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May 21, 2018, 05:58:28 PM

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Author Topic: Double Helix (Organized Crime Roleplay, all welcome, action, romance, drama)  (Read 482 times)

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Offline DunnuckTopic starter

I want this to be large-scale if possible. A lot of people. Double Helix is an organized crime Role Play set in a fictional version of New York called Nuovo Fiore (New Flower). It is open to everyone and the story is built upon it's characters. You can be anyone from a low level-pusher, to a random citizen who's life has been entangled into the crime, a police officer, a police officer's son, anything. It is meant to be a sort of Noir, but lets see if this goes or dies. The story takes place a year before the opening of the story and several characters will be mentioned. You can take the role of any character except the narrator, and come up with your own way to shape the story to fit what is revealed here. I think this would be an interesting approach to a Role Play. Although I have layed out (part) of the ending, you have complete control over what leads to there. Any plot twists or anything are encouraged and welcomed. Lets begin

December 24th, 2011

"How many times do I gotta tell ya?" Alexis said in his heavy. Nuovo Fiore City accent. "I ain't tellin ya shit, Offica." He said with a middle finger. The officer leaned in, chin resting in his fist. "You're buddy Maximo is locked down. Skye and Migado are dead. Miguel Prado is under protective services. We have two more of your friends willing to testify against you for two murders you didn't commit. You're lookin' at the noose there, Alexis." The light beamed down on Alexis, the sweat from his nerves dripping down his brow. His tan skin looked a bit paler. Yeah, Jacob Denzo told him not to rat. Told him not to speak. But Denzo wasn't there. Denzo didn't know. Denzo was sitting his rich ass up on the hill, watching as his rats scurry for food. "I want my family safe, ya got that?" Alexis asked. "Now I don't want nobody touching my little brother! Ya got that?" He asked with anger. "I will give ya the entire operation. Elijah 'Kido' Geraso, James 'Tex' Geraso, 'Momma' Geraso, and Uncle G. The entire family. I will give ya my boss, Denzo. I will tell you when the shipment arrives, where it's stored, I will tell you where the guns are. I will tell you everything you need for a conviction and more. No Lawyer out of the Hot Spot can save em once I'm done. But I want full protection. And I want asylum somewhere safe for me, my family, my girl, and her family to. Ya got that?" He asked, slamming the metal desk.

"Yeah...I got that." Officer Farellow responded. "Oh so mellow, Officer Farellow..." Alexis laughed.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

One Year Earlier...

"Do it, Alex!" Kido shouted. "Put one right between his eyes!" He provoked. A man was on the ground, hogtied and on his knees with a blindfold on. He was a store clerk, still dressed in his modest work clothes. "Fucking do it, Alex!" Kido shouted again. Alexis held the cold barrel of a .45 against the man's head. What was his crime to deserve this execution? Not paying up? The man had two kids for crying out loud. He had to support them.