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Started by Ciro, June 28, 2010, 12:32:17 AM

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Hello, and welcome to "Ciro's Library of Possibilities" where we basically discuss the types of RPs I'm into, but as you are a part of E you already know how this works. I'm going to try and make this simple and easy for you guys to read.

Ciro's Genres: I am not really picky when it comes to Genre, but I will admit to loving Fantasy and Sci Fi RPs above all others. At the same time I dislike vampire RPs. I am sorry, but I will only do them in group RPs. Vampires may appear in RPs, but I won't be coupling with them.   

ERPs: I Prefer RPing M/M I find it much more fun and engaging than M/F and F/F rps. However, that doesn't mean I won't do M/F RPs and F/F RPs. A good roleplayer can get me to enjoy any RP.

My Men: I like my men to look and act like men. I am not a fan of feminine male characters. No offense to anyone who likes them, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Does that mean you have to make super macho characters? No, just a regular guy is good. 

Fetishes in ERP: I am open to some fetishes, but not most. If you have a question on a fetish, just ask. I promise that I will politely decline if its something I don't want to RP

RPs I would currently like to try.

Star Wars: The Jedi and the Sith
In the midst of a battle between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire, a young Jedi is captured by a young Sith commander. The Sith admires the Jedi’s skills and seeks to bring him to the dark side. There is also a painful attraction between the two almost instantly. While the Jedi is determined to keep his resolve he finds himself weakening, but before anything can happen the two are stranded on a remote planet. Each is wary of the other, but they decide to work together till they can get off the planet.

I want to play the Sith in this one.

Heroes and Villains

A year ago there was a huge cosmic storm that rained down on the Earth causing about 1% of the human population to develop powers. Super powered crime suddenly became a major problem in the United States. The government issued a group of super powered agents be formed to solve the problem. They called this group Sector 12.  The Super powered criminals were no match for this group so they began to join together as well and became The Legion.  One of our heroes ends up running into a villain and the two being an almost flirtatious rivalry, but after several encounters things really heat up and the two sleep together. Torn by their feeling for each other and their desire to be loyal to their group, the two seek to find away to protect each other and do their job.

The rp will require playing multiple characters.

First Contact

A young man takes some time to escape into the Wisconsin wilderness and distress when he witnesses a meteorite hit the earth. He goes to investigate only to find a crashed space shutter and an alien life form that looks almost human. Against his better judgment he decides to take the alien in and hide him from the government. Though they don’t speak the same language the two develop a relationship and learn from each other. However, the alien’s memory is limited due to amnesia from the crash. Will the two be able to maintain their relationship of will outside factors drive them apart?

The Last Man on Earth.

The zombie apocalypse came four months ago and while your character thinks he is the last man on Earth he soon finds he is wrong. As our characters meet and work together they must face many horrible atrocities together. There only hope is to find somewhere zombie free, but the question is where?

A Pack of Our Own.

My character is attacked by an unknown creature. He passes out in the attack and when he wakes up he is resting in an unknown room. Your character enters and explains that he is a werewolf and by the next full moon my character will be one too. The two manage to make peace and your character begins to help mine learn how to live as a werewolf, but things change when a neighboring pack of werewolves decide to expand their territory. Now the two must decide to become part of the pack and submit to the Alpha wolf’s will, fight, or flee from their homes.

World of Warcraft

I can’t say I honestly have a plot for this one, but I do have a number of Wow characters and coming up with something would not be difficult at all. Just let me know and tell me abut your characters.


Suggest an RP!

I am open to ideas and love when people contact me about RP ideas! You may just come up with an idea I love!

-Also, I’ve added a couple more RPs on the first post.

People I am RPing with.

People I owe RPage to.

The Dandy

Hmm, hello there. I must say, the hero/villain idea seems very fun. PM me if you are interested.
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Side note Superhero/Villian rp may be up for grabs again. I'm still waiting to hear on it, but I'm gonna give it a few days and keep you all posted.


2 new rp ideas added.

I am currently working on some new stuff, but it's in  the development phase. Even if none of the rps on the page interest you I am willing to hear ideas and try new things so contact me anyways. I will start to open myself up to M/F and F/F pairings soon so be prepared for that.


Hi there... the Jedi/Sith RP sounds really interesting. Give me PM if you're interested.