl....a....Miko...was bound to one of the beams, a gag around her mouth, a blindfold around her eyes.Ebony walked over to her, looking her up and down."A..Miko?"She said rather amused."Hmmmm.....Groaces."She called out, hearing the many gasp and rush over.

"Y-Yes Mistress?"

"The Miko.Is she new?"

"Her....oh yes, she is.Lovely thing she is.Though she's a bit of a reb-"

"I'll take her."She said, running her fingers down the Miko's cheek, slipping her index between the gag and her cheek and pulled the cloth away."Miko.....what is your name?"She asked in a low, sweet voice.
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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Little RedxBad Wolf

Year 2358.Human research had been a great success since the year 2055 and continues to be for the past three centuries. When it comes to human DNA and animal DNA the possibility was endless.Humans had been operated on and had there DNA merge with that of any animals.Their bodies growing a few traits, like ears or tail, hands changing or skin coloring to a different color.When a male, age around his mid twenties was injected with wolf DNA the result was...well......He was enraged.When he awoke the first thing he did was kill, thus the wolf instinct.When cornered, he fought, both from human and animal instinc, when given the chance, he escaped. With a tracker, he was found in a a planet a few days away from Earth. In comes Red.A top soldier from D.E.A.T.H, Deadly, Enhanced, Arsenally, Trained, Humans.She was top game in her platoon and was choosen in retriving the experiment.When found, she was to bring him down by either means of force, or by a code word used on any experiment who go awaul. The code word was DOWN. Once said, the experiment suffered from a serious case of paralyses, then going unconcious.But when the word is said, nothing happens.Now left on a planet to fight off a man twice her size and strength was going to be a pain.If that wasn't worse, Red was not only going to have to deal with him, but with a tribe of bloodthirty, canibalistic creatures.Can she survive or will she go to the Wolf for help?

"Show coordinates" Saira, aka, Red, said to her AI as she looked to a large screen infront of her.She was on her way to pick up something valuable, and this thing wasn't going to be easy mind those who weren't present.

"Coordinates, GTX-22009, Planet Avaires.Atmosphere normal.Weather, Normal, Living organels, present."

Raising a brow, she touched the screen, zooming on on the planet a bit.A large X indicated where inhabitants were."Sky, can you pin point where Experiment 0035WLF is"She said and watched as her AI began to track the man.

"Location coordinate 23535LMT. Landing preferance coordinates 23016LTG."

Red sighed."'ll be a few days it seems before I can get to him. Atleast I'll be clear of the inhabitants."She checked her fuel, weapons, food and supplies.She was armed with heavy duty guns, from tranqs to tayzers.She even had a few smoke and flash bombs."Sky began atmosphere breach. Use thrusters. Activate camoflauge sheet upon atmosphere breach."She said, buckling herself.With no crew around, Red was by herself when it came to flying her ship and bringing down a geneticall altered being.No matter, she loved working alone, made thigns easier on her.She was given the Mission briefing as well as Bio on the male. Mid twenties, dark hair and eyes.Built like an athelete.He was good looking, but as if that would make Red falter when it came to her mission.She never failed, it was a thing for her.And if she did, she would do her best to change that failer to a win."Little Wolf, Little Wolf, here I come for you."she sang, smirking a bit.

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Lo and behold, the seasons and months frolicking with each other. Summer hanging about with Halloween and October, Christmas chatting it up with February and Spring.Ah yes all was good in the Land Of All. Summer was a spunky young man, care free and flirty.He loved to hit on sweet Valentine's, well tina as well as woo Spring, but when it came to Christmas it was rather hard. He throw his best lines, show off some neat tricks, but it seemed the cold skinned Christmas wasn't affected at all.Now the girls the girls tell her to stay away, but she was Christmas, she couldn't stay away from everyone.She loved everyone as was a giver, but with Summer, he just made her skin tingle.She was shy around him and avoided him since he made her feel giddy.Besides, they say Christmas and Summer couldn't mix, they were oppisites, but what happens when sparks fly and Cupid shoots his love arrows towards there way.Let the romance bloom for these two.

((Basic little Romance RP.Made this up))

Christmas hummed a bit as she watched her ginger bread bake in her lovely oven, smiling when they began turning to that nice golden brown look."Only five more minutes."She said.She baked atleast a dozen for each person.Yes, for each, so imagine how many she had to make and how much batter she went through.She already had three dozen cooling on her cookie rack, and she set about putting on the bon bon's and icing decor on their necks and wrists.She hummed again and just as she finished the fifth one, her door bell rang, the "Jingle Bells" song playing through her home."Coming..."She called, untying her apron and set it on the counter.

Rushing to the front door, she gripped the golden hand and opened her wooden door."Ah, Spring, Valentine's, Merry Christmas and how are you."She said.She always said Merry Christmas no matter what time of the month it was.Right now, it was February so it was Valentines time to shine.

They both smiled, stepping in."Were doing fine my love, brought you some milk chocolate drops."Vale' said, giving her a small box with the sweet inside.

Spring handed her a bouquet of flowers."I assume you heard about Summer?"She asked,closing the door.

Christmas closed the door and shook her head."No, why, what happened.Did he get hurt?"She asked a bit worried.

Vale and Spring looked at each other."Best you sit down."Spring said motiong to the large red couch in the all white living room."He's flirting with Winter...why....well who know's."Vale said, crossing legs and stretching out her arms.

Christmas went pale a bit, pouting."W-why should I care.Its Summer.He's"
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Re: LittleRed's Rp starters.
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A BoyxHis Succubus

---(Name)---- was shit out of luck.He was picked on for be a know it all nerd, beat up for being weak and rather bad when it came to dating. He wanted his life to change and a friend of his joked around saying. "Only way to happen is to summon a demon." Oh yeah, like that shit would work.One night, curious getting to him, he checked online about demon summong.Thank you Google, he found lots of things. One forum had a spell about summoning a wishin demon.Giving it a go, he printed out the spell and the materials needed. He made a circle on the floor of his room using salt, cut a piece of his hair, poked his finger and rubbed blood on the hair and then stood back.Just as midnight hit, he chanted the words and waited....waited...and waited....and...NOTHING.Yup, nothing happened. Cursing, he crumbled the paper, turned the ligths off and went to sleep.As the minutes ticked, he was hard in sleep, the slated circle glowed and out came a woman...with wings, horns and a tail.This was no wishing demon..more or less.It was a succubus and for a price she'll grant you one wish and one only, though this succubus was rather..peculiar. She was...shy. She saw the male sleeping and instead of pouncing on him, take his cum and made him make a wish in exchange for his soul..she...just waited until he woke. The succubus could only let out a sigh and explore his home until he wakes to go to the bathroom only to freak out by seeing her.Will she succeed in taking is soul or will he work something out in which he gets to keep his soul forver yet get the wish he wants?

Legion was nervous as hell.She was being summoned.Of all the succubuses down in hell,she was the one being summoned. She knew when she felt a stinging sensation on her wrist and saw a purple summoning circle forming on her pale skin."Oh damn...why, why..."she said pacing back and forth in her room. Her 'father' had taught her the ways of seducing a male or female, though with him, it wasn't all sweets and candy.The Devil wasn't very...nice when it came to fucking.He did it all while the females just layed there taking him.

Scratching her head, the stinging continued was gone.Maybe the summoner stopped mid way or something.Looking to her wrist, she pouted.Nope, still there, which meant he or she succeeded and was waiting on her.Taking up her nerve, she fixed her pig tails, made sure her lipstick wasn't smudged.Closing her eyes, she let the circle on her wrist glow and soon she was engulfed by a purple light.Breaking through the other side, she reached a hand up, then another and forced herself out of the summoning circle.Legion found herself in a room....with not so many things.It was dark as well.Was it night time?Well it was, how else could she be summoned.Looking around, she saw something move, freaking her out a bit."Dammit, calm down you ninny."She told herself.She tip toed towards whatever moved and was the summoner."He's....asleep.Fucking A."she said, waving her hand.

"Out cold.W-What should I do..."she asked.She poked his cheek and nothing.He was dead asleep.Having nothing else to do, she saw on the edge of his bed and waited until he woke up, though she hoped he didn't take long.She didn't have a dead line pursei about delivering a soul, but the sooner you brought it back to hell, the better."Come on..wake up."she said and sighed, scratching ehr head and stood fromthe bed.Looking around, she picked up what looked like figurines, rummaged through a few books and papers.He was well organized...and loved to read apperantly.This guy was what they called in Hell, a Logic.Those who read many text knew everything, though not as much as the devil.

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A SpiritxAn Exorcist

One hundred years ago, a girl was murdered in her room in her home.She had retired, having partied for some time now since she just came out as a woman who just turned twenty one.Her parents were kind enough to depart with the other guests while she slept, though it seemed that not everyone left.Someone slipped from the shadows crawling over to her bed, dagger raised.Without a sound, he plunged it down in her heart and before she could give a cry, he twisted the blade leaving her dead.No one knew the reason, no one knew the man, but they caught him and executed.The girl had loved her family, loved her home and didn't wish to depart, and so instead of going to heaven, he spirt and soul remained in the house, which was grand, but no one could see or hear her.As years passed, she watched her parents grow older and older and soon they died.Her house was sold, though it made her upset.SHe scared every tenant that purchased the home, making them leave within the next day.Now, as the hundred years were up, the girl continued to haunt her Tudor home, keeping an eye and keeping those out from moving in, but what happens when  particular man comes in to rid her of her own home.Will she let him, will he succeed, or will he be willing to help her out in seeing if she could be brought back to life?With guns in his pockets, a suit case filled with holy items, it will be up to this man to rid any spirit who refuses to leave, that is, if he can even catch the spirit.

"J-Just....a...little...more..."Emily said as she reached her hand out trying to grab the newspaper that did not make it pass her homes gate.Sad.She was able to roam freely on her own property, but when it came to outside of her home, as in passed the gates and fence, she couldn't go beyond.It was as if a force kept her wher she was.And to her irritation, the damn paper boy missed once again in throwing the paper where it should be, which is passed the gate.She was determined to give him a good fright.....if he could see her.Sighing, she reached out once again, but exhaled, stopping before she pulled a muscle."Oh.....I hope someone kicks it in."She said and shook her head.Ania, though ghost that she was, was able to pick things up, so long ass he concentrated hard enough.She could move things with her mind as well, something she learned along time ago and managed to perfect.

Sighing once again, she ghosted, disappearing and reappering in her living room.The couches were covered in white, dirty sheets, which she wished she could pull off, but it would ruin the upholstry.How long has it been since she last saw her family's couches and furniture.Her bed had been removed and another placed, though that bed stayed once she scared last years tenants out of her home.SHe rattled mirrors, knocked dishes down,even spilled things, everything just to get them to leave."I...wish I had someone to talk with."She said, sitting, well, floatly sitting on the couch, tucking her legs under herself.What was good was she coudln't feel anything.Cold or hot, nothing.The only thing that sucked was that she was wearing the silk night gown she was murdered in with a red blood stain where he heart was.She wanted to wear a dress or something, anything besdes this ugly nightgown, but alas, no matter what she wanted, she could not have.Her hair was down, a small white ribbon tied in her midnight black hair.Oh if only someone could come by and act knowledger her, though not choose to live in her home.

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Surprising GiftxIrresponsible Punk

____(Name)_____ was a tough, spoiled punk who got his way.His old man was an journalist, though for a fifty year old, he still was kicking.Anyways, his old man left him the house to watch over, though it didn't mean he could throw wild parties while his father was gone.So far its been five months since he last saw his old man.One letter a week didn't help.One minute his old man was in Egypt, the next he was in the Congo or something.To the point, ___(Name)___ wasn't much to "take care" of things like his father asked.The garden was over grown with weeds, the dishes were all piled inside the dishwasher or in the sink.His room was a mess and so was the kitchen and living room.Yeah, he was good at being responsible.When month 6 rolled by, it was time to crack open the windows and let the stink out, but when he get a package, everything soon changes, especially for him.

Dear Son, in this package I have placed a very special gift.You are to take care of it and make sure nothing bad happens to it.When I return from my trip, I expect to see that your gift is still in good shape.Also,be sure to keep a good eye on it, else it might go off on its own.

Sincerly yours, Dad~♥

So what the hell was it.A fish or something.It might be dead already.He wasn't going to take care of his old man's pet or anything.Shrugging, he signed for the packaged, slammed the door and pushed the large box to the living, only to freak and jump when something hits the box.Preparing, he watches as something struggles against the box, then it pops open and a gorgeous girls pops out, with....with cat ears.Woah, this can't be happening.Who was she and what the hell was his old man thinking?Though as freaky as this was, the plus side was this girl was rather cute looking.

Nana missed her Master already.She didn't want to go to her Master's son and be taken care of by him, but her Master insisted.He was nice.He purchased her from a slave traders boat in which she was to become some lords sex slave.Well she was happy.He taught her English, how to read and write, even learned how to properly clean. Her Master insisted she go to where his son was in the United States and see to it that he is properly taken care of, for he feared his son might be dying from starvation.The down fall.The son was spoiled and bratty and didn't do anything but for himself.She promised her Master ot keep a good eye and take care of the young Master.

Now as she was placed in a box,and moved here and there, dropped and picked up, kicked and shoved, finally though, it seems her wild ride has stopped.She heard voices, then something slam close.Once again her box was pushed.That's it she had it.She punched at the box, making it stop.She punched again, and again, scratching, until finally her nail ran along the tape and she burst out, arms up in the air."Nyyaaaaa~♥"she said, ears twitching, her rear up in the air as her tail flicked back and forth.She had a bow on her head and was wearing a simply khaki shirt that reached just abover her knees.With a bell around her colar, it jinlged everytime she moved."So happy to be out of there."she said, tilted her head when she saw a frightened male pressed against the wall."Ahh, your Master's son.Your the young Master."she said as she climbed out of the box and tripped, falling on face."Owwww..."she cried as she stood, rubbing her forehead, then nose.

"I' meet the yOung Master."she said, smiling even though she had a red mark on her forehead."I am Nana.Master sent me so I may watch over you young Master."Bowing her head, she wondered how the young Master thought and felt about having someone like her around.Was it a good thing, or bad?Who knew right.

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AngelxDemon(fallen Angel)

An angel was banished to Earth for his misdeeds in heaven.After spending his life on earth , the angel begins to change, witnessing the sins the humans make and was unable, but submit to the sexual deeds.His body begins to change, his wings turning black, his body turning pale, his eyes shifting to a different color.His hole body, was nothing more then a sin filled demon.Unable to watch longer the demons sister, up in heaven begs the Lord Father to bring him back, since he was innocent of his deeds and even proved it.The lord father skeptical, decides to let her go, which was the biggest mistake he did.Upon reaching Earth, the young angel finds her brother, only to see him violate an innocent woman and then turn his sites on his little sister.Unable to do anything, she fights him, only to lose and have her body be ravidged and slowly be corrupted.

Ania was a free spirited young angel, with a big heart.She grew up being loved and that love came from her dear older brother.She spent most of her time with him, being taught the ways of wielding a weapon, as well as gaining knowledge from the Earth below. They were inseparable, until one day. When she was off in the Holy Fields, picking flowers to ornate her room, her brother was framed for having been seen affiliating with a demon from hell. She didn't hear of such news until she returned home, where a huge commotion was seen in front of God's golden door of his dwelling. When she asked what was going on, her fellow brethrens simply looked at her with sad looks to their eyes.Once finally told her of the news, she could only shake her head and reply that it's nothing more then a lie.

Ania fought to have her brother free, but her words were neither heeded or were given any attention.She cried to her beloved father, throwing herself to his knees, begging for his release, but no good would that do.Now as months flew by, Ania unable to see her brother who was kept in the black cells of Heaven, his judgement day finally came. Before she knew it, her brother was casted down, exiled onto Earth, never to be let up to Heaven ever again.Ania cried, she even cursed and whimpered. She refused to eat the Holy food of her father and refused to go on with her teachings and lessons.Now as years passed, Ania spent most of her time by the light pond, where she reviewed her fond memories that she had with her brother.How was he?Was he alright? She wanted to know, needed to know. Thinking, she had tapped the waters surface with her finger, changing the image, and what she saw was neither pleasant, nor joyful to see. Standing to her feet, she decided it was time to do something.

Wings spread, Ania flew to her Father's dwelling, and without permission , forced an audience with him. “Father, I must speak with you.”She demanded, seeing him stationed behind his golden desk, white quill in hand, eyes staring at a parchment before him.

“And what is it that you wish to speak.”

“My brother...he....he has changed. The Earth below has changed him.I...I saw him...with a human.An innocent virgin who is....who is..”She choked, unable to say what she saw.

Frowning, God rose from his seat and looked at her. “My daughter....I.....”he sighed, shaking his head a bit. “There is no way to save him now. And I ask for forgiveness for not heeding your words about him, for it was true. He had nothing to do with the demons below.But...what's done is done my daughter.There is no way of saving him. His soul is forever lost now to the sins from the humans below.”

Ania simply shook her head, unable to believe such a thing. Without thinking she spoke. “Let me go. I shall bring his heart to right and see to it that he is blessed. I can cleanse him Father. Let me-”


“You took him from him. I will get him back, one way or another.”

Unable to do much, God gave Ania permission, something that weighed heavy in his heart. As he watched his daughter go, he had a dreaded feeling that he would not see his daughter again.

(( I will play the male for this alright.If you want details about what happened to the cat, PM alright so I can tell you.))

Chocolat and River have been the best of friends since, well since River had Chocolat as a kitten.He had found her in an alley, hungry and cold and took it home, though of course, his mother was furious, never the less, he got to keep her.He was only fifteen when he had found her, now at a spunky eighteen, it was time for River to leave the santuary of his home and go off to college, live the dream and succeed....kinda.The only problem.He couldn't take Chocolat home.It wasn't like they didn't accept pets in his apartment, his mother thought he would get distracted by her and frankly, he always did.One thing about Chocolat, she was very...naive as well as friendly.She would go up to anyone, stranger or neighbor and meow to be petted.One day, just as River was about to leave for his new apartment, Chocolat went off on one of her adventures and came across a man with a white coat.Meowing for attention, the man picked her up and took her.River growing worried, called and searched, but nothing and he assumed she would return like always.Three weeks pass and nothing.Three turns into five and River soon begins to worry.His classes didn't start till next month so he had enough time to search for his kitten.On a rainy night, just as River was about to leave, he opens his door and there, lying on the floor, soaked to the skin was a girl, with cosplay clothes on.Surprised, he took her in and wondered who he was.When he noticed a collar around her neck, the same as the one he placed on Chocolat he thought.....nah...couldn't be.It was't possible.

When the girl awoke, the first words were Master.And just like Chocolat, she jumped in his arms and rubbed against her.What the hell was all this and who was she.Looking at the collar, he had no doubt this was his cat, but what happened?Before long, the girl fainted, sick from fever.Seems River had his hands full with a girl....who might be his cat.


River looked down at the girl who was now lying on his bed, her clothes soaked from the rain, her face flushed from fever.Ok, he can do this.He had to gett hose clothes off her.........Shit, he couldn't do this.Yeah, she had his cat's collar, but that meant nothing...right?Dammit.

Alright, get it together you ass hole, she needs to be cleaned and dried.

Blushing, he began pulling at the dress ribbons, then tugged at her dress sleevs.Ok, so this wasn't bad.When he saw the upper swell of her breasts, he pulled away and grabbed his hair."I so can't fucking do this."he said.Running a hand down his face hard, he stared at the cat ears."Hmmmm......?"he reached forward and gently poked the tip, only to squeal and back away when it twitched in return." way to fucking crazy."he said, shaking his head."Just my cat.No..fuck..its a cat ears.Yah, that's it."He laughed and moved back to her and began to undress her.As he pulled the dress away, he couldn't help, but notice that she was comepletly naked under.How...nice.She did have nice legs.

"Fuck, I'm an ass."He said and removed her boots and socks.Once she was unclothed and dried, he tugged the blankets and bundled her up on his bed.""he looked around, wondering what to-"Shit, I don't have any food."he rushed to his little kitchen and opened the fridge.""Cursing, he went for his shoes, grabbed his keys and wallet and went back to his room.Touching her forehead, he smiled."I'l be right back alright.I'm gonna get you some medicine and food."He wanted to kiss her, something he did when Chocolat got sick a few times.Shaking his head, he left, hoping she would still be asleep when he returned.

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Bachelor Tech GeekxTransforming Cinnamon

Cinnamon was a special cat with an amazing secret.She can transform into a girl, though it only happens when ever she gets super excited or happy. Once a girl, the only way to turn her back is with cold water or by making her sad or scared. Now Cinnamon wasn't always like this.Going back and forth in transforming.No. She was experimented on when she was a kitten, who was innocently picked up by a stranger, who happened to be a scientiest. Once testing was complete and Cinnamon grew older, she could no longer tolerate the medicine and having her body being forced to go back and forth in changing. When she had the chance, she escaped, hitching rides on trucks and busses, hiding from humans so no one would catch her. When she was unable to keep going and just happened to get sick thanks to a storm, Cinnamon colapsed near some garbage cans. What she didn't know, was that those garbage cans belonged to a youthful 24 year old who lived alone, in a house that was left to him by his parents. Now, this bachelor had no luck with woman, well he did, he just didn't have the time for them, well he did, he was just bad at dating really. But when he sees the little kitten and takes her in, Cinnamon might be the one to fix his bachelor streak, though can falling in love with a cat be normal, let alone legal?

She only had one chance to escape. She was so tired of being here. The probing, the touching, the painful experiments. Having to get excited whenever they cooed , teased and babied her, her body shifting and transforming, bones growing and fur disappearing and her body changing into a youthful woman. Being human.....she hated it. Especially when she was around these humans. They would touch her in certain places, the way they grabbed her so hard, pinching her skin and other places. Whenever she was in pain she would transform back to her original form and would try and run away, but she never manages to get off the table. The would grab her scruff, lift her and zap her with a nasty stick. This has been going on for.......she honestly didn't know. She wasn't permitted to look at what the humans called a clock.

Every time she was in human form, they would give her some sort of flimsy robe and they would begin to teach her about the humans way. She's managed to learn her A, B, C's and her addition, but after a while, she just refused to keep learning, which upset the humans. They wanted her to be as human as can be, which was impossible. Whenever she reverted back to her cat form, whatever she learned tended to fade away from her mind a bit. She would remember a few things, but not much.

Cinnamon felt it was time to escape now. She's managed to remember the pattern on when the humans would visit. Right now, it was feeding time. Only one human would come in with a tray. He never looked behind whenever he entered, since he always assumed she was inside her little tree house. Not this time. Cinnamon pressed herself against the wall next to the door and waited, which wasn't long. A beep and then the door whooshed open side ways. The man stepped in and Cinnamon stepped out. Looking around, she wasn't sure where to go, but she needed to hide, which was impossible since everything was bright and she was dark furred. Scurrying down the hall, she managed to avoid human contact, hiding inside carts and jumped in an elevator which took her to another level, which miracle to say, was more colorful and bustling with people. No one seemed to pay attention to her let alone notice. Cinnamon noticed some doors with people going in and out and she was out. Finally, she was out and this place was loud. Something loud blared and it spooked her, making her run. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she managed to avoid speeding vehicles, dogs and other cats that wanted to fight. She didn't like this outside place, but she didn't like that awful white room either. She might be better off out here...maybe.

Cinnamon roamed the city for about three days until she found herself in a residential neighborhood. It was a gated community, but it was easy for her to climb over the wall. She scurried through back yards, trying to find food. She hadn't eaten for those three days. She ate a little piece of chicken some human child gave her, but it wasn't enough. The weather wasn't looking so good either. It was cold out here in this open world and as Cinnamon heard a booming sound off in the distance, she jumped, wondering what is was until she felt something land on her. Then another, and another until water began to pour down all around her, wetting everything, including herself. She tried to find shelter, but it was no use. She was tired and hungry, add the rain and she was so cold. Crossing the small street, Cinnamon needed shelter and the only thing she saw was some sort of cylander tube on its side with bags placed on either side. It smelled awful, bit what other choice did she have. Cinnamon went in and before she was fully in, her legs gave out and she fell onto her tummy. The bottoms most of her bottom half was sticking out, but she was too tired to move. Perhaps if she rested, everything will be all  better. She hoped it would be. She hoped that if she closed her eyes, she would be able to open them after.
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Bikini BabexHeartless? Badboy

A day at the beach is innocent enough..right.Sun, sand and fun that's what its all about...thought..having to be ignored by a hot guy isn't something very ideal. Lily was hoping to find herself a nice companion to spend the day, though when she sets her eyes on a dark haired guy, her day was set.THough when she goes up to him to say, he simply says, "Go away." which breaks her heart. She felt at the moment so not attractive.She tries to get a conversation going, but nothing.Tries to be friendly and nada so she gives up.As the day sets, she strolls down the beach, reaching a few rocks until she is suddenly grabbed and gagged.Three guys who have been ogling her the whole day decide to take her now before the day is over.Fighting for her life, she prays someone helps her and quickly.Low and behold, she is unaware that the one guy who didn't want anything to do with her, comes to her aid.All it takes is a damsel in distress to change a guys heart.

Lily couldn't believe what was happening.One minute she was enjoying the rays of the beautiful setting sun and now, here she was, pinned to a rough jagged boulder as three guys stared at her, lust in there eyes.Her day was utterly ruined.First the one guy she though hot completly ignores her and even tells her to just go away and now here she was about to be raped.When she opened her mouth to scream, she was quickly slapped, her tongue being bitten thanks to the hit.Sobbing, she saw her glasses lying on the sand and caught their feet inching closer to her."P-Please..."

"Please what?Please you.Oh don't worry will do that"Said the blonde hair guy.

"Yeah, after what that asshole did, brushing you off and hurting your feelings, you deserve some attention."Said the red head.

"And will give you all the attention, so long as you give us equal."Said the dark haired one.

Lily shook her head."I..don't need attention.I just need to go home alright, just let me g- haaaa"She screamed, her mouth covered when the red head groped her breasts harshly, squeezing way to hard.

"YOu aint going no where bitch until you've pleased our dicks with that sweet mouth of yours."Said blonde as he took a step closer, stepping on her glasses and breaking them.

Lily sobbed harder, shaking her head as she was forced on her knees, the blonde working his already hard cock from his swim trunks.

"Open wide bitch.."he said with a smile.

Oh how Lily wished someone would come and help her...that is...if there was anyone left on the beach who even saw her being pulled away to her doom.

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Japan's Greatest KillerxRussia's Deadliest Soldier

Juunbie Kyokoto was sent to Russia on a covert mission.Her task...was to assassinate Russia's Prime Minister without any witnesses or evidence of she being there. There was a reason why she had to kill an innocent man.Reason being....the man in question isn't who he says he is.Thanks to expert Russian and Japanese surgins, the fake Prime Minister is actually a man once living his life in prison for thirty years, until he escaped.No one managed to catch him or find out where he was, until he made a local visit to Tokyo on a little business meeting that didn't go so well.Juunbie had broken up the little party, though the bastard escaped from her hands.Now she was in Russia, finding out info in means of taking this bastard down without any interference...that is..when Russian soldier, Mikhail, decides to intervene, especially when he is guarding the fake Prime Minister within every second, minute and hour passing.Can Juunbie manage to break through his defense and complete her mission, or will one casualty be her downfall?

Juunbie pushed her glasses up her nose a bit, her other hand holding a hot cup of coffee as she stared across the coffee shop at the man she was to kill in just a few days.The so called Prime Minister was to give a speech about a peaceful alliance with the U.S , France and Mexico, though the little event was actually a cover for him to be able to get his top computer whizzes to hack into the so called allied states govermental files and robbed them of money, then declare war, in which case, Russia would win since they had all the necessary funds and the others didn't.Right now, the "Minister" was having a cup of joe with his secretary and personal assistant about what to do about that day.She needed to know where he was going to be all day of everyday without giving off any suspicion of what she was doing, that is.....if that big muscled Russian didn't get in her way, or even suspect her.Right now he was being a good boy scout and sitting across the "Minister"his eyes peeled.Well, lucky for him, Juunbie can play waiting games, since she always one.

Hearing a little beep, she pressed her finger to her ear, making it seem like she was scratching her self and spoke in her native tongue." What you got?"She said as her personal informer gave her the low down on the Russian babysitter. "So is this Mikhail going to be an issue?"She asked getting a no from her informer."Alright. Break me into his cellphone.Trace him.I need to know where he is, since he'll be watching the target all the time. Keep me posted."She said, removing her finger from her ear and looked back over to the "Minister", only to look away when he was getting up and ready to leave.Right now, no one would suspect a Japanese tourist was a problem.Wearing nothin more then a high callored black turtle neck, black jeans and leather boots, Juunbie looked like an artist, just trying to find inspirtation."Where are you going now, Mr. Prime Minister"She whispered as she watched him go, seeing the soldier catching the man's limo and helping him in, though looked around, checking, then got in himself.

The Prime Minister looked at Mikhail, irritation on his face."Must you follow me everywhere.I can't even have coffee all of a sudden."he said, though no doubt the real Minister ever went out for coffee at a local coffee hut. After escaping U.S prison and almost getting caught in Tokyo, Zuhlek had to be on his feet. When he found out that the Prime Minister was taking a vacation in Cancun, he made sure to pay a call to a few friends to keep the Minister there, as in threat the bastard, though the friends weren't much help.But since he took up the role as Minister, even having to go through surgery to look like the geezard, trying to put the real back in place would cause an uproar.

"Tell me Mikhail.How long are you planning on following me, hmm.What happened in Cancun is over, no need to be jumpy."He said, since the incident on Cancun news spread world wide, though Zuhlek made sure to reveal himself after the incident to make it seem like he was unharmed and such.

France's Finest AgentxAmerica's Greatest Agent

Annete was flown to America, New York to be exact, in means to apprehending a man who was dealing illegal medicine to French Hospitals as well as American hospitals. The drugs were from the blackmarket,something that should not be on the streets.Her role was to be hired as a maid in his estate, search around until she came across documents of sorts that showed his dealings.From there, she is to report back to her agency in France and await further instructions.Annete thought it an easy job, since she did the same when it came to an illegal drug distrubutor, but she didn't expect to find another agent at the estate as well.Having to use her wits about her, she is determined to aquire the info before the American does, but will it be easy, especially when the American uses his charm on her to gain already known info from her.Annete sure as hell won't let some American fault her, not even if he is dashing and charming.

Annete had finished talking to her boss back in France about the American agent she met just yesterday.She wasn't allowed to kill the man it seems which was a bummer, since she couldn't tell the owner of the estate that she didn't want him here.With a sigh, Annete would have to just ignore him and continue on with her job.She wasn't going to let anyone one up her when it came to HER mission, not even some petty American.Looking in the mirror, she fixed her tiny maids bonnet on her hair, scrunged up her pink hair and clipped it, smoothed out her maids dress and smiled."Alright Annete, no dashing fool make get in your way when it comes to this."She said and left the maids quarters.Right now the owner, happily named Don Pier, was out at the moment on a business errand, which gave Annete time to search around, preferable the library.She passed by a few other servants, smiling, then reached the grand stair case.So far, no American, which was good.Maybe the fool thought being here was pointless and left.

With a smile to herself, she ascended the stairs, pretending to look busy almost, and once she reached the top floor, she took a right, looking around, making sure no one was close by or looking.The library was just a few doors down, and no doubt locked.She reached the end of the hall and looked over her shoulder, seeing no one near by.Slipping her hand into her aprons pocket, she pulled out a straight pin and an L shaped pin, crouched down and slipped both into the lock.She wiggled the needled, her tongue sticking out a bit as she worked the lock."Come on now love, open up for Annete."She said, her accent easily heard as she spoke.When she heard a click, she smiled happily and slipped the needled back into her pockets.Feeling sure of herself, she grabbed hold of the knob and turned, making sure the door didn't squeek.She wasn't nervous, no, she was excited, for maybe in here she would find the answers she sought.

Looking back over her shoulder she saw no one and ducked inside the library, closing the door quietly, not bothering to lock it, sicne she won't be here long."Lets see...."She whispered, looking around.The library was large, Five shelves lined against the wall, a large mahogany desk near the corner with a bit, red leather chair.A portrait of Don Pier and his late wife hung over the fireplace, his face looking younger then it should.With quick movement, she went to the desk, moved behind it and began to dig through drawers, unaware of the dangers that might lurk around.

The Transformed Foxx The Lonely Aassasin

Ryo was a lone assasin, hired by whoever to do jobs that were unbeffiting to others.He had no home, no family, not even a woman to call a lover.He was a loner, always had been always will.Ryo was never one to smile, always grim and when it came to killing, his emotions never falter, for killing was like breathing, simple and easy.

Yokkoe was a spirit fox, majestic as she was, a mother of plenty and guide to humans who were lost, was struck down by an ill hearted human who used dark magic. With unknown powers, he attacked her, using his magic to steal her fox form, the essence that kept her going.Slowly as time passes, her fox body becomes week, unable to keep herself hidden from the eyes of humans. As she tumbles near a tree, a human almost steps on her, his eyes that of a killer, he decides to help, only to end up with not a fox, but with a woman with fox ears and tell. After days of being sick, she awakes and tells her story of what has happened to her.Begging, she asks that the lonely human help her in finding the one who did this to her and retrieve her essence.Though it is out of his way, he agrees, though soons learns that being in the presense of a woman can sure take its toll.

Yokkoe panted, dreaming of the night she was attacked.She saw herself as she once was.A lovely golden white fox with seven tails, running through the field, trying to escape the evil human who attacked her, though where ever she went, she could not get away.She groaned, running, running, until the man caught her and-

Yokkoe sat up, breathing hard, sweat slicking down her body, her wild purple eyes looking around as if the human was still there.She was covered in sweat, her body weak, though when she looked down, she grimaced that she was still in the human body she was left with.It was night, the stars sparkling in the sky, a fire crackling near her and....the human who saved her no where to be found, though there were a few apples resting on leaves beside her.She remembered him.The lonely human warrior who went out of his way to help her.She fell ill, fever it was, her body weak.And when the illness was to much, her spirit essence was gone now, taken, and was left to fend for herself in a weak human body.She needed her essence back, else bad things could happen, especially in the hands such as the human who attacked her.He was strong, for no human could see her, unless...they were users of magic.

With a heavy sigh, she picked one of the apple, though did not eat it, only held it.How long had she been asleep.It felt like days, but maybe it was more.Rubbing the apple with her thumb, she wondered where they human went.She made no effort to speak, afraid she might not be able, but maybe...tonight..she would try.Only once did she awake from her sick sleep, managing to look at him and only gasp, struggling for help, only to fall back asleep.He was.....charming, though his eyes were ruthless.Was he so lonely for he had no time for happyness in his life.As payment, she could become the best companioin one would ever wish for and she would try to make him smile if possible.
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The Cursed Valkerie x The Immortal King

Lavine,a Valkyrie, was a skilled archer, never missing her target, no matter what condition she was faced.She was blessed, yet it was a curse.When born, Lavine was blessed with the skill to never miss her target,however far or close, shaky her terrain or even if she were blind, but the cursed part of this skill was that if she were to miss, then her body would be struck with unimaginable pain, rendering mostionless and vulnerable.She used her skill as a means of getting paid.Ridding the forest or village of demons that were of threat.One day she was approached by a few fey beings, begging her to rid the creature that lurks in the forest.

She agrees and sets off, though collects her payment before doing so.Apperantly the creature was none other then the Vampire Demon King. An immortal being who was able to walk in the sun thanks to his demon blood and choose to drink blood or not, thanks to his vampire blood.They say he plagues the forest, killing anything the enters, thus frightening the inhabitants in the near by villages.When she meets him, he is standing near a lake, gazing at his reflection thanks to the moons light.Without warning, she aims her bow and fires though he moved with speed.She missed, thus falling to the ground in pain only to fall unconcious.The King approaches, menace in his eyes, but when he sees what had attacked, his heart beated.This...this was his Bride.The one he'd been waiting for so many centuries.Taking her, he sets out back to his hidden castle, cloaked thanks to magic, where he would be off seducing his Bride, that is, if he can.

Lavine had agreed to roam the Midsteill Forest in order to rid it of some demon that looms about, causing chaos and death.The fey being that lived withn the forest had come in search of her aide.They described the demon as being fierce and malicious, attacking without question and killing innocent, such as drinking their blood or simply hacking them to pieces.Not loving what she had heard, she agreed, though the price was higj, but the few willingly payed.Preparing her bow and magical quiver, which never ran out of arrows, she set off to Midsteill Forest, looking for the demon in question.

She would not ask it questions or give it a chance to strinke.Lavine was quick with her bow, never missing a target.One or twice she did, but that was only because her dear cousins would purposely move her hand just as she released.Eyes focused, she looked up for a moment, gazing at the moon that loomed above.Such a lovely nice. Five hundred years and Lavine had yet to find someone that would make refuge in her heart, then again, Valkyrie were free spirited beings, almost fighting and never had the chance for love.With a sigh, she continued on, shaking such thoughts from her mind.Love.Bah.Who needed it right.She was content just getting payed for killing those that did not deserve to live.

Brushing through a few thickly close trees, she came across Midsteill Lake that lay in the center of its forest.The water waved gently as the moon reflected back from the water.As she peered around, she spotted a shadow near the edge.It was a male.Broad shoulders, hair black as a ravens feathers.He was tall as well and when he turned a bit, his face was menacing.She felt it in her bones who it was.The Vampire Demon King.It was said he had died long ago, other tales say he has been sleeping for nearly centuries passing.He was the one causing mayham in this lovely forest.Lavine could only scowl.Preparing her bow, pulling on the string, she took aim.Such a creature as him should not be alive, for his kind were known as the most violest of creatures.Without a warning, she released the strong, arrow flying, aiming for him until it.....didn't hit him.He had disppeared.She looked around, only to find him a few ways away from where he stood.She missed.Dear Freya, she missed.She gritted her teeth, falling to the ground as she cried out, pain hitting her body hard.Lighting slashed the sky as wave after wave of seering pain went through her body.She cried, unable to move.The pain was unbearable and Lavine fainted.She twitched though, her body convulsing.How she missed was beyond her, but thanls to him, she lay unconcious, not know what would become of her body now.
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A Deadly Soldier x A Good Hearted Dr.

Ex-Army soldier, Sgt 1st class Kane McRieve had been retired from the Army for the past five years now, thanks to a deadly injury that occured over seas.He lived life to the fullest...almost, enjoying his time in the back country of Mississippi....only to be called back into action.Though he's refused many offers, he could not refuse this one.Kane was to head to Africa, where he must locate and retrieve a U.S Senator's daughter, named Jeanine. Dr. Jeanine. M. Whitcomb was a thick headed woman with a big heart.She ventured to Africa, along with others in the medical field in order to assist the people on this Continent, by offering as much medical treatment and food as they could.There was a reason she was here. It was of course, to spite her father. He went against helping those who are lower then him, but Jeanine had a mission, and that was to help as many as she could, even those who were half way across the world.

Now thanks to her little escapade,  rebel forces are threatening to take her hostage and use her as a means of gaining money, though, Kane won't let anything happen to her.As her new personal bodyguard, can Kane keep Whitcomb from the hands of rebel forces as well as from his heart?

Jeanine couldn't believe what she was seeing.A big, hulking ass man making his bed next to her.She yelled at him, insulted him.She was even close throwing things at him, but the African villagers were looking at him..and his hulking body.This was the last thing she needed.As if having her father send this man to her would get her to leave.Fuck no.It only made her want to stay, to get her old man even more pissed.She hated the fact he did nothing to help these people, so to spite him, she traveled to Africa, along with other collegues. She was here to help these people.To offer medicine in which could not be provided to them by there own goverment and such.

Now after spending two months here, she and her collegues were suceeding in getting these peoples trust, as well as tampering down the usual case of HIV, Syphilis and Ghonoria.Though, here was this hulking soldier, making his bed, setting down his pack and now plopped himself on the bed.Hand on her hips, she glared at him."Fuck you, plain and simply you know that.What ever my father payed you, I will gladly pay you in double just so you can leave.I am not in danger here alright."She said, seeing he was only staring at her.

She gritted her teeth and let out an irritated sigh."God, men are such abomantions."She whispered."And why in my tent.Can't you pitch your bed and clothes in another tent...with the other men."she said.She was the only woman truth be told that was here.All her collegues were men.She had her own big specious white tent, mosquito net hanging from a hook and ringed around her bed.Wearing nothing more then black work boots, khaki colored shorts that stopped jsut above her knees and a pink tank, her hair in two pigtails, she was a real dainty woman...with an attitude.