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Author Topic: Pan's idea board (Female Partners Please)  (Read 717 times)

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Pan's idea board (Female Partners Please)
« on: June 30, 2010, 11:06:02 PM »
*unless it really interests me, although if it does, I probably would have found it and asked for it already.

first off:

From now on if you take longer than a week to reply or do not tell me you're going to reply within a week (and do it), I assume the rp is dead, and I'm going to look for replacements.

secondly, check my ons and offs page.

Here are some rp ideas that I have done in the past, and these rp's I consider either dead or dying, and I am looking for replacements.

1) Paradise Island and Pan's Mansion (Prefer Extreme, can be anything though, Pet Play/ownership, inhuman)
Pan, my character, is a deity. He is a neutral god of creation, love, blood, and chaos. He lives on an Island that he created, and is only reachable by those who intend to communicate with him, or are captured and brought there. Adia, one of his many created servants is typically a free roamer. She is a demon, a Cerberus to be exact, that normally takes on the form of an anthropomorphic wolf. She is a sadist and a masochist, she enjoys hunting down, torturing, raping, and then eating alive other 'weaker' girls. She also sends Pan anthropomorphic slaves that she thinks he might be interested in. Your character is one of these slaves, and is sent to Pan's mansion for servitude. The deal is simple: since your character is under the service of a god, she is expected to do anything he asks for (within your limits of course), and in return, he can provide... well whatever you want with a simple snap of his fingers.

2) Twisted Mind (Extreme, NC, some BDSM, inhuman)
My character starts the rp as a familiar, preferably a dog, and is, mysteriously, transformed by some demonic, alien, or supernatural forces, most likely in the form of a possession, into an anthropomorphic sadist. His mind is twisted with evil and desires nothing more than to bring a rather undeserving vengeance upon his former mistress. He will use whatever force he finds necessary to keep her trapped in her own home, and inflict strict, painful, and humiliating punishments for every single thing he finds wrong with her. Your character is... a big surprise, the former mistress to my former pet.

3) The Price of Freedom (BDSM, light or extreme or anything in between, high fantasy, inhuman)
My character, a human warrior, is walking down the streets of a marketplace to find your character, an elf, for sale as a slave. She is broken down, beaten and damaged by her current owner, who is after nothing more than a quick buck. The sight of her brings my character's memories back of his time serving in combat throughout his life. In the spoils of war against some dark force, the victor claims surrendered and captured female soldiers and civilians as slaves, to be sold and raped, and possibly killed. He buys her, in hopes of saving her from this wretched life. She is a virgin, and will stop at nothing to preserve herself for some-one she desires to give herself to. He plans to take her back to her home-world, but she doesn't trust him one bit. As they go on, they find out more about each other, and that their paths may have even crossed before in combat against a common enemy, the drow hordes. this rp would involve a lot of time not in sex scenes, and more time playing out the adventure. If you enjoy a good story over mindless sex, this is your rp.


I haven't done any vore rp's in a while... I'm looking more for hard, realistic vore with anthro's but I'm open to anything you have in mind.

I play either male or female characters with vore rp's. No bestiality, all anthro species and such.

I am honestly open to just about any ideas, so please share. Some ideas I have thought of and done in the past are...

1) A violent demonic character chases down a human character and eats/rapes/kills them. The demonic character get them to sell their soul, meaning that the demon now owns them in hell. This rp is meant to be able to go on afterwards.

2) A violent demonic character (prolly the same one) meets another violent demonic character, and they have fun with each other.

3) A predator anthro species chases down and eats/rapes them, maybe leaving them alive. AKA: a lion versus a zebra.

4) A dragon (M) hunts down food and decides to play with his food. Same dragon also looks for a human female to impregnate (this is the only pregnancy rp I've done, it's more just for story, I don't like to rp out the pregnancy). Same dragon provides the human female with food from his 'hunts'.

5) A predator species, a very notorious one is overtaken and defeated by stepping out of their element. This rp may also include lots of intense combat. AKA: a land or sky species getting attacked by a shark. Different combos In like with this one are:

Dragon x Shark (preferred)
Gator/Croc x Shark (I know this wouldn't happen but use your imagination)
Wolf x Bear
Wolf x Lion
Wolf x Tiger
Any Pred x Demonic
Bear x Dragon
Mediocre Pred x Giant Spider (never done with spider or bug partner... want to try)
Mediocre Pred x Large Snake

Some typical prey species I'm interested in:
Deer, rabbits, zebra, antelope, cow (please no fatness), sheep, skunk, small cats, foxes
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Offline PantheanTopic starter

Re: Pan's idea board (Female Partners Please)
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 12:38:49 PM »
It looks like plot number two may open back up soon, as I haven't gotten a response in a few days, and at the same time, a plot that I haven't posted yet will open up.

4) Milk or Steak? (Extreme, BDSM, lactation, inhuman furs, pet play/ownership, NC, humiliation, possibly realistic Hard Vore, some fantasy)
In this rp, I will play a 18-22 year old human who lives in a modern times fantasy world. This person decides that he wants to buy an cow (anthro) to chop up and serve for dinner for a few days. He goes to a moderate sized farm, and purchases a cow that the owner is willing to sell for food. Your character would be this anthropomorphic cow; she is kind of scrawny looking, and does not produce enough milk to be profitable. My character takes her to his beach front home and locks her up in an outside kennel that he has built. He explains to her that he plans to execute her and eat her. She begs him not too, and swears that she's much more valuable to him alive, able to both produce milk and act as a sexual servant. He accepts, but requires a certain amount of milk from her a week, and if she cannot produce, he kills her.

About the world: (Disclaimer: this is entirely fictional and any use of real life groups, celebrities, and events are mock ups of the real thing, they are obscured to the point where they can be considered comical, and should not be taken seriously at all)

The world is a few years into the future from our modern day Earth. The premise of this semi-sci-fi is the presence of anthropomorphic creatures. In 2016, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group launched a set of experiments to determine possible ways to reduce the amount of mistreatment towards animals. They discovered in several surveys and studies that if animals appeared and acted more human, then people would be less likely to mistreat them. So, PftEToA put a group of mad scientists and some hollywood directors to work on turning everyday animals into near human animals; anthropomorphic species were born. In 2018 however, their research was stopped by the government, mainly the president of the United States, on the grounds that such experimentations were crimes against nature, and that more money needed to put into research for alternative fuels and space travel.

There was one problem with this: there was already a considerable population of anthropomorphic species, and they were sentient. With no legal rights, and still considered animals by law, they were flushed into lives of servitude and continued experimentation. In 2022, a new Presidential election was held, and in the following January, the wild card president passed a bill that allowed all anthro's to develop as a species. This bill however merely gave them the right to breed. As the anthropomorphic races developed, so did the world's food supply fall. Many anthropomorphics are very similar in mentality to their animal counterparts, and so, lion, tiger, shark, and other carnivorous predator anthro species began attacking and killing off others for food. New laws were issued in order to keep this new form of life in check. All anthropomorphics were to be considered slaves in 2025. Essentially, they had lost all rights and were labelled as a threat to the human race. Capturing and killing them was encouraged world-wide.

By 2030, the anthropomorphic population was considered in check, and the world found a new way to balance them into the global environment. Anthro's assumed the roles of their animal counterparts in many ways. A new circle of life was established; cow, sheep, pig, and other farm animal anthro's were kept in farms, and produced food which would in turn feed the starving population of the world, and furthermore be used as food towards predator species as well. Their anatomy was mostly human, but it was found that their genetic and biological factors made their muscular composition perfectly similar with their animal counterpart. In 2035, the industry was full blown, and the human race was back in control once again. There was corruption in it however; being part human, these anthro's could breed with humans, and were sexually similar to humans. They were not only being used as food, but as sex slaves, which probably would have been the better fate anyhow.

New laws that more carefully gave anthro's rights came in to play; because for some reason, sex is less acceptable than violence and gore and death. It wasn't so much that, it was the underage factor. Slave anthro's with no rights were continuously targets of sexually assault that is considered disgraceful in all cases. All anthro's were given the right to live and act as they pleased up until the age of 18, slave or not. Once 18, they were considered slaves again, and had to serve however their master or mistress required. They were allowed to participate in human society if free, but were still required to remain under constant check by authorities. Anthro's born free were given all the educational rights as humans.

The modern society is now stable. The personality of anthro's varies between races and slave status. Most prey species that are slaves meant for food have a common mentality that they have no control over their life, and will not defy execution; at the same time however, they do fear it constantly, and will try everything they can to get out of it without attacking their would be executioner. Most cat, dog, and other "house-pet" anthro slaves are rarely under the threat of execution, and live comfortably doing whatever is requested of them. Predator anthro slaves have the mentality of fighting their way out of trouble if they sense it; they can be meant for food, but will not go down so easily. Most of the time, these anthro's are used for entertainment, like gladiators were once in Ancient Rome. Free anthro's are often neither hostile nor submissive, and act as regular human do. Predator anthro's that are born free are the most dangerous, and often get executed for murder and violent aggression. Other born free anthro's tend to act normally as humans do.

!!!! If you want to do a different rp in this world, let me know !!!!
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Re: Pan's idea board (Female Partners Please)
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2010, 08:08:36 PM »
Twisted Mind and Milk or Steak are both now re-opened.

Also, if you are in to extreme kinks and enjoy group roleplays, check out Hell
We are in need of more slave characters at the moment.