Passion of the End Times~seeking partner

Started by PinkSuccubus, July 10, 2010, 05:53:47 PM

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Again do I attempt to make a game that sparks of my own interests, but does not seem to tailor to everybody else's. I personally think that it's a lovely idea. The tooting of my own horn being completely intentional. This is a sci-fi political-fantasy and may seem to lead in only one direction but that depends on you, doesn't it? I think the potential roads we can walk are exceptional. It is similar, I must admit to another game I did that probably passed you by. It isn't the same world though. It's less defined and more open to your history-altering. Enjoy!

Here I am including the opening to my game-to-be. It clears up the basics of this alternate future but is subject to interpretation. Yeah!

You can choose to play as either character. I am certainly willing to try both, though I already have my own ideas for the Imperialist. PM me if you show mild signs of interest. Thanks and have a wonderful read! Peace~Love.


The year is widely unknown to the greater sections of humanity. The solar system has now been colonized to to include Mars and Venus, but the overpopulated planet Earth has become no less of a violent and despicable. The globe was conquered by advanced aliens in the year 2012, but they departed, leaving the earth in the hands of a small minority of socialist technocrats. Their own regime was violent and it's influence spread quickly. Soon the earth earth had become a unified communist republic.

Now most families go hungry and spend days in the queues to receive food. The alternative is piracy. The words 'revolution' and 'liberation' glorify the marauders. They are every bit as cruel and as malicious as their imperial counter parts.

This time a raid on NeoParis has given the revolutionaries something of great value. Out of 1369 civilian and imperialist casualties, the revolutionaries managed to take one prisoner. They had captured the commander of the secret police force in Europe and likely candidate to become the next head of internal security.

Back in the jungle headquarters of the revolution>>>>>>
Do What Keepeth Thou from Wilting, Shall be The Loophole in the Law