Female seeking Male for a little light fantasy

Started by mieko, July 16, 2010, 05:38:38 PM

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Other than my intros this would be my first post, and while I'm not new to roleplay I'm a little out of the loop and looking for something a little more mild. I like a good plot to go along with my mature themes and  and I don't like the sex scenes to be the beginning and end all of the story. Although I do like them too or else I'd probably not be here ^^.

I have a few ideas that I'll outline below and if you're at all interested , or if there is something long those lines you have in mind that you think I might enjoy please feel free to express that. But for now here goes...

All Taken 

1. This would be in a fantasy type setting, a young elf woman has a bounty placed on her by a man whom she was unlikely enough to cross paths with, someone she managed to cause great insult. She however was not aware of the high position he held and so he's put a bounty out to have her returned. You are that bounty hunter.

2. This is nothing especially unusual. A student (me) is gradually seeing her grades in a particular subject drop and she has no idea why. the reason however is that the teacher (you ) has been steadily decreases her grades and now the only way she can get them back up is through a little extra credit.

3. A young woman works for a catering company which is frequently called upon to plan parties and events for a huge corporation. The man that happens to be in charge of that corporation is quite the playboy, but he has a secret. That secret is that he's not what he seems. IN this case it wold be some sort of supernatural being. The type of being is completely open.  The young woman just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to see this man in his true form, thus is where the drama begins. There's  more to it but if you're interested I can let you know what I had in mind.


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