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Started by MagicalPen, July 18, 2010, 07:40:34 PM

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Not your average ideas. Varied themes, in no order, so skip to the next one if you don't like the theme of the first one!

The Wicked Stepmother

Peter was not happy, not happy at all. The only child, he had been the focus of attention all of his life. He had been devastated when his mother had died a few years ago and now his Dad was dating again. In fact, his latest girlfriend - much younger then him - was moving in to live with them, a wedding planned for the end of the school year, after he had graduated highschool. Peter had never met, seen, or heard about her before. His father was constantly not home, working or doing other things, leaving Peter up to his own devices. For a teenager, that could be a dangerous thing.

He slept around with girls and hadn't had a steady relationship at all in high school. At 18 years old, he wasn't sure what he was going to do with life. He was also into drugs - mainly alcohol and weed - and often smoked in his room. It helped him chill out and get his mind straight. It also helped him draw - his best works were when he was high and art class was the only class he was passing with flying colors in his senior year. His teacher adviser was trying to talk him into going to art school but Peter wasn't really sure about that. He wans't entirely motivated to put in that sort of effort.

Peter was going to be in a shock when he finally met her. She was moving in the night before his father left on a week long business trip. Not only was she beautiful and young, but she was also one of his high-school teachers, some one that had often been the subject of some of his art. She was more then aware of his art work, and how he (and most other guys in the school) felt about her. And she was a woman on a mission.

She knew his wayward ways, the crowd he hung out with, that he drew pictures of her. She was determined to change his ways, turn him into a good boy, a slave to her desires, a college-bound student. She had a very dominant streak in her and had exactly a week to turn things around with Peter. It was a challenge she was going to enjoy greatly.

Looking for a Stepmother/Teacher looking to lay the law (and other things) down on Peter.

Not so Innocent

With her husband away at work all the time, Mary (name can change) found herself very alone. She felt that her marriage was starting to loose its spice and she hadn't been laid in quite some time. It was time for some change. It was her husbands birthday coming up soon she thought it might be fun to get him a calendar of pictures of her, in various states of undress. Maybe it would help spice things up between them.

But she wanted to keep it a secret and do it cheaply. She couldn't do it herself either, but didn't know where to look. Until she noticed her neighbors son next door taking photographs of random things in the yard. He was only maybe ten years her junior and she liked to think of herself as attractive. Putting on a sweet smile for him, she approached and asked if he did portraits. He, of course, did and would do so for her at a very cheap price despite how good he was just a hobby afterall.

They set up a time and she picks out several outfits. Normally shy, she found herself having fun flaunting herself in front of her younger neighbor. She began to flirt with him a bit, the photoshoot starting to go rather well. She teased him with a topless flash or two here and found herself increasingly becoming aroused. Unable to help herself, she takes the shoot down are more raunchy nature, finally ending up naked in the tub.

Aroused and horny, and her young photographer in the same state of arousal, she decides to take things a step further, turning the shoot into a little more hardcore...

Looking for a lonely housewife who is turned on by cameras. This will evolve into a relationship between the two - public fling, the thrill of being caught, doing it on camera. Possibly threesome (with husband) and the like. Can discuss all details.

My On and Offs
When the Ink Runs Dry

Looking/Available for New Games

Le Immortelle

I'm very much interested in Wicket Stepmother. :)