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April 11, 2021, 05:08:25 pm

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Author Topic: Immortal (female _characters_ preferred) - love/hate and violence RP [EX]  (Read 596 times)

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Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Along the more extreme lines of an RP, I am looking for a one-on-one game focusing on a love-hate relationship between two preferably female characters.
The roleplay should focus on a love and hate relationship of the two main characters, who have fallen for each other, but at the same time at least one of them wants to literally destroy the other without ever pulling it through, mainly because both main characters are by some means more or less immortal.
Main elements would be heavy violence (blood and gore, death, only temporary in each case) and mutual love and abuse, as well as facing outside threats together.

For more details check my Ons and Offs.

The setting is open to discussion. I like modern elements and fantasy (and mixing them both) so something vaguely superheroic comes to mind, but fantasy or scifi (with fantasy elements) are also more than welcome. I also am inspired by anime and manga (the character presented below possesses a manga-background-version hand-crafted to the Claymore manga for example).

A sample character is provided below, other characters can be found in my ons and offs post or can be discussed. As partners original as well as canon characters are accepted, and I surely have also some suggestions, if you want.
I play on forum, but also would enjoy an RP via PM, email or messenger.

Example character for such an RP:
Tanya - Maiden of Thorns

Looks and Attire

Tanya usually wears nothing more than a strange cloak which falls down her back to her thighs. The strange cloak consits of something that can best be described as metallic ribbons. Sometimes, when she feels like it, this cloak covers her front as well as her back, but most of the time it leaves her mostly exposed.

Usually Tanya does not wield an obvious weapon except for sometimes a bastard sword, an artifact acquired by probably non-consensual means.

Tanya stands about 5' tall. She resembles a human of maybe 20 years, though her lolita like built make that a bit hard to pinpoint. The pointy ears give away her elven origin.


    *  Enhanced physical strength and dexterity. Even in her human form.
    *  Regeneration
    *  Healing others, by driving tendrils from her body into another's body and infusing it with her blood. A very painful process
    *  Morphing parts of her body into blades or weapons
    *  reading energy flows

The actual amount of Tanya's power depends on the roleplay and outlook. The goal is an interesting, dynamic scene, after all.


Tanya is, like all the other fey, a creature of technology, not of nature. Her body is composed of nanomachines making up her structure.
She was sent to earth as an advance guard, to scout and weaken earth's defenses and she managed to "get rid" of a few important players (scientists and military personell) before she was discovered.
Tanya was taken, questioned and examined. She was literally taken apart, her programming (you might say her nervous system) was analyzed, not with too much success. The process was extremely torterous for someone who can heal almost anything. And although the procedure was not successful for the scientists, it corrupted Tanya's programming.

In a violent outburst she set herself free. Her whole body transformed into a mad amount of shards and razorsharp tendrils and ribbons, cutting and destroying everythign in her wake.

She escaped, but her body and mind were not the same anymore. She is still prone to sudden outbursts of violence and believes she needs to find a partner at the same time weak and strong enoguh to suffer and survive her outbursts in order to restore herself. But that is probably completely mad, isn't it?

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