Evil bastard male PC looking for an adventure. Seeking GM!

Started by badassgrim, June 26, 2010, 05:45:42 AM

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Here goes: I'm looking for someone to run an adventure.

My character's evil. He's not diabolically evil with a grand plan, he's not a cool antihero, he's not suave and he's definitely not misunderstood. He's just an asshole.

He's always looking out for number one. He has no scruples. He has no respect for women, or other peoples' property. He takes whatever he wants, and does whatever he can get away with.

He wants to enjoy life, at the expense of others, or not.

I want to see him cut a bloody swath through a battlefield, deflower the princess he was meant to rescue and then sell her to the highest bidder, rob whores for spare change, kill kittens for fun and profit.

He's an ASSHOLE.
It'll be fun. ;)

Any takers?