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Started by iroleplayyaoi, June 30, 2010, 01:21:31 AM

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My current thread hasn't been helping me find anyone to really roleplay the two plots I'm craving the most. I would love for dom/dom, constant fight for who will be on top, that sort of thing. I'm open to pairing ideas too just in case you don't care for my plot/pairing. I don't enjoy high school/college type pairings/plots, sorry.

QuoteI’m Busting This Place
Pairing: BDSM club master/undercover detective
Setting: Modern, NYC
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: BDSM, bondage ect.

Plot: Detective Todd Greene has been in the undercover business for five years and his latest bust is an underground BDSM club hiding in New York’s nightlife. The club has been illegal for some time, but trying to locate it has been a rather difficult task. After a year of trying to find it, Todd finally gets a break when he over heard two men talking about the male only BDSM club. The rest was easy and he now the detective is ready to go undercover to bust the BDSM club.

QuoteThe Ultimate bet
Pairing: Human/Devil
Setting: Modern
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Dark fantasy and hard to tell what else.

Plot: Ace was the champion of pool, winning every game he was up against. Champion was what he was called, betting everything he could just to up in the winnings.

One day after his biggest and wealthiest game yet, Ace met you on his way back to my car. He was challenged to a pool game in some abandon building and promised the stakes and winnings will be even higher than any other he ever had before. Somewhat curious, Ace accepts the offer to met you only to find out you were crazy or at least he thinks. You told Ace that you were the Devil and if you won this game you would get his soul as your winnings and do whatever you wished with him and if Ace won, you would grant any wish, give him anything he could ever want.

Not believing this, he just took off but each night no matter where he was, you would come back, claiming to be the Devil, trying to have Ace accept this challenge. It wasn’t long before he needed more convincing that you were the Devil and that was just what you did. Showing Ace things not even a magician could pull off. Believing this game whole thing now, Ace finally accepted, he knew he couldn’t lose so felt like he wasn’t really risking anything but as the game begins, Ace founds out he may have met his match.

Note: Pool can be changed to something else. Also, we'll need to come up with who will win before we roleplay and we'll probably skip the game itself. I would like to have Ace lose.

QuoteBorn to be Fallen
Plot:Pairing: Devil To Be/Angel To Lead
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, action/adventure, love-hate relationship, fantasy, Heaven vs. Hell and possibly more

Plot: Your fate was to be the first fallen angel, you were to become the demon leader of Hell when you grew up. Jemiel's fate was to lead over the other angels, to fight you in a blood bath. Unknown to him, he was destined to be killed by you. Funny thing about destiny, it can change.

When they were little, everyone (even you) knew of what you were to become so others ignored you. Jemiel, on the other hand, was the only one that didn't and even treated you like a friend which he soon becam. Even the best of friends can be pulled into different directions.

The years went by, Jemiel became close to being the leader while you drifted so far apartm that you soon became cold and cruel. Jemiel wasn't going to accept your fate to become fallen so he continued to try to keep the friend that he once knew.

Then one day you lead a rebellion and fell just as he tried to prevent.

QuoteC S I Love You
Pairing: Top CSI Forensic Investigator/Former mass murder
Setting: Modern, LA
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, bloody scenes and possibly more.

Plot: You're a former mass murderer that decided to change your ways and for once in your life, was on the right side. Though being a former killed caused the other in the lab to be suspicious of you and most didn’t trust you. Your assigned partner, Jack, though wasn’t like the others, he was hardly on high alert or gave you any glares like the rest, what was even more odd was that he's a top CSI. When assigned on a case of a copycat murderer, you soon found yourself wanting to go back to your old ways of killing.

Note: I plan on the current murderer knowing the former mass murderers crimes and was copying his crimes, trying to make him turn back to his life of crime, or something like that. Double possible with current murder/detective or CIS member.

Here are some pairing ideas in case my plots don't interest you:
Spy/Spy [think of Spy vs. Spy] I have an unlisted plot idea for this
Vampire/Vampire hunter
Pirate/Captured Prince

To see more of my plots/pairing ideas, check out my main thread: click


Definitely interesting in "I am Busting this Place."


Quote from: TheGerbilyOne on June 30, 2010, 08:47:09 PM
Definitely interesting in "I am Busting this Place."

I already have a post made up for this one too. I'll just re-read it and send it to you. =)

Do you want to talk about more what will happen, or just want to leave wing it?


Well, I assume the BDSM club is illegal because it allows some more..risky things to go on? Or is it just a general prostitution style charge? What is the reason for the detective to seek it out?


My first post explains a lot about the club. The rumors of kidnapping, being treated like slaves, ect. and the fact that there isn't record of it are the main reasons he's there to check it out.