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Author Topic: Itching for some mischief! (M/F or F/F, M or F wanted, MUL)  (Read 1401 times)

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With all these scenarios, I'm looking for a game that's light and amusing. The general tone is an arrogant heroine being given her comeuppance. The stories generally involve some sort of prankster - the prankster's aim is to embarrass the heroine as much as possible, not to rape her or to dominate her into meek submission. There may not even be any sex, just a number of raunchy pranks that end up with the heroine in an embarrassing, vulnerable position (and often missing clothing). I'm talking dumping ice-cubes down cleavages or waistbands; itching powder or ants in clothing; painful encounters of rear ends with cacti, teeth, stoves, and then needing to be treated for the injury; wardrobe malfunctions leaving the heroine embarrassingly under-dressed; etc. In many cases, all while in the full view of an audience. On the other hand, sex is not ruled out: the heroine is in an embarrassing, vulnerable position (and possibly missing clothing) :)

For those familiar with the old SHAW stories on Yahoo, especially the Power Princess and Glamour Girl ones, that's the style I'm aiming for.

I'm happy to play either the female victim or the prankster. Similarly, I'm happy for players to play cross-gendered. The tone can vary from Light through to NC.

Where names are given, they can be changed.


A beautiful costumed crimefighter (ie street-level superhero) is being honored by the city for her work. She's been successful, and - publicly at least - she's a paragon, a role-model to live up to: always cool, calm and in control. Those who know her personally find her insufferably arrogant and rather snooty, reveling in her fame and success.

Meanwhile, a supervillain known as the Prankster is incognito in the audience. He has been promised a lot of money to embarrass the city's leading superheroine, and he intends to collect. He has a sneaking suspicion that his patron is the police chief, who's not happy about the media attention the heroine is getting.

(For style and power level, think of the Silver Age Batman (even the campy 60s TV series): fist-fights and silly gadgets, but no real superpowers or guns, and only a passing nod to realism.)


Most of the details in the following are open to negotiation. For example, I've written the rival as female, but it could just as easily be male, or the female rival could have a male colleague.

"One of these days in your travels, a guy is going to come up to you and show you a nice
brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is not yet broken, and this guy is going to offer
to bet you that he can make the Jack of Spades jump out of the deck and squirt cider in your
ear. But, son, do not bet this man, for as sure as you are standing there, you are going to
end up with an earful of cider."
-- Damon Runyon

It was the night of the big fancy-dress party, and Melissa was determined to make an impression. She'd chosen a particularly sexy costume, and everyone had looked at her as she'd walked in with a sexy swing to her hips; the men had kept looking, with varying degrees of subtlety, while many of the women had simply looked daggers.

Melissa had heard of Damon Runyon's warning about not taking certain bets unless you wanted an earful of cider. But when her rival loudly and drunkenly bet a thousand dollars that Melissa would take off her costume in front of everyone within the next half hour, she laughed.

"You're drunk!"

"Maybe. But the bet still stands."

Melissa thought for a moment, trying to see the catch.

"You planning on starting a catfight?"

"No, I don't need to. Nobody will touch you unless you ask them. I said *you'd* remove your costume, and my uncanny mind powers will accomplish the feat. The only rule is that you forfeit the bet if you leave the room in the next half hour."

"Uncanny mind powers? You really *are* drunk! OK, you're on. I could always use an extra thousand."

Melissa laughed. She'd never make an easier thousand!

"And what sort of forfeit if you lose?" asked her rival slyly.

"What, getting me out of my clothes isn't the forfeit?"

"No. You'll be doing that by your own choice."


Her rival looked smug.

"Not afraid you're going to lose, are you?"

Clearly, her rival has something up her sleeve. Given my Ons & Offs, itching powder is an obvious possiblity, but there may be other ones (I'm not counting mind control or similar). It's possible the trick is already underway, and Melissa's costume is pre-sabotaged - or something she ate or drank was.

And what will Melissa's forfeit, her 'earful of cider', be? :)


Laura is the new sales assistant at the prestigious Harman's fashion boutique. She feels a bit smug with herself for landing such a prestigious job. Unfortunately, she's unaware that one of the other employees is a practical joker and into hazing new members of staff.

Alternatively, someone arranges for the (female) prankster to have a taste of her own medicine.


Emma King was the attractive new sports teacher. Being new, she'd perhaps been a bit more strict about enforcing the school rules than some of the other teachers. Her big mistake had been in giving detentions to some of the senior 'popular crowd' for minor infractions of the school's dress code. Now, they're looking for revenge...

(The intent is that they get revenge by playing pranks - perhaps ones that force her further and further from the school's dress code.)


(Inspired by a cartoon.)

Emma King enjoyed teasing the other teachers - and embarrassing some of the older boys  - with her barely suitable outfits: tight skirts, high heels, and so on. But then came the day of the big field trip, which Ms. King had unaccountably thought was the week after. The other teachers grinned at the thought of her trying to walk through woods and fields in her thoroughly unsuitable outfit.

(Will she get help, or 'help'? Will she be able to borrow clothes that turn out to be even worse? Will some of her past victims take the chance to hoist her by her own petard?)


(Based on the 80s movie "Screwballs")

She was the queen-bitch of the senior year. Beautiful, she'd dated most of the best-looking guys in her year, never caring what relationships she broke up in the process. Invariably, she strung them along until they were begging to bed her... then she'd publicly dump them.

Finally, a bunch of seniors decided they'd had enough. They'd bring the snooty would-be prom-queen crashing down. They all put some money into the pot and agreed a plan: the first to get a picture of her caught naked in public would win the prize.


Katrina knew she'd picked the right costume for the party the moment she took off her coat, and heard assorted male (and female!) gasps, and mutterings of 'Wow!'.

She was dressed as a sexy devil. The core of her costume was a shiny scarlet lycra catsuit, sleeveless and high-necked. She'd bought it two sizes too small; the lycra was stretched tautly over her toned body like shimmering red paint. With high-heeled scarlet ankle boots, the short horns and tail were really superfluous.

Her escort was Brad, a good-looking footballer. Not bright, but not stupid either, he could hardly take his eyes off Katrina - and, if the sweat on his palms was anything to go by, he was struggling to keep his hands off her too.

Amanda, Brad's former girlfriend, seethed. Katrina had gotten plenty of attention with her costume; the boys were falling over themselves to gawk at her. Worse, she was with Brad, and the memory of being dumped was still raw and painful.

Maybe there was something she could do...


Rich and beautiful, she loved riding, and the way her tight jodhpurs attracted male eyes. The other riders thought she was pleasant and charming; the stable-girls and stable-boys saw another side of her personality, a vicious bully always threatening them with the sack for the most trivial of offenses - and occasionally following through with her threat.

Now, they'd decided enough was enough...


Catwoman almost purred to herself as she bypassed the alarm system and slipped the lock. Always the same: people put good security on the first floor, but grew more careless the further up they went. She eased her supple body, clad in painted-on black latex, over the sill and into the room beyond.

Unfortunately for Catwoman, the house owner wasn't as careless as she thought. The idea of matching wits against her was...  intoxicating, and the financial prospects of a video of Catwoman being humiliated by his traps had also occurred to him.  He sat at his remote controls, grinned gleefully, and prepared to trigger the first trap.


Catwoman had been a successful arch-criminal for as long as Gotham City could remember. Initially a jewel thief, she now commanded a legion of goons who could do her bidding, and a team of 'kittens' to be her personal servants. She was as beautiful, successful and dangerous as ever.

At least, that's what the world thought.

Catwoman knew she was getting older. She relied on her goons because, frankly, she wasn't the feline she used to be. Rich living had turned her into more of a purring moggy than a ruthless mouser. Oh, she still looked spectacular, easily capable of drawing every male eye in the room, but more and more that was down to her ever firmer underpinnings, the kind that were politely sold as 'shapewear'. Her skintight leather catsuit helped to squeeze her figure into its sexy best, but at the price of restricting her agility even further. Her kittens, who helped her dress, were sworn to secrecy.

But this was too tempting. A rich haul of gems, in a safe whose lock was easy to defeat. That was worth coming out of retirement for, to pull one last solo job.

Unfortunately, she hadn't considered that the weak security might be a trap... or that the owner might have a disgruntled kitten on his side.

(Based on a certain Internet video...)
Mizuki had been offered money to appear in a sharking video... with a difference. The instructions were simple: on a particular day, she was to wear a short skirt, and she'd be secretly filmed as a guy ran up and dumped something in her panties; she was to act like it was itching powder. It was extremely sexist, but the money offered was very tempting, and she agreed. A bit of embarrassment for a lot of money.

She should have read the contract better. First, the itching powder was real. Second, nothing in the contract said anything about her only being attacked once. It was going to be a long day...

Jessica was beautiful, and she knew it. Clubbing in sexy outfits, she enjoyed the attention she got from guys - and the hostile glares she got from any girlfriends.

Unfortunately, tonight was different. One of the angry girlfriends had found a childish but embarrassingly effective revenge - she'd dumped itching powder into Jessica's outfit! As Jessica dug her long fingernails into her palms, resisting the mounting urge to scratch, she was horrifyingly aware she would soon be the center of attention in ways she didn't enjoy. She had to get out of her outfit and get it - and her - cleaned up. She looked towards the club's restrooms, and her heart sank at the size of the queue.

Then she noticed someone watching her with interest... maybe they'd help? Or were they in league with her rival?

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Re: Itching for some mischief! (M/F or F/F, M or F wanted, MUL)
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Re: Itching for some mischief! (M/F or F/F, M or F wanted, MUL)
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Re: Itching for some mischief! (M/F or F/F, M or F wanted, MUL)
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