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Author Topic: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer  (Read 1012 times)

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Offline monaTopic starter

Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« on: July 04, 2010, 02:31:30 PM »
Currently: Not taking on role plays. Maybe tomorrow or the next? I need to catch up on replying to people. Sorry :(

It really depends on what you'd like to incorporate. I'm currently into [aside from humans?]:
--otherworldly creatures
think... I don't know, something powerful-- elf? Just ask if you have something in mind.
--non-consensual sex
--slave trade/auction
collars, handcuffs, gags, plugs, blindfolds, whips, chains. If you have any questions about what you want to incorporate, just ask. NO HOODS OR FACE MASKS THOUGH.
--vaginal/anal sex
--nipple play
we'll have to work out rules on this one, but the idea turns me on. ;3

nothing that draws too much blood.
--and... a lot more that you'll just have to discover because I'm too lazy to type out all of my turn-ons when I'm not even sure people will reply to this. Plus, you can check out my on and off's if you're really interested. <3

As a slave, I can be:
--etc. It depends on the master that I role play with; what his preferences are, and how I feel I can complement that.

I'm not okay with:
I don't mind you shooting your wondrous seed in me, but there has to be some reason I don't get preggers.
--eating/drinking fecal matter or urine
If you can somehow convince me to do a role play with you on this one, I'll be surprised. I'm just not comfortable with using phrases like, "ahoy there, matey", or with their sense of cleanliness, or the lack thereof.
--historical time periods
I don't know anything about history, or steam-punk or cyber-punk. Therefore I don't do them, because I feel limited when I try to role play them. Please just stick to the modern time period, or one that is ambiguous (meaning you can have a laser gun when I have a sword).
--and some more that I probably just have never heard of.

I prefer you to:
--use the third person tense when role playing.
--talk with [[brackets]] or ((parenthesis)) when just chatting with me [also known as out of character, "OOC"] while we're role playing.
--give me a hearty response like you've eaten your wheaties for the day.
Something of substance, maybe a 4-5 sentence paragraph or two. My first post is usually 2-4 paragraphs, and then the rest of my posts kind of mimic how much my partner writes. I prefer replies under 4 paragraphs.
--use private messages or thread posts instead of instant messengers.
--contribute your part in the role play as an active plot supplier. That should be a no-brainer.
--try new things, and ask me to try new things. :)
--Quote my last reply at least, so that I can remember what I wrote. n.n"
Also, I won't have smilies in my role plays when I type.
--role play as a guy, though in real life you may be a girl. I don't care. I will always role play a girl, because that's what I know best.

Please pm me or reply below if you are interested in discussing this further.

--I'm on and off Elliquiy a lot due to family and my job, and some days I might be able to only reply once. I've been known to sometimes not reply for a few days, but I always try to notify my rp partners beforehand. I hope you can understand. Thanks.
--When role playing, I might use the small font+italics as a default to type in.
If you'd rather read the normal sized text without the italics on all the words, just let me know. Vice versa, if I'm not using the smaller text or italics on my responses and you want me to, let me know.

Currently role playing with:
plot 1 with the incest. Demon brother in control of part of a modern city, fighting against supernaturals who'd like to take control, and keeping his lower demons in line. Sister starts out a bit rebellious, does not know he's a demon. Half siblings = different father.
--Drow Denizen
plot where I am an angel, he is human, and I am healing him. I stay until he is fully healed (black marks gone). Secluded hospital. Real World setting.

Possible plots:
--Genre: incest, master/slave, fantasy
Plot: The older brother moved out of the family a while ago, and recently hears about his parents dying in a tragic accident. His little sister is shoved into his life by social workers who want to just get her out of their hands. Little does she know though, that her older brother is a vampire/werewolf/shapeshifter/demon/angel [pick one]. They don't get along, especially since the brother is over controlling. He is the Master of the City [for vampires]/Ulfric [for werewolves]/whatever leaders are called in the shapeshifting world/high-ranked demon or angel, and he needs to be in control at all times to show his rank. His little sister coming in and standing up against him is a show of weakness to his world. This is when the brother becomes more of a master than anything. At first the sister rebels against him, resents him for being absent most of her life. Then...
Well, the rest is really up to the role player willing to do this rp with me.

--Genre: fantasy, romance
Plot: A man in his twenties owns a garden. One day he finds that his garden has overgrown. He starts cutting it down, trying to trim it back to how it was, only to find that a girl that looks about 19 has grown as part of the garden. She looks human, but little plants are sprouting from her arms, her waist, and her legs. She's naked and beautiful. The man is shocked, and when he gets near, she awakes. He's afraid at first, but they talk, and he tenderly cuts away the flowers and leaves growing from her. It hurts her, but she heals and the skin is replaced, unblemished. She walks and talks like a human, but doesn't know who she is or where she came from. She can take life or give life from other plants, and in her steps, plants grow and die simultaneously. Etc. etc. etc. If you want to make it extra smutty, you can plot it to where the gardener tricks her by telling her that she was sent to him to become his slave, and he uses her.

--Genre: fantasy, romance (could incorporate master/slave if you want a dirtier version)
Plot: A boy/man in his teens/twenties is about to die. From a fight, disease-- we'll decide this later. Anyway, his guardian angel visits him. She looks more like a demon, but she is his angel. She nurses him back to life, and when she's about to go back to heaven to resume watching over him, he grabs hold of her and tells her not to leave him alone in the world.
This is where it could be romance or master/slave. Etc. Also, this could be the other way, where my character is the one that's human, and she helps nurse the demon/angel back to life; but when he heals, he takes the girl (my character) back to his realm, or just stays in the human realm.

--Genre: Arranged Marriage
This one could be done with a lot of different species (human, vampire, werewolf, etc.), and can be done with a lot of arrangements (brother/sister, stranger/stranger, etc).

--Genre: Kidnapping/Stockholm Syndrome
Title is pretty self explanatory. The kidnapped (me) starts to fall in love with the kidnapper. Or... she's just getting addicted to his sex.

--Genre: Werewolves, Pack Life
There are a lot of scenarios, but one of them could be: the pack leader has chosen his mate, but his mate is headstrong, and doesn't want to assume the position of his bitch. So he has to wield her into submission.

--Genre: Exhibitionist, Master/Slave
An auction is being held, and a master sees a brutally hurt slave, whose previous master had abused beyond standard master/slave regulations in the realm. She's still listed as a virgin, which is astounding, and therefore she's expensive.
Option 1: the new master is just as brutal, and sees this as an optimum opportunity to seize a slave that is so hurt that it turns him on
Option 2: the new master saves the slave and treats her better.

--Genre: Mercenary
We are both mercenaries given the task to kill one another. But, we both like to play with our prey, and thus there's a bit of sexual tension as we fight. This role play would maybe be a dominant/dominant match up, but I could totally see myself being submissive in some moments.
Option 2: You're a soldier who's been assigned to live in my house for however long it takes for the war to end. Which means a long time. In this realm or place, there is no Quartering Act (which states that no soldiers should be allowed to stay at a person's home if it is against their will, basically). We are on opposite sides of the war, and that's where the tension comes in. I can either be the character that doesn't really know what the real war is about due to government censoring, and thus once you explain why you are on the other side of the war, I begin to realize that you're not being barbaric, idiotic, etc. for being on that side and not mine. The other option to this is that you've been forced to fight for that side, and once you tell me this, I feel empathy, yada yada yada.

Writing samples: (there is also a REALLY LONG writing sample a few posts down after this first post in response to Gath.)
Okay, Mona, sweetie, I am going to give you a "writing prompt". Basically it's a scenario that you can feel free to expand on as much or as little as you like...
Imagine you are walking along a beach, somewhere hot and sunny. Suddenly there is a loud splash out to sea. You look, and see... what?
Namina scratched furiously at her skin. Little ripples of scales would surface and then disappear, reminding her that time was running out. Her olive toned skin would flash a pearly purple or pink in patches near her chest, and silvery green and blue in patches near her pelvis. At 5"4, Namina could not run very far. Her short legs pounded the sand, but even the little granules seemed to grip her feet. The ocean pulled at her, calling to its friend, the wind, to pull at Namina's long, tiger-orange, tangled hair. Little bits of salt encrusted in those tangles, making her look bejeweled in diamonds and pearls. A large splash sounded behind her, far out at sea. Namina refused to look. She knew it was the great, Hosmainya, the God of Selkies. He had risen out of the water on a large serpent, and he screamed a sound so awful that even Namina, a fellow selkie, cringed and fell, smacking the wet sand. Somehow she had backtracked. Namina turned to look at Hosmainya, half turned into the selkie god form of a lion fish. Humans have long thought we change into seals... but just let them catch a sight of us in our true forms... Namina thought. Terrified, her green eyes could no longer see past the ocean waves that cascaded along the shoreline, attempting to drown her. This was no hurricane. This was the selkie god proclaiming his anger that one of his wives escaped. The sky had become a dark whirl of clouds, and before Namina could see any lightning, she was drinking in water. [[I kind of decided to end it because I felt like I was wasting time when no one would reply to this role play post, lol]]
I see you've asked for questions and the odd writing prompt.  Here is something you might find enjoyable.
Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.  These are all characters from a counting rhyme of long ago.  If you would, please select one or two and construst a first post to a role play.  The length is completely up to you.
You can, of course, simply describe how you would use the character(s) in a role play.
And, I guess I'll pick the soldier. Here goes:
Indira watched the sluggish blood slowly seep into the soil. It was fascinating... her hand reached down to play with the substance, but realized only too late that her white military gloves were ruined. Her nostrils flared at the repugnant aromas wafting out of the multiple bodies, noting that the entrails seemed to make elaborate abstract art pieces. Slowly standing back up from her crouched state, Indira felt a slow satisfaction start to grow. The residuals from the vampires would be burned, and she would be able to tell her commanding officers that the job had been done not only successfully, but efficiently. After looking around for a while, Indira found her weapon of choice; it was a long whip made of Gonalium 316-- the most lethal compound towards vampires ever known to man. Or woman, in this case. She picked it up, stroked it lovingly, and wrapped it around her arm, using her palm and elbow as parameters, so that a nice coil was shaped by the time she was done. After clipping it onto her thigh holster, Indira seemed to give herself a once over, assessing the damage to her image. Her long, wavy, black hair was pinned up on the sides, giving a slight bouffant on the top of her head, and surprisingly that had stayed throughout the battle. Thank god for hairspray. She checked her ears and, sure enough, there was a bit of blood that came off onto her white (well, now spotted black) gloves. The only way she could distinguish her own blood was that it was a bright red, rather than the vampiric black. Someone always ripped out an earring or two of hers during a battle. Indira sighed, but shrugged on the inside. Her bright, citrine colored eyes roamed over her torso, where her dark armor had been sliced in a couple of places to reveal a rather generous cleavage, then moved on to her hips and thighs, where she saw no real damage. Although the bottom of her armor was rather swim-suit like, her thigh-high combat boots, thick and armored, had saved her from what would have turned out to be ugly scars. Everything seemed to be okay. ...Until a hand seemed to come out of nowhere (which was quite plausible since vampires could travel through veils of space) to snap her arm back into an excruciating angle.
[[And I actually a little surprised that so many delicious words came to my mind when I wrote this. I'm not normally as astute in the vocabulary department. o.o]]
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 02:51:33 PM »
Only male? Awwwww :(

Offline Kaiser Maverick

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2010, 03:19:24 PM »
Im interested.PM or I can PM you if needed

Offline Gath

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2010, 05:12:13 PM »
I am currently searching for a subservient female if you care to take a look at my proposal. The summary can be found here. Message me if you are interested.

Offline monaTopic starter

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2010, 11:06:54 PM »
I am currently searching for a subservient female if you care to take a look at my proposal. The summary can be found here. Message me if you are interested.

For my own documentation, this is the reply I gave to his longer post. And for those that read this, know that this was probably a one time deal-- lit's SO MUCH WRITING!! I never write this much, but it was... such a good feeling to write so much for once, and to... really put my all in it, despite how much it felt like I was running a marathon. Note that in shorter responses, I put just as much effort, but this one was... an accomplishment for me lol, even if you don't think my writing is done well.

Indi found it hard to breathe. The cuffs were uncomfortably tight, and the fact that the lighting cast a crimson wrap around the room didn’t help her keep her fears down. She tried to lie to herself by thinking that the panic was only due to feeling boxed in by the damned red glow. But she knew… it was because of him. He was her… addiction. And it was such a sick addiction at that. He made her his, and yet, he pawned her off to others as if she were a scrap of cloth... a scrap of skin. She felt so drawn to him, so much so that the magical three kisses he bestowed upon her frail neck sent electricity down her spine, made her tremble. The fear showed in her eyes; the desire was in her loins.

The small clicks of the corset’s hooks were like a clock’s ticks toward an impending doom. Now, if she’d thought realistically, she’d realize that she’d made each “click” seem louder by concentrating on it, a pop of sound that matched the emphasis she seemed to put on each hook. Only then, after making each click seem louder than it really was, did the action seem important enough to act as an explanation to why her heart was pounding so hard. If she’d thought realistically, she’d realize that it wasn’t at all the clicks of the corset hooks that made her heart pound, but rather it was his presence. This ritual of dressing her up, and not knowing what was to happen, even though she’d been through this process multiple times before. The onyx colored corset complemented her long, straight hair, and the green accents brought out the hazel of her eyes. He knew how to amplify her beauty. Her breasts lightly puffed out of the corset, though not too much as to give away all that she had before receiving the money for it. Though, that money was not much at all.

Each time he brushed his skin against hers, Indi had to bite down on her bottom lip not to moan. How had he conditioned her to react this way? Oh yes… the other time. As he switched out the corset’s garter straps for the garter with pink and black lace, Indi was brought back to the present, out of her memory. The garter was new, one that she’d never seen before. Meaning… tonight was special. This brought new excitement in her, but also a terrible new fear. She watched as he nimbly tied little bows on the garter to secure it, and gasped when he put his face to her bottom. Her nether lips moistened considerably, and her body strained to keep still. Why was he doing all this? She had closed her eyes to savor the moment, branding it into her inner mind. She swallowed with effort and let out a breath when he let go. Disappointed? Maybe she was… just a little. Her creamy skin rippled with goose flesh when the cold air took his place, and she tried not to hyperventilate.

Seeing him reach for the panty hose, she knew the drill. She pointed her feet like a good little dancer, and moaned when he touched her, roaming his hands over her calves and thighs. Her pussy throbbed, and her mind felt like exploding. “Ahh, please…” She begged for… well, she wasn’t sure what she begged for. More caresses? For him to have more mercy on her, and to stop touching her unless he was going to have her right then and there? He clipped the garter onto the hosiery, and she mentally groaned that he had seemed to hear her thoughts about stopping. The leather mini was then whipped out, and her eyes widened a notch. There was no question about it then: something was going to happen tonight. And it seemed that she was the only one out of the loop, just like in high school when the girls had “forgotten” to tell her that Wednesdays were no longer pajama days. She bit her bottom lip again when she feared the mini would rip down its seams. Though, every time she’d worn it, it’d stood up to the test. It must have been some high quality stitching.

At five foot and six inches, she was relatively average in height, maybe a bit on the shorter side if you asked some really tall people. He’d gingerly taken each of her feet and placed them in four inch spiked heels. They were a dark pink, matching the lace on the garter. But, no one would know until they paid her, right? He had a sick humor. And she knew that he knew, that the shoes would get mighty uncomfortable as the night wore on. Maybe that was just part of his plan. Nothing was done without thought. Not with him. He twisted the key to the lock on her cuffs, and she felt the spring inside the metal give. Her wrists were able to go back down to her sides, and she felt the familiar tingling sensation of having numb limps.

When she saw the make-up, so nicely placed on the counter, Indi wanted to throw those instruments across the room. She was hit with that sick feeling she usually got after being essentially raped by a client, after the euphoric orgasm had worn off. It was that self hate… of having to dress up, put make up on, of being used over and over! Like she was nothing! Anger made tears well up in her eyes, but this wasn’t new. Her anger deflated into a helplessness as she picked up the brush for the powder. She looked in the mirror, and saw not quite dead eyes. They held… maybe a spark of hope… a spark that she should have lost by then. There were dark circles, and a small yellow spot near her jaw line from her most recent client. A fading bruise. To her chagrin, he was not even fined. She fixed all that though, with the professional grade powder. The eyeliner and the lip-liner though, those were from the nearby drugstore. She lined her eyes with “Exotic Noir” and her lips with “Death Wish.” She picked the brightest of the reds, blended the lip-liner lightly, and finished with the gloss. The advertising was a bluff though. Her lips never stayed neat after a single blow job, much less eight hours as they said it would. Her eyes strayed to see his smile, and she couldn’t help it as her heart, once again, made itself known. God damn him. Twice over. May he rot in hell. …And may I be there to serve. Damn him! But oh, the way his body created silhouettes, how the lines drew envy from even her.

As they left the building, he had taken her hand within his. He was warm to the touch, and probably not wanting her to grip his fingers as much as she was. It wasn’t a death grip, but it was certainly a bit tighter than just letting her hand rest in his. It was for his warmth, his intimacy, and really, part of it was for her balance. The heels were already rubbing uncomfortably. Her feet would probably have blisters if she had to walk multiple blocks tonight. That usually never happened though. She usually got picked up within ten minutes. But she took no notice of that, and didn’t attribute it to her beauty or talents. She was trained to believe she was nothing but a puppet.

After finding that she was quite lost, he stopped at a place she’d never been before. She hadn’t known until now that tonight would still involve a client. She believed that maybe this was the night he’d do something to her, just for his own pleasure… and maybe hers. If he permitted. He’d walked her farther than usual, but she supposed the end result would be the same, now that they had stopped, and he had kissed her chastely on the cheek. Would it have hurt him so bad to kiss her on the lips? Ruin that lipstick for one night? The air was cold at night, despite the day being irritatingly hot. It slithered up between her leather mini somehow to whisper to her cunt, and she shifted from foot to foot to warm herself.

He spoke, and left her confused. Freely? He’d never said that before. But he waived at the depressing street, the alleyways, the ugliness of it all, and that was my cue. I gave him one last look—of desperation, of fear, of willingness to oblige, and put my right foot forward to take the first step. And then another. Soon there was a cadence to my step, and a bite from my corset with each beat as well. My nervousness now blocked my senses from the stings coming from the heels. The moment I thought to search for something to distract myself, I realized that there was no purse. No touch up make-up, no condoms. Oh hell… no condoms. And that’s when the sleek Mercedes edged up. And before I could glance back to see if he was still there, which I was sure he was, the tinted window of the Mercedes rolled down to show a few twenties. No face. I had no idea what I was getting into. The seat was covered in beige leather, expensive. Which probably meant he was low-balling me, considering he only put down three twenties when he could afford a few fifties. I hesitated. I didn’t want to go with him, to go with another client. Well, hell, she didn’t even know if it was a he! A strong looking hand reached over to slide another twenty onto the fanned out stack, and Indi bit her bottom lip again in habit. She was never good at making quick decisions.

Anger, fear, anxiousness, and indecision all flitted across her mind. But she didn’t disappoint. She reached for the handle of the Mercedes.
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Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2010, 11:17:46 PM »
If you're still looking, I would love to play the dominant male in the abused virgin slave at a slave auction.  It sounds interesting and right up my alley.

Offline Chrystal

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2010, 02:01:34 PM »
Okay, Mona. First, public apology for confusing you with someone else...

Second, how would you like to be kidnapped by a butch female, dominated, and end up going Stockholm on her? (By her, I of course mean me...)  :D

What do you say?

Offline monaTopic starter

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2010, 02:06:46 PM »
Okay, Mona. First, public apology for confusing you with someone else...

Second, how would you like to be kidnapped by a butch female, dominated, and end up going Stockholm on her? (By her, I of course mean me...)  :D

What do you say?

Lol, it's no problem, really. :3 Thanks for apologizing anyway though.

And... ...... On one condition! That the butch female is still attractive despite being butch-y. ;D Ha, that took me round the block, that description did, yessir.

Offline Chrystal

Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #8 on: July 05, 2010, 04:47:41 PM »
*giggles.* Well, "Attractive" is a purely subjective concept. But if you mean, mid thirties, slim, pretty, with big boobs (natural of course) and long red hair, I can manage that...

Do you want to be a millionaire's daughter, or in the wrong place at the wrong time during an armed attack on a bank or something...?

Present day suit you?

And I'll let you start. I suggest the title Stockholm Syndrome, but I leave that to you, dear.

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Re: Female searching for male masters/dominant roleplayer
« Reply #9 on: July 05, 2010, 11:52:27 PM »
hmmm... haven't done a dom before I had an idea for a dark furry a while back.
Equine necromancer, not the raise the dead lead zombies and get smited kind. but smart, dark, and a bit brutal.
never done a character like that