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Started by Drow Denizen, July 11, 2010, 07:10:09 PM

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Drow Denizen

These are general ideas, if you're interested in one, PM me and we can expand it to fit your On's  :-)
Thanks for reading.

Name: Unknown
Theme [NH / ...] Drow
Setting: Forgotten Realms
Plot: Wanting drow stories. I have a range of different ideas here, basically I’d like to hear from you in a PM what kind of story you’d be interested in playing, and then go from there. And please, no good drow, they're meant to be evil.

Name: Con Man at the Country Club
Theme: Bored wife meets excitement in the form of a con man ([Van or NC])
Setting: Modern
Plot: A bored young woman is in a loveless marriage. She doesn’t work because her husband expects her to be socializing with the town elite. She happens to catch a charming gentleman in the process of conning either other members or the club. She confronts him and he convinces her to keep his secret.
She’s bored and looking for excitement in her life. So slowly he starts to get her in on his act, using her as a distraction during his cons. (If you’d prefer an NC story, he could at this point start blackmailing her with the fact that she’s now an accomplice).

Name: The Contract
Theme: Man makes deal with a succubus.  [Ex, probably female dom]
Setting: Medieval or modern with fantasy elements (duhh, succubuses) or straight Fantasy
Plot: A man makes a deal with a succubus for power (political/financial/etc.) She decides that his soul is not much of a bargaining chip, as it is impure with greed. Instead she takes her pleasures with him.
Possible story elements includes him having a neglected wife, the succubus doing what she can to ruin their marriage.

Name: New Endeavors
Theme: Young woman opens new store, makes friends with a customer. [Van/Human Solos]
Setting: Modern
Plot: Young woman opens a clothing store and makes friends with a frequent customer. He helps her out by telling friends and family about her store, attracting much needed customers. Develops from there to a romance.

Name: The Guild Initiate
Theme: Young woman joins the thieves guild and is assigned a partner for her first job. [Van/Human Solos]
Setting: Fantasy (or Medieval)
Plot: They’re given a job to knock over a noble mansion. The mansion is hosting a costume ball, so they will have to forge invitations or gain entry some other way and blend in with the other party-goers.
After a (un)succesful they will find be assigned new jobs.
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