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September 27, 2022, 08:49:34 am

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Author Topic: Multi Character Extreme RP  (Read 888 times)

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Multi Character Extreme RP
« on: July 19, 2010, 11:46:30 pm »
 Looking for partner into gore/violence/fantasy/goth.
May Contain: Rape, Torture, BDSM, Punishment, Kidnapping, Hallucinations, Toys, Experimentation, Necrophilia.

I am looking for someone else to do an rp with me.
I like to control multiple characters at the same time, with differing personalities, and it is ok if you do too, though it would be neat to see one characters reaction to all of my characters.
Also, I want it to be extreme, and varied, because of the difference in characters. If you are queazy about Blood, gore, violence, and all that, dont join.
The characters I will be are all from my novel.

They are the Arashikage, the Stormshadows, souless beings who after death were denied a simple fate of an afterlife by Ticondrius, their leader, who uses their reanimate and concious bodies to carry out his plans.

Kane is a large violent man, he cares little for people, and serves simply Ticondrius, at 7' tall and over 300 lbs, he is the burliest and strongest character in the story, he is the closest to being completely sentient, for Ticondrius put a part of his own soul in Kane to avoid his own death. Kane, despite his size, is extraordinarily submissive to Ticondrius's demands, but in the field, he is a raving rhinocerous.

Akahana is the only female Arashikage, she is elven and is remarkably beautiful and fair, though her skin is not safe to the touch, for her dead bones are lined with rose thorns and briars, her skin is made of pure white birch bark, and her hair is like moss, but the illusions she casts through the scents of flowers that line her robes cause people to hallucinate her beauty, and then horrific images before she kills them.

Alder is a musical genius, but is the epitome of deceit, he is handsome with gorgeous black hair, and dresses in a victorian gentlemanly fashion, he plays the violin, the lyre, the flute and the lute like an orchestra of angels, women swoon at his feet, but there is nothing he enjoys more then his Symphony of Death, his room is filled with metallic instrument strings, like that of many guitars, which spider web throughout the whole place, he ties up his victims and horrifically assaults them with the noise of his music, and the shrieking wails of three muses who he has tortured into shells of their former selves.

Takuya is the coldest of them all, an assassin in his former life, no one has seen Takuyas face, he killed one of his best friends before he died, if you can count him as even having friends. No one ever knows what Takuya will do, not even me.

Donsho was a travelling salesman in his past life. He is not particularly evil, for he does not have particularly good powers, and has not been fully corrupted. But he carries a lot

Proctus is a mage by nature, as a child he was part of a travelling band of performers, as a fire eater, but he was killed by bandits with a poisoned knive, Now, his body is enslaved to Ticondrius, he is acrobatic and strong, and loves to use fire in all sorts of ways, but even though he is souless is the most compassionte of all, normally showing blatant emotion at times where no emotion is neeeded.

Kerrigor is a necromancer who taught Ticondrius the secrets to controlling the Arashikage, but lost his soul over it. He is a sick and twisted man who uses the corpses of his friends and enemies for many purposes of the occult. I will not explain them here due to graphic content.

Danaxas was an actor, and because he used many roles, he now uses many forms, he constantly changes, along with his weapon, he rarely looks the same, and his abilities change with all of his forms, leading to confusion amongst his enemies, but making him the perfect soldier. His name means Rose, for his weapons resemble one.

There is a lot of symbolism within the characters that go beyond the rp and into my book, I simply want a partner for this.