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June 21, 2018, 01:29:13 PM

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Author Topic: The Old West...Profile Code in First Post! PM or Post in Forum Once Filled Out  (Read 4154 times)

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Offline Carlissa

I'm still confused on my character's outfit! *Cries*

I was going to have her wear all these ball room and evening dresses because of her character and because of all the money she has (Or at least the money her friends have), but Haibane said that would be unrealistic... She has a point, but now I'm clueless on what to do!

Maybe she should just go naked... xD Or where Indian attire... Or maybe something asian...

Is there anything else she could wear besides day dresses and workman-like clothing?

Online Imogen

Hey guys, is there still room in this for a Charles Bronson-esque throwing knife specialist? Mexican, male, silent type but damn good with his knives and guns. Ruthless killer and expert poker player.

Offline Carlissa

Yeah, we have enough space for males, I'm sure Call wouldn't mind! ^^

Online Imogen

Name: Juan Cardozo
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170
Age: 29
Physical Description: A sombrero covers his smooth, blue-black hair. His face is square with a strong jaw and thin lips. He is clean shaven when he's time for those niceties and sports a full black beard otherwise. He wears a worn, colorful poncho over a white shirt, brown leather pants and suede boots that once were brown but now are too covered with dust and grime to sport any recognizable color. Juan is left handed and wears his weaponry accordingly with the gun on his left hip, whip at the right and daggers strapped in a bandolier over his chest.
Weapons Carried: a colt 45 (six shots), several throwing daggers, and a whip coiled at his side.

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Just don't have him using the knives in ridiculous situations where one would obviously use a gun.  Other than that welcome!

Offline Carlissa


Do all characters have to have an offensive skill in their arsenal? If so, can my character have nail polish made of snake venom?

It's possible! They had it in Holes...

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

No they don't have too, it's just it's a rough world so it's a good idea to have a weapon even if you can't shoot a coin outa the air.  And you can have it but it wouldn't work like it does in the movie.  Once it dries it's useless as weapon lol  But the people she tells that too don't need to know that.

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Well, my character probably won't have a weapon.  Maybe a knife.  She's probably pretty handy with a rolling pin.  She probably knows how to shoot a gun, though not particularly effectively.  Being a black woman in a society one short step above slavery days, she has to use other means to get what she wants...or just suffer the consequences of not getting it.

Online Imogen

Just don't have him using the knives in ridiculous situations where one would obviously use a gun.  Other than that welcome!

knives are for silent kills ;-) no worries. Thanks for the welcome !

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Well just a heads up, won't be using those in first round of posting lol  Starting off with a bang really won't do this thing justice... ;D

Here is the link to the OOC Character and RP Thread Itself

The Old West...

The Old West...OOC

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