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Started by Lupus of Inritus, July 05, 2010, 03:43:14 AM

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Lupus of Inritus

I have been inactive for quite a bit. Too much stress makes for an unwilling muse. Though even in darkest of times I can not help but want the one thing that brings me comfort....escape. I may be trapped in body, but a free mind takes weight off the soul.

I would like to begin some new games. These are the idea's I had in mind...
Oh, and as a side note my chars are never sub. I play equal or better only.

Naruto - AU - OC Female X ?

I am fairly up to date with the Manga. Last Chapter I read was Mother's Red Hair, I think.. Anyway. The char I would be playing is the host of the 5 tail. Thus the need for the AU aspect. I have her backstory, which can be divulged through PM. Like Killer Bee, my char is united with her demon. The 5 tail being a dog - she is predatory, territorial and protective over what she views as hers. She is a rouge that travels with another stray ninja (a male) she picked up several years ago, who I will also play. She is wanted by her village, for multiple reasons, and tends to avoid villages. This story would start with her being captured by ninjas from her village, her ward going to the Leaf Village for assistance. She escapes/is rescued and then is lead back to the Leaf Village. This is where the story can really begin. It does not matter if you play an existing char or an original.

Riddick - Post TCoR - OC Female X Riddick

I loved Pitch Black. TCoR was good, but Riddick was a bit too soft in my eyes there. My idea for this actually begins in Riddick's teen years. (Nothing sexual happening during this area.) It would start with Riddick's first capture by mercs, and inadvertently his first encounter with my char. She is rescued, and allows him to tag along. This phase could be buzzed through. My char for this is genetically altered, she was part of a super soldier program but the adaptability they programed her with allowed her to adapt to point where they could no longer control her. They then had to resort to collars that inject chemicals to shut down everything but the animal in her. She managed to escape, but they put a bounty on her and every once in a while they manage to catch her. Knowing what she is capable of, she keeps those around her at a distance. Under her rough exterior, she is the type of person who doesn't want to see others suffer. She is the reluctant leader of a band of supposed criminals, and the group tends to take in people who have had the short end of the stick and show them a means in which to get what they need and how to survive. Riddick learns the ropes and starts down the part that finally leads him to sit on the Necromonger throne.
My char would then be brought in. She'd been recaught and collared, then pointed at the Necromongers in an attempt to take out Riddick. Though she managed to make a dent in the Necro army, they managed to subdue her. Riddick would recognise her and realize that she was under control of the collar. He'd have to embrace his own animal to get close enough to remove the collar and wait for the chemicals to leave her system.

For the moment this is all I have. I'll add more if I think of them.
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