Camp Councilor's Wanted! (MUL: NC, BON, exotic, etc...) F seeking mostly M

Started by Meliai, July 15, 2010, 03:16:41 AM

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Are you a fan of non-con? Tentacle demons and other nasty monsters? How about spanking, bondage, orgies, and rough, passionate fucking? If so, you might be just who I'm looking for!

This game will be rather sparse in the story department; life's been rough lately and I'm just looking for something easy and fun that hits on a lot of my kinks. We'll each be playing multiple characters, but individual scenes will focus on just a few at a time. Loosely inspired by this fantastic picture over at Hentai-Foundry

Here's the premise: Camp Rosebriar makes a bold claim; over the course of a single summer they can transform even the most rebellious girl to a polite, productive member of society. Parents at their wits end submit their daughters for consideration; after an interview with a camp representative, twenty girls a year are chosen and taken to the camp's remote location, completely cut off from contact with the outside world to be “reformed”

For all intents and purposes the camp seems legitimate; they have an amazing track record and the councilors all seem friendly and competent, at least until the last of the parents drive off. After the camp's heavy wooden gates are closed and barred, everything changes. The staff drop their friendly attitude and bark orders at the girls. The campers are issued their uniforms; tiny shorts and t-shirts several sizes too small, made of fabric so thin it's practically sheer, and a thick, black leather collar. Anyone who protests is “helped” into her uniform by the camp councilors, but not before being dragged out in front off all the girls, stripped naked and spanked.

Things go downhill from there; any rebellion is severely punished by the councilors, and it quickly becomes evident that the staff is...not quite human. There is no escape; one determined young woman scales the tall wooden fence of the camp on the very first night, but thanks to the spells in her collar is quickly caught. The girls are roused from their beds and brought outside to witness her punishment first hand. It doesn't seem too bad; the girl is dragged out onto the dock by two councilors and thrown into the lake. She's wet and furious, but no worse the wear - at least not until the tentacles grab her.

Sooooo...there we go! Like I said, mostly smut, not a lot of story. I picture this being a series of scenes with the Councilors abusing and eventually training the girls as the summer progresses. I'd like the councilors to be mostly male, but one or two girls would be great. Types of monsters, powers and anything else you'd like to throw in is up to you; check out my Ons and Offs (in thread and fancy forum widget flavors) to get an idea of what I like, but I'm pretty open minded and willing to discuss lots of stuff so if you're interested please shoot me a PM!
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Lovely choices in art with Kamitora for the inspirational camp idea & Luis Royo if im not mistaken as the artwork for your On & Offs.


Yup, it's a Royo piece :] He's pretty popular around here for obvious reasons and Kamitora's a a big favorite of mine

Anyway thanks for all the responses folks! The spot's been filled.
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