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Author Topic: Tungsten's Solo Showcase  (Read 509 times)

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Tungsten's Solo Showcase
« on: July 11, 2010, 03:14:24 PM »
I'm looking to start a game or two on here. I like a good balance between in-depth storytelling and sexual encounters, and original plots are something I crave, as regular pairings and standard scenario's are something that tend to be boring if they don't have an original spin to them. I have no problem with people giving short replies, but a little grammatical correctness here and there is appreciated, as is trying to add to the story, instead of just following my lead.

Plot summaries

The house on Moore Hill

In the late thirties, a couple moved into a manor just outside of town, on Moore Hill. The house had always been rumoured to be haunted, and was said to have been built on an ancient religious site. People have constantly reported sightings of abnormalities around the manor, but they increased after Mr. and Mrs. DeSirre moved into the place. Some months after the move, adolescent girls started to disappear from the town. At first, it was thought that they had simply run away, or eloped, but as time passed and more girls disappeared. Police investigated the case, and found some evidence pointing to the DeSirres, but not enough to accuse them of everything. One December night, after a local reported loud noises from the manor, police went to investigate. Upon entering the manor, they found Mr. and Mrs. DeSirre in the living room, both had cut each others throat.
After decades passed, the manor came into scope again, as adolescents started using it in a kind of rite de passage. Sent in by two's, they would be charged with the task of spending the night at the manor. This time, a young man and woman are sent to the house on Moore Hill on a certain December night, armed with nothing but a flashlight. Will they survive the night?

[The plan would be to have weird things happening that are connected with the DeSirres. Disembodied voices, strange words and texts scrawled on the walls and floors and perhaps even some sightings of otherworldly beings. As the night progresses, the two are drawn into the mystery behind the deaths of the DeSirres and maybe find out what happened to the disappeared girls all that time ago.]

The sky is made of crystal

Earth is no longer the lush planet it was. Concrete and steel have replaced trees and grass. Surveillance drones now flit through the sky where once birds would have flown. Earth no longer exists. In the Sol system, the third planet from the central star is known simply as Prime. Legend holds it was the place where humans originated from, although the truth of this has been lost in time. Now Prime is merely another trade hub, rife with corruption and crime, nothing different from the rest of the galaxy. The city planet has become known for its underground debauchery, turning a blind eye towards extreme forms of forced prostitution and trafficking in illicit holodrugs. Although nobody in the higher regions seems to be able to notice, the lower levels of Prime are in a constant state of war. Gangs or smugglers, robbers, slave traders and cutthroats vie for power on the ruined streets and living blocks of Underprime.
In the middle of the gang warfare and moral decay are two people, each from a rivaling faction. They have fallen in love and are determined to flee from the wasteland of the lower regions, hoping to make a life for themselves in Prime proper, or even Upperprime. But to do this, they need credits. Using their wits, they have to make money on the mean streets of Prime, all the while avoiding contact with their former factions. They are on their own, against the world.

[Dealing in drugs, selling our or other people's bodies, resorting to robbery and extortion, everything goes to get enough chits to get out of Underprime. Going independent will not only make them more vulnerable, but also invoke the rage of their former factions, who may or may not hunt them down. This is supposed to be a high energy game, with lots of twists and turns, very little time to rest and with death always just around the corner.]


For these I would be looking for a female, or someone playing a female. Roles with an asterisk (*) are those I would prefer to play.

  • Adulterous aristocrat* x newly hired maid
    • This would probably be in a Victorian or pseudo Victorian (read: not historically accurate) setting, or perhaps something akin to late Middle Ages/Renaissance.
  • Exploring adventurer x Mystical temple guard
    • I would envision the temple guard being a kind of immortal creature, charged with the safeguard of the temple. The adventurer is of course after some relic kept in the temple and might need to resort to... unorthodox methods to overcome the guard. I would think this would be either a fantasy setting, or a fictional location in the real world.
  • Barbarian warlord* x slave girl
    • This could either be in a historic setting or a fantasy one, but preferably something low tech and/or low magic, like the early Dark Ages or even earlier.
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Re: Tungsten's Solo Showcase
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2010, 03:06:36 AM »

Pairings added.