Craving: MILF-type scenario [ MUL ]

Started by Hemingway, July 18, 2010, 08:33:28 AM

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Welcome, welcome, to another quick search thread. What am I looking for this time, you ask?

Simply put, I'm looking for something involving ageplay; virtually any MILF-type scenario. I could play both roles, either the older woman or the younger character, and the latter could be either male or female. I have no specific preference for what the relationship between the characters should be, but incest ( mother/son, mother/daughter, or step-mother ), neighbors, student/teacher - anything can work.

Just as long as my craving is satisfied!


Hmm...maybe I play three Middle Eastern/African men who move in next door.  They see your MILFy blonde and decide they are going to have way or another?


Not quite my type of scenario, I'm afraid.