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I roleplay M/M, but I might [in the future] roleplay male/female with myself being the male. I only roleplay over PMs and forums. Convince me for email and IMs. When/if you contact me, please come prepared with pairings/plots either mine or your own that you’d be interested in playing. Make sure that when contacting me, you won’t force me into being a dom by putting your character with someone I usual wouldn’t rolelplay as. What kind of characters don’t I roleplay as? Over the top, sadistic characters that aren’t allowed to show any other emotions and have to constantly be treating your character like crap. Granted, I do roleplay slightly sadistic characters, but there is a reason for it and they won’t be like that 24/7 either. If you want to see my characters search my o/o and scroll down. Characters I have fully fleshed out are my vampire hunter, my prince and my assassin. I’m working on fleshing out more characters and will update often. Now, please read on if I haven’t lost you already. =)

- Post length from me depends on inspiration, writer's block [or depression episode] and what you give me. I can post anywhere from 1-10  [with inspiration] paragraphs and at least 2-3 when I have writer's block or my depression episode.
- Past tense and no * for actions and third person. Think of it like writing a book.
- Please no one liners. They are super hard to reply to.
- Post size doesn't bother me too much, one liners do. I would like to have a partner that can post at least 3+ paragraphs though, but rather have someone who can keep the roleplay interesting more. If you can go both, give yourself two gold stars. =)
-  Make sure to check my turn ons/offs by clicking here.
- Don't force me to be dom. Asking is fine. =)


- I love to roleplay as dom and sub or switch. Dom/Dom is just...*drool* hot!
-  I, love, love, LOVE drama, plot twists/turns and angst.
-  Doubling for roles will work great. I'll be dom for your sub, you be dom for my sub.
-  Dom/Dom is a lot of fun and I'd love you for it. Constantly at war with who's on top sounds fun to me.
- I love BDSM club type roleplay! Underground clubs are great!
-  Please note that none of my pairings are in dom/sub format. =)

Craving: I'm Busting This Place, plot, The Ultimate Bet plot, Not All Demons Are Bad plot,  Spy vs. Spy or Spy/Enemy, SpyAxis Powers: Hetalia [America/England] pairing], Victorian era settings and Lucifer/Right Hand Man pairing.

Note: Help me finish my characters. =) By roleplaying my unfinished characters, I'm able to figure out more about them and finish up their profile completely. Select a character and we'll go from there, only if you want though. You can choose whatever you want.

Table of Contents
Original Plots
Fandom pairing
Original  pairings


The limit of how many times I’ll roleplay a single plot is: 3
If limit is taken. Ask if interested, I might be willing to roleplay more, hard to tell.
For any reason that the roleplay was finish, I will open that slot up again.
Some of these characters are only for said plot, others are characters I'll use in other roleplays too.

Fantasy Plots


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QuoteThe Dark Stage *NEW!*
Pairing: Human/Vampire (he can be changed into a vampire or not.)
Setting: Victorian Era, London
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Dark fantasy, playing more than one character and hard to tell what else.

Plot: Milo could remember being on the streets when he was eight years old and learned the ways of surviving by stealing. There was one thing that he wanted to do more than anything else in the world and that was act. He would often sneak into the theater and watch the show, hidden away in the crowd of audience members. One night, he snuck inside to see the performers practicing for the big night. When one of them stabbed the other in the chest and actual blood come out, Milo was afraid of witnessing a murder, that is until that very person stood up like nothing happened and laughed it off. 

Note: We’ll have to talk about what will happen next. Your character can be anyone in  the group, including the one that was stabbed.

My character
Name: Milo [can’t remember his last name]
Age: 19 [or 20]
Race: Human

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QuoteThe Last Vampire
Pairing: Human/Vampire
Setting: Modern London
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Dark fantasy, possible love-hate relationship and possibly more

Plot: Once upon a time vampires ruled both night and day. They had the power to not fall asleep when daylight struck but couldn’t be out in about when the sun was out. All creatures feared vampires and that was when the rebellion took place. The rest of the creatures joined together to knock the vampire out of existence once and for all. The prince watched as his father was tackled to the ground by demons and werewolves, than a human hunter beheaded him right before his eyes. The prince fled the grounds while other vampires, one by one were killed. Finally it seemed to be over and he had made it but a human soon found him, another hunter. This hunter didn’t have the heart to behead the young vampire and instead used a spell to cause him to sleep forever.

You somehow found your way into the old graveyard of London. You spotted what looked like a shed with keep out on it and chains wrapped around it. The chains were rusty and it was easy to pull they off. Curiously you entered the place, seeing a coffin in there with all kinds of chains on it, you just were too curious to see what was in there and when you opened it up you found the prince from the story, asleep in his coffin with a stake in his chest. The stake was part of the spell, if anyone removed it, the vampire prince would awaken and you were just too curious for your own good.

Note: The twist to the roleplay can be added if you want. The twist could be that your character is part of the hunters family that caused my characters father to be killed and put him in his eternal sleep.

My character
Name: Prince Aldric Bessette
Age: 19
Race: Vampire

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QuoteHunter and the Hunted
Pairing: Vampire hunter/Vampire
Setting: London, 1800s or Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥
Contains: Dask fantasy, hard to tell what else.

Plot: You're well known for your father being a famous vampire hunter, you were being taught to hunt them by your father. One night you were walking around, in search of the blood-suckers. You either killed them yourself with the weapons you carried or placed a tracker on them somehow so your father could get them.

When you found Samuel, on the ground passed out, you went to his side, thinking he could have been a victim to a vampire attack. You turned him over, to see if you could get a good look at him. To your surprise, he has blood dripping from the corner of his lips and that's when you saw the tip of the Samuel's fangs. You knew right away that he's a vampire but you were curious to know what happened to cause him to faint. You knew you had to kill him but for some reason, you couldn't help but hesitant.

My character:
Name: Samuel Evers
Age: 25
Race: Vampire

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QuoteRed Eyed Mystery
Pairing: Vampire/Human
Setting: London, 1800s
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥
Contains: Hard to tell, could be anything.

Plot: For the past month, strange deaths have been occurring. Every time Russell is found at the seen of the crime, covered in blood and staring lifelessly straight ahead. Every time he's taken to the police station and questioned, he has no memory of doing anything. The only thing that he could remember was seeing a person with glowing red eyes. The police thought Russell was doing the murders, even though he wasn’t, they had my mother keep him locked up in my bedroom, bars on the windows to see if it would happen again and that would prove who was the killer. He was the only suspect and the only witness and no one would believe him.

One night after a fight with his mother, Russell heard a tapping on his window, curious, he went to see what it was and that’s when he saw your red eyes staring back at him.

Note: Anything can happen. This would be mostly mystery, mixed with fantasy and will require someone who can play just as many characters as I will play, just to make the roleplay more fun. My main character is below.

My character
Name: Russell Samton
Age: 19
Race: Human


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QuoteThe Ultimate bet
Pairing: Human/Devil
Setting: Modern
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Dark fantasy and hard to tell what else.

Plot: Ace was the champion of pool, winning every game he was up against. Champion was what he was called, betting everything he could just to up in the winnings.

One day after his biggest and wealthiest game yet, Ace met you on his way back to my car. He was challenged to a pool game in some abandon building and promised the stakes and winnings will be even higher than any other he ever had before. Somewhat curious, Ace accepts the offer to met you only to find out you were crazy or at least he thinks. You told Ace that you were the Devil and if you won this game you would get his soul as your winnings and do whatever you wished with him and if Ace won, you would grant any wish, give him anything he could ever want.

Not believing this, he just took off but each night no matter where he was, you would come back, claiming to be the Devil, trying to have Ace accept this challenge. It wasn’t long before he needed more convincing that you were the Devil and that was just what you did. Showing Ace things not even a magician could pull off. Believing this game whole thing now, Ace finally accepted, he knew he couldn’t lose so felt like he wasn’t really risking anything but as the game begins, Ace founds out he may have met his match.

Note: Pool can be changed to something else. Also, we'll need to come up with who will win before we roleplay and we'll probably skip the game itself. I would like to have Ace lose.

My character
Name: Ace Marcus
Age: 25
Race: Human

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QuoteForced Partner
Pick a paring: Human/Demon, Demon/Angel, Human/Angel Guardian and Lucifer/Right hand man. You can choose which pairing you want or we can even do all three of them or add more.
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, action/adventure, love-hate relationship, fantasy, Heaven vs. Hell and possibly more

Plot: Humans and demons have been at war with one another. Angels have been keeping an eye on the humans that they protect while the demons kill them and attack angels, some even kill the angels. There is a legend and a prayer that the angels have been looking for. One human will be born with angelic powers that he or she will have the power to either work with the angels and defeat the demons or be forced to work with the demons, who will use this human as they please.

The angels were lucky enough to find this human first but the demons are already thinking of ways to kill them or turn them on their side.

Dmitri, a low class demon, has been assigned on a mission to kill the only human with strange angelic powers, since he was only a low life demon, he couldn't help but do the old, 'sneak up and kill late at night' trick. Late at night he snuck to where you where, the knife ready to stab you, Dmitri knew the danger if you woke up and when your guardian angel, who he wasn’t aware of stopped the attack he was slightly frightened. He didn’t know that the one who sent him here thought the human and angel guardian would kill him but they didn’t. Dmitri was forced to join sides with you two.

Note: I have a character if you don't want to be the Angel Guardian and just let me know which pairings interest you.

My character
My Character
Name: Dmitri
Age: 18
Race: Demon

My Character
Name: Jemiel
Age: 20
Race: Angel [Guardian]

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QuoteHey There Little Red Riding Hood…
Pairing: Human/Shapeshifting Wolf Demon
Setting: Fairy Tale
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: It sounds like Vore and I know it does. Don’t worry. We’ll figure out a way around it, so we need to talk about it first.

Plot: Little Red or Red, as his friends would often call him, would enjoy taking the usual path to see his grandma and deliver her cookies that he made or anything that his parents would want him to give her. It wasn’t until one day that he noticed he was being followed. Red continued on his way, running as fast as he could until he suddenly found what was flowing him. It was a baby sheep! He couldn’t believe it didn’t mind it tagging along side of him. After they arrived at his grandma’s and gave her cookies, he went to go back home…but the sheep continued to follow him and he couldn’t help to smile at this.

What Red didn’t know was that you were no sheep, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You’re a very hungry wolf demon, that was just lucky enough to come upon him. The only problem is, you’re starting to like him beyond wanting to eat him.

My character
Name: Little Red aka Red
Age: 19
Race: Human

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QuoteNot All Demons Are Bad
Pairing: Human/Incubus
Setting: Somewhere in the past
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: We’ll talk about it

Plot: You’re a well known priest that has taken over his father’s church. Gore is a rather curious incubus that has managed to get over his head. Smitten by the priest, he watched his every move outside of church walls. When the village you were working in suddenly was attacked by pirates, Gore came to your rescue and saved you for harms way. The curious demon then took off after putting you somewhere safe. After awhile, you notice that very demon everywhere, watching you. Not able to take it anyone, he decide to do what any sane priest would do, exorcist him. No matter if the demon saved your life, he’s still evil…or so you thought.

My character
Name: Gore
Age: Over 900, looks in his late twenties
Race: Incubus

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QuoteYou're a Demon!?
Pairing: Human Earl/Demon Butler
Setting: London, 1800s
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥
Contains: Violence, dark fantasy, immortal characters, torture and possibly more.

Plot: Scythe was once the Devil's right hand man and never even stepped outside of Hell. He was very loyal to his master, he was there to protect the Devil and give out orders to the demons, the Devil hardly ever talks to the demons and had Scythe do everything for him. One day he was told to venture to Earth, somewhere in London there were troublesome angels that had to be dealt with and he would send Scythe because these angels were stronger and his army was currently trying to break into Heaven and he was the only strong demon that he knew could easily take them out.

He made his way to London and destroyed the angels quickly but there was something about Earth, the humans, the food and London that he couldn't bring himself to return to Hell. Scythe knew it was dangerous to stay here but he was curious to stay and the more he stayed, the more he enjoyed London and started to do odd jobs to gain money. After awhile, he changed his name to Ashford Graham, a more human name.

Ashford found that getting by in London wasn't as easily as he thought, but he also knew the danger of returning to Hell. Your father hires him because they were low on butlers and Ashford had experience for that sort of thing and applied for the job position.

You father passed away from some illness and Ashford has always been the one to look after you and the household, since you were ten years old. Your mother is no longer around and all you have left are the staff and the company your father left behind. He has never aged during that time, but you never thought much about it.

Years later you get kidnapped by humans that are hired by powerful demons working for the Devil to bring Scythe back to Hell. The humans didn't know that this was a setup, they shot and "killed" Ashford and started to take you to where the meeting place was but Ashford catches up with them and kills them.

My character:
Name: Ashford Graham
Age: 29
Race: Demon and former right hand to Lucifer


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QuoteFairy in a Box
Pairing: Fairy Prince/Human
Setting: Modern
The Crave O’meter: ♥
Contains: Fantasy and possibly more.

Plot: David's family has always been strange, they never could figure out what he liked and wanted for his birthday so it wasn’t much of a surprised when he opened the box to see a strange looking fairy doll inside from Grandma. David didn’t want to upset her so he put you in his bedroom and went out to party more.

Little did he know that you were really a fairy prince that was mistaken for a doll. When you were outside, humans thought you were a doll and picked you up, taking you to the lost of found but no one claimed you and so you taken to David's Grandma's shop. She thought he would like to have you for some strange reason. You pretend you're a doll because you don’t want humans to know of your kind.

Where you live, everyone is looking of you, finally one of the guards located where you are and went to save you. You couldn’t be happier but as you both were getting out, David walked into the room and almost freaked out if it wasn’t for you both using your odd powers to make him fall fast asleep, he probably would have screamed.

Note: We should talk this out before we roleplay to have some idea where we're headed with this plot.

My character
Name: David Coppala
Age: 20
Race: Human

QuoteI Know Your Secret
Pairing: Super-hero/Super-villain [former sidekick]
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Drama, betrayal, action/adventure, violence and possibly more

Plot: Jack has been the hero of the city, always there when people need him. Many times he's saved the city from total destruction, time and time again from all type of villains but you’re no normal villain.

Everything was normal...until the day you went attacking the city, Jack was there to stop you, but you already knew everything about him, including his powers and even his secret identity. After all you were once Jack's sidekick, one that he thought was killed in a fight and he's already grieved over his loss. He refused to get any sidekicks after this and soon becoming a lone hero.

Note: We can really just go from there and you can decide why he/she turned into a villain and if was due to some other villain pulling the strings or not. Also, Jack won't know that he/she was once his sidekick along time ago.

My character
Name: Jack Martin
Race: Dragon [from another planet and has a human form]
Alias: Dragoon
Age: 25

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QuoteYou’re Not Welcomed Here Too
Pairing: Human/Wizard [can be a police office, I’d like that or just some normal wizard or even the prince himself]
Setting: Modern/Future
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: We’ll talk about it.

Humans could never get along with magical beings. The Salem Witch Trials proved the horrors of what would happen to a witch or wizard that was found out. Years were later the humans were fazed with the truth that the magical beings truly existed on Earth and there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Witch and Wizard hunters were formed, people were divided and the world seen just how difficult this was going to be. A counsel was formed consisting of humans, witches and wizards to form an agreement before more chaos broke loose. The agreement was that the magical beings would have their own world behind locked doors and could never enter past the gates and the humans couldn’t go over there. It was to protect both parties and everyone agreed that it would work. If any would go on their wrong sides, their judgment would be taken up by the leaders of that world.

Milo would often stare at the doors blocking their two worlds. There was nothing here for his own human world. Forced to be alone on the streets and begging for food and money. He wondered what the wizard world would hold. Finally gaining his courage, he pushed the doors back which opened for him and entered the world in which he wanted to live in. Maybe he’d have something here instead.

My character
Name: Milo Lousis
Age: 18-25 [undecided]
Race: Human

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QuoteGame Of Your Life
Pairing: New Player/Game Master
Setting: Any
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, drama, betrayal and possibly more.

A new video game came out that was all about virtual reality, the gamers would be able to truly experience the world of the game with the virtual reality goggles. Unknown until later, the gamers are taken from their real world and not allowed to leave until the Game Master has been destroyed. This Game Master is known for going around and killing other gamers and when you die in the game, you really die in real life. There is no way out of the game, everyone will be able to go once the Game Master is dead.

When David, a new gamer, stumbled into this world, he never knew the danger that he would be getting himself into. Being on level one still, David nearly got killed by some of the frightening animals in the game until someone saved him, who was you. The two joined forces with one another, both of them were determined to kill the Game Master so everyone could go back home. Little did David know that the one who saved him was in fact, the Game Master himself. You would find gamers in need of help, help them out and then get to know them and once the gamer has fallen for you or they become best friend, you tell them who you are and then attack them. It was always the perfect plan because the other would never attack back, it may have been an easy way, but you always thought it was fun.

My character
Name: David Sinclar
Age: 20

Realistic Plots


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QuoteLove Attention Monthly
Pairing: Master/Slave
Setting: Modern or futuristic [where the slave would be an android instead of a usual human]
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: We’ll talk about it. POSSIBLY FANTASY

Plot: Love Attention Monthly is a magazine that only the very few are able to be subscribed to. It’s a monthly magazine that features slaves to buy from the black market and only traders or club owners are able to receive these magazines. The slaves are naked, in erotic positions with their personality.

Your father is a well known trader that purchases these slaves from this magazine to be put in his shop to sell as his own. Since your birthday is coming up, he decides to get a slave for you since he had his first slave around your age. He picks number 1232, a beautiful blonde with a nice rack, but when the slave comes, it turns out that he make a mistake. 1323 was right next to her and male. The policy wouldn’t allow him to be taken back for at least a week. He tried to cover it up before you could find out, but you were standing at the top of the stairs and heard the whole thing.

My character
Name: Ace or if android Number 34532
Age: 23
Race: Human or android. It can be whatever one you want.

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QuoteI’m Busting This Place
Pairing: BDSM club master/undercover detective
Setting: Modern, NYC
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: BDSM, fantasy maybe and possibly more. Double would be great!

Plot: Detective Todd Greene has been in the undercover business for five years and his latest bust is an underground BDSM club hiding in New York’s nightlife. The club has been illegal for some time, but trying to locate it has been a rather difficult task. After a year of trying to find it, Todd finally gets a break when he over heard two men talking about the male only BDSM club. The rest was easy and he now the detective is ready to go undercover to bust the BDSM club.

My character
Name: Todd Greene
Age: 32
Look in my o/o thread to see more dept

Crime Related

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QuoteThe Toughest Decision
Pairing: Doctor/Mass murder
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Hard to tell where it’ll lead.

Plot: Jack Warren's a brilliant young doctor. One night he was working late when an emergency came in. You, were shot a few times, two bullets in the chest and one in the head. It was important to work fast or your chances of living would be very slim. After some time in the ER, finally the operation was finished, it was a success and you were doing just fine then. For the time you spent in the hospital Jack took care of you until you were well enough to leave.

A few years past since that day and Jack's been more busy than ever. More and more people with awful injuries to the head and chest came in almost twice a week, he has his hands full. You turned into a mass murder, killing others for no real reason at all but some were slowly dying and sent to the hospital were he worked on them. The police didn't have any leads about you, so you continued to murder others, doing the same to each one, stabbing them either in the head or chest many times.

Finally, one night, on Jack's way back home, he passes by an alley and heard what sounded like a fight. Trying to stop it he foolishly entered just in time to see you stab the victim many times until dead. The two remembered each other, Jack was in shock at seeing what you did, while your were busy deciding what to do now with Jack as witnessed. He was the only one who saw and now you had to think just what to do with the doctor that saved your life.

My character
Name: Jack Warren
Age: 27

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QuoteCabin Fever
Pairing: Stranded person/Cabin owner [fantasy can be involved, owner can be a murder/serial killer/rapist]
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Not sure, let’s talk about it first.

Plot: After Aaron Thompson’s car breaks down in the middle of the forest on his way to the campgrounds, he decided to go looking for someone to help him with his car problems since his cell wasn’t working. He was in luck when he spotted a light in the far distance and followed it until he can to a well light and cozy looking cabin. The man inside was very friendly and willing to help him with his car trouble. Since it was in the dead of night he offered to have him stay the night until they could reach someone tomorrow. Too bad he’s not as friendly as he first thought.

Note: This can be one of those hunting games where my character is hunted as “game,” but things go from there. It could be completely different from that and lean more to bondage and BDSM. However you want to portray the not so nice character is up to you. =)

My character
Name: Aaron Thompson
Age: 28

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QuoteC S I Love You
Pairing: Top CSI Forensic Investigator/Former mass murder
Setting: Modern, LA
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, bloody scenes and possibly more.

Plot: You're a former mass murderer that decided to change your ways and for once in your life, was on the right side. Though being a former killed caused the other in the lab to be suspicious of you and most didn’t trust you. Your assigned partner, Jack, though wasn’t like the others, he was hardly on high alert or gave you any glares like the rest, what was even more odd was that he's a top CSI. When assigned on a case of a copycat murderer, you soon found yourself wanting to go back to your old ways of killing.

Note: I plan on the current murderer knowing the former mass murderers crimes and was copying his crimes, trying to make him turn back to his life of crime, or something like that. Double possible with current murder/detective or CIS member.

My character
Name: Jack Banks
Age: 25

My character
Name: Mark Conner
Age: 23


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quote]The Gamble *NEW*
Original a group roleplay that no one joined
Pairing: Double! Earl/Butler and Earl/Butler or Earl/Butler
Setting: Victorian Era, London
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Rivalry, possible foursome, betting and we’ll discuss the rest.

Plot: You 1 has ___Trading Company that constantly has been butting heads with ___Trading Company which belongs to Earl You or Me. The two have been fighting for imported goods for months, going on a year now and neither of them will give up. Earl You or Me decided out of the blue that the only pay to settle with this would be to play a game of chess. The idea sounded silly to Earl You, that is until he heard the conditions. The loser not only has to back down and sell their business to the winner, but also has to give the winner their trusted Head Butler. Earl You decided that it was a gamble worth taking and now…let the game begin.[/quote]

My characters
Name: Clifton Baker
Age: 25-30 [need to decide on age]
Role: Head Butler to You 1

Name: Clyde Marcus
Age: 25-30 [need to decide on age]
Role: Head Butler to You [unless you want to be the butler]

Name: Preston Addams
Age: 19-25 [need to decide on age]
Role: Earl if you want to be the next butler instead

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QuoteWhat The Storm Brought In
Pairing: Pirate captain/Navy captain
Setting: Past
The Crave O’meter: ♥♥♥
Contains: Possibly abuse/torture and possibly more.

Plot: After a deadly run in with a storm, Captain Martin was pushed over board along with many of his crew members. He was unconscious and freezing in the water when a pirate ship found him and brought the captain aboard.

Note: This can be fantasy if you want, just let me know. We are going to have to discuss what will happen next, its a really short plot where anything can happen. You can even have them be rivals and have a gain of cat and mouse or something like that.

My character
Name: Toby Martin
Age: 30

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QuoteFriend Or Foe
Pairing: Ex-assassin/Former assassin partner
Setting: Feudal Era, Japan
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: Violence, love-hate relationship action and possibly more

Plot: Taro and you've been partners in criminal since you two were ten. You both were growing up learning the ways of assassination. It was their only choice, both of them were orphans and in order to get a place to sleep, clothes to wear and something to eat, the two had to join this secret assassination organization that both, just by chance, had heard about. Neither of them knew the other, they were partnered up and had to do everything together, as well as learn each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Both are sixteen and to this day they've always done everything together. Then, one day Taro just quit, he couldn’t take it anymore. The killing, the death, the blood he had on my hands, it was all too much. So, without saying so much as a good bye to you or saying anything about leaving, Taro just vanished.

One day, one of the assassins had seen that Taro was still alive, which was dangerous for the company. The boss called you in and ordered you to get rid of him, your former partner and friend. You can’t deny the job, you figured that if it was anyone who was going to kill Taro, it will be you.

My character
Name: Taro Nakamura
Age: 25

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QuoteOne Mistake
Pairing: Pharaoh/Thief
Setting: Ancient Egypt
The Crave O'meter: ♥
Contains: Hard to say

Plot: Your a pharaoh, well on your way to great things. Ammon, is a palace thief. His luck ran out and he was caught, sent to you to be punished. You were out and so, Ammon was tied up, near your throne, waiting for you to arrive back. The guards though didn’t leave either, it felt like hours until you arrived back, taken by surprise. The guards explained what happened, letting you decide what would be come of Ammon.

My character:
Name: Ammon
Age: 25


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QuoteYour Head Is Mine
Pairing: Stranded Shipwreck Survivor/Head Hunter Member
Setting: Modern
The Crave O'meter: ♥♥♥♥
Contains: As strange as this sounds, there will be no character death involved in this roleplay. We’ll figure out actually how to go about it. You can have your character be the one hunting him or one that’s trying to keep him safe.

Plot: After a horrible shipwreck, it has left a handsome young man in an “inhabited” island. After looking around for some time, Matt found that he really isn’t alone. A chase breaks out and Matt has become completely exhausted by the end. He’s captured by a tribe that speaks little English and from what he can make out, one of the members of the group has been assigned to…hunt him down…to kill him…for his head! Head hunters. He thought they weren’t around anymore, but he was now playing a dangerous game with one of the hunters.

My character
Name: Matt Tanner
Age: 30


Italic are the characters I play
! means I have a plot(s) idea
♥ are how much I'm craving. 1 very little - 4 super-duper craving!
No hearts = convince me

Angel Sanctuary
Kato✗Kira ♥♥
Setsuna✗Kira ♥♥
Rosiel✗Katan ♥♥
Older Raziel✗Zaphikel
Your OC✗My OC I-Child ♥♥♥

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright
Phoenix✗Miles ♥♥♥♥
[I have only played the first game]

Axis Powers: Hetalia
America✗England ♥♥♥♥
Italy✗Germany ♥♥♥♥
China✗Japan ♥♥
Italy✗Holy Rome
OC based Hetalia ♥♥♥♥

Battle Royale
OC✗OC ♥♥♥♥

Cain Saga//Godchild
Cain✗Riff ♥♥♥♥ !
Jizabel✗My OC ♥♥♥♥ !

Darkwing Duck
[Not anthro, will be human]
Darkwing✗Negawing ♥♥ !
[will be Negawing because he's not a duck]

Death Note
L's son✗Raito's son [Next Gen.] !
L's son✗B's son [Next Gen.]

Inuyasha's son✗Naraku's son ♥♥ !

Older Ciel✗Sebastian ♥♥♥♥ !
Undertaker✗My OC  ♥♥
Sebastian✗William ♥♥♥♥
Sebastian✗Grell ♥♥♥♥

Petshop Of Horrors
Leon✗Count D ♥♥♥♥
My OC Pet✗Your OC Human
My OC Human✗Your OC Pet

Peter Pan
Grown up Peter/Hook !

My OC Thief✗Your OC Giovanni's son  ♥♥♥

Sherlock Holmes

Sonic the Hedgehog
[Furry or human-ish]
Sonic✗Scourge ♥♥♥ !
Sonic✗Ivo [Robotnik, in his twenties and hot] ♥♥♥♥
Sonic✗Shadow ♥♥♥
Sonic✗Mephiles ♥♥♥
Older Tails✗Older Miles ♥♥♥

Spy vs. Spy
White Spy✗Black Spy ♥♥♥♥ !
My OC Blue Spy✗Your OC Color Spy ♥♥♥♥ !

Twisted Fairy Tales
Little Red Riding Hood ♥♥♥♥
Beauty and The Beast ♥♥♥♥
The Little Mermaid ♥♥♥
Frog Prince ♥♥♥♥
Alice In Wonderland ♥

The World Ends With You
Your OC Reaper✗My OC Player
My OC Player✗Your OC Player

Yugi✗Yami Yugi ♥♥♥♥



Vampire✗Human ♥
Vampire✗Human Manservant ♥♥♥♥
Vampire✗Vampire hunter ♥♥♥♥
Vampire✗Demon hunter ♥♥♥

-Demons & Angels
Demon✗Angel ♥
Devil✗Human ♥♥♥♥
Devil✗Right Hand Man ♥♥♥♥
Demon✗Human ♥♥
Human Prince✗Demon Butler ♥♥♥♥
Rich Human✗Demon Butler ♥♥♥♥
Human✗Incubus ♥♥♥♥
Demon ✗Demon Hunter ♥♥♥♥
Angel✗Fallen Angel ♥
Guardian Angel✗Human

[Human with cat ears & tail]
Samurai✗Cat Demon
House Cat✗Feral Cat !
Circus Cat✗Human visitor

Super-Hero✗Super-Villain ♥♥♥♥ !
Super-Hero✗Normal person
Hero's Sidekick✗Villain's Sidekick ♥♥♥♥

Merman Prince✗Merman Royal Guard
Merman✗Sea monster


- Christmas
Christmas Past✗Human
Christmas Past✗Christmas Future
Christmas Past✗Christmas Present
Rudolph✗Reindeer [Furry,animal or human with animal ears/tail]
Rudolph's son✗Reindeer [Furry,animal or human with animal ears/tail]
Rejected Reindeer✗Santa's Reindeer [Furry,animal or human with animal ears/tail]
Santa's Elf✗Anyone
Christmas town person✗Halloween town person

- Other
Human✗Shinigami [Grim Reaper]
Prince✗Dragon ♥♥♥♥
Human/Wizard [not HP]
Ghost Hunter✗Ghost ♥♥♥♥
Real Magician✗Assissant ♥♥♥
Adducted Human✗Alien ♥♥♥♥ [ I will love you! ]
Astronaut✗Alien [Planet 51 based roleplay] ♥
Paranormal Investigator✗Chupacabra [Alien] ♥♥♥♥
Sky Pirate✗Land Pirate ♥♥♥♥
Dark Circus ♥♥♥♥
Circus Freak✗Vistor


Human✗Human clone
Scientist✗Experiment ♥♥♥♥


- Crime related
Gang Member✗Rival Gang Member
Gang Leader✗Gang Right Hand Man ♥♥♥♥
Detective✗Mass murder
CSI✗Former mass murder ♥♥♥♥
Undercover Detective✗Mafia Leader ♥♥♥♥
Undercover Detective✗Mafia Gang member ♥♥♥♥
Spy✗Enemy Spy [think of Spy Vs Spy] ♥♥♥♥ !

- Every Day Life
Doctor✗Mass Murderer ♥♥  !
President's son✗Secret Service Member
Rich Boy✗Butler  ♥♥
Defense Attorney✗Prosector Attorney [Think Phoenix Wright, fantasy might be involved]] ♥♥♥♥

- Master and Slave
Master✗Slave ♥♥♥♥
Obedient Slave✗Rebellious Slave ♥♥
Slave House Master✗New Slave ♥♥
BDSM club owner/Dom employee
BDSM club owner/Sub turning dom employee [idea kind of] !


- Victorian Era
Earl✗Butler ♥♥♥♥
Thief✗Earl ♥♥♥♥
Jack the Ripper✗Detective ♥♥♥♥
Earl✗Rival Earl

Salem Witch Trials
[AU-ish because it will take place in the Victorian Era instead]

Wizard✗ Persecutor ♥♥♥♥
Accused Wizard✗ Persecutor ♥
Actual Wizard Earl✗ Accused Wizard’s Human Butler ♥♥♥♥
Wizard✗ Wizard

American Fighter Pilot✗Japanese Solider ♥♥♥♥
Nazi✗Jewish POW

- Wild West
Lawman✗Outlaw ♥♥♥♥
Sherrif✗Outlaw ♥♥♥♥

Pirate Captain✗First Mate ♥♥♥♥
Pirate Captain✗Navy Captain ♥♥♥♥ !
Pirate Captain✗Prince Captive ♥♥♥♥

Prince✗Thief ♥♥♥♥
Prince✗Slave ♥♥♥♥
Prince✗Guard ♥♥♥♥
Prince✗King of Thieves ♥♥♥♥
Prince✗Hired assassin ♥♥


I added The Last Vampire, Friend or Foe, Born to be Fallen and Force Partner.

Might add more and thinking about new plot ideas.

Also, I took out appearance/personality so I can add them in the actual roleplay [like on Gaia].


Added another character into the mix. Thinking up traits, appearance and history still.

Thinking about making a freeweb site for fully made characters, but not sure.



Added Love Attention Monthly to the plots.


The Dandy

Mmmmm, so many good ideas to choose from. I think I would like to do the demon/human pool game plot if you are interested or the vampire/hunter plot. PM me if interested
"What does it matter the duration of the damnation to he who tastes the infinite instant of pleasure!" -[Baudelaire]



Added Not All Demons Are Bad, Hey There Little Red Ridding Hood... and Your Head Is Mine to plots



Added You're Not Welcome Here and Game of Your Life to plots.



I changed the format around.


Added more pairings to Victorian Era and added AU-ish Salem Witch Trials and pairings.



Update cravings and planning to make more plots soon.


Omg, omg, you would rp The World Ends With You? I have been seriously craving. :3  If you aren't too busy, please PM me and we could work out details. I would very much love to start an rp about this with you and I think your on/offs list fits very well with my own interests.

Otherwise, I also have a lot of other interests/plot ideas and I think you and I would make a good pair.





I like the Hunter/hunted one. i have a few questions though.


I like the ideas you have for 'The Dark Stage' and 'You're a Demon?!'. ;D The second one reminds me of Kuroshitsuji.