"Avatar: The Last Airbender" - Be my Zuko?

Started by Amber, June 26, 2010, 06:42:19 PM

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You can find information on my likes/dislikes in my main request thread. However, this one is so particular that I think I need a second thread for it.

I edited/updated what I'm looking for in my most recent post!

I am looking for someone to play Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I don't care if it's a guy or a girl playing him, so long as you are able to pull off his specific personality!

Since he changes throughout the series, I'd like him to be at the point where he is trying to be normal and "find himself" but is struggling internally with the way that he was brought up. He still has pent up rage and a corrupt mind, but needs to find his place in the world. Basically, post-exile, pre-meeting up with Aang.

I'll be playing a female water bender, Itani, from the Northern Water Tribe. She is, of course, an original character of my own.

Itani is sweet and supporting, Zuko is angry and broken - I'd like to see where a romance can head between them ;D

That said, I am looking for something that is loosely based on the existing plot - I also want to be able to be creative with my own ideas without having to stay heavily within the show =D


I made a minor edit with the ending because I thought I might have scared some people off XD


Hmmm... I only got a few takers, but I'd love another. I'd prefer that someone play canon Zuko but if anyone can play someone *SIMILAR* to him, I'm fine with that as well. I understand that canon might inhibit creativity, etc.

EDIT::: Also! I *HAVE* finished the rest of the series by now. And what a wonderful series it was!


*Walks in, looks up*
Hey there. I promise you I can play Zuko. I own the entire series on DVD. Zuko has been my favorite character since the very first episode. I know his character inside out and I'm pretty sure I can pull off RPing as him, if not pulling off almost like him. If you're interested, pm me.  ;) ;D



Ooooh! I already got way more offers for this than I thought I would XD But I'd like one more, because I can't get enough Zuko...

The initial scenario in the first post no longer applies - it can be Zuko from any time period... While he's still chasing Aang, while he's in Ba Sing Se, or while he's with Team Avatar.

Although the other request also applies - if you can't play Zuko but can play someone with similar character traits, that would be wonderful as well ;D I understand the "nooooo canon characters" thing well. Zuko is just a major preference... XD