m/f oneshot craving

Started by That Girl Analise, July 19, 2010, 07:09:03 PM

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That Girl Analise

I really want to try this plot I have... Someone came to me interested in it, but it never even got started.

I can play either role, though it would be nice to play the more submissive role for once (though, again, I wouldn't mind playing the dominant role here, either. Maybe I'll do one of each)

Teacher and student at (private school/university) have been having an affair for a few weeks now. One day, before one of his lectures, Teacher and Student are having a little fun. They lose track of time, and teacher gets dressed, telling student she is to remain naked under his lectern and is to pleasure him during class. Little does student know, but teacher has a plan, and a fantasy: to fuck his little toy in front of his class.

We can change it so that the teacher does this on a whim, or whatever. would be slightly nc, because it is something that the student doesn't want to do... even though it might turn her on, just a little.

We can start at whatever point in the story you like. pm if interested