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Author Topic: A Memory of Light - Group RP  (Read 584 times)

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A Memory of Light - Group RP
« on: July 18, 2010, 10:43:49 PM »
A Memory of Light*
By Keiro DreamWalker*

War has been raging for the last 50 years in the United States. It is only now that the War is finally drawing to a close. The two sides have called a truce so as to allow both sides to recover and gather their forces. The weariness from fighting such a protracted battle is taking its toll on their armies. The Commander of the army of Ontrose* has decided that it is time to gather a small force made up of the Light's very best, and bring them to the forefront of the War. And, at long last, end the never-ending battle between the Light and Darkness.

To that end, the Commander has decided that it is time to call in the Avatar of Light, who has been previously watching and working from behind the scenes to, at least it appears so to the armies, of little effect, to help boost the flagging morale that the armies of Light is experiencing. They have become disillusioned, tired of the War, tired of the drain on their lives.

Some has wondered out aloud whether all of this was a farce, a dream. Something to be whispered about, around the fires of war and peace. Others have suggested that they are fighting a lost cause, even knowing that once having sworn your oath to the Light, you've forfeited your control of your life to the Light. While the Commander knows that the Avatar of Light is a true being, others think him insane or attempting to manipulate perceptions so that he is seen as one of the most important persons to have ever had a role in the War of the Light.

I'm intending this RP to be a long one, and a very complex one. However, I want to ensure that there's a few things set out in stone for this RolePlay. I do have the general framework of the RolePlay set out in my mind, and I intend to see them come about. I want to make it clear that those of you who join, will need to at least take in mind these factors. Right now however, I've got to put this post down before my muse decides to be difficult and make it take longer to write it all down.

I also will be fleshing this out in the next post, separate from this one, with the plot points and the goal that I'd like to bring about. Offer suggestions and ideas. However, before someone suggests that this be moved to a non-sexual area, I will NOT be asking a Moderator to do that. Why? Because I intend for this to be not only about interactions between the characters as they prepare for the final push, as it were, but also to comfort each other in various ways, whatever that may be, and yes, that includes sex.

I'm not sure how to classify this RP just yet, so if someone can help me out with properly classifying this RP, I'd appreciate it!

I'm looking, specifically for several RolePlayers that can do the following:

Write well.
Be understandable
Be able to help with the plot and even contribute to it.
Be able to work within the framework that I've set out.
This last one is absolutely imperative. TALK to me if you've got issues with how the general plot and story is going.

I have not yet decided on a number of players. I do know, however, that the story in my mind that wants and needs to be written, involves more than two persons, other than myself.

I want this game to be fun and serious, but there will be a two paragraph minimum, and posts do need to be understandable as I stated above, but other than that I'm open to accepting anyone.  Once the roles are filled though that's it, and new players will only be accepted if a taken role becomes free, or if a player decides to leave.

*The army of Ontrose isn't a real army, as far as I can tell. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not. -shrug.-
*However, A Memory of Light will probably draw cries that this is a Wheel of Time story. This is NOT a Wheel of Time story. This story is completely different from the Wheel of Time's plots and the like. If you have an issue with it, again, TALK to me about it.
*The story is mine, and the idea is mine as well. However, I will not infringe on others' rights when authors post, so if you're willing to accept that, we're good to go. Your posts are yours, but I may eventually, at some point, decide to make this into a book.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but if I do decide, I will contact each one of you and ask for permission to use your posts to make the story come alive, as I hope to do so with our writing.

Okay, I think I'm done, for now... but rest assured, I will be fleshing this out in the next day or so.

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Re: A Memory of Light - Group RP
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2010, 11:06:21 PM »
Alright, so I'm fleshing out the roles here, for the roleplay. I know I need at least one female, and one male besides myself to be in this Roleplay. So, here's what I'm looking for.

I'll list the roles and what they are.



Avatar of Light: This role is female. She is the representation of Light, and will not always be seen until the Commander calls her to himself. She will meet the Commander and at that point, decide whether to actively help or to continue helping from the background. But ultimately, the goal here is to show the army that indeed, she does exist. You'll need to know how to use magic, in various ways, preferably those that include the old rituals that Celtics use.

The Commander: This role, I will be taking for myself. It is the role I know best, and can do. Either way, the Commander of Light is a revered warrior, having fought countless battles and done deeds that earned him the title of General of the Ontrose army. (Commander's somewhat appropriate but doesn't really show the rank this character and the importance of the role that he plays in this.)

Healer: This one's pretty self-explanatory. I'm not sure if this role should be male or female. Honestly, this one's pretty much up to you, if you decide to take on this role. You will, however, need to know how to use magic as the Avatar of Light does, but doesn't necessarily include battle magic or the like. You can use your own discretion on how to heal people. ;) (Sex magic, anyone?)

Warriors: This'll be a few people. Again, not too sure on the numbers. You can choose various roles under the Warriors role. Of course, that means you'll need to decide how you'll play as a warrior. Fighter? Mage? Assassin? Things like that.


Avatar of Darkness: Same role as the Avatar of Light, but as you know, completely opposite. This one can be male or female. You can decide how to develop this character and how to play this character. You, as Darkness, have no real restrictions. Darkness is well known for playing dirty. ;)

The Commander: This one, again, is like the Commander of the Light. He has earned his title due to various reasons, not all of them good nor  legitimate. ;) This one too, is perfectly up to you to develop. You won't be restricted in your creativity in this one. ;)

Healers: You'll need healers to heal your warriors, no? Again, how you heal your warriors is up to you, pretty much playing the same roles that the Healers of the Light will be.

Warriors: Same roles as the Warriors of the Light have. How you choose your role is also up to you.

These are the roles I have in mind, today. I may add more as the roleplay starts to unfold, and when the RP calls for it. You can develop all of the roles above that you choose in your own way. I want to see your characters develop to where they get to their roles. Or if they're already at those roles, I want background on how they got there. Bring it into the story. Flashbacks, stories, something that tells us all how they came to be where they're at. :D

With that out of the way, let's talk location. Where we are, how we're getting the characters meet, how they're communicating.

As I noted in the Question and Answers section above, it's based in the US, but there is a possibility that it may go out of the US. I simply do not know yet, but at this point in time for the roleplay, it'll be in the US.

It is essentially up to you to decide where you come from, in the roleplay. Use your home cities, if you want. Use familiar locations that help you write out how and where you'll bring your characters in. At some point, our characters will come together in one single location to decide how we'll come together for the final battle, as it were, and bring it to conclusion.

However, the story will not end there! Let's show what happens to the characters AFTER the battle. I know we've always been curious as to what happens to a character when they've been in such a powerful role as we've seen in movies and books.

Alright, I think that's about it for now, though something still feels missing. I will have to look this over again a little while later to make sure I didn't miss anything obvious.

Edit: D'OH! I know what's missing! It's stupidly obvious now that I've looked for it. I will be adding in the same pretext for the side of the Darkness. This one will take a little longer, as I tend to be in the roles of Light. >_>
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Re: A Memory of Light - Group RP
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2010, 11:10:12 AM »
Questions and Answers about the RolePlay

I will keep this post separate from the main post above so as to keep coherency and to make sure the posts are understandable. All that asked, have been asked to give permission to have their questions and my replies made public here.

[10:54:22PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Interesting, Keiro
[10:54:29PM] <+Keiro> Thanks.
[10:54:41PM] <+Keiro> I have more to write down, but that's about as far as I could get before my muses decided to balk.
[10:54:49PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> *nods* I was trying to get a feel for it, but it's difficult.
[10:55:18PM] <+Keiro> Apologies. If you have questions though, feel free to ask.
[10:56:48PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Mm. I'm not sure that it's you, so much that it's not one of my usual genres.
[10:56:55PM] <+Keiro> Ah.
[10:56:59PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Is this US futuristic?
[10:57:00PM] * +Keiro nods in understanding.
[10:57:18PM] <+Keiro> Partially. It's a mixture of past, present and future.
[10:57:30PM] * Mistress_Sorcha blinks
[10:57:33PM] <+Keiro> There will be references to the past, to the present and the future.
[10:57:35PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> How so?
[10:57:58PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> References, okay. But where will the present time of the RP be taking place?
[10:58:06PM] <+Keiro> By that, I mean there will be, at least for me, a character that will begin to remember more and more of his/her's past, as an example.
[10:58:22PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Oh, interesting
[10:59:10PM] <+Keiro> As for present time, if you really want to have a specific location in mind, there isn't one. The reason why I said United States instead of a specific state, like for example, Texas, California, Washington DC, etc.
[10:59:39PM] <+Keiro> is because I plan to have different characters in different places, from whoever writes them, slowly come together.
[11:00:15PM] <+Keiro> I haven't really decided on where the headquarters, as it were, would be yet.
[11:01:30PM] <+Keiro> If you don't mind, I'd like to add your question and response to the topic?
[11:01:38PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> I wasn't looking for a specific place, more just trying to get a feel for the time period, what the world is like as this point in US history.
[11:01:45PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> I don't mind at all.
[11:01:54PM] <+Keiro> Ah. In that case, it's present time. As in right now.
[11:01:58PM] <+Keiro> Well, sort of right now.
[11:03:15PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Oh. Okay
[11:03:46PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> So, present time AU United States, then?
[11:04:09PM] <+Keiro> Correct.
[11:05:35PM] <Mistress_Sorcha> Okay. That's good to know.

[10:28:01PM] * Calie begins rubbing lotion on her legs. "What else are you trying to flesh out?"
[10:29:37PM] <Keiro> The Dark side, essentially. And how the Avatar will meet the Commanders, for either side. I think I'll leave it up to the Dark Side to decide, essentially.
[10:29:59PM] <Keiro> but for the Light Commander, he'd need to contact the Avatar of Light. And discuss where they will bring their forces together.
[10:30:45PM] <Calie> Are you for or against the idea of old magic. Things that were once forgotten brought back into the light...
[10:31:08PM] <Keiro> I'm for.
[10:31:12PM] <Keiro> I want to do that.
[10:31:31PM] <Keiro> It's why I insisted on Celtic magic, though I should probably generalize it to any sort of old magic.
[10:32:01PM] * Calie nods
[10:32:31PM] <Calie> I like that idea of there having to ba an old forgotten magic and having to re-learn it to contact the Avatar...
[10:33:26PM] <Calie> That way when she does come forward the commander is rather high on her respect o meter
[10:35:34PM] <Keiro> Indeed.
[10:44:45PM] <Calie> Well, I am definitely interesting and like I said, I would be more than happy to help you with the details if you would like..
[02:36:46PM] * Keiro smiles then plays with her hair. "So any more questions regarding the group play?" nuzzles her shoulder lightly, "Good."
[02:38:15PM] * Calie smiles watching him nuzzling her shoulder. "Nothing I can think of just yet. I think I would need more information on what you are looking for. I like the idea of playing the avatar of light. That would interest me a lot.
[02:39:20PM] <Keiro> Well... what I'm looking for is to... essentially bring old magic back to life, so to speak, in the RP, and bring the olden times into now. I know for certain that my character will be of the olden times.
[02:39:54PM] <Calie> When is the game set, future times right?
[02:40:15PM] <Keiro> Current time, alternate universe of the US.
[02:41:57PM] <Calie> *nods*
[02:41:59PM] <Calie> Right
[02:44:06PM] <Keiro> Just to make it that much more interesting. ;)
[02:44:23PM] <Calie> I like that
[02:47:54PM] <Calie> I like the fact that everyone starts in different areas and come to gether
[02:47:58PM] <Calie> together*
[02:48:31PM] <Calie> If I were to be the Avatar of light...I would not be in play for a while, or would you start with that?
[02:48:48PM] <Calie> Cause the way I see it, the battle would be started when he called upon her.
[02:49:01PM] * Calie straddles him as she speaks
[02:50:20PM] * Keiro smiles, chuckling as she straddles his lap, shifting underneath her, "That's correct. That is indeed the plan I have for the Avatar of Light."
[02:50:30PM] <Keiro> You'd not be in play for a while.
[02:50:54PM] <Keiro> however, you could, if you so chose, play as the Avatar of Light but not reveal who you really were until he called upon her.
[02:50:54PM] <Keiro> ;x
[02:51:00PM] <Keiro> It adds a twist to the story.
[02:51:08PM] <Calie> I rather like that. I would get to see how everyone else played. :) I think I am a bit confused on what kind of power she would have.
[02:51:22PM] * Calie wraps her arms around his neck looking at him as they speak.
[02:52:02PM] <Keiro> That's a definition I haven't really hammered down because to be honest... the Avatar of Light would need to know how to use a lot... so therefore, I leave it essentially up to the player to decide how she comes to that Power.

More questions and answers to follow, as they come.
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Re: A Memory of Light - Group RP
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2010, 02:51:47 PM »
Character Roster


Avatar of Light: Calie
Commander of the Army of Ontrose: Keiro
Healer(s): Available
Warrior(s): Available


Avatar of Darkness: Available
Commander of the Army of (name to be given by AoD or whoever's taking this role): Available
Healer(s): Available
Warrior(s): Available

Possible additional roles: Neutral roles. I'm not thinking about this one too far, but it's definitely a possibility.