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Author Topic: Stephanie's never ending search (Prefer F/f to M/f)  (Read 1248 times)

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Offline StephanieTopic starter

Stephanie's never ending search (Prefer F/f to M/f)
« on: July 06, 2010, 06:01:59 pm »
First of all, if you would like to RP with me feel free to send a PM or send a message over YIM.  Or if you are one for mindless chit-chat again feel free to say hello.  I  always try to be friendly!


My Search:

- First of all, my kinks:
I will direct you to my RH

- I am currently seeking a partner, one who is preferably a dominant female (futa), who can be creative and literate, who is able to write with a decent understanding of the English language and who is willing to give input on the story we make up together.

- While I do want someone that will play the dominant role, I am open to our characters being on equal terms, and for the right person I can play the Domme.  It isn't likely, but if you really are interested in my character as the Dominant one to yours, I might be interested.  I have done it a few times before.   That being said, I highly, highly prefer to play the submissive character to a dominant female.(Futa and furry are just as welcome)

- I am not one to be annoyed by PM's, so the worst that can happen is that I will say no to a request. I'll try my best to respond to it, but sometimes it may take me a while to get to you.  In most cases, however, I can respond relatively quickly. That being said, I would really prefer to play a submissive character to a dominant female.(Futa and furry are just as welcome)

Now, I have a few roles that I would love to try and form a scene around with anyone who is interested.  Some are formed from books, movies or games while others are made up completely.

Aes Sedai/Accepted (Or Novice)
Aes Sedai/Aes Sedai
Black Ajah/Aes Sedai
Aes Sedai/girl

(The ones listed above are from 'The Wheel Of Time' series, if you don't know what it is it would probably be quite hard to play.)

Elven hunter/Lost Noble girl
Tauren/human (Or elf.)
Blood elf/human (Or elf.)
Sorceress/Elven hunter
And obviously Human/Human

Jedi Master/Apprentice
Sith/Jedi Padawan
Jedi/Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter/target

Predator/human girl
Alien/human girl
Humanoid/human girl (I would like to try something where a girl is taken aboard an alien ship.  Or where an alien crash lands on earth in farm of a single female. Futa is okay too. I would play the alien in this case.  We can also try that backwards, where a human space ship crashes on an alien world, and one female survivor is taken in by a female, or futa, alien.)

(The following roles are from Mass Effect, any other pairings you can think of I would probably be open to.)
Commander Shephard/Miranda
Commander Shephard/Ashley
Commander Shephard/Liara
Asari Commando/Cerberus agent

Modern Setting
Best Friends
Older Sister/Younger Sister
Girlfriend/Girlfriend. (Preferably working up to a Domestic Discipline setting.)
Teacher/Student (I would like it to start out as disciplinary, and turn into romance.)
Student/Student (Can be pure smut, or character progression involving romance and maybe an element of D/s?)
Too many more to list!

Medieval/Renaissance Setting (Or any other era before the 1900's)
Princess/Princess (It would involve romance, and one character would have to be dominant.  Preferably not me.)
Warrior/Princess (Same as the above.)
Warrior/lost girl (Pretty much all of these are the same so I'll just stop with my comments!)

One other role where I don't really have any specific scene made up for that I am always looking for is to have a partner that would be willing to play my characters mother.  First of all, this play would involve no sex; the closest thing to it would be disciplinary spankings.  Other than that, I want someone who could enjoy all aspects of playing the mother of her teenage daughter (late teens).  While spanking and discipline would be a major aspect of the role, it wouldn't be the main focus. I want to be able to play through the many up's and down's of this maternal relationship.  If you are interested, or would like to hear a little more about what I am looking for please don't hesitate to PM me or send me a message over YIM; my yahoo address is in my profile. 

For a few scenes I have made up, view the following post

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Offline StephanieTopic starter

Re: Stephanie's never ending search (Prefer F/f to M/f)
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2010, 06:49:40 pm »


Stephanie had grown up in a wealthy family, if slightly broken.  Her father was a successful business man who made far better than a comfortable living.  He had always spoiled his three children, all of which were girls, Stephanie being the youngest.  However, ever since his wife, and mother of his children had passed away, he had never been able to keep a steady woman in his life.  All the female relationships he had tried to make succeed throughout the past few years had all ended up with his heart broken by another money grubbing gold digger.  But, he had always been smart enough not to marry them before he was sure they loved him and were not simply after his money.  That is, until one shrewd lady managed to weasel her way deep into his heart.  Embedding herself in his every waking thought.  He was sure this was his true love.  A wedding was planned and the couple proceeded to go through with it.

Only a little over a year later Stephanie's father's company began to lose money and eventually the firm went bankrupt.  It was fortunate that he had saved  up millions over the past few years and could easily keep his family in the life of luxury.  But soon, even that was changed as his wife filed for divorce.  After it was all said and done, he had lost everything minus a few assets working out to little more than $1000.  He was broke and homeless.  His two eldest daughters were both attending university which was paid for by a scholarship the man set up in their names.  Those, the girls still had and made it possible to keep attending university but were forced to take on a part time job.  Stephanie however, was a different story.

She, unlike her sisters, had failed to get any scholarships on her own.  There would be no possible way she could attend university while paying rent at some expensive place near the school.  Fortunately, being the honest man he was, her father had managed to make a few close friends over the years.  Friends in high places.  One of whom happened to be a very wealthy lady with big heart.  The woman offered to take Stephanie in, allowing her to live at her house free of charge while she did her schooling, perhaps even after until the girl could land a good job and get her life off to a good start.  The lady was younger than the Stephanie's parent, but still much older than the girl herself.     

(Vampire/human I think would be the best pairing, or something similar. Also, doesn't need to be a modern setting)

Stephanie had recently moved to the city from her parent's country acreage.  It was her first year in the city as she started her first university semester only three months earlier and have moved into her downtown apartment only a month before that. It was a nice place, easily accommodating the single girl.  The only downside being the crime in the lively downtown area.  The bars and clubs surrounding her building did not help in any way with the violence and theft that went on, but as long as she didn't walk the streets past dark it would be safe.  She always would be sure to call a cab, or find a ride with a friend.  Never did she have to walk.

Nearly as soon as she moved in Stephanie found a quiet lounge she could go to for a few drinks every night before heading home.  Lately, however, there was one particular woman who started coming to the place.  She usually arrived around the same time as Stephanie, and according to the bartender, always left only minutes after.  At first it didn't bother the girl at all, but soon it became more and more unsettling.  The woman's icy stare lay continually fixed on Stephanie the entire night, every night.  It was beginning to worry her; she tried calling the police but was told there was nothing they could do unless this woman actually made a move.

One night, Stephanie was short of cash and couldn't get a hold of any friends.  She would have to walk the few blocks back to her home.  It wasn't far, but it still worried her.  Especially with her apparent stalker.  But, the pepper spray she carried in her purse reassured her.  So, walking out of the club she began to make her way home.  The trek was uneventful as she quickly passed other pedestrians on their way out or in.  It wasn't until she turned down a more lonely street that her heart rate began to race.  She saw a group of  rough looking men between her and her apartment.  She decided it would be best to turn around and flee, but it was too late.  One man had already seen her and began to walk in her direction.  Fumbling in her purse she searched for the bottle of mace but was too late.  A firm grip took hold of her wrist. Stephanie looked up at the grungy looking man grinning down at her.  He reached around with his free hand and cupped the girl's pert ass.  Stephanie responded with a stiff slap. "A feisty one, eh?" He said licking his lips. "I can fix that." Pushing Stephanie up against the wall with considerablehe began to fumble to lift at the hem of her skirt, sliding her panties down to her ankles, a hand over the terrified girl's mouth.  Just as she thought she was about to be taken, she heard a painful grunt, and the man fell to his knees. Stephanie quickly jerked her head around to see the man in a blood heap on the ground, a familiar face standing over him. "You?" She said, dumbfounded.

Fantasy: (Could be Medieval)

The youngest daughter of the queen was on her way to the academy she attended in the mountains during the winter months when her convoy was attacked.  A group of bandits, too many to be stopped by the royal guards, ambushed the travelers in a mountain pass that left little room for escape.  The guards and nobles were all slaughtered save two.  One serving man whose life had been spared to in order that he could bring the news to the queen that her youngest daughter had been murdered.  However, the second person who managed to flee was the princess herself.

She had managed to scurry away from the fight amidst the confusion of battle.  A foggy morning, for once, was a blessing.  Allowing the royal girl to escape unnoticed into the mist.   She would flee down a goat path, running and not looking back.  As the rocky landscape turned to forest the princess changed her course, turning to what she hoped was south, back in the direction of the capital.  But she couldn't be sure, all that she knew was that she needed to keep running as long and as hard as her body would allow.   Running through the thick wood, not looking back, the princess fled for her life.  She ran for what seemed like days until she could simply go no further.  Her body collapsed.  Her eyelids grew heavy.  Sleep came.   She awoke sometime later under a thick fur blanket in front of a blazing fire.   A dark shape crouched in front of the blaze.  Her saviour?  Who was this Woman?


Ellandra had been sent to train under one of the most powerful mages that had come out of the tower in decades. A woman who, despite her incredible power, was still quite young.  Having only graduated the final stages of her tutelage little more than two years ago.  However, the knowledge she displayed and the raw power she possessed allowed her to quickly climb the ranks of the tower.  She had since gained a seat in the circle, the youngest mage ever to do so at such a young age.  Her influence among her fellow wizards had grown at an alarming rate, but with that came an equally impressive ego.  She was arrogant and brash; too confident in her powers she would often dive into situations in which she had no knowledge of the enemy she faced.  This in itself posed a great problem.  There were evils at work in the world greater even than she, but the woman would not see it.  Despite many talks with the circle, she refused to change her attitude.  Her arrogance would be her downfall, if she could not be humbled.

So, the keeper set into work a plan.  Something that would teach this young sorceress patience and humility.  A task with which she would be forced to take slow, step by step.  She was given an apprentice, something that was not often done until the master was at least two decades this woman's elder.  But, she had broken so many traditions before, why should this be any different.  However, it was not simply that she would be taking on an apprentice; the girl she would be forced to tudor was Ellandra, daughter of a wealthy noble.  A spoiled young girl whose power could quite possibly end up matching that of her would-be teacher.  Perhaps, this would teach them both some humility.