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What I crave constantly...
Harry Potter (I don't play canon characters)
Vampire the Masquerade (Cam or Sabbat)
Beauty & the Beast
Buffy the Vampire slayer (I won't play a canon character)
Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon (I'm reading Voyager currently)
World of Warcraft (Horde or Alliance, possibly a crossover?)
Persephone/Hades (Please be fairly well versed in Greek mythology)
Horrible, foul monsters & a damsel in distress (I would be the damsel)
Wolf's Rain
Trinity Blood

-I prefer to do this through forums or email, at least at first.
-Plots are a must.
-No one liners, but I am ok with only a paragraph or two. On average I'll post 2+ paragraphs.
-I don't care about your actual gender, but I will be posting as a female and prefer that you post as a male.

Rolls to be played (my roll on the left)

   Vampire/Vampire   (World of Darkness)
   Arranged Marriage

   -Boot worship
   -Ponyplay/puppy training
   -Various other things

Original Idea

Werewolf- First of all, let me explain the way werewolves work in my mind. There are two types of werewolfs. Those that are born, those that are bitten. To be born a werewolf one or both of your parents must be a werewolf. The born werewolves have a hybrid form that can be used at will (think big snarling, ugly, drooling beast). In the form, the werewolf still retains full knowledge of who & what they are. During the full moon they transform & while they do not have any control (and for the most part do not remember who they are) are significantly more docile than a bitten werewolf. Born werewolves are still infectious during the full moon. Bitten werewolfs are your standard disgustingly horrible werewolf (think American Werewolf in London).

Heres the idea-
   The setting is similar to Forgotten Realms. Erishkigal (my character) is a born werewolf, abandoned and taken in by the local thieves guildmaster & raised as his own, trained to be the very best. You're character is the guildmaster's son, who is 5+ years older than Erishkigal. The two become partners in crime, litterally & romantically. They work as a pair. He is the muscle, shes the sneaky one.
   One night the duo are pulling off a burglary and caught by the authorities. Mid arrest, your character in knocked unconscious. They are thrown in a cell to be delt with later. It is the night of the full moon. With the strength granted to Erishkigal by her transformation she breaks out of the cell, dragging your character with her. The two awaken lying in the streets behind a dumpster at dawn and hurry home.
   Once home, thats when you notice the crescent shaped arrangement puncture marks on one arm, delicately done. Standing in the mirror, examining the wounds it dawns on've been bitten...most likely in the course of being drug to safety....but you've still been bitten. Life's going to be come very hard for you next month, and the month after that...and then the month after that....And you're pissed.
   Tables get thrown, objects hurled, terrible things said and Erishkigal is terrified, cowering in the corner. Shes seen you practically rip people in half, what will you do to her? She flees and after a bit you settle down, of course she'll be home tomorrow...You just need to sleep, to clear your mind...
   But Eriskigal doesn't return the next day, or the day after that and you're left with a horrid, vile curse that you have no idea to cope with, and so you decide to hunt her down...
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Daimon de Broken Hearted

Interested in either the Buffy stroyarch, though I to would not play canon char unless you want me too. Also the Master/Slave sounds appealing.

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I have some things going on right now with health, I am sorry replies come slow.
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