Bedlam; The Mad House [M/M]

Started by Sho, July 02, 2010, 11:21:24 PM

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Insane asylums have always been places of a particular fascination to some people; they serve as facilities in which one can study how the mind works. Jasper Sanders has always been interested in the mind - a voracious reader as a child, he lived for riddles and puzzles that couldn't easily be solved. He didn't fit in at school, having been labeled a 'nerd' from an early age. That never deterred him, though - he'd skipped most of middle school, some of highschool, and ended up finishing medical school by an astonishing twenty four years old. A bit of a local legend in the community, Jasper is good looking but incredibly shy, a very, very rich young man after helping pioneer a new drug that helps promote weight-loss by controlling the mind's internal triggers for hunger. After all of that, though, at the end of the day, he wants nothing more than to study the mind.

And that's how he ended up at Bedlam.

Really, it's called Bedford, but everyone calls it Bedlam. It is a government-run mental ward for the most dangerous men and women in the country, and some less dangerous offenders. Jasper Sanders, or Doctor Sanders, works with them all. He talks to them, prescribes them medication, becomes their one 'friend' in the world - the one person who genuinely wants to make them better. He stays late, comes to work early, and does everything he can to help those around him.

Naturally, this leads to somewhat less than...appropriate...feelings from some of his patients. For some it is obsession, for others, desire. For some, violence against the man they see as the sole representative of their imprisonment.

I'm looking for someone to play a patient, or ex-patient of Jasper's. Maybe someone who starts stalking him, or someone who is currently in Bedford. Or maybe an ex-patient whose relationship with Jasper is at first innocent and then evolves into something darker. Or maybe even someone who works at the hospital, or maybe another doctor...anyone you can think of, really.

Any takers?


Offer fell through. Any takers?


I am interested. PM me and we can discuss details. I like the idea of playing another doctor or another nurse.
Dr. G


to be a women for a day oh what a day that would be