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Author Topic: Picture Plots! [M/F M/M - MUL]  (Read 666 times)

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Offline PureImaginationTopic starter

Picture Plots! [M/F M/M - MUL]
« on: July 17, 2010, 10:38:26 am »
A few ideas of mine that just seem to pop up over night and they won't leave me along until I post them. >_< POST HERE IF INTERESTED!

Disney ALIVE!
- One night in the magical world of Disney, a spell was cast upon the animals of the kingdom. Every animal in every Disney movie suddenly became human! Why was this done? No one is really sure. The creatures have had a month to grow used to their human bodies. Marie, the white female kitten from the Aristocats, is loving her new human form! She can do so much more as a human than she could as a cat! Now that they are living in a human world, they have to do humanly things, like get jobs and go to school. Marie is at the ripe age of twenty one and very much into fashion. She decides to attend a fashion school while she works part time at a local grocery store. After all, her rich Duchess mother wants her little girl to learn that she can't be spoiled forever.

[ Looking for a Co-Worker at the grocery store or just a random customer to take interest in Marie. Male preferred]

Time on the Ranch
A rich spoiled brat of a teen is sent to a ranch out in Montana. He is to spend the summer there learning to make living doing something hard. What he finds there makes him never want to leave. This ranch is full of hot men and one seems to take an interest in the city kid. He shows him around and teaches him all he needs to know...and more.

[ Looking for the Cowboy. Dominant please. M/M. Possible One Shot. ]

Console Outta Control!
As a gamer, you love your console to death. One night, you recieve a mysterious email telling you that in two days time, your console will come to life and do as you will it to. Knowing this isn't true, you delete the email and forget all about it. Two nights later you awake to a mysterious noise in your house. A large light flashes where your console is kept and when you get to the room, the console is now a person! He/She says his/her name is [insert console here] and you are his/her owner. He/She knows a lot about you and is here to do as you please...

PS1 - Female
SNES - Female
Wii - Male
PS2 - Male

[ only those for because I'm picky about the art style. So shoot me. Looking for Owners ]

Possible NSFW so linked
Wash My Sins Away
She had left him when they were teenagers, scared that if she didn't, he would find out what she had done. Years later, she returns to him, a new woman but still harboring a terrible secret. When they were eighteen, she had gotten pregnant. Her mother had forced to her get rid of the child and she had never had the heart to tell him. He is still hurt by what she did so long ago, but he has forgiven her and he slowly wants to put her back together even though he isn't sure why she is broken.

[ Must have a scene like the one in the picture! Male preferred. ]

Other Pictures I Liked but Couldn't Come Up With a Plot. =/

Offline urowen

Re: Picture Plots! [M/F M/M - MUL]
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2010, 10:59:41 am »
I actually like the last 2 pics that you haven't had plots for yet. I was thinking soomething along the lines of a sci-fi space pirate kind of theme for the first one or maybe a hunter/hunted or just 2 dragon knights on opposing forces for the 2nd one. If you are interested let me know, I am  sure we can work something out. I unfortunately do not play dominate, but not submissive. I am a borderliner, or domissive as i call it. Well let me know either here or PM ( i prefer pm but will bookmark this thread just inn case)

Offline Hunter

Re: Picture Plots! [M/F M/M - MUL]
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2010, 12:48:32 pm »
A few ideas of mine that just seem to pop up over night and they won't leave me along until I post them. >_< POST HERE IF INTERESTED!

That's just so annoying, isn't it?   :-\
I'd like to discuss Console Outta Control with you.  (It reminds me of anime called Video Girl AI.)