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Author Topic: Superhero / World of Darkness / Star Trek / Anthro / Fantasy : M looking for F  (Read 3121 times)

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Offline TheikTopic starter

These are the plots I'm currently looking a 1x1 partner for.

Pokégirl Setting: Beginning trainer
I happened to wander across this setting and to an extend, I find it interesting. I've always liked anthropomorphic characters and I also enjoy Pokémon (hey, they're fun games. xD), but the setting itself strikes me as something  that was written by a prepubescent boy. As such, if I were to roleplay in this setting I'd remove the absurd focus on sex and the ridiculous names. (KangAssCunt? Slowboobs? Really, what are you, twelve?) I am not interested in "anime catgirl" type characters where they are perfectly human asides from the ears, I'm looking for anthromorphic characters; preferably both taller and more muscular than ordinary humans, to signify their ability to fight.

The plot would follow a new, beginning trainer as he gets his first Pokémorph and tries to get her to stop mauling his face. A story of learning to work together, developing friendship (and maybe one day romance), and exploration. I'd roleplay the trainer, you would be playing the girl. Future additions to the team could be role-played by either of us, to add a bit of a harem aspect to it. (Without the ridiculous focus on sex, please. Sex is a plot mechanic, not an actual plot.)

Star Wars: Old Republic - Sith Circle
Darth Maleia found an infant boy with incredible affinity for the Force and raised him to become her apprentice. While he grew up to be malnourished, fragile looking and unimposingly short compared to her other apprentices, his ability to channel the dark side of the Force into sith Alchemy and a variety of other Force powers was unmatched by her apprentices and herself. Training him to use his gift with the Force to empower her soldiers and to create deadly beasts, Maleia had the perfect apprentice for a while, until she discovered that he had started a relationship in secret with one of her other apprentices, and was using his abilities to bolster her strength, so that she could one day overthrow Maleia. Enraged, Maleia killed the apprentice that had seduced the boy and sent the rest of her apprentices to kill him.

She sourly underestimated his anger over his lover's death however, as he used the force to devastate several foundations of their academy, collapsing the entire building on Maeleia and the rest of her apprentices. Embittered and lonely, the young Sith took to the stars in search of a new love, eventually kidnapping a girl his age. With the right application of the Force, she could very well become 'perfect'.

Note: Would include non-consensual (or consensual, if she loves him too) body alterations, such as growing in height, muscularity or breast expansion. Sith's definition of 'perfect' may not exactly coincide with beauty ideals. I am not looking for a purely submissive character here, somebody with spirit and backbone would be far more interesting. I'd be playing the Sith.

Currently only accepting this plot if people are very desperate to do it and don't like any of my other plots, as I've already gotten a lot of requests for it.

World of Darkness: Tzimisce Art
Has a lot of similarities to the above plot, but set in a slightly different scene. A lone Tzimisce has grown rather resentful of the general consensus that the Toreador are natural artists, believing the art of fleshcrafting to be far superior to paintings and poems. While not quite Malkavian-levels of insane, he's not entirely stable and ends up kidnapping and ghouling a mortal girl to use as basis for his masterpiece, his new bodyguard and hopefully the love of his life. 

Note: Would include non-consensual (or consensual, if she's into being vampire art) body alterations, such as growing in height, muscularity or breast expansion. Yep, pretty much the same notes as the previous plot. xD I'd be playing the vampire.

Star Trek - Awkward relations
The Federation and the Klingon Empire have come a long way from their once open hostilities and with peace now a fact, learning more about one-another has become an actual possibility. To help facilitate a better understanding of the culture of their former enemies, the Klingon High Council agreed to have an exchange project, where an engineer from the U.S.S. Icarus would swap places with an engineer from a Bird of Prey for an extended period of time. Living on a Klingon ship would have been hard enough for the relatively young human engineer, but it was worsened by the fact that the Bird's twenty-or-so strong crew was made up exclusively of women.

Note: A somewhat humorous roleplay in the Star Trek universe. A human engineer having to adapt to living on a Klingon ship with a lot of scary women. I'd be playing the human.

Anthro Setting - Jurassic Soldiers (Ordinary animals or Pokémon hybrids works too!)
With DNA of dinosaurs, recovered from mosquitoes trapped in amber, scientists had a genetic breakthrough at their fingertips. Rather than trying to make a theme park filled with dinosaurs (they've seen the movies, it doesn't end well), they tried to combine the strength and ferocity of dinosaurs with the intelligence and resourcefulness of humans, to create genetically superior supersoldiers that could replace ordinary soldiers; soldiers that would not require weaponry or tanks to operate in hostile environments. The initial results were incredible, with the half-human, half-dinosaur creatures displaying strength well beyond expectations and proving themselves to be lethal fighting machines.

To ensure that the race would have no future without human involvement, and believing that they would be easier to control, the scientists had created only female hybrids. While it would indeed mean that they could not reproduce to grow out of control, they certainly were no easier to control. Eventually the creatures realized that they needed not serve their human masters and after several incidents with scientists getting torn to shreds and hybrids breaking free, the project was placed under lockdown and the island was evacuated. A week later a small team was sent to recover the research data, believing that the creatures would have starved by then. Little did they know that they had not only managed to break free, but that they had formed primitive tribes. Ten minutes into their expedition, the camp was attacked by a pack of raptors leaving but one survivor, a scientist who had been studying a strange set of foot-prints by the beach near their landing location.

Could include things such as size differences (ranging from a few feet to larger size differences depending on the type of dinosaur hybrid), non-consensual and science gibberish. Does he get found by a hybrid who wants to try and mate with him? One who hopes he can create a male of her kind? This plot could have a wide variety of ways to go, such as him being accepted on the island and willingly staying to study their kind, or being taken prisoner. If you have any ideas, make sure to let me know! I'd be playing the scientist.

Note 2:
Alternatively if you like the general idea but not dinosaurs (you cruel, cruel monster you), they could be ordinary animal hybrids, or half human/half Pokémon. The general idea will still work just fine after all.

Superhero - Heroic Screwup
When a local superhero tries to stop a bankheist, a freak accident sends a stray bullet from one of the bankrobbers sailing into a truck carrying a chemical shipment, causing the panicked driver to lose control and crash, spilling its shipment all over the street. 'x' had always been the prettiest girl in class, having been head cheerleader, the love of the life of most men she's known and considered for a modelling career. Sadly enough, chemicals and modelling do not mix, and when she is soaked in the chemicals, she quickly transforms in a huge and none-too-pleasant on the eyes hulk-like creature. With the girl refusing to go home in tears, and the hero feeling at least somewhat responsible for the accident, he takes her back to his base and tries to help her find new purpose in life now that all her plans are ruined. How will she handle the fact that her entire collection of shoes couldn't even possibly fit on her big toe? What if the hero starts genuinely caring for her?

Not a specific universe, though it could be if you want it to be, it does not really matter for the overall story. The monster-girl could be really big and muscular, or an obese giantess, a big feral weretiger or whatever, it doesn't really matter. She'll never be the same and the RP will have her trying to cope with it.

Post-Apocalyptic - Wasteland Wanderer
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, pure humans are quickly becoming a dying breed, their numbers dwindling with every generation as more and more mutants are born. With them becoming such a rare commodity, one particular wasteland wanderer became the target of prying eyes. A female mutant decides to attack him as he moves between cities, but rather than showing an interest in his merchandise, she attacked to kidnap him. While the 'pures' would never willingly court with a mutant as mutated as her, surely she could convince him in time?

The mutations can be discussed. Scary hulk creature with four arms? A monstrous animal hybrid? Let your imagination run wild.

Pirates - True Bilgerats
Pirates have always been the superstitious kind and tales of giant squids and megasharks attacking ships are common as could be, and quite likely, largely false. While some tales of cursed undead crews aboard derelict ships might hold some truth to them, the story of the ship known only as Grey Shade turned out to be far more realistic than your character might have anticipated. Cursed by a shaman the crew had double-crossed at some point, the entire crew has been transformed into half man, half rat creatures that are doomed to sail the sea until they can find a cure for their illness. Isn't your character just ever so lucky that her ship becomes a target and she's captured?

Overlord - For da mastah!
Not much of a plot for this one, but more of a general idea. An Elven overlord ends up taking an Elven priestess back to his dungeon after a human incursion into her temple nearly got her killed. He might be evil and his methods of preserving forests might be dubious, but he's still a servant of the Mother Goddess, after all. It could go from there. Obviously knowledge of the Overlord games (especially the second one) would be very handy here, else you may very well find yourself completely lost.

Mermaid - Washed Ashore
Ever since his grandfather told him about encountering a mermaid while on his fishing boat, the boy had been enthralled by the sea, wishing to follow in his granddad's footsteps. Eventually realizing that fishing wasn't really for him, he non-the-less kept his love for the sea, and ended up getting a home right by the shore, staring out of the window many a night for the mythical creatures he had been told about in his childhood. Then during a particularly bad storm, it happens. A mermaid is thrown ashore by the raging currents and the young man finds her unconscious and injured.

Note: Mostly just mushy lovestuff, really. The love between a man and his fishlady, or something along those lines. We can work out the finer details to incorporate ons, figure out a more in depth plot, etc.

Fantasy - Eat her, not us
The village of Eshkel has long had an "understanding" with the dragon living in the wilderness near them. The savage creatures of the wild dare not attack the village which lays so closely to the dragon's domain, and in exchange the villagers sacrifice a virgin every year. Every year the fattest girl is chosen to serve as the dragon's meal, left tied up at the altar the villagers created in the dragon's domain as a tribute. Little do they know that the young dragon has no interest in eating the girls, and that he is not nearly as savage as they think.

Note: The dragon is capable of magic, and as such can take other shapes. No bestiality here, people.

Fantasy - Cursed Dice
She was always the shortest girl of the class growing up, and never truly developed breasts. He was the tall jock everybody wanted to be with. Still, the two of them had always been friends, so every now and then she would try sports at his advice, and he would play what he'd call "one of her geeky games". When he decides to humour her by trying to play Dungeons and Dragons with her, things go horribly awry when it turns out the dice she got from a voodoo store weren't quite meant for playing games with. When they wake up, he's trapped in the body of a halfling sorcerer and she is a towering barbarian with larger breasts than she could have ever imagined. As if getting trapped inside their characters wasn't enough, they have a fantasy world to rescue and she finally dares tell him about how she feels about him.

Note: A fun role reversal thing I came up with. He'd be clueless as to gaming, and she would be the brains behind the whole ordeal as they try to survive in the fantasy world.

Superhero - Not on my watch
He is a local legend in a crime-ridden run-down city. While on the low scale as far as superpowers goes, Eaglesight manages to keep crime somewhat in check with a wide array of gadgets and a vast network of security cameras that all link back to his 'nest'. While active mostly at night, everybody knows his name and loves him. He works together with the police, makes certain innocents do not get hurt and treats even the criminals he hunts fairly.

She on the other hand is considered as troublesome as the villains she faces. With superstrength and neigh invulnerability, she can take a beating and deal it out, but even though she can certainly beat back crime, and she's a gorgeous looking, tall amazon in spandex, the city would much rather get rid of the vigilante. She disregards the police, causes immense property damage by throwing around cars after fleeing villains, has demolished houses on several occasions by not being careful enough and often leaves villains in a bloody pulp, leading to unwanted lawsuits.

When her arch-enemy heads to Eaglesight's turf to meet up with a local crimelord and she follows, Eaglesight is quick to interfere. She can tag along with him to face the villains, but he will make certain she doesn't wreck the city while doing it.

Fantasy - Size doesn't matter
After her mate gets killed by treasure hunters, a grief struck giant woman decides to attack the nearest settlement; hoping to get killed or at the very least drown her sorrows with carnage and a possible bounty of beer and ale; anything to drink herself into a drunken stupor. The peasant watch is ill-equipped to deal with the woman and to avoid any more bloodshed, one of the villagers offers to take her mate's place and to keep her company. While she doesn't exactly believe something so small could ever truly replace her lost love, she decides to accept the offer; realizing that having somebody to talk to wouldn't hurt.

The woman could be a traditional giant; a large ogre, a large troll; it doesn't truly matter. The idea being a roleplay that shows that love can cross any boundary; be it species or size. It was inspired by the art of Frederik K T Andersson, this one (NSFW) in particular, so taking a look at that wouldn't hurt.

Fantasy - Summoner Showdown
In a fantasy world where kings control armies, it is the archmagi who are truly powerful. Known as summoners, they can call forth creatures of the forest, the walking dead, angelic beings or even terrifying dragons to serve them in combat. It is well known that 'duels' between such summoners can be pretty terrifying sights, and rivalries are pretty common. But what if sexual tension is also mixed into the ordeal?

Note: Lightly inspired by Magic the Gathering, but without the absurdly confusing storyline. I'd like some sort of contrast here, such as a water summoner versus a fire one, one wielding angels versus the undead, or basically any contrast. This could lead from fighting to friendship and who knows what else.

Superhero - Not so altruistic, are we?
When Nicolai becomes the heir to a vast fortune, he decides to pick up the mantle of a superhero. With the best technology money can buy, the flimsy and bespectacled young man becomes the superhero Golden Glow and strikes out into the city to take care of crime. While he certainly manages to take care of the thugs, it quickly turns out that being an altruistic hero isn't exactly his forte. Using the fame that comes with being a superhero, he quickly sets himself up to be a media icon, showing up in commercials, talk-shows and before long, he's not just rich, he's also famous.

Being famous means others want to be with you; and that is an idea Nicolai liked. A true superhero leads a team after all, but not just any team would do. No; he would gather a team of the hottest babes to be his 'sidechicks' to fight crime!

Note: A spoiled rotten guy ends up buying his way into fame, becoming a superhero. Gathering an harem of super-heroines isn't exactly something a hero should be doing, but it certainly is a lot more fun than trying to make a real difference. Looking for somebody who doesn't mind playing multiple female characters who like hanging out with Golden Glow.

More information on what I like in a RP can be found in the topic linked in my signature.
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Offline Gladiator0161

Star Wars: Old Republic - Jedi in doubt
A relatively young Jedi Knight has been assigned to safeguard an important figure to the Republic. What would certainly have been an honour to any aspiring Jedi turns out to become rather awkward when the person in question turns out to be a rather seductive and exotic lady. Having to stay near her at all times to ensure her safety until the Republic can guarantee her safety has its impact on him, and over time he ends up developing feelings for her, something the code does not allow. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no passion, there is serenity.

Can the Jedi stick to the code or will he give in to temptation and possibly fall from grace?

If it hasn't been taken yet, I'd like to do this story with you. I've been a long time fan of Star Wars and play on Star Wars Universe Role Play, a proboards rp site often. If at all possible I'd like to rp the Jedi, since the only girls I can role play well are typically Mandalorians and tom boys, lol.

Please get back to me, as I am very interested in this. Thanks!

Offline TheikTopic starter

Sorry, I only really roleplay the Jedi. xD I am absolutely terrible at making a convincing female character.

Offline Gladiator0161

Me too to be honest, like I said. I can really only do "man-chicks" as one of my friends calls my tom-boy chick characters XD

Oh well, it was a nice thought atleast. :(

Offline TheikTopic starter

You're free to borrow the plot for using it, if you want. xD It's not like I copyright my story ideas or anything, if you can find somebody to roleplay it with you, go right ahead. ^_^

Offline TheikTopic starter

Re: Star Wars / Star Trek / Fantasy / Pokégirl : M looking for F
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2011, 01:48:16 PM »
After a long absence, I have returned and edited the list of roleplays I'm interested in. In particular, I'd like to try the Jurassic Soldiers plot.

Offline Wolfy

Re: Star Wars / Star Trek / Fantasy / Pokégirl : M looking for F
« Reply #6 on: May 04, 2011, 02:06:44 PM »
:D I sent you a PM, sir.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a World of Darkness plot involving a Tzimisce. I'm not really that much of a WoD-know-it-all, but hey, vampires. Who can resist the bloodsuckers? xD

Offline Crythan

 I am very, very, intrested in your Star Wars plot if its not taken :)

Offline Litzi

Hi! Thought I'd throw my hat in for either the Pokegirl one or the Star Wars one, both sound fun and I would enjoy to be able to explore either with you.  The WoD would be good too though I don't know the system much but, of course, could learn if the Star Wars one is taken.  So let me know :)

Offline TheikTopic starter

I changed the Jurassic soldiers plot a bit, realizing that the vast majority will not enjoy the idea of dinosaur anthropomorphic characters all that much. The plot is now also available with normal (scary!) antros and Pokéthings!

Offline TheikTopic starter

For now I will not be accepting any more Sith Circle roleplay requests unless people are very desperate and possibly bribe me with cake. I have enough requests for it already.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new superhero plot.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new plot. Somebody reminded me of that eurovision song festival song from Lordi, with the clip involving demons and zombie cheerleaders. These kinds of things just make me come up with crazy roleplay ideas, so enter the demon-on-college-campus plot!

Offline TheikTopic starter

I added a new post-apocalyptic plot, for those who fancy the idea of playing a scary mutant. Woohoo.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new plot involving scary rat pirates. Cause... watching pirates of the Caribbean gave me a fun plot idea. :D

Offline Drako

Liking the post apocalypse idea.

Offline abandoneddolly

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I'm liking the pirate one

Offline TheikTopic starter

Been playing Witcher 2 a lot lately, and it got me back into the fantasy mood. Which... reminded me of my all-time favourite fantasy game, Overlord! Dusted it off and played for a bit, now looking for a roleplay if anybody actually knows this gem of a game.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Went to see Pirates 4 yesterday and... mermaids! It made me realize that I do not have a single plot listed here involving everybody's favourite fishy ladies, so I just had to add one.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new roleplay plot involving a dragon. Rawr.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new plot I came up with after too much dungeons and dragons talk on the shoutbox. A roleplay about two people getting trapped inside their dungeons and dragons game? Hell yes.

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new superhero plot. Because there simply aren't enough of those to go around!

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new plot after looking at way too much of Frederik K T Andersson's work. If you've never seen it before, you really should look it up, he's a comedic genius. =)

Offline TheikTopic starter

Added a new plot based on magic the gathering. It is however not based in the actual M:TG universe, considering that place is mindblowingly confusing.