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Author Topic: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)  (Read 743 times)

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Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:47:11 AM »
Here is a direct link to my Ons/Offs (also found in my sig, along with my intro thread, in case anyone is interested in reading that). Please read over them before deciding whether or not you think we should RP together. Thank you.

The Wall Of Text Errr… My Plots

Plots: Here comes the wall of text. You’ve been warned. Lol. But don’t let it scare you away. Please. These are a mere slew of plot ideas, thoughts, what have yous that have run through my brain over the course of a very long time. I figured I might as well document them all for people to browse if interested. My ideas don't stop here of course. And there are always cravings that pop up that will need satisfying as well.

To Break Down The Walls (Post-Apocalyptic; human/human) ~
The world is no longer green, water has become scarce, creatures roam the lands feeding on anything that moves. A remote sector's resource supply is diminishing, so they need to send people out to a neighboring one to replenish their dwindling supply. A group is formed and they head out into the treacherous wastelands to make the journey to the nearest sector that has more resources than they do. On the way, the group is attacked by creatures. Everyone dies, except one girl. She is saved by a lone wanderer and it's up to him after he saves her whether or not he wants to escort her the rest of the way to where she's headed or go his own way instead.

Consequence Of Choice (Medieval/Fantasy; human mercenary/human priestess) ~
A priestess of the Girion Order must make the pilgrimage from the city of Girios to the city of Seras (the deity Girio's most sacred city). Fearful of the journey, the priestess reflects on her situation to help prepare her for what she must do to become a full-fledged priestess of her order. When she finally leaves, she's excited about the adventure it will bring her, though she is very naive of the outside world. On the way to Seras, the priestess and her entourage are attacked by a group of marauders. The entire entourage is either killed or has fled and the only one left is the priestess herself. The marauders kidnap her, but among them there is one man who has a sense of honor. He ends up freeing the priestess and then must decide whether to escort her the rest of the way to Seras or not.

To Train A Dragon Rider (Medieval/Fantasy; human warrior/human princess) ~
War riddles the lands between the neighboring countries of Azur and Pheir. Their front linemen are dragon riders. So it’s become custom that every five years a lottery is drawn to see who will be the next in line for training to be a dragon rider. The people chosen to be in the lottery have always been common folk or those with great fighting skills, though the king vows that everyone, male or female, regardless of race, creed or social class, is placed in the lottery. Wanting to do something to help in the war for her country and knowing full well that her father has never once placed her name in the lottery, the princess of Azur secretly places her name in for the next drawing. Her name is chosen and this greatly upsets her father. He demands a re-draw, but it only causes an uproar. The princess tells her father that she wants to be trained as a dragon rider, that she’s tired of sitting in a corner as a mere ornament while everyone else contributes in some way. So, the princess is brought to the dragon riders of Azur and her training begins. Her trainer is a brooding fellow who is far from happy at having to train the princess. Wanting to make an example of her, he treats her much more harshly than any other rider he’s trained. Slowly, he realizes her potential and with that potential he begins to see her in a different way. A way he never thought possible.

Curse Of The Fae (Medieval/Fantasy/Time Travel; human warrior/human) ~
A spunky and rather opinionated girl has a friend who works in one of the local museums. His dream is to one day become a curator. The guy invites the girl to see the museum he works at, hoping that the two of them will hook up. The girl is clueless about her friend’s intentions. As they look through various artifacts, the girl finds a strange box wrapped in what looks like velvet. Curious, she opens the box and finds a dagger inside. The moment her fingers touch the weapon, she is transported through time and literally falls into the lap of a Celtic warrior man during the medieval times. The dagger turns out to be an object cursed by the fae and belongs to the warrior’s bloodline. The legend went that the dagger would bring bad luck to the warrior’s family until they found a way to break the curse upon it. At first, the thought is to kill the girl since she’s seen as a harbinger of bad luck. But the warrior can’t bring himself to kill a woman, especially one so confused and who has no idea of what’s going on. Eventually, he softens towards her and together they must find out how to break the curse of the fae and thus end the bad luck that’s meant to follow the warrior and his bloodline.

Lighting The Darkness (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; vampire/human) ~
A centuries long war has been ongoing with the vampires. The internal dispute is over whether they should seek out co-existence with or remain hidden from humans. Until the conflict can be resolved however, they must remain hidden from humans and keep their internal war a secret. One vampire male believes that they should keep hidden. He thinks it impossible to co-exist and has no desire to even try and do so. Thus he fights for his cause with great conviction and ruthlessness. One night, he comes across a girl being attacked by another like-minded vampire. Though he doesn’t like humans, he does have a code of conduct when it comes to feeding off of them and often times does not feed to kill. As he watches the attack from a safe distance, he suddenly doesn’t like what he’s seeing and intervenes. By intervening, the vampire male sends a clear message as to where his loyalties lie, though that was not his intention. This pisses him off, but his decision was made, whether it was one made in the heat of the moment or not. And so he must deal with the consequences of such a decision. As a result of his decision, the male vampire becomes hunted by the vampires he once fought with, leaving him with no choice but to protect the girl he saved at all costs because he knows what they’ll do to her if he does not. And because of his beliefs, he will not seek out aid from those vampires who think differently than he does. So he knows he’s on his own and that the odds are against him. Reluctant and angry, the male vampire watches over the girl, slowly introducing her to a world filled with vampires and slowly coming to understand humans once again.

The Addiction (Modern/Urban; human drug addict/human) ~
A drug addict finds himself sneaking into a house to rob it so that he can get money to pay for the drugs he needs. He doesn’t expect anyone to actually be home as he thinks the residents are gone for the day. It turns out, however, that the daughter of the couple who lives in the house decides to come home for a surprise visit. She catches the drug addict off guard and to keep from making too much of a scene, he ends up kidnapping the girl. The girl is terrified of the drug addict. He doesn’t mean to frighten her and he definitely didn’t mean to kidnap her in the first place. As he holds her hostage, the girl learns of his drug problem and they come to respect each other. Eventually, the drug addict lets the girl go on the condition that he’s allowed to see her again. She agrees, but only if he lets her help him try to detox, something easier said than done.

Captured Heart (Modern/Urban; human assassin/human target) ~
The daughter of an influential politician is made the target for a hitman who is hired by the politician’s arch-nemesis. The politician and his rival do not see eye to eye on things and the rival is hoping that if the politician’s daughter is killed, it will cause him to pull out of running for governor for the upcoming political race. The hitman is cold, precise and takes his job seriously. He typically doesn’t care who or what his target is, rarely asking any questions so as to keep himself emotionally distant and disconnected. When he’s hired to kill the girl, he’s more than fine with it. He’s killed women in the past along with men and even children. However, in his attempt to kill the girl, somehow he miscalculates and she ends up surviving. When he tries to finish the job he botched, they actually meet and something about her strikes him. For the first time, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to follow through on the job he was hired to do. His failure in killing the girl causes the politician’s rival to hire another hitman to kill both the girl and his original hire. Now the hitman must decide whether to finish the girl off and get the new hitman off his tail or to protect just himself or to protect both himself and the girl who’s captured his attention. Regardless, he’ll need to go after the new hired hitman if he wants to remain alive and stop being on the run.

Marked For Death (Medieval/Fantasy; human/human magic user) ~
It is a time when witches and those who dabble in the magical arts are hunted and often times murdered. They are feared, misunderstood and treated most cruelly. A girl suddenly develops latent magical abilities and is therefore targeted by the people of her village. She is harassed and threatened by several and it becomes clear that they plan to kill her. Fearing for her life, she runs away, not caring where she goes nor thinking about her future. Her only goal is to get away from her village and live to see another day. While running, she comes upon what seems to be an abandoned home deep within the woods, but it is far from abandoned. It is the home of a man who became disheartened with humanity and thus isolated himself willingly to live alone for the rest of his days, only interacting with others when he had no other choice. When the man comes home to find the girl staying there he is outraged. She begs for him to let her stay if she keeps house for him. Reluctantly he agrees, trying to keep his distance from her, treating her coldly. As she stays, the man learns that the girl has magical abilities and he also learns word that her village is hunting her down, offering a large sum to anyone who will turn her over to the elders of her village.

Taming The Darkness (Medieval/Fantasy; demon/human necromancer) ~
A novice necromancer, studying at Twilight Keep deep in the forests of Ashwood, was bullied by a rival who thought her to be too weak to be studying with the rest of them. In trying to prove her worth, she performs a spell she's not quite ready to perform and ends up accidentally summoning a demon (is human in appearance, but with a few typical demon traits that can be manifested depending on the situation). The demon is outraged by being summoned and demands to be sent back. When he learns that the girl who summoned him is unable to do this, he is greatly angered to the point where he wants her blood to spill. The only thing holding him back is that he needs her to the resending since she did the original summoning. The demon therefore has no choice but to help the necromancer girl learn how to do the resending, something that angers him even more. The demon secretly vows to spill her blood in the moments before the spell finishes being cast, so that when he returns to his world he will have had his vengeance. As the demon and necromancer work together, the demon must decide if he truly wants to go back and if he does, whether or not he will follow through with the vengeance he feels is owed to him.

Finding Acceptance (Medieval/Fantasy; human criminal/human noble) ~
A convicted criminal escapes his dungeon prison after being held there for five years. He is ruthless, cruel and very bitter. After he manages to miraculously escape, he is unfortunately recognized by someone. As a result, he ends up having to take a noblewoman hostage in order to get away and avoid being recaptured. Due to who the noblewoman is, the guards let him go. The noblewoman is the daughter of a lord who's desire it is to climb the social ladder and gain more power and wealth. He has plans for his daughter to marry one of the men of the king's royal court, a ghastly evil man who has a lot of influence at court. The daughter, however, is kidnapped by the criminal before wedding plans can be made, which angers her father greatly. The criminal is cruel to the girl, showing her the darkness that's deep within his soul. As the two travel together, the criminal gets to know the girl and gain a sort of respect for her. As their relationship develops, the criminal may choose to let her go or have her stay with him. Regardless, she must come to accept the man he is, one who is still cruel and ruthless to others, she being his only exception.

Secrets And Superstitions (Medieval/Fantasy; werewolf/human peasant)  ~
A commoner girl gets lost in the woods during the twilight hours and is nearly attacked by a lone wolf. She is saved by someone unknown; someone she couldn’t see due to the oncoming darkness of the sky and the darkness of the woods. The only thing she could tell was that the someone was large. But for some reason she doesn’t think that the someone was quite human. The way he fought the wolf and kept himself hidden from her, not to mention fled the scene after he won the battle, made her wonder. After being saved, the girl finds her way out of the woods, though she’s secretly led out by the someone who saved her, only she doesn’t realize it at the time. This someone is a werewolf. The werewolf follows her home and takes a liking to her. In the morning, a strange man comes by the girl’s home and asks if there’s a chance he could be hired for work on her family’s farm. The man is hired and immediately has his sights set on the girl. At first the girl is somewhat intimidated by the man, but over time, that changes. And over time she learns his secret – that he’s the werewolf who saved her. Werewolves are considered demonic beings, so the man needs to keep his alternate identity secret. And he needs to keep his relationship with the girl a secret as well for both of their protection. Another hired hand somehow finds out about the man’s werewolf identity and the secret relationship that he and the girl have. So, they must find a way to silence the person without drawing too much attention to themselves. Will the man stay or leave? Will he take the girl with him? Will he be killed? Or will they find a way to quiet the person who knows about the werewolf on the farm? Only time will tell.

Beauty Within (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; shapeshifter/human) ~
There are two rival factions of shapeshifters, the cats and the wolves. Their war is secret to the humans that some, though very few, of them choose to intermingle with as if they too were human. They mainly do this in order to keep tabs on the humans most of them hate and distrust - to learn about their technology, better understand their nature and make sure that they don't accidentally get involved in the secret war going on amongst themselves. In general, shapeshifters find the actions and behaviors of humans to often be self-serving, not to mention destructive. Never for the greater good of their families (or, as they'd call it, their pack). One evening, a girl with a passion for digital photography, decides to go venture into the woods not too far away from her apartment so that she can add pictures to her portfolio. She accidentally stumbles into something she never knew to be possible. She sees a cat shapeshift into a man after fighting off a wolf. The man notices her and has no choice but to take her into his pack if he's to keep the secret of his kind, along with their war, under wraps.

Burning Desire (Modern/Urban/Scifi; human psychic/human psychic) ~
A terrorist group made up of psychics have recently learned about a girl who can manipulate fire. Interested in gaining that power for their own uses, they seek her out for recruitment. Another group of psychics, an anti-terrorist group, also learn about this girl. They are aware the the terrorist group is after her, so it's up to them to intercede and hopefully get to her before they do. The group sends out a strong telekinetic man to retrieve her by any means possible. It's up to him to convince her to go with him and that going it alone won't do her any good because no matter what, the other group will continue to seek her out. If she won't go with him, he has no choice but to terminate her since his group won't risk losing her to the terrorists.

Succumbing To The Forbidden (Modern/Urban; human gang member/human) ~
A biker/gang guy lives his life on the edge. He's reckless, engages in illegal activities, has no cares for others and views women as objects for his own use and pleasure. One night, while going to one of the many nightclubs he tends to hit up every now and then, he see a girl who catches his eye. Only this girl isn't the sort he usually finds himself drawn to. She's grounded and level-headed, smart, funny, compassionate, has a respect for herself as well as others. The fact that he's drawn to her makes him wonder about himself, but he shrugs it off thinking that he'll never see her again so it doesn't matter in the long run. Later that night, he runs into that same girl again, only she's being attacked by a rival gang. Not liking what he's seeing, he steps in and rescues the girl. She thanks him, but he tells her to just go home. That night he can't shake his thoughts about the girl, he needs to see her again, but doesn't want to. He bumps into her constantly, each time trying to get away from her, not wanting her to know about his lifestyle and past mistakes. Eventually, he can't stay away.

Warrior’s Claim (Viking/Medieval; human Viking/human peasant) ~
A coastal village is invaded by a group of Viking-like warriors. The men loot and pillage the town, murdering the men, raping most of the women. A girl is captured by one of the warriors and brought on board their ship. He, along with several of his fellow warriors, plans on having fun with her during the long voyage to the next village before finally heading back to their homeland. One of the warriors, the strongest of the bunch (though not the leader), doesn’t like the plans his fellow warriors have for the girl. So, he claims her for himself, making it appear that his plan is to take what he wants from her without sharing with anyone else. Given his status, the other warriors let him have his way. To keep up the façade during their journey at sea, the warrior is rather cruel to the girl, though he physically doesn’t touch her or harm her. Eventually, he softens towards the girl and finds himself very attracted to her. The warrior knows that when they finally reach his homeland, he’ll have to give her up since she was supposed to only be entertainment during the voyage at sea. He must decide whether to escape with her, be it while still at sea or after they reach his homeland or to let her face her fate and give her up once back home.

Coming To Love A Beast (Medieval/Fantasy; anthro to human/human) ~
A selfish, womanizing nobleman is cursed by a witch and transformed into an anthro. Mortified by his transformation, he becomes a hermit living a life of solitude deep within the forest. One evening, a girl goes wandering into this forest in search of special herbs needed to cure a specific illness that is afflicting many of the people in her village. She gets lost and is nearly attacked by wolves. She is saved by the cursed anthro beast who then tells the girl that as repayment for saving her, she must come back with him to his home and stay with him forever. Reluctantly, she goes with him, not having much choice. At first, the two do not get along at all, but over time the two come to understand each other and the girl secretly learns the beast’s past. Will the girl stay with the beast forever? Will they find a way to break the spell? [Inspirations: ‘Beauty And The Beast’]

Humbling A God (Ancient Times/Mythological; god/human) ~
A common girl is eyed by one of the gods of the pantheon. He wishes to make her his own, a mere play thing he can add to his collection. He whisks her off to his temple thinking that she’ll have him immediately and be honored to have been chosen as one of the women to fulfill his many needs and desires. However, she is far from honored. The girl refuses to give herself to the god, but this only angers him. He tries to forcibly take the girl, but when she shuts down, he cannot follow through with it for some reason. He wants her to want him, to be with him willingly like all the other women of his past had. The girl is now terrified of the god, but still she refuses him. Eventually, the god must learn how to humble himself and show the girl true compassion. In doing so, he may actually learn that his past promiscuous ways weren’t the best path to follow, even as an immortal. He may actually learn that it’s actually possible to love someone and only one person.

To Touch Living Stone (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; gargoyle/human) ~
Over 1000 years ago gargoyles and humans lived amongst each other. Though a majority of gargoyles far from understood humans – their ways, their nature, etc. So, as a result, they tended to keep to themselves most of the time, though they did interact when they needed to. But such occurrences were few and far between. A small group of humans who hated gargoyles, thinking that the beings thought themselves superior to humans and who practiced the darker arts of magic, one day placed a curse on all gargoyles, turning them to stone. Most humans didn’t even notice the beings’ disappearance since they mainly kept to themselves, distancing themselves more and more over the decades. When gargoyle statues began to finally appear, being used to decorate buildings and churches and the like, humans thought them to be a tribute to the beings – a means of showing acceptance and peace between the races, a means of showing their sadness that interactions between them had ceased. In modern days, a girl who interests lie in architecture starts studying up on gargoyles. She learns about their strange history and in doing so is eventually led into looking up a book on spells. Curious, she gets the book and finds the spell about ‘living stone’. Not realizing that magic still truly exists, she undoes the spell and releases the curse upon a gargoyle decorating the large cathedral on the outskirts of the city. He has no idea as to how much time has passed since being cursed and is astounded when he finds out it’s been well over 1000 years. He has problems fitting in, at first, and more than frightens the girl who’s released him. Eventually, with the girl’s help, they learn about the group who initially cursed gargoyles, a cult-like group that still exists even after so much time had passed. He wants vengeance for what they’d done. And he wants to free as many of the other gargoyles as he can so that they may roam the earth once more. The cult-like group, in retaliation, begins seeking out gargoyles all over the world so that they can pulverize them, wiping them out of existence forever. Will the girl and gargoyle defeat the group? And will the two come to truly understand each other despite what others say? Only time will tell.

Unto The Sun (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; vampire/human) ~
An ancient vampire, ruthless by nature, who has become totally bored with his immortality has finally decided that it's time to end his existence. Nothing entertains him any longer and no one has ever piqued his interest enough that he'd decided to take them on a lifetime companion. Therefore, he has decided that he needs to face the Sun and burn himself to cinders. However, before he meets his end, he wants to take one last victim, a task so cruel and so brutal that he will feel complete when he ends his immortality. He decides to seduce a girl unlike any he's ever pursued before, a girl of relative purity and goodness, one he can ensnare and build up so that when he unleashes his true nature upon her, the look of horror will be that much sweeter. Once the pursuit begins, will the vampire finally find the one who's piqued his interest or will he continue along his course and meet his death?

Watching Over Her (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; vampire/human) ~
A girl who has no idea about her father has lived in the human world her entire life. Her mother died about 2 years ago and she’s been living on her own in an apartment. Secretly, her father has kept tabs on her from afar, distancing himself from her mother, never interfering in the lives of the woman he’d loved and his daughter. The time of the girl’s transition from human to vampire is nearing. As a half-vampire, it’s inevitable that the transformation will occur. But with no one, not even her mother, to help her, her father asks his best friend to watch over her. And to help her with the transition so that he can gently bring her into the world of vampires and then to him. Unfortunately, an accident happens and the father is killed. So, the friend promises to not only has to help the girl with her transitioning, but to watch over her as well.

Fallen Angel (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; human/angel) ~
In the Plane Of Angels, angels are allowed to influence humans to do either right or wrong, but they are not allowed to do any more than influence. Stepping over that line results in severe punishment. Angels are not permitted to become emotionally involved with the humans they influence, doing so results in banishment. In order for the angel to come back, he/she needs to prove themselves by showing emotional detachment, thus committing the ultimate act of either killing the human or by influencing them in ways that place them in situations opposite of the emotional attachment the angel may have. As a result, most angels who ‘fall’, never return and most fallen angels end up dying shortly afterwards since coping with the loss of not returning to the realm is often too much for them to bear. There is one such angelic being who ends up ‘falling’ due to her curiosity of humans and the fact that she shows emotional interest in one in particular. She finds herself to be in love with a human man she meets. Once banished, she knows that there’s no way she can kill the man she loves and thus fears the death that most likely will befall her as she tries to cope with not being able to return to her realm. As she gets to know the man, the love she has grows stronger, but her strength grows weaker, making her more and more frail. Will she be able to overcome the death that is trying to consume her so that she can stay with her love? Will the man choose to stay by her side as he witnesses her slowly dying before his eyes? The threads of fate are soon to be woven.

Horrors Of The Deep (Modern/Urban/Fantasy/Scifi/Horror; human scientist/human scientist) ~
Two rival scientific researchers (each one having their own thoughts and ideas on how to pursue the truths of their work) are forced to work together at an underwater station located in a remote part of the ocean. They are the only two on the station and far from get along as they let their differences on scientific philosophies spill into how they feel about and view the other person. While conducting their research, they discover an intelligent life-form that lives within the depths of the waters. And this intelligence is very hostile. Its goal, to kill off every living creature living on land. Starting with the two researchers that discovered it.

Bringing Her Back (Modern/Urban; human convict/human) ~
The daughter of a wealthy man is kidnapped and held for ransom so he hires someone to retrieve her safely for him. The special ops group he seeks assistance from feels that the best man for the job is a convict, a man they’ve forced to be on their team as a means of shortening his prison sentence. The convict does not want to be a part of the team, nor does he want the job he’s being forced to take on. However, after thinking about it, he decides to follow through with it. He let’s the team think it’s because of the shortening of his jail time, but really he sees it as opportunity to fake his death and get away. To make it look like his attempt at being a ‘team player’ the convict goes after the girl and obtains her easily enough. What he didn’t expect was that her kidnappers would go after them both and be hot on their tails in their pursuit. As a result, they have no choice but to hideout and work together for quite some time. Will they make it away from the people after the girl? Or will the convict leave the girl to her own fate so that he can save himself?

The Deepest Of Scars (Modern/Urban; human/human) ~
An arrogant player of a guy who sees women as his playthings ends up in an accident leaving much of his body scarred, including a good portion of his face. After the accident, his life as he knew it changed. Women looked the other way, wouldn’t give him the time of day. It was as if they were suddenly immune to his charms and able to see through the façade he once used in order to lure women to his bed for him to use and then throw away at his whim and will. One day, however, he crosses paths with a girl who doesn’t just look at his face and his body, but his soul. She sees him for the man that he is. At first, the guy tries to seduce her even though he thinks it might be a long shot. He even uses his accident as a means to tug on her heartstrings. But, she sees through his game and turns him down without batting an eye. She tells him off, clearly angered by his behavior. Her reaction leaves the guy dumbstruck and totally second guessing his ways and he finds that he can’t stop thinking about her either. After their ‘meeting’, the two bump into each other a few more times and suddenly begin to actually talk with each other. Slowly, the two develop a relationship (of course there are bumps and twists along the way). One that goes beyond looks and touches upon the soul. The guy learns that it’s possible to love just one woman and that there’s more to life than just what you see on the outside.

There’s No Slowing Down (Modern/Urban; human car racer/human) ~
An illegal underground car racer falls for a girl who somehow ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The girl receives news that her parents died in a car accident and as a result, needs to let her emotions vent and release. To do this, she goes to a seedy bar seeking an adrenaline rush, something to take away the hurt. The bar she ends up in has a crowd of illegal underground car racers there. A brawl breaks out and the people need to run to avoid arrest. The girl somehow ends up with one of the racers who eventually brings her to one of his many races. After spending some time with the racer and seeing what he does, she second guesses seeking an adrenaline rush to help ease her pain and thus tries to avoid him later. He has no intention of letting her run away from him and thus pursues her relentlessly.

Secret Plans (Modern/Urban; human con-man/human) ~
A tourist accidentally picks up the wrong bag at the airport when she arrives in South America. The bag is identical to her own, but filled with cocaine instead of her clothes and toiletries. Because of the mix up, she is suddenly pursued by a drug lord’s henchmen and chased into the Amazonian jungle. The girl has absolutely no survival skills and knows nothing of the jungle and its wildlife, etc. Trying to survive the jungle while evading the henchmen after her, she meets up with an arrogant, smooth-talking man who likes adventure and was taking a trip to the jungle for the experience of camping out in it, etc. The two don’t really get along at all, but the man tells her that he’ll only help her if sells off the cocaine for money and gives him half the profits as a means of repayment for his helping her. Reluctantly, and not really having much choice, the girl agrees. Secretly, the man plans on conning the girl out of all of the money and leaving her behind in South America to meet her fate because who is she to him. However, as the two run from the henchmen, he starts to question whether he should follow through with his plan or not.

Oaths (Modern/Urban; human body guard/human model) ~
A new model is harassed by several fans; causing her to feel the need to hire a bodyguard. The two do not get along at all. She is a bit spoiled and self-centered and he’s narrow-minded and arrogant. After a while the two start to feel an attraction toward each other. But the bodyguard will not succumb to the model since he doesn’t want to get emotionally involved, even if he already is despite the lack of physicality. Will he eventually let go of the rules he holds for himself and give in to her? Will he leave and cause her to look for a new bodyguard?

The Hitchhiker (Modern/Urban; human trucker/human) ~
One night while driving cross country to make a delivery, a typically loner-sort trucker happens to pass a hitchhiker. For some reason, he actually decides to stop and pick her up. The girl seems odd to him at first, yet very alluring and it’s clear she’s hiding something. It turns out that she is being pursued by a sociopathic ex of hers who’s plan is to murder her as brutally as possible. She’d managed to escape her ex once, but is terrified that she won’t be able to do so again. When the trucker learns of the girl’s situation he has to decide whether or not he wants to help her or leave her to her own fate since it’s none of his business.

Sheltered Stowaway (Pirate/Regency; pirate crewman/human upper class) ~
A girl with a longing to travel lives in rich island colony somewhere in the South Atlantic. She comes from a relatively wealthy family, but her father is not the best of men. He has an eye for women and often cheats on the girl’s mother with various whores and the like. Eventually he starts setting his sights on his own daughter. Terrified of her father, the girl sets off to runaway from her family, leaving everything she knows behind and hopefully get the chance to travel and see the world she knows so little about. Disguising herself as a boy so as not to be noticed, she notices that one of the ships anchored in the island’s harbor is a pirate ship. Pirates are frowned upon, but since it’s hard to always prove that their current deeds are improper and illegal, they are accepted. Just reluctantly so. The girl stows away on the pirate ship, but is eventually discovered by one of the crewmen. At first he thinks she’s a boy, but eventually realizes she a girl and of noble birth. Fearful of what the captain and other crewmen might do to the girl if she’s discovered, the one man decides to protect her and keep her safe. Eventually, the two form a connection, which leads to a relationship. But unfortunately their relationship is discovered. The man must now do all that he can to protect the girl from the furious wrath and who knows what else of the captain and crew.

The Scars Of A Man (Medieval/Fantasy; human-carnie freak/human noble) ~
A young girl of noble birth runs away from her family, fearing the life that they’ve chosen for her against her wishes. In the village, a carnival has come, so she decides to hide with them and leave with them in order to escape the only life she knows. While hiding with the people of the carnival, she meets an extremely hostile and embittered man who’s body is covered in scars, some very disfiguring. For some reason, despite his cruel behavior, the runaway girl finds herself drawn to him, wanting to understand him, to get to know him better. Slowly, the scarred man begins to let the girl in, giving her glimpses of who he used to be and why he is as he is. The girl is hardly repulsed by the man’s scars, something he doesn’t understand at all and something that unnerves him as he’s used to people, especially women, shrieking in fear of him when they see him. Her behavior slowly begins to intrigue him and he finds himself falling in love with her. Can she love him back in the same way? Will they stay with the carnival or seek out a better life?

First Impressions (Modern/Urban; human short-order cook/suicidal human) ~
He’s an outspoken, overly opinionated short order cook for a small divey diner. She’s a shy and quiet regular who harbors a secret (1 year prior, she attempted to commit suicide via slashing her wrists). For some reason, he has his sights set on her as there’s something about her that draws him to her even though they’ve never actually spoken.

UNTITLED (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; psychic/human) ~
The world is one where psychics co-exist with regular humans, but at a price. Psychics have to report themselves and carry special ID labeling what they are and what abilities they have. This causes a segregation of sorts to arise creating bitterness among the psychics due to being treated with fear and disdain by the regular humans. They feel the prejudices daily and at varying levels. A girl prone to having accidents of all kinds, including some that could result in her own death, is constantly bumping into a brooding, loner sort who seems to think rather highly of himself. The guy is a psychic, and unreported. His abilities include telekinesis and teleportation. Their first encounter is merely coincidental, he happens to be in the right place at the right time and saves the girl from one of her many accidents. But their encounters become increasingly frequent. Is it still a coincidence? And how long can the guy evade the authorities being an unreported psychic?

UNTITLED (Sin City Fandom; human cop/human whore) ~
One of the few ‘mostly’ uncorrupt cops of Basin City has it bad for an Old Town whore. Though he has no issue with the women of Old Town and sticks to the delicate truce between them and the law, he can’t help but want to redeem the one woman he’s fallen for. In his eyes she’s an angel, something too clean to be living the life that Old Town can provide even if the money is good as is the protection. Will she leave Old Town for the cop? Will he be able to convince her to leave? Will their relationship compromise the truce?

The Further Chronicles Of Riddick (Riddick Fandom; Riddick/Eve Logan) ~
This one is fairly open plot-wise. The main characters are Riddick and Eve Logan (the female merc who worked with Toombs in ‘The Chronicles Of Riddick’ the movie). The plot can go many ways and I’d work it out with whoever is interested. My only stipulations are that we keep things canon and pick up somewhere after where ‘The Chronicles Of Riddick’ movie left off. So things can be pulled from that movie, ‘Pitch Black’, ‘Dark Fury’ and the video games that are currently released on Xbox.

Overcoming Differences (Modern/Urban/Fantasy; human scientist/mermaid) ~
In the not too distant future, humans begin looking to the oceans as the next unknown territories to search and explore and, ultimately, take over. During their explorations, humans discover that merpeople are not the mythological creatures they thought they were. They learn that they are indeed very real and very angry at their pursuits in the exploration of the oceans. According to the merpeople, the humans are harming the waters and sea life, not to mention, destroying the culture they hold dear because of the destruction they are causing the various ecosystems. The humans believe the merpeople are exaggerating and continue their exploits regardless, thus engaging in underwater battles and skirmishes every so often. Humans decide that they want to see if the merpeople have any weaknesses. Since their anatomy is unknown, they decide to try and capture one for study. A mermaid who believes in her peoples’ cause, but is merely a civilian and not a part of the group engaging in battle, gets captured and sent to a coastal lab for study. The scientist assigned to study and experiment on her is one of the brightest in his field, a true up and coming superstar. When he finally gets to meet his ‘specimen’, he has no idea that it will turn his entire world and way of thinking upside down. Will he risk his own life and reputation to save her?

I Love You To Death (Modern/Urban; human serial killer/human) ~
A serial killer, who is extremely good at what he does and has never once faltered, chooses his newest victim. She is a beautiful woman, but that’s not why he chose her. It’s her innocence and purity of heart that catches his eye. The idea that her entire view of life and everything can change once he gets his hands on her and shows her that life can indeed be cruel and bring brutal death, thrills him like nothing else could. So, he watches her for a while before finally engaging her in conversation, his first move before abducting her. Something about that conversation strikes him, however. And though he follows through with his abduction, he finds that he cannot follow through with actually killing her. To him, she is his opposite, the purity that he lacks and can never have, his soul mate. As he holds the girl hostage, he must win her over and prove that he does indeed love her, that she can trust him despite his ways. For he will not change, so her acceptance of what he is, is a must. Can a woman of such purity love a man who can spill another’s blood merely because he feels the desire and must quench it?

Taking Her Innocence (Regency Period; human artist/human muse) ~
An artist who is notorious for his promiscuous behavior is hired by a wealthy family to do a portrait of their eldest daughter. The artist agrees and is given room and board by the family so that he will be able to maximize the time in which he has to work on the portrait. When he arrives at the house, he is struck by the youngest daughter and refuses to paint anyone but her and demands that he be allowed to paint her at his place instead, which means that she’ll need to stay there with him as well. This angers the eldest daughter and the parents. But, they agree to it anyway, since his artwork is renowned and he claims he will paint her for free and then the sister as previously arranged. The artist, at first, sees the youngest daughter as another girl he can sway and thus conquer. But during his seduction, he actually falls in love with her. Will she run away with him? Or will she deny him and return to her family once her portrait is complete?

Finding The Way (Urban/Scifi; human/human) ~
In the future, humans are on the brink of understanding how to leap through the mysterious portals known as Gateways. The Gateways were discovered via an archaeological dig and after much study were learned to be a means of travel to various parallel dimensions. The next trial of study is to send humans through the Gateways, but there are still many unknown factors that have held up such studies. Two academy students go on a tour of the labs involved with studying the Gateways. While there, a live demonstration is performed with a probe, but something goes wrong. As a result, the two academy students end up going for a ride with the probe and end up in a dimension that is far from their own. Now they must figure out how to get back, that is, if they can find the right Gateway that will lead them to where they are from.

The Wager (Scifi; human pilot/human waitress) ~
Humans have moved into other solar systems besides their own, terraforming the planets that aren’t initially habitable. As humans make their way through the galaxy, they come across other alien species. Some friendly, some hostile. One of the hostile species wages war and an interplanetary war begins. Many humans volunteer to fight, others are called whether they want to or not. One such man fights as a pilot. He is reckless and arrogant and fairly egotistical. Whenever he gets leave, he takes it upon himself to visit various spaceports where he can find cheap thrills to satisfy both his need for danger and that adrenaline rush as well as his needs as a man. At one particular spaceport, a waitress/bartender catches his eye. Her fiery personality seems like a bit of a challenge, though not enough of one that he feels the need to pursue her. But his friends coerce him into trying by making him a wager. One he can’t refuse. And so, his mission begins – to seduce the woman and get him into his bed. After the seduction begins, will his thoughts about her change? How easily will she be swayed?

Hostile Territory (Scifi; human/human) ~
Humans have made contact with alien beings from other planets in their own galaxy as well as others. They’ve learned how to travel beyond the speed of light and how to utilize wormholes as a means of travel. Two people who knew each other back during their school years (and did not get along) coincidentally reconnect while on board a spacecraft headed to a planet paradise for vacation, though each is traveling alone. The craft is suddenly attacked while en route, but the two acquaintances manage to escape the craft together in an escape pod. The pod lands on the nearest planet, which happens to be the home world of the race of beings that attacked them. An intelligent yet very hostile humanoid race that had been barely kept at bay as human crafts used their ‘airspace’ for inter-planetary travel. Marooned on the hostile planet, the two must learn to get along as well as survive both the harsh terrain as well as the race of beings inhabiting the place. Will they be saved? Or will they find a way to escape? What will happen as they try?

UNTITLED (Urban/Scifi; human contract laborer/genetically altered human) ~
In the secret underground labs, scientists are trying to perfect humans via means of genetic alterations and cloning. One such girl is being held against her will as genetic experiments are performed on her, making her different from the average human being. As a result of the experiments, she is able to read thoughts, which, when the ability is used, often times gives her massive headaches. She also has some telekinetic abilities, though these are only just manifesting so her control over the ability is very minimal. Finally, she can no longer take the pain the experiments cause her and finds a way to escape the labs. While on the run, she ends up hiding in the vehicle of a contract laborer. When he finds her, he recognizes her as a fugitive being sought after by the cops, the reward for her return an outrageous sum of money. Will he turn her in or will he hide her? If he hides her and offers assistance, what will become of the two of them?

UNTITLED (Firefly/Serenity Fandom; human ex-browncoat/human from the inner planets) ~
This one is fairly open plot-wise. The main characters are other characters in the Firefly/Serenity universe. The plot can go many ways and I’d work it out with whoever is interested. My only stipulations are that we keep things relatively canon despite using unique characters for the ‘verse. So things can be pulled from Firefly the series, Serenity the movie and the comics that came in between the release of the show and the movie.

Broken (genre is negotiable; human/human, though somewhat negotiable) ~
Kidnapped from her family, she is placed into a holding cell with other females. Only this isn't a normal sort of prison, it's a place where women are kept and sold as slaves to whoever will pay the right price for them. Young and still a virgin, she fears what life has in store for her especially after hearing the horror stories from some of the other women staying with her. All her fears suddenly come bubbling up to the surface the day she is finally purchased by a man of wealth and high standing social status. This is her story about how she is broken by her new Master, a Master who upon seeing her knew she was meant to be his and his alone, to be broken and trained by him and no other and how he integrates her into his life as his slave as well as his most cherished possession.
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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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My Plots... cont'd

Plots To Come:

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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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Current Cravings
(expect this section to change according to what I'm craving at specific times)

•   Riddick

Riddick/OC Plot Idea
(Feel free to tweak or throw other ideas at me. This is just my own idea at the moment. Also, only contact me if you are interested in Riddick as right now this is the only thing of interest to me at present for a 1x1. Thanks.)

As Lord Marshal of the Necromongers, Riddick believes he can still save Kyra if he brings her to Underverse and thus decides to remain in command and lead the group on their pilgrimage. Meanwhile, a stowaway has boarded the ship after the devastation that has occurred on Helion Prime. Vaako and the other Necromongers, once they find her, want to have her converted. Riddick, however, does not, believing that they've done enough on the planet as it is and just wanting to get to Underverse and save Kyra. Using Necromonger technology, Riddick has Kyra's body placed in a preservation chamber and sets a course for the ship to travel to Underverse. During its travels, Riddick has to contend with the unease of the Necromongers, especially Vaako, who is seeking to usurp him—the constant pressures to convert the stowaway, the odd draw the male Necromongers have toward her given the fact that she isn't one of them... yet. Plus, the Necromongers still wish to stop at planets along the way and convert more as they travel to Underverse. So, Riddick needs to decide if holding onto the possibility, since it isn't a given, that he can truly save Kyra once reaching Underverse or if other things are more important. Can he let go and move on? Will he give up leadership of the Necromongers? Will he destroy them? Will he lead them to Underverse? So many possibilities... This will also require that my partner play both Riddick and Vaako and possibly random Necromonger males. I would play the stowaway OC and Kyra, depending on how the RP goes. And I will also play Lady Vaako.
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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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The Actives

Currently None
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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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On Hiatus

Alice & Sebastian (MasterMischief)
It's In The Cards (Bludmagnus)

***RPs placed on hiatus will remain so until I notify my partners that I'm able to take them on again and if we're both ready at that time of contacting, we can then resume. If the hiatus was placed by my partner, please ask me first if I'm able to resume as I do have a 'reserve' list and very well may have moved on and thus not be ready to resume just because you are. THANKS!***
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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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Plots By Me
Consequence Of Choice (with Bludmagnus)
Finding Acceptance (with Bludmagnus)
Taming The Darkness (with Lucius Cornelius)
Sheltered Stowaway (with distain2003)

Plots By Others
Currently None

***I reserve the right to pick and choose which RPs I want to take out of reserve status based on muse and other such things.***
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Re: Angel's Plots and Ideas (MxF)
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Dead RPs (Quit/Abandoned)

Horrors Of The Deep
Captured Heart
Secrets In The Relationship
Watching Over Her
Scars Of A Man
Resources, Robots and Revolution
First Impressions
To Break Down The Walls
Dark Times
Marked For Death
Scorched Earth

***I am willing to retry or pick up any of these RPs if the timing of interest meshes with my own.***
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