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Author Topic: "Killing Kind," espionage/crime thriller, writing buffs welcome  (Read 704 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Welcome to another recruitment thread for the game Killing Kind.  Our game's been around longer than most other group games, and we've got a fun, committed bunch of players.  I'm eager to find more.

The RP is an espionage/crime thriller with major emphasis on tasty writing, rich characters, and lively storytelling.  Sex is very welcome but never prominent for long.  The story is about a band of elite freelance operatives -- assassins, mercenaries, spies, and other assorted bad-asses -- competing against each other for a high-level position in the Russian Mafiya, aka the Bratva.  They have to work together as a team and undertake criminal missions to demonstrate their worthiness for the job opening.  The group has been infiltrated by double agents looking to undermine the missions and take down the Bratva.  New characters join the team as either hero "good guys" or villain "bad guys," but they may have highly complicated morals and motives.

All you need to read to join is the plot summary and character sheets of the current players, plus the most recent handful of posts.  (Feel free to skim, no need to remember everything.)  The rest of the thread is strictly optional reading.

The game is totally free form, but on very rare occasions, a simple dice roll is used to decide the outcome of a conflict.  Minimum post length is one good paragraph of 5 or 6 sentences, and players are expected to post at least once every week or so, with flexibility for occasional interruptions.  Easy, right?  Everyone's encouraged to contribute longer and/or more frequent posts whenever they can, but it's tough to find folks who can manage that for long.  Two caveats:  if you disappear for a full month or more, I may remove your character; and if you leave another player waiting on a response for a full week, I may step in and move the scene along so that the other player can post again. 

You'll fit in well if you can manage the minimum amount of participation, and if you enjoy reading and writing; you'll be doing lots of both.  I will look through your posts and make my best guess as to whether or not you'll fit well with the rest of the group.  I'm no authority on writing, though, and literary ability is no reflection on personal worth, so please don't take it personally if you get politely passed over.  I like chatting with everybody, but I try to RP only with people whose writing excites me in some way.

Have a look:  Game Thread / Plot Summary and Characters / OOC

Then get in touch if you're interested.  PMs are better, but post here if you prefer.  Don't write up a character until I've let you know if I can add you to the game right now.  Some people whom I pass up initially get offered a spot after a little while, so keep that in mind, too.  Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you.  :)

-- Rick
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Offline Remiel

Re: Killing Kind: Call-Out [Version 4.0] (espionage/crime thriller)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2010, 12:16:10 PM »
Every time I see this in the group threads I'm struck by how awesome it is.  However, if I joined I'd probably just drag it down. :(

It's definitely good to see it still going strong, though. :D

Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: Killing Kind: Call-Out [Version 4.0] (espionage/crime thriller)
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2010, 05:30:49 PM »
Thanks for the compliment, Remiel, I'll pass on your kind words to the rest of our troupe.  Anytime you think you can manage our participation minimum, described above -- a mere pittance! -- your invitation to join from way back when still stands.

Either way, good to hear from you.  :) 
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Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: "Killing Kind," espionage/crime thriller, writing buffs welcome
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2010, 06:10:28 PM »
We have a large group right now but not everyone can post as frequently as I'd like, so I'm still looking for joiners.  This is a great game for you if you really enjoy meaty writing and don't mind lots of reading (you don't need to read much of the old stuff at all, but you have to read the new posts closely to keep up with the complex plot). 

Our plot summary is a bit out of date but I'll fill you in on everything you need to know once you're in the game. 

Be forewarned that the bar is high for participants' writing skills, so you may be politely declined for joining, but if you look at the game and think you can keep up with the other players, please get in touch!  I love fresh faces and there's lots of people on Elliquiy whom I'm eager to play with, new and old members alike.  Thanks!
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