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Started by Pollydactle, July 15, 2010, 05:12:43 PM

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My summer is calming down a bit now, so I figured I would go and find some role plays to occupy my time with. I generally prefer role plays that are on the darker side of things, but some fun fluff is nice every now and then. I am on frequently and I post as much as I feel is necessary, so that might be a lot or might be very little, it all just depends.

Idea 1: Living at home at the age of nineteen has been rather dull, particularly with only her father around. Most of her friends have gone off to college, meanwhile she is stuck at home with a crappy part time job. Luckily, she starts to talk to her neighbor quite often, who also happens to be a close family friend. Things begin to heat up after awhile, partially because she is bored, partially because she hasn't had a boyfriend in what feels like forever. They begin to have a relationship and she enjoys the experience that happens to come with him being so much older then her, though it isn't all just fun and games. She knows that her dad would be upset if he knew she was sleeping around with their neighbor and his close friend, but they can't hide it forever....

(Could be NC or not, the father can end up deciding to join in on the fun too or he could just be angry and create hostility at home)

Idea 2: She is the most popular girl in the school, he is a bit of a quiet weirdo. She generally just pretends that he doesn't exist, thinking of him as below her. One day, however, he happens to be walking around after school is out and he finds her with one of their teachers, apparently doing some 'extra credit' to help with her grade. Seizing the opportunity he takes a picture of her in the act, then black mails her using it. Now she is all his, unless she wants him to show the picture to everyone in the school.

Idea 3: A princess is captured after her countries long time enemy destroys one of their cities. The King is thrilled with this capture and immediately gives her to his oldest son as a gift.

(Simple idea, but a lot could be done with it.)

Idea 4: She doesn't seem to be good at anything and she is constantly borrowing money from her older brother, spending it left and right on different business ventures and what not. Finally, however, she has had one failed business too many and he isn't about to let her waste any more of his money. So he decides to coach her and set her up for one business that he thinks she might actually succeed in. She is gorgeous and has a great body, so he decides to train her up a bit and becomes her pimp, setting her up with high paying clients and hopefully get all of the money back that she has wasted.

Idea 5: A girl and a group of her friends decide to go up to a cabin for some fun in the snow. One day some of them decide to go on a trip to the nearest town to get some extra supplies and just hang out, leaving behind the girl and one of the boys, who had both still been asleep. When the two of them wake up they discover that they are alone, but not not only that but also that they couldn't get out. After their friends had left a blizzard had started and it was the worst they had ever seen. The boy is thrilled though, knowing that this meant she would have no where to hide and he would be able to do the things he had always wanted to do. She didn't have the rest of their group of friends to protect her now.

Idea 6: A girl is desperate for a job, and seeing her desperation a restaurant owner decides to hire her as a waitress. It seems to be great at first, she gets wonderful tips and the boss is so nice to her. However, she soon discovers why she was hired. The man, knowing that she needed the job desperately, decides to take advantage of her position, making her work 'over time.' He always had her be the only one scheduled for closing and rather then having her spend the time getting things clean and ready for the next day he has her spend it bent over a counter top in the back, or kneeling down in his office. Soon it isn't only him taking part in it, but some other employees, and even eventually customers. It gets worse and worse but she can't do anything about it because she needs the money more then anything.

Idea 7: A girl is adopted at a young age, both her parents having died in an awful car accident. The home she is adopted into was odd, but she always just accepted it, figuring that they were just a strange couple. Soon her adopted parents became divorced and since then the weirdness only grew. She could only take a bath with him so as to save water, she slept in his room so that the other rooms could be used for other purposes, she wasn't allowed to wear much clothes around the house because he said that he didn't want to have to do all of the laundry all the time. It was like this for awhile and she noticed that his eyes were glued to her most of the time, particularly as she got older and grew into a woman. Now, at the age of seventeen, things have been getting stranger again. She thought that it was because she was nearly eighteen years old and would be leaving soon so he was being more protective, but really it was because he was finally going to act on what he had wanted for so very long.

Idea 8: Little red riding hood sort of thing. A girl goes through the woods to visit her sick grandmother, she's followed by a 'big bad wolf', though for this it would be a man instead. He beats her to her grandmothers house, kills the old woman then takes the grand daughter for himself.

Idea 9: A very independent woman is forced into an arranged marriage by her family, who had been afraid she would become an old maid and be a burden to them all. The man that she is forced to marry thinks women are trash, only meant to serve men and have children. When he discovers how his new wife acts he quickly tries to put her in her place, forcing her into what he believes is the womans role.

Idea 10: The family lives deep in the woods and is secluded from the rest of the world for the most part. One day the mother dies of a disease and for years after that the house is very quiet. The two children, the eldest being a boy and the younger a girl, are nearing the age where they want to leave the house but the father is desperate. He makes them both promise to never leave the house. The son, however, wants to leave and start his own family. So the father comes up with an idea, saying that his son and his daughter can be husband and wife and that there's nothing wrong with it at all. After that is done, however, the father realizes that he has needs much like his son and he also looks at his daughter with a new light.

Idea 11: Pine Academy is a very old, very prestigious boarding school for young girls. Many of the wealthy families send their girls there to be properly educated. However, they have run into some problems. The school is proud of its all male staff, but because of its very secluded location and its great distance from any town the men are unhappy, being away from any women that they could possibly spend time with. So the school created a new system. They call it the scholarship program, a highly competitive program that helps girls who wouldn't regularly be able to afford attending the school. These girls are chosen based on their academics, their involvement in school, and most importantly their looks. These girls must do what ever they are asked, and their biggest duty to keep their scholarship is tending to the needs of the male staff. They are lined up on the first day in a meeting and chosen by a male staff member, sometimes two, and they will live with this staff member during their stay in the school and must satisfy their needs. If they refuse to do so then they will not be given their scholarship.

Idea 12: A twist off of Cinderella. The girl had a happy child hood, at least until her father passed away due to illness. Her mother quickly remarried, not able to stand being alone. She married a very harsh man with two sons close to her own age. They never seemed to like her, but with her mother around they were at least polite. But then one day her mother had an accident and passed away as well, leaving her alone with her step father and step brothers. From that moment on they see her as their personal slave, making her do things such as cleaning the house, to other acts that only a woman like her would be able to do.

Idea 13: He is the star of the school and used to getting what he wants. Everyone fawns over him and every girl wants to be with him. Every girl except for one that is. She was new and prettier then all of the other girls, or he thought so at least. He asked her out, but was shocked when she said no and even went as far as insulting him. He thought that maybe it was just a fluke, he would just have to ask again later once she had adjusted a bit more, but he was shot down again. The school star doesn't particularly like being treated like this and so he decides to make school hell for her, setting everyone against her. This is his territory and he won't be treated in such a way. (I see this as being NC, maybe even involving multiple students)

Idea 14: A girl needs a break from the city life and from all of her friends, so she decides to just go camping by herself and seek some solitude. She finds a secluded spot in the woods and sets up a tent. It's great that first night and she falls asleep in her tent pretty quickly, but she isn't alone. Someone else is just outside her tent, and it isn't a bear or anything. It's a forest ranger and she has picked a spot to camp that isn't allowed, but rather then just kick her out and tell her to go somewhere else he decides that he should get something out of it too, and being a forest ranger means that he hasn't really been with a woman in awhile...

Idea 15: They were the cutest couple. Ever since they met in high school they have been together, inseparable and head over heels in love. Most of their friends were very supportive of their relationship, or they seemed to be at least. There was one friend that was less then thrilled at their happy relationship. He had known the girl involved for a long time and had always had a thing for her. She was beautiful, smart, funny.... But it was his best friend that was dating her, which put him in an uncomfortable position. Over the years it only got worse for him, seeing her all the time, imagining himself in his friends shoes. He decides enough is enough and he is going to act on it! While his friend is gone on a trip to Europe he invites the girl on a trip, saying it is with friends and they're going to go to the beach or something, but instead he kidnaps her, taking her away to finally be his.

Idea 16: His daughter was always very naive. She was innocent and unaware of many of the things that go on in high school and even the world in general. After his wife left him he has found himself looking at his daughter in different ways. She was a beautiful girl, growing into a beautiful woman. He decides that he will use her naivety to his advantage. When she turns seventeen he tells her that it's her time to become a woman, and that it's a fathers job to introduce their daughters to the world of adults. He takes her to a hotel and tries to make it seem like something really special, having her dress up and everything. Then, when they get to the hotel, he takes her for himself and takes it upon himself to teach her the ways of sex. He tells her that another part of the tradition is that the girls never talk about it and, being the trusting girl she is, she believes him.

Idea 17: Society is a bit different. In this new society, men have all power and women are considered nothing but slaves, used for breeding and pleasure, as well as any other mundane tasks that men don't want to do. There are some small groups that seem to want to keep giving women rights and treat them as people, but they are being swiftly taken over and broken apart, the women taken into the slave system and forced to join everyone else. These women are often the most expensive for men to buy, considering they haven't been formally trained. It is a challenge, but there are people that can be hired to help with the training and items that can be bought. The challenge can be fun for the men too. One of the largest groups fighting against this new society has finally been taken over, and along with it an eighteen year old girl that is for sure going to sell for a lot. Beautiful and with a bit of an attitude.


I'd like to do idea 2 or 3. They sound fun.

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My first time in this bit of the site to please excuse any mistakes. I really like 2 and 4 they are both very much what I am into. If you like it quite dark that would float my boat to
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Alright, I would be up for role playing with both of you. (:
If you just send me a message we can discuss there.


EDIT: added a few more ideas.


Hmm... I haven't tried anything like it yet, but I'm pretty interested in idea 6.

Scotty Rage

I could actually get into 1-6.  They all seem like they could be fun.  If you want to try one of them out with me just let me know.  ^_^  I also have some ideas on my threads you can check out if you like.


I'd be interested in playing out 5, 6 or 7 with you.  Drop me a PM if you're interested.
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Auiani Koatl

I would like to play ideas 2, 8 and 9 with you. Pm me if you want to play.




Shot you a PM- interested in #11!


I think I'd like to play Idea 6 with you if you're still looking for a partner.


Yeah, sure.
I'd be up for that. (:



Mr. Vyce

I'm interested in #3 if you're still willing to play. PM me if you're interested as well.  ;D