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Author Topic: The Dreaming Escape (UN, Fantasy 'MagicTech' (airships, etc), heavy magic, etc.)  (Read 562 times)

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(((OOC NOTE: I do not usually care what RL gender you are, but for this game, I would prefer a woman play the role I'm looking for. That being said, any guy should still voice their interest, as I'm not ruling you out. Also, I request you have AIM to plan out our characters and the plot as the game progresses, although this too isn't a deal breaker.)))

In time immemorial there was the Escape, a vast, unshaped expanse unchecked by order where caveman explored the depths of creation. Then came the Elderchild, first Dreamkin of man, an immensely powerful being spawned from the pits of barbaric man’s very potential. From hence he heaved up the Dreaming from the Escape, demanding order from the shapeless extent.

Craving companionship, the Elderchild sought out the most precious jewels to be found in the vast mountains of the Dreaming and made the Motherchild. Her eyes were green-jade, her skin precious lapis-lazuli, her hair fashioned from silken strands of braided gold, her lips fashioned from bright ruby powder, and her heart infused with the very earth that was the core of the Dreaming. She was perfect in all manners.

And then, as the two heavenly beings looked upon the Dreaming, they bemoaned its emptiness. Compelled by a need to create, the two brought Earthly creatures to the Dreaming, gifting them with the Elder and Motherchild’s essence.

But still it wasn’t enough. They could not be content with populating the Dreaming with mundane Earthly creation. So, taking to each other, they populated the four corners of the Dreaming with their wondrous children, the Dreamkin. Gifting their offspring with the ability to create, just as them, they left the Dreaming, heading to higher planes to partake in the joining that spawned the Dreamkin.

As the Dreaming grew and developed, Man, who had been confined to the formless Escape to dream, eventually found ways in to the Dreaming, where they found their ability to manipulate the Escape, the most basic fabric of creation in the Dreaming, was far greater than the Dreamkin.

And so, as scholars, sages, wisemen, and magi began to breach the borders of the Escape and the Dreaming, so too did they bring Human desires, fears, and concepts. Becoming lords of the Dreaming, these men and women crafted vast Empires out of the seemingly endless expanses of the Dreaming, eventually learning how to pass, permanently, in to the Dreaming. And so the Great Incursion began, as the Great Men imposed their alien order on to the innocence of the Dreaming.

The Elderchild, seething at Man’s arrogance, found himself powerless against the ultimate masters of Escape, and so, gathering those few innocent beings that stumbled in to the Dreaming, he gifted them with the Mark of Ages, a powerful sigil that would tap in to the Elderchild’s might and the Motherchild’s connection to the Dreaming.

These few men and women, so named the Sigilbearers, gathered great Dreamkin hosts, and marched on the Empires of the Great Men, toppling the factitious, bickering decadents one by one, until only greasy shadows remained of a tyrannically glorious rule.

With the culmination of the Elderwars, a shattered Dreaming set out to rebuild, locking down the Dreamgates to the tangible reality of Earth, carefully monitoring those humans who found their way in to the Dreaming, ensuring another Great Incursion did not again plague the Dreaming. Thus ended the First Age.

As all good things come to an end, a period of intense turmoil wracks the world. So too did the Peace Times end, with the rise to power of the Great Man, a former Sigilbearer, corrupted by the influences of the dead Lords of the Empires, too powerful to relinquish their hold on the Dreaming. With his vast host of Dreamkin, enslaved to his will, he marched on the civilized realm of King Oberon and his Queen, Titania.

The King, in desperation, called upon the Elderchild for guidance, but found his pleas went unheeded. It had appeared the Elderchild had abandoned the Dreaming and his children. It came as a shock to all, as the Elderchild had never shown any hatred toward his children.

So, fighting a losing war, without access to the Sigilbearers of old, Oberon and Titania sued for peace, granting the Great Man vital Dream Nexus’ and other founts of Escape. The Great Man, forces exhausted from the gruesome conflict, accepted, and the two nations entered a tumultuous period of peace. Thus ended the Second Age.

Oberon, secreting away to some unknown haven, ensured his lands to his wife. Many speculated he could not bear the shame of this defeat, while others believed he set out on a quest to find the Elderchild.

In reality, he had gathered the greatest magi across his Kingdom, and set out mastering the act of Sigilmaking; crafting the Sigil that gives its wielder their power. His cohorts succeeded, and in a desperate gambit, tore down the Dreaming’s outer defences, letting the Humans once again enter the Dreaming upon their waking life’s end. With the weaker, imperfect Sigils, he formed an entire army of Sigilbearers and marched on the Great Man’s territory, striking deep and hard in to the enemies flanks, toppling the Great Man’s Empire in a matter of weeks.

The Sigilbearers, weakened as they were, proved manageable and devote to Oberon, and so he installed them in the Great Man’s lands as Lords and Ladies, Earls and Barons, to govern as an extension of his will.

As the centuries moved on, only minor shadows of the Great Man and his ancient masters attempted to return to power, and Oberon and his Sigilbearers ended their reign as quickly as they rose. With the weakened Sigilbearers also came a weakened influence by the dead Great Men, and very few fell to temptation and greed. But, they were still Human, and as the Human influence continued to expand, the Dreaming shifted, looking more and more Earthly.

With the death of King Oberon, after 1,800 years on the throne, so too does the Third Age die. Heirless despite his years, the future of the throne is in question. Many Sigilbearers, many of which have Dreamkin in their blood, are manoeuvring to take claim, but the Dreamkin will not have a Human sit on the Elder Throne.

 Civil war is brewing, Sigilbearers taking arms with their lands against Dreamkin rebellions, while a different kind of evil brews on the outskirts of the Dreaming, where the chaos of the Escape bleeds in to the Dreaming, the Bordermarches, infecting the Dreamkin and humans with an all too human desire.

While the machinations of the throne and the inducement of new Sigilbearers continue on, a select few are taking notice to the growing depravity and decadence of the once noble, innocent Dreaming. They are quietly being taken care of by the source of this lustful affair; the Youngerchild, immaculate creation gone horribly wrong by the machinations of the still lingering Great Men.

The Fourth Age has just begun in a much changed Dreaming. Sigilbearers are currying favour with the Noble Houses instead of protecting the lands from evil, Dreamkin, peaceful by design, are taking up arms against their protectors, and the few true remaining paladins of the Elderchild are fighting a losing war against a faceless evil.


So, this game is like a typical fantasy game on steroids. Everything is grander, more vibrant with colour, etc. It's an attempt to fuse silly sex-play with a serious story. Your character would be a newly deceased (so you now live in the Dreaming) woman of younger years (anywhere in the 20's) who has been chosen to act as a Sigilbearer for the small sect of Sigilbearers who have remained true to their calling. My main character is a slightly less new-recruit who is paired up with you after initial training. I will also play the majority of other characters in the world.

The Dreaming acts much like real dreams, in that while dreaming, everything seems right. You won't be shocked to learn of a new world such as the Dreaming, and you'll accept your new role as if you've lived their your entire life.

The main villain, the Youngerchild, is a manifestation of the Great Men, powered by the base emotions of man (love, hate, lust (especially lust :P) and the like. Instead of forcing her will on the Dreamkin and Humans like her predecessors, she corrupts them, but in a way that no one would immediately notice. Where the Dreaming has always been free of moral restraints, now there are those who actively pursue in moral issues and the like.

Post here if you're interested/PM me! Note it is not first-come-first-serve. Thanks!
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Re: The Dreaming Escape (UN, likely up to Light Bon, but no more)
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Addendum: This story can possibly contain many unrealistic things, some of which being physical appearance manipulation, macro, futa, etc. However, any of these aspects you are uncomfortable with can be ruled out. I am fully game to play a completely vanilla story in this setting.

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This RP has been taken, however, I'll leave this open for anyone else who may want to drop a note of interest for future RPs.