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Author Topic: Eternal Demands: 1x1 [Seeking M]  (Read 589 times)

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Eternal Demands: 1x1 [Seeking M]
« on: July 08, 2010, 01:22:49 PM »
Ons & Offs

Side Notes: I have a link in my signature, you can go check that out.

Looking For:
-Story-driven roleplays
-Doms or Subs, both males
-Opt: Bondage
-Other things will be listed next to the roleplay titles

Roleplay Ideas

Side Notes: If they have a line going through them, they are taken ideas or are being used and I'm not looking for them.

More Than You Can Bargain For: Action/Fantasy/Adventure/Romance/Light/Seeking Dom M
Taken from her home, there's one woman who lives in a tavern with her ''owner'', a wretched lord overseeing a ring of thieves and criminals. When he comes to his wit's end with her, he decides to try and bargain her off as best he can. But that problem begins with not many want her. Beyond her lean figure and easiness on the eyes (when she's not staring you down), she's rebellious, stubborn, and untamed. So what it comes down to, is he waits for a willing traveler to pass through the tavern. And he makes an undeniable offer. A gamble. To play game of chips and money. The prize if you win is a great heap of two hundred gold coins. The loss is you are forced to take the woman from the thief, and she will be entitled to you.
A loss is what you get, and the burden is now yours. But as you travel with this woman, you learn far more than meets the eye. She's got secrets; and one reason the thief truly wanted to get rid of her is that she's being hunted. Secrets unfold and the world around you changes, as this mysterious tavern bargain takes you for the ride of your lifetime.

What Has Been Stolen: Action/Fantasy/Adventure/Romance/Light/Seeking M Dom-Switch-Sub (any of the 3)
A infamous thief has entered your town. You are one who maintains decent wealth, and you feel a bit threatened. And for good reason. One day a slender young thief with a smooth somewhat feminine face, appearing to be male though, breaks into your home. He takes something precious to you and flees. But it isn't over. You catch him in the streets and fight, and he's taken to prison. All you learn is that his name is Ethel.
A week passes, and the night is rich and deep. Suddenly, trouble comes once more. You hear strong banging on your door and open it to find that the thief is back. This time though, he's got a Basilisk on his tail; a Summoner hunting him. He slips inside and battle commences, and the Basilisk even faces you. But when the authorities come, you realize that Ethel has framed you for a crime, and even the summoning of the monster. He escapes, and you have no choice but to flee, hoping to follow suit and get your revenge. But one thing surprises you.
When you find him, it is not a him. Ethel strips away his clothes to be instead a lean woman with a tight wrap on her chest and her long hair pinned up and covered in a tight brown cloth. Your life is turned upside down when you learn her story. Her name is Ethelia, Princess of a foreign kingdom who was framed for the murder of her mother, and is being hunted by the true murderer. Dare you help out this street scum that was once a daring heiress, or let her find her own way about life, continuing her crimes to survive.

The Arcane Compromise: Action/Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Possible Romance/NC maybe Extreme/Seeking Male Dom or Switch, preferably Dom
There's a dark realm beyond life itself, where the supernatural exists. But this realm, called the Cimmerian Realm, has been ravaged by a policing force of evil called the Cimmerian Watch. And these Watchmen are hunting and capturing everyone. They are searching for the violet colored orbs that contain powers unspoken of, though no one knows how to unlock the power.
A place called the Dark Auspice is where Collectors are. They wait for the Watch to bring in people who hold the Ombra orbs. These Collectors are dangerous, unique people who torture people and tend to punish the people who come in. But should that person survive after turning in an Ombra, they are guaranteed protection from the Watch for the duration of their lives. So, in a very great way, it is very worth it to go out and search for the Ombra orbs and turn yourself in.
One woman has come to turn herself in, and she bears three Ombra orbs. But she slips away from the crowd and finds herself coming upon a lone Collector. She tells him of the orbs she has, and that she can lead him to more. But to avoid the straight forward path of examination that all usually went through, she made a deal with him. She would give him one orb for return and two for his own keeping. A deal unable to be forgotten or left, he tacked on sex. The Collector wanted to feel her heat, even once, right then. At first she is unwilling and tells him no, and he points her into the direction of the path, but her secret forbids her that route. So she unwillingly gives herself to the Collector, and as fast as that, she is hiding under his wing to avoid the other Collectors and leading him out towards the other Ombra orbs. The only thing he doesn't know, is that she is an Assassin for the people.
The story can go many ways from this. She pulls him far enough away that she can turn the tables on the Collector and begin to take revenge on him. Or he can keep her like a puppet and keep on repeatedly breaking her down until her resistance is failed and she feels her job is done for. Or a romance can come into play, etc. etc. Bigger plots lie in waiting, but those are for me to know and you to find out ;)
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Re: Eternal Demands: 1x1 [Seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2010, 06:00:34 PM »
Updated with: "The Arcane Compromise"