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Author Topic: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF  (Read 15876 times)

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Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #175 on: July 11, 2010, 07:30:21 PM »
Sorry for the upcoming Wall O' Text. Figured a playtest for the stuff we're talking about would be a good idea. Feel free to pick it apart, yes I know everything is kind of one sided- testing for viability right now. I'm thinking this will take place about a month before Jakk meets Anazi.

Jakk snickers when he finally reaches the "toll" road. The half-orc had been hired to do a job, he intended to do it. A small group of orcs were said to be watching one of the roads, harassing and sometimes even killing travelers. That by itself he didn't see as that bad- motivation for the local human village to get stronger. It was a hard world, humans should toughen up some. The catch was that first these orcs were going out of their way to only harass travelers if they outnumbered them. And these orcs sounded like bullies, not warriors.

So he had traveled the road alone, hoping to run into this group- and when he did he could barely contain the laughter. 5 of them, all War Tooth Clan. Ha! Among the other Orc clans they were called the Rat Tooth, lazy slobs even by orc standards who only got by praying on humans who couldn't fight back. If they can't survive one mercenary hired by the local village to clear the path they didn't deserve it, and the clans would be stronger for it.

"Halt. Pay the toll, brother." one calls out in orcish. At least they were sober enough to recognize orc blood when they saw it.

"War Tooth. I barely recognized you, your friends hiding like rats on the road. I recognize your clan, and I laugh."

5 Orcs move closer, some obviously camouflaged to hide out along this road. A quick look tells Jakk the only one he really has to worry about is the leader.

"Says the half-breed, wearing armor you got from your human sow- now you think you can fight?" the leader snickers. He's the one that stops as the other 4 move closer.

"I am of the clans, War Tooth. You only barely are considered."

"Which pitiful clan would allow a half-blood?" one of the other orcs asks, as 4 start taking their positions around Jakk.

He doesn't answer until he pulls the Great Axe from his pack- snarling as he does it.

"The Sky's Rage Clan." he adds, and the axe begins it's horizontal path. . .

Combat Time - Giving Jakk first attack since he's drawn his weapon but his enemies are not flat footed. Enemies are 4 Level 4 Orc Barbarians and 1 Level 8 Orc Barbarian. AC 16 for level 4's, Great Cleave in effect. Rolls from
21, 31, 27, 30
Out of enemies without melee range adjacent to previous enemy. Rolling Damage.
25, 19, 19, 24
Second Attack
20, 18, 14 - Miss
18, 21
Vicious Damage to Jakk [1d6 per Succesful Hit]
27 - 25 after Damage Reduction

Two might swings through the orcs and two of the Orcs fall immediately, death will coming for them soon. One's head is nearly separated from his body while another's torso is opened for the sky to see. All three remaining orcs pull their weapons, the Leader flying into rage as he heads toward Jakk.

Inititives for this round-
Jakk- 12
Orcs- 9, 15, 21. 21 is Leader, spends turn pulling weapon, Raging, and moving to attack.
Orc 4 Attack.
17 - Miss
20, 22
21, 24
Jakk Vicious Damage
5 - 3 After Damage Reduction

The remaining two lackey's are cleaved in half under Jakk's Axe- in time for their leader to take his place. The raging Orc begins with savage swings of his own axe, Jakk returns in kind- calling out on his own in call to the gods of war.

Boss Attacks First, Has 2 Attacks
26, 21 - Miss
21 - 18 After Damage Reduction
Jakk, 2 Attacks- Powerful Blow on First
35, 29
31, 21 - 30 and 20 after Damage Reduction
Jakk Vicious Damage
8 - 5 After Damage Reduction

Jakk 75/126 , Boss 19/81

The War Tooth were always cowards, that's why the other clan look down on them so. Maybe the humans hated them for their love for attacking their homes- and they had every right to that hate. It was good that they had that hate, it made them stronger. But the War Tooth were hated among the Orc Clans because when push came to shove they were at best bullies- not fighters. The Leader falls to his knees to begin begging for his life, but Jakk splits his head like firewood before the first words leave his mouth.


The bounty rested in Jakk's pocket quite well, the spoils in his pack too. Of course the War Tooth were prepared to hide out in those trails, for weeks at a time if they had too. Hiding like common rats- the way of the Orc is to carve out their own destiny, not hide from it. He was probably the most glad they were dead in all the village. And something else he could see made Jakk happy too.

Kendra served tables at the Drunken Swine, and had since she was a teenager- and it always felt like someone was staring at her. When the town was founded there were warnings that Orc country was close. The War Tooth Clan in particular, and the War Tooth loved raping and pillaging human settlements. Kendra herself was proof of that. Her parents, in the ways that mattered, were the local barrel makers. They and her half-siblings were better then most in this town but orc raids harden people to orc faces. They didn't do anything violent or hateful to her, but they didn't try to be friendly either. Everyone knew it wasn't her or her mother's fault that her mother had been raped by an orc, at least in their heads. But most townspeople thought it best that they pretend she wasn't there.

The bar "wench"- the term used loosely- always felt so alone. Until he took his seat. The other half-orc in that tavern looked at her with something else in his eyes. There was no mistake that it was open lust, but that was so different from what she normally got that it caught her off guard much more then it should have. Jakk, they said his name was. He carried himself like an Orc- but it was like he was an Orc that owned the place. Something about that was just so intoxicating, and more then a little scary. And, by the gods, she didn't know Half-Orcs could be that handsome.

She has her 4th almost spill that day, all of them his fault. This time practically at his feet.

"Wench, is there something distracting you?" Jakk chuckles, amused at the whole thing.

"...No, sorry sir. . .it's just that. . ."

"You're afraid of me." he adds, that smirk not leaving his face. She doesn't say a single word, blushing and scrambling. Jakk leans down and grips her chin to make her look up, "Why are you afraid of me?"

"I heard Orcs have a sort of ritual, after words they think it's okay to drag you somewhere and have sex with you." she blurts out. Gods, why did she say that?!

"A Claiming. Are you worried I'll claim you girl?" he asks, sort of amused still. She can't answer.

"Or are you hoping for it?" he adds as she rises. She stops in her tracks, looking back for a second.

"W-What's it like to be claimed?"

"Depends on the clan, and the orc. With my clan- I go hunting for a while, give you the meat. If you like what you see, you spend the night with me. If you already have a mate or a male relative wants to protect you from me he goes hunting too and we compare game. You choose then. I'm only half-blood, I can only claim for single nights." he explains, she can't seem to turn away. It's so. . .primal. Ancient.

"When do you get off work? Should I go hunting? Or are we going to save us all the time and trouble?"

It's a crazy decision, a momentary impulse- but the decision is almost as direct as Jakk's been.

"Was just putting in extra time, I can leave as soon as I tell my boss."

"Do it then, I have a room upstairs."


Sexy-Time. Another one sided even I'm afraid to say, got to test these things though. Jakk has 10 Ranks of Sexual Prowess, adds a +19 to his modifier, and has tricks as listed. Kendra is a serving wench at a tavern, and as such has gone even as far as sexual favors for better tips. If she was human I'd give her full "Lusty Tavern Wench" status and the 5 Ranks of Sexual Prowess that comes with it. But since she's a Half-Orc in a town that's raided by orcs more often then normal. She's not the most popular of the wenches, and as such she's seen it all but doesn't have as much personal experience as the other wenches. I'm giving her 3 ranks with Dexterous Lover, Easy to Read, and Masturbation Focus.

Her head was swirling at how insane this was, leading a man- an Orc- into her room for pointless sex. The sound of the chain-mail that was over his chest snaps her out of it.

"Undress," he orders- feeling particularly dominant today. She nods in acceptance, and one would think he was forcing her to do this against her will if it wasn't turning her on so much. Her dress has never gone off faster, despite the slight shake she has in her knees.

Using Skills for Naughty Purposes, Jakk uses Intimidate to dominate Kendra. Now, in sexual situations Jakk gets +24 to Intimidate- but for sake of completion roll for 39. Kendra can't get that Will Save, she gets to play Submissive today. And it turns her on, both parties are Aroused.

How exactly the next few seconds happened were a daze for Kendra. She remembers that soon both Jakk and her were naked. She remembers that Jakk came up to her, demanding she hold still while he groped her breasts, she remembers him giving her a push onto the bed, and she remembers him getting on top of her- using his powerful body to force her knees apart. What she doesn't remember is ever being more turned on in her life.

Setting Arousal Check DC's, Kendra Rolls 18 for a DC of 14 while Jakk rolls 34 for a DC of 19.
Going for the checks- Jakk's bonus is +27 so he auto-passes. Kendra rolls a 6. Not only that but she has to make a Fort Save DC 18, which she fails with a 13. Not only is she Peaked, but she's affected by Stunning Pleasure and doesn't get to make her Sexual Prowess check in Round 2.

Kendra's already feels herself slip into a haze as Jakk's powerful form sends her into bliss. She's already on the edge of cumming, just a little more. . .

Round 2. Setting Checks DC's, Kendra doesn't get to set one while Jakk rolls a 32 for a DC of 19 once more. Kendra gets a natural 16 and makes the check. A 1d4 says that if she does get off in the next 3 minutes she goes back to Aroused. Stunning Pleasure is active once more as she failed- rolling 10 total this time.

"Please, Jakk. . ."

Round 3. Jakk sets DC at 18 this time. Kendra however only rolls 7. She not only has her orgasm, but failed by 11- so she goes back to Peaked instead of Aroused.

So now that we see how the session will go, let's see how long it lasts. Jakk has a Con Score of 16, so 16 minutes right off the bat. After that he begins risking fatigue. With a house rule that men can orgasm when they go into sexual fatigue he see hope for him yet. Fort DC 10 in round 17- but his Fort save is 10 so no problems there as he Auto-Passes. As for the other rounds the DC goes up by 1 every time. In round 23 for DC for him is 16 which he fails with a 13.

"Gods, I've never cum so much in my life, Master. . ." Kendra manages to remark just before she passes out from sexual exhaustion.

Jakk breathes out hard as he smiles. 23 minutes wasn't his longest by any means- but it was a fun 23 minutes and she really liked it too.

Go again? Jakk rolls a 36 Sexual Prowess check, so he could have instantly. Sadly, his partner has lost consciousness. Still, she does has a nice set of breasts he can masturbate over.

Jakk leaves the room in full gear an hour later, feeling a little tired but well spent. Kendra does not. She's asleep on that bed dreaming of her new master- his cum leaking from her slit and over her breasts.

So, after effects now. Jakk didn't use a condom and just came in her pussy so we have to wonder about all possibilities. Kendra didn't have any STDs from lack of experience, Jakk doesn't have any from just having that good an immune system. But, for the sake of example, let's say Kendra was a Vampire. DC 20, Jakk rolls 28- we're good.

Pregnancy however is the big one. Humans as 20%, Orcs 40%. Both being Half-Orcs I'm thinking both are 30%. If both roll below 30% in a d100, Kendra is pregnant.

Oh Shit! 21 and 13!

Jakk left town the next day, making a brief appearance in the tavern again for an ale- then disappeared down the trail. Kendra never did forget her Master from that night, somehow both a Savage Orc and a Godly Lover at the same time. Of course, the lack of periods since that night is serving as a reminder as well. Well, at least she won't feel so alone any more.

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #176 on: July 11, 2010, 07:42:00 PM »
Heh, vampire.

How the heck is Jakk getting a +27 bonus on his Arousal save, though? Looking at his sheet, he's got:
+3 Con mod
+4 Endurance
+2 Iron Will
+2 Enduring Lover

That should be a +11.

Offline ulthakptah

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #177 on: July 11, 2010, 07:46:34 PM »
How are you adding 29?
10 ranks, 3 for class skill, Forceful Lover give me 1.5xstrength mod which is 6, and Ring of prowess gives +10, total 29
That sounds a lot like 'its not rape if they enjoy it', which I hope isn't what you meant.... :P :-[

Only +29? I guess that's barely adequate.
I was talking about seduction

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #178 on: July 11, 2010, 07:49:24 PM »
Name: Isaac Silvermane


Isaac stands a few inches under six feet tall, fairly average in height and weight for a human, if slightly above average in other areas. His skin is a rich, light bronze with just a hint of a silvery reflection to it, and he wears his shoulder-length crop of luxurious shining silver hair loose and flowing about his head. He dresses leisurely, in rich and bright-colored silks or sturdy, dependable wools depending on how he expects to spend the day - that is, when he is wearing anything at all. When set to travel, he dons a shining chain shirt almost as beautiful as he is, lined with delicate mithril traceries amidst the polished steel links, carrying an exquisitely crafted rapier and a well-worn but servicable shortbow.

Talking to him, or even simply being near him, one would think that he draws his ancestry from a brass or copper dragon, not a silver. He treats the entire world as a huge, never-ending joke, one that only he knows the punchline to. Or, alternatively, a comedic play in which he is the star protagonist. Regardless, he knows something you don't, and thinks that it is incredibly funny.


If there was ever an individual worth of the title 'lady's man', the roaming and well-known bard Isaac Silvermane would be it. For all intents and purposes human, he makes his living as a travelling performer, combining innate magical talent with a magnificent singing voice to pay his way through life. He draws the attentions of noble patrons and rich merchants seeing the finest entertainment for their parties, then inevitably draws the affections of their wives and daughters in the bedroom afterwards. He simply can't help himself - the lure of attractive, available female flesh is tantalising, and it's not his fault that so many women find his charming voice, exotic shining silver hair, and occasionally whispered lover's reputation to be irresistable. More often than not, he has been forced to employ his magical talents to avoid being caught in an extremely indelicate position, but he is an old hand at such misdirections, and so far remains for the most part untainted. There are a few exceptions, but he simply doesn't visit those places anymore. He uses magic to prevent leaving any unfortunate surprises behind, and as far as he knows, has been successful.

He claims that he can't help but be so magnetically attractive, and he's right - it's quite literally in his blood. On his father's side, he can trace his lineage back eight generations not to a human, but to the ancient and powerful silver dragon Asaduanaivakka. He has never met his sixth-great-grandmother, though he knows she is still alive, and it doesn't bother him unduly. He was raised by his father and his grandfather, the last of their line to bear obviously draconic physical traits; Isaac's only visual sign of his heritage is his unusual hair. The innate magical blood of his paternal line manifested quite strongly, though, in tandem with a deep appreciation of music. As soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the army, a move less-than-subtly prompted by his family to hopefully instil some discipline. It worked, to a point. He got a bit of formal training, enough that he could have been an officer if he wanted - but that was far too regimented and structured for him. When his term was up, he departed, and the army was in mixed opinions about seeing him go; the troops greatly enjoyed his company for storytelling, cadence-keeping on the march, and general comradery, while the officers and commanders were indescribably relieved. Even then, Isaac was an incredible womanizer, almost an army unto himself when it came to disrupting the livelihood and occasionally families of nearby towns. He left the strict life of military service and never looked back, turning to his musical skills and personal profit.
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Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #179 on: July 11, 2010, 10:22:44 PM »
+27. Hmm. . .

+13 For Prowess
+4 Enduance
+2 Enduring Lover
+2 Iron Will
+6 (1.5 STR)

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #180 on: July 11, 2010, 10:33:00 PM »
You're getting the bonuses confused again - your Sexual Prowess bonus doesn't boost your roll vs. arousal, it make it harder for your partner to resist arousal by increasing their save DC. Likewise, Powerful Lover makes you use your Strength modifier (x1.5) instead of your Charisma modifier on said Sexual Prowess checks. Roll vs. arousal is a strict Constitution check, modified by Iron Will/Great Fortitude/Endurance/Enduring Lover/Delay Orgasm.

Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #181 on: July 11, 2010, 10:41:08 PM »
I'll look it over about, but your words sound right actually.

See? My attempt came in handy.

Offline RubySlippers

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #182 on: July 11, 2010, 10:43:45 PM »
Or do it my way the spell Animal Attraction on my character, run around pretty much naked and let any male (or female) use my character silly so desiring her flesh.

You make all this way to complicated folks.  :-*

Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #183 on: July 11, 2010, 10:47:44 PM »
Male Barbarians don't have "Fuck Me" spells. Female Barbarians do, those are called "Bewbs".

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #184 on: July 11, 2010, 11:12:29 PM »
@DM: Would you consider it cheesy if I wanted to 'double-up' on my Inspire Courage for allies, spending one usage of the ability to add the [morale]-type bonus to attack and damage, releasing it to Linger, then activating it again to then give them the [untyped] bonus dice of fire damage? It's on somewhat wobbly ground RAW-wise - two Inspire Courages would normally overlap their morale bonuses, but since one's been modified/substituted, there's wiggle room to ask - but it'd make me twice as party-friendly. No biggie if the answer is no, it just means I'll have to be real careful not to get in a combat situation alone...right now, all I can do is Summon some really weak critters to aid me.

Offline ulthakptah

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #185 on: July 12, 2010, 12:56:01 AM »
Albin Moreau

Albin Moreau, A greedy cold blooded killer, whose avarice lead him to his career of assassin, spy, and general sword for hire. Be it infiltration, observation, or assassination, he'll get any job done quickly and efficiently, for the right price. Using a combination of strength and cunning he has proven time and time again that he is not one to be taken lightly. Not being particularly fond of murder, Albin try to avoid it as much as he can. Some might see this mercy as kindness, however it's not. This is his way of demonstrating how powerful he is. Though he understands that it's all part of the job, and when necessary will kill without hesitation. He likes keeping his past unknown, and rarely talks about the times before he was an assassin. For good reason, the last thing Albin needs is people taking revenge by tracking down family and acquaintances

Growing up was very easy for Albin. Being stronger than most, and smarter than all the other boys in his town he never came across a foe he couldn't foil. Quite the pugilist he started earning money by competing in underground boxing matches. Like any healthy adolescent male he was very interested with the ladies, and with all the gold he made from fighting he could easily wine and dine them. As he got older all the dates and gifts began to cost more, and he started spending more than he could make. Since the boxing group only met twice a week, he needed to find more work. While on a date in a local tavern he notice a board covered in papers stating various odd jobs and tasks that needed done. He grabbed the one with the highest reward, and ran out into the night, Leaving his date rather confused and very unsatisfied.

The client was a nobleman that was being blackmailed by a rival noble. He wanted someone to sneak into the noble's manor, and destroy the evidence he had against him. When Albin said he would do it the man laughed saying that it was no job for a child. Frustrated by the comments made, he decided to prove him wrong. The next night he struck with his elaborate plan to prove his worth. Not only did he destroy the evidence, but he also found information to blackmail the rival nobleman, knocked out all the guards, and stole all the doors. Very pleased with Albin's work the noble recommended him to all his friends. Soon his every day schedule turned to this, sleep late into the afternoon, take a nice girl out on a date, run off after she falls asleep to box or work for money, just to do it all over again.

A lean and muscular male human, Albin Moreau, is 5'11" tall and weighs 183 lbs. With Brown hair that he keeps short and tidy. Long hair being an occupational hazard as it's prone to getting caught in traps and catching fire. His eyes are Amber with a long scar on his right eye. The outfit he wears looks like an ordinary explorer's outfit, but it's made with a lead lining to interfere with spells like detect magic. Making it difficult to notice magic items hes hiding inside his clothes. His favorite weapon is an Adamantine dagger, use for more than just fighting. The dagger cuts through lesser metals like butter. Making it very useful for breaking in, or breaking out. While the Adamantine dagger is his favorite he is not short on options for blades, thought you wouldn't know by looking. If you just see his rapier and hand crossbow, keep looking. There are still 11 more blades and a sap.

Offline Umbral Sanguinus

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #186 on: July 12, 2010, 01:06:01 AM »
STR 13, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 17, CHA 15
APP: 2d6+6=14
(hope Im doing this right)
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Offline fallensaviour

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #187 on: July 12, 2010, 01:30:32 AM »
gah those sex tricks totally suck...i mean...i'm definatly leaning towards prefering not having codified rules for sex...but anyways...pretty much done except buying stuffs like ...not weapon and armor gear...also...apparently my pally is a turtle...what with the 33 i need to buy barding and such for the pally mount? or does it come with that stuff?
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Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #188 on: July 12, 2010, 01:36:00 AM »
IIRC, you need to buy but once it has it the horse will always have it when you summon it.

Offline fallensaviour

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #189 on: July 12, 2010, 01:37:55 AM »
i was actually thinking a wolf...named petoran

Offline fallensaviour

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #190 on: July 12, 2010, 01:39:45 AM »
also here's what i've got for my character so far...any advice would be apreciated

Offline Umbral Sanguinus

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #191 on: July 12, 2010, 01:42:52 AM »
Im curious how people think the GUCK "Divine Beauty" feat would work with the use of the Appearance stat.

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #192 on: July 12, 2010, 11:19:26 AM »
I would think any feat which relied on charisma in GUCK (and talks only about looks) then it would have App reguirement I think. Or charisma and appearance requirement.

oh...silly question... can i have a wolf for my mount? nature god and my being small and all?

Well, I am okay with that (assuming a gnome/halfling paladin).

see i always thought paladins should be forced to the alignment of their god/goddess... not just lg cause you know...i was going to be of the true neutral nature god(ess)

Umh, I think I do not allow 'true neutral' or any neutral deities have paladins. So your alignment choices are; lawful good, chaotic good, lawful evil or chaotic evil.

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #193 on: July 12, 2010, 11:33:37 AM »
Gotta agree with that. honestly - if you want to be neutral, be a druid. Paladins are, by their very nature, extremists; they're held to a higher standard than the average person of their alignment, though they're allowed to be moderate in dealing with people who can't live up to the same standard. Notably, Paladins aren't actually required to follow a deity, unlike clerics - it says so right in the Paladin class description. They're walking embodiments of Good and Law (or Good and Chaos, or Evil and Law, or Evil and Chaos), trumping even their allegiance to a specific god or goddess.

@Zaer: Did you catch my query about buffing people with Dragonfire if they're already benefiting from standard Courage? I'm doubly curious both because of the potential in-game effects, and because I'm writing up my own little mini-story like Villain did above, but I don't want to give Isaac stuff he can't actually do.
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Offline RubySlippers

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #194 on: July 12, 2010, 12:02:07 PM »
Oh for the gnome paladin there are riding dogs in the game dogs bred as mounts, I could see a gorgeous white perfect dog bred as a war mount for a paladin as fine and dandy for you. I ran a halfling with that kind of mount and lots of mounted combat she was a nightmare and the dog could bite and tackle with a good rider handling it.

In fact Pathfinder Fighters are a wicked choice with even more training than 3.5 Fighters.

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #195 on: July 12, 2010, 12:05:40 PM »
Of course, it's not like you need to do much to improve on the 3.5 Fighter. :P

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #196 on: July 12, 2010, 12:06:26 PM »
I say the inspire courage (even variant) do not stack so you choose in-between providing elemental extra dmg or smaller generic bonus to attack rolls and dmg rolls.

Online TheGlyphstone

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #197 on: July 12, 2010, 12:24:20 PM »
Phooey. Oh well.

Online TheVillain

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #198 on: July 12, 2010, 12:25:08 PM »
So, when is this game going to start?

Offline Umbral Sanguinus

Re: Pathfinder/3.5 DnD game using GUCK and BoEF
« Reply #199 on: July 12, 2010, 03:14:26 PM »
If anybody doesnt mind looking over my character sheet and making sure it checks out, that'd be great. Converting her from 3.5 to PFRPG and then the extra books, I likely missed something.

Cant decide between which picture:

Description(Appearance & Personality):
Greedy, Lustful, Envious, Vindictive... any numerous terms could be used to apply towards Narcissa. Temperamental as any storm, she relishes emotions, especially the most raw and taboo of them. She goes to any pains (literally) to achieve feeling. As such, her physical appearances reflects this. She is very attractive, or rather once was. Now her pallid features as sunken, and her form, once ripe and sensual, is now nearly vile in how thin and frail it appears. Gaunt ribs are covered in scars, making it clear that gluttony is not one of her vices, at least not for food. The fact is that she is a glutton for other things that sustain her, notably, drug use. However, her divine magic partially hides the extent of her addiction-addled body, and what doesn't can easily be remedied with conventional make-up, such as to hide the sallow of her cheekbones and lifeless pale of lush lips.

Born as Kathrendal Celes, a wholly simple farmer name for a wholly simple farm girl of Chelish stock, raised in the fields just outside of a large port. One of many children, the life of a farmer's young was tiring and painful. Just as the girl began to sprout into a woman, she decided a farmer's life was not for her, and fled into the capitol city with high aspirations and wide-eyed innocence. She found her way amongst would-be adventurers, and especially one lesser noble lad that had taken a liking to her, and gave her room and board.

However, the unspoken agreement as to what was expected in return for the room and board came as something of a shock to Kathrendal, and she was no match for her conqueror. Spirit broken and bodied battered, the raped young woman was left to the fend for herself amongst the rainy uneven cobblestone and dirt roads of the city.

Prostitution out of necessity became a gruesome reality, and she used the churches of Calistria as a haven. It was during those long, tragic nights that Kathrendal died, and for some time the husk of her former body walked as a shade, empty and without purpose. It was only by coincidence when she was plucked up for some dark revelry by a traveler changed her life.

The woman had no intentions of saving anyone, but had wanted only a fresh, nameless victim, somebody who would not be missed and would be forgotten to the ages; someone just like Kathrendal. However, upon obtaining the beaten, broken wench, the foreign priestess found a spark, and the Lady in Shadow spoke to her. It was then that Narcissa was reborn. She learned that all the pain made her stronger, fierce and fierily independent. She grew to understand that her innocence had been a weakness, and her virtue a flaw. There were only two kinds of beings in the multiverse: predators and prey.

Thus, she became a predator, and one of merciless vengeance. Every sailor and drunkard who had laid with her soon found themselves brutally murdered in the night, sometimes flayed, or even worse. The lesser noble lad that betrayed her trust so long ago had been the last, and as a rite into the priesthood, his death was savored. She had hunted him across the lands to a remote port, and there she made him pay. And so he did pay, some would say many times over. For forty days and forty nights he paid his dues to her through blood and agony. She had not managed to keep anyone else alive for so long since, though she sincerely tries.
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