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Started by Deadly Nightshade, July 18, 2010, 02:15:20 PM

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Deadly Nightshade

Hello, I'm looking for someone to play the male part for the ideas stated below. (which change irregularly depending on when I'm hit with a new inspiration)

Some things to consider first:

I'm usually a nice girl, but my characters barely start out that way, at least not on the surface. So, they will talk back and they will most certainly not simply lie down and spread their legs. There is some “conviction” work to be done. Though conviction doesn't equal outright rape.

I don't care whether a guy or a girl is playing the male character in those ideas. It's the character I'm reading about, not the writer.

I have a huge imagination and love to come up with stories. Plain PWP might be fun to read every now and then but I want to write a real story.

I don't think it should be necessary to mention it explicitly but better safe than sorry, so: Please write full sentences. And no chat speak please.

Are you still reading? Good 

I hope here is something that might be of interest for you, these are basic ideas, sometimes I have thought about them in more details, sometimes this is all I have come up with so far, there's always room for discussion though:

Going, going, gone! *NEW
Raised in a life of luxury the last thing she expected was to find herself naked, bound and gagged  to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, to do with her as he saw fit. Always having been proud and defiant she doesn't intend to submit to the man who wants to mold her into his slave. What she didn't expect was that she comes to enjoy everything that is being done to her.

One Year of Servitude *NEW
Her life's been ruled by Murphy's law in the past months: she's lost her job, went through an awful breakup with her latest boyfriend and is close to loosing her flat due to both. Burned out she feels that she needs some time away from it all, not having to worry about what the next day will lash out at her. Angry at a comment her ex made about their sex life she knows just what she has to do: She offers herself to be her best friend's sex slave for the next year.
Despite not thinking she would be up for that life he agrees and they strike a deal: she will obey any order he gives her. Using her safe word will end the deal for good, no second chance. He fully accepts her to scream her safe word before the first day is over. He is in for a surprise there.

Rumors about a marauding army have reached a village and they know their settlement will be the next to be attacked. The army is said to be demons from hell, killing all men on sight and sharing the women with their dogs and horses. For the first time the marauders find the men of the village they attack trying to fight back without a sign of a woman anywhere. Once the last man has died they find all the women  in the largest house. For months the marauders have searched for a place to settle down and with all of the village's women still alive they decide to settle there. Their leader has all the women brought to the village's center and chooses one of the women for himself before leaving the others to his men.

I imagine this taking place in a world where such actions of killing the men/stealing the women is quite a common practice. In a historical setting the rumors about the army are of course exaggerated, in a fantasy setting the amount of truth in the rumors or the wrongs about it can be discussed (maybe the marauders aren't demons but something else, shapeshifters come to mind right away, but there's nothing set in stone there).

Pairings I'm always interested in (Story is open for discussion, feel free to propose something; *would be my part):
abductor/captive* (includes historical settings, like medieval villages being plundered etc.)

Still reading?

If you like any of these ideas or have one you think I might be interested in, feel free to write me.

So, I hope to hear from you soon.


Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade


I love the idea of love and War. I imagine my character being a Clint Eastwood tough guy that hates that he is being cared for by the enemy.
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Deadly Nightshade


Love the school girl caught cheating on the test roleplay!!  If its still up for grabs, shoot me a private message and lets talk about some more of the details!!
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Deadly Nightshade


There are some great ideas there, and if you are not sick of it from having it played too many times I would love to engage in the 'Pure' setting with you.
PM or IM me over yahoo if you are interested.


I'd love to give Pure a go if you're still looking for someone to play with.
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Deadly Nightshade


I'd be into playing a werewolf for the red riding hood idea.
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Deadly Nightshade

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Fantasy role play is what I do best, especially the blood thirsty conqueror style villains.  I'm real interested in the demonic conqueror role at this point.  I have a number of ideas for the character that I think you'd be interested in both personality and demonic appearance, as well as expanded character background.  If you're interested feel free to pm me.
I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.

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Deadly Nightshade

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