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June 20, 2018, 12:38:07 PM

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Author Topic: We're the Misfits...and you? (Superhero group RP)  (Read 3607 times)

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We're the Misfits...and you? (Superhero group RP)
« on: June 25, 2010, 03:34:48 PM »
This is more or less a fandom roleplay for the show Misfits, but I think it has the potential for a great roleplay even for those not familiar with the show.


Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon were all sent to do Community Service for different reasons. Arson. Assault. Cocaine. Drink Driving. Theft. They were a world apart until the day the storm came. Great chunks of hail came from the sky, and lightening struck. When the storm finished...quite a few things were different. They had 'powers'.

After facing off psychotic probation officers, hypnotic Evangelicals and amateur detectives, the stakes have been raised. Many more have been affected by the storm, and not just in London. The Misfits will have to use their powers more and more to fight this growing evil, and attain an even loftier goal...survive community service.


For this roleplay to work we would need all Misfits characters filled, as well as any number of original characters. A note for original characters who want to have powers; they must be directly related to the character's history or emotions. So for example, Simon feels ignored and turns invisible. Your powers usually should come from the freak storm. They can come from elsewhere, but please make it realistic.

As far as the Misfits themselves go, roles come first-come-first-serve. I pick Nathan. Just post on this thread if you'd like to grab someone, otherwise feel free to fill in this character sheet for original characters:

Power: (and how it links in to your personality)

Main Characters

[Name: Nathan Young
Age: 20
Gender Male
Personality Nathan is the joker of the group. He's Irish, and cares about absolutely nothing; a modern nihilist. He has a cruel and vicious streak and frequently bullies Simon (and the rest of the group when the opportunity arises) about minor things. There's a soft side there, but for the most part Nathan is a difficult person to like.
Power: Immortality, coming from Nathan's party hard belief that he will live forever
Background: After his mum and dad split up early in his life, Nathan's been from stepfather to stepfather. He's hated them all. He's managed to maintain his selfish existence until one fateful night in a bowling alley, in an argument over some pic'n'mix. Since then it's been community service and the mysterious powers that have befallen his new 'friends'.

Name: Kelly (?)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Kelly appears as a common chav to most of the people she meets. This is something she's acutely aware of. But despite the coarse exterior, Kelly is one of the sweeter souls of the Misfits. She's increasingly protective of Simon, the shy and socially awkward target of Nathan and the rest of the gang when it suits.
Power: Kelly can hear thoughts, due to her desire to know what people are saying when they whisper about her.
Background: Kelly was with her fiancee for a long time...before she could hear his thoughts. She found her way onto community service after starting a fight after being called a slag in Argos. She comes from the North, although she's never specified where.

Name: Alisha Bailey
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Alisha is arrogant, with a very high opinion of herself and her feminine charms. She's also extremely clever, with book as well as considerable street smarts. Ever since her relationship with Curtis has grown, she has stopped using her power for selfish ends.
Power: With one touch, Alisha can make any man uncontrollably sexually attracted to her. This reflects her greatest ambition in life. She first abused this power, but it has made her relationship with Curtis hard when the two want to experience something emotional.
Background: Alisha is very much the party girl. She's more naive and sheltered than her world-weary boyfriend Curtis. She was given community service for drink driving.

Name: Curtis Donovan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite a laundry list of personal flaws, Curtis is unlike the others in that he has the attitude of a hero; self-sacrificing, empathatic and responsible. A former runner with Olympic aspirations, Curtis has managed to examine his mistakes even if they have hardened him to the world. Having Alisha is the only thing that keeps Curtis going since his community service started.
Power: True to the regret that has dogged him since being arrested, Curtis has the power to turn back time to erase anything he feels guilty or regretful about. While Alisha and Simon were using their powers to selfish ends, he has been using them to right the wrongs he's done to others.
Background: Curtis's life was running. He was ready for the 2012 Olympics, taking every day at a time and devoting his hours to training. But he began to mix with the proverbial "wrong crowd" and after not long found himself being arrested for possession of cocaine.

Name: Simon Bellamy
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: Simon is shy, introverted and lacks the most basic social skills. All his life, people who have met him have either openly bullied him (like Nathan) or casually ignored him, like the rest of the Misfits except possibly Kelly. He takes the abuse thrown at him without comment. He does, in fact, have a sinister side, but only shows it when truly provoked.
Power: True to form, Simon's power is invisibility. All he has to do is feel ignored and he will go into a brief fit, being completely invisible when he recovers.
Background: Simon's story is perhaps the most tragic. Bullied by his neighbor all through school, he recieved an out-of-the-blue text inviting him to a club. Getting there, he found the text was sent by mistake. Humiliated, he returned home and tried to burn his neighbor's house down. Not wanting to kill his cat, he tried to put the fire out by peeing through the letterbox. He was caught, and given community service.

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Re: We're the Misfits...and you? (Superhero group RP)
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2010, 02:47:42 AM »

1. As stated before, powers must be linked to a character's emotion. Unless their power came independently from the storm, in which case all bets are off.

2. No slamming your fellow roleplayers

3. No godmodding

4. The game master's rule is final!