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Author Topic: The court of Night Blooming Flowers Revisited  (Read 680 times)

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The court of Night Blooming Flowers Revisited
« on: July 17, 2010, 12:47:40 am »
The court of Night Blooming Flowers Revisited

Some of you know me, others, not so much. That aside I offer you a new group RP:


Yes this is a group Rp that will be based completely on Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series.

The game will run almost completely canon to the series save that all characters must be 18 years of age. They will begin the game as apprentices having witnessed  a Showing, wherein they witness a sexual rite between two adepts, as initiation into the arts. A Showing is a sacred ceremony, open to any adepts of the house who wish to see it, and is always the traditional pair of a man and a woman.

The goal of the game will be for the apprentices to earn their marques ( no starting apprentices will have a marquee) and to eventually earn their adept hood ( so yes, there will actually be a goal in sight other than just creative writing.

Taken from the wiki entry:

The marque is the sign of a Servant of Naamah and is a tattoo covering the back from the hollow at the bottom to the knob at the back of the neck. It is said that Naamah in her passion scratched the backs of patrons who pleased her, and that the resulting scars never faded; thus the tattoo is done in homage and remembrance. In the Night Court, each house has its own design of which all of its members wear recognizable variants. Money for the marque is earned when a patron gives a gift (usually of money) that is not of the fee paid to the house but freely given to the adept "in honor of Naamah". This is usually placed in a statue (this can be made of any material such as wood, marble, etc.) of two cupped hands. Each statue is a personal one chosen by the adept.

When an adept has completed her or his marque, and thus repaid to the House the cost of the apprentice's training, she/he is free to leave the House or, as most do, to remain and tithe a portion of their profits to the House. By tradition, the Dowayne of the House must see and acknowledge an adept's marque before it can be recorded as complete.
I am in the process of developing a point system for apprentices and for Adepts as well as patrons of the arts to use. The point system will be set and standardized for everyone to keep track and tally of where they stand.

NOTE: In the beginning of the game there will be NO anguissettes allowed. However, I am working on a way and a method for someone to attain this mote as part of the game (I know, different and odd yes, but bear with me) . It should not be easy, but after that, the price you can command ( and thus the points) can substantially increase. Also, you may be bought and sold to other houses in the course of the game. ( this will be plot driven as there will be a plot going on as well )


The system will be a points based barter system with a regular refresh to certain pools to continue the value and need for more points. Each person will have a running tally, as will the house itself. All meetings, whether Adept, apprentice or patron, will have to be negotiated for some type of fee. ( thus providing many unique ( I hope ) opportunities. I really would love to the see the conversations and negotiations drive the anticipation .)
The goal is to have one general OOC thread and then each house to have its own OOC thread for in house discussions. Trusting that we are all adults and can keep OOc from IC. Any disputes will be in the purview of the GM or staff to resolve. Also a leader board of sorts, to show the rank of the house as well as of the players.

The Houses in service to the Night Court:

The House canon is modesty; the motto is "With eyes averted." Alyssum House holds that when Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she trembled to lay aside her modesty.
The House canon is compassion; the motto is "Rest and be soothed." Balm House holds that Naamah came in compassion when she offered herself to the King of Persis. Balm adepts are skilled in massage, which non-adept students also come to Balm House to learn, and other soothing and healing practices.
The House canon is cupidity and the aphrodisiac power of money. Bryony's are the only adepts willing to wager themselves in the carnival atmosphere of the House; their motto is "Wealth seeks company." Bryony House says that when Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she made a good bargain in the exchange.
The House canon is perfection; the motto is "Without fault or flaw." Camellia House says that when Naamah lay with the King of Persis, her unveiled perfection caused him to go blind for two weeks.
The House canon is pale fragility, fleeting beauty; the motto is "All loveliness fades." During his time, Cereus House only served those of the royal family. Its Dowayne represents the Night Court on the City Judiciary. It is the privilege of Cereus House to host the Midwinter Masque, one of the grandest celebrations of the year. For all its delicacy, Cereus House is also noted for producing individuals of considerable strength. Some adepts find steel interiors after the blush of youth fades away.
The House canon is dignity and regality; the motto is "Upright and unbending." Dahlia House maintains that when Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she bestowed herself like a queen.
The House canon is genius, song, and performance; the motto is "To create is to live." Eglantine sponsors players, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, tumblers, and clothiers. They hold that Naamah charmed the King of Persis with the sweetness of her song.
The House canon is mystic purity of spirit; the motto is "Truth and vision." Gentian House holds that Naamah was filled with such when she offered herself to the King of Persis. Its adepts seek visions and interpret dreams, and some go on to become priests of Elua. Their marques bear a moon-and-flower design.
The House canon is devotion and love; the motto is "Thou, and no other." Heliotrope House holds that when Naamah lay with the King of Persis, she basked in love as in the sun. It is said that if one sleeps with a Heliotrope adept, they will make their patron feel like they were the only one ever to have touched their hearts.
The House canon is pleasure and sensuality; the motto is "For pleasure's sake", and that is the reason they give for Naamah giving her sexual favors to the King of Persis. They are reckoned the most exotic of the Thirteen Houses, with Bhodistani blood in the lineage of the adepts.
The House canon is sadism and dominance; the motto is "Yield all." Mandrake is one of two houses to use a signale, in this case for the patron's benefit. The other house which uses a signale is Valerian
The House canon is mirth; the motto is "Joy in laughter." House Orchis holds that Naamah lay with the King of Persis "for a lark".
The House canon is algolagnia and submission; the motto is "I yield." Valerian is one of two houses to use a signale, in this case for the Servant of Naamah's benefit. The other house which uses a signale is Mandrake, with which it has a reciprocal agreement.
Valerian selects early on which of its fosterlings will remain in the House, and which will be sold to other Houses. Children at the age of six are given spiced candies, and an adept explains that the pleasure from the candy is derived from the touch of pain that the spice provokes. The children who understand this are kept, while the others have their marques sold. From then on no fosterling or apprentice of Valerian is allowed to experience pleasure without pain, or pain without pleasure.

The character:
Depending on interest I will post a character sheet template. All characters will be required to design , or describe their own eventual marque as this is very important to the purpose of taking assignments.  Again, at this point the characters will either be apprentices or patrons. You can have one of each, but you cannot have apprentices in multiple houses ( as each house will actually have various goals and, in theory, themes/plots, themselves.) At this time there is NO character pregnancies allowed. Also.. and very important. Valerian and mandrake houses MUST have signales and they need to be known. All characters are human, it is our goal to really keep that element in game. Mandrake are sadists and will push the limit of pain to an extreme. All Valerian are masochists, but can be broken in some ways.
Plot and Theme:
Again, depending on interest, this will arrive soon. Start time for the game will be August 2nd or 3rd IF this is of interest to anyone.
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