Hangover RP! (interest check)

Started by Panthean, June 30, 2010, 03:48:01 PM

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you all remember the movie The Hangover right?

Well, I think that it would be fun to put together an rp for it. Here's what I have in mind:

A random number of main characters wake up in a pig sty of a hotel room in a pent house in Vegas. There's trash, empty beer bottles and cans, and clothes everywhere. The main characters then go on an epic adventure across the city to find out what happened the night before. Other characters do have a memory of what happened, and do remember encountering at least one of the main characters. The big thing is that the main characters do not know what happened, so they are at the whim of what the other characters tell them. Once they feel like they have enough information to know what happened, they can say so, and if they are right, the game starts over with new characters and a whole new plot. If they guess wrong, the game still ends, but they lose!

The other characters will collaborate amongst one another to come up with an elaborate storyline for the night before. They will also be responsible for acting out any flashbacks that are a part of the story. They will also decide what major part of he story the main characters will need to figure out in order to finish the game. This can be like in the movie, where they are looking for their friend the whole time, or something a bit more creative.