SG1: Return of the Goa'Uld [Male wanted. CameronxOC/Update]

Started by PureImagination, July 10, 2010, 08:31:51 AM

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Okay...So...I really want a Stargate RP at the moment. I lost the one I was currently in due to real life restrictions and all that jazz. I'm really in the mood for some Cameron x OC loving. For those of you who don't know who Cameron is, here is the Wiki link.

I've got a plot in mind and I'll lay some of it out for you.

He had done it all. Cameron Mitchell had saved the world numerous times and no one on the planet outside of the SG program even knew it. Lately, someone has been leaking information about the Stargate to civilians and more and more people are starting to ask questions about it. While on leave, Cameron decides to stay in Colorado Springs, near the base just in case something decides to happen. With the other memebers of SG1 busy with their own lives, Cam finds that he has a lot of free time on his hands. Fall semester is starting at the nearby college and he finds himself walking around with the students one day. He bumps into a rather pretty girl who introduces herself as Riley. She is going into astronomy and looking to get a job at the base. Despite the age difference, Cameron finds himself attracted to this younger female [she is 22 while he is about 33]. They begin to date and then all hell breaks loose when the Goa'Uld invade Earth without any warning. Their first target isn't someone high in power, its little Riley because she holds Cameron's heart and he is the only member of SG1 left on the planet...

So yeah...that is basically it. I might also do a different pairing. Post here or PM me.

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Other Plots::

AU Cameron x OC : Taming the Wild

Riley Whitlock is a pretty little thing from Austin Texas. She is fiery and untamed by anyone. Riley has never held down a serious relationship in her entire life. The longest she was ever with anyone was six months. Her twenty third birthday is approaching and all around her, her friends are settling down. A few of them are even expecting kids! Knowing she can't keep the party life up forever, Riley decides to go to a speed dating event where she meets a military man by the name of Cameron Mitchell. The two exchange numbers and start talking over the phone. Riley knows he is divorced and all, but she really likes this guy. Maybe he can settle down her wild ways and finally tame this Austin born mare.

Cameron x OC : A New Recruit [possible one-shot]

Samantha Carter has left SG1 to be with Jack O'Neil. The team needs some new female blood because Vala just isn't smart enough to take Sam's place. That is where Riley Whitlock appears. She is a hot piece of ass with a brain and all the guys around the base seem to be drooling over her. Of course, she only has her eye on the one man who wasn't paid any attention to her, Cameron. He could care less how pretty she is. He just wants to see what she can do in the field since the Goa'Uld have shown their faces once more. While out in a recon mission, the two get seperated from the group and aren't able to find their way back to the Stargate. What happens next is entirely up in the air.