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June 21, 2018, 04:53:39 AM

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Author Topic: M looking for F for superhero themed Rp extreme :3  (Read 332 times)

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M looking for F for superhero themed Rp extreme :3
« on: June 24, 2010, 04:20:15 PM »
The idea is about a massively powerful superhero, who came into the world, when it was on the brink of destruction. They call him Paragon, and his vast powers allow him to protect the world from any threat, but he has a dark side, he kills all male super villains that arise, and does what he wants to the female villains, only to let them lose after he stops their plans, and well, if they are lucky enough to live, being their scheming again. The world ever thankful for his prevention of nuclear war, either looks the other way, or just doest get that he fights only females, and a male villain hasn't been seen in years.

General background and world info is as follows:

The world of Earth is a strange, yet beautiful world filled with wonderous creatures, and saprkling spires of human achievement. The world saved from Nuclear war, by one person. A being of supreme power, an Defending angel, sent from the heavens to protect this world, and her occupants. No one is real sure where this protecter came from, or where he came from, all they know is that His name is Paragon, and he protects them from everything. Benieth the surface there is always a dark element to this prestine orb in space. Unbeknownst to the world, the male villian population has been culled off, killed in cold bold, by Paragon, the man the world worships as a savior. Only female villians are left, the world itself is never the wiser. His shimmering gold armor always hiding the darkness within.

Before Paragon:

The world was in terrible shape, in 2036 an asteroid the size of Rhode Island crashed in the middle of Hong Kong. It landed like a  thermal nuclear explosion, leveling the city, and most of the country side around it. The asteroid triggered several other  global disasters, the impact kicked up flaming debris that fell all across Europe and Asia, leveling and destroying cities continent wide. Massive tidal waves were sent from the impact, to crash into hawaii, and from Alasaka down to Chili, causing major flooding, and destruction in every major city along the way. With hundreds of millions dead the world was struggeling to maintain civil. In times of crisis villians arise, those these villians were politicains and terrorists, the result was the same.  War soon broke out between the East and the west. World War 3 was started by China and North korea. China trying to expand west, and N Korea, taking over south Korea, and expanding east. Immediat action  was taken by the USA and her allies. After 10 years of war, and nuclear threats, the USA finally armed her Nuclear payloads, and targeted key cities in china and Korea. During the 11th hour, a bright golden light appeared in the sky, bright, like a second son, burning in the night sky. Both sides investigated this anomally, unsure of what is was.  Before they could tell what it was, it was gone, in a bright golden flash, appearing all over the world where nuclear weapons were, destroying them so completely no detonation was made. In the course of 1 hour, every nuclear weapon, and weapon grades material could not be found on earth.

It is now, 10 years after Paragon first appeared, the world is back to normal and science is advancing at a new wonderous pace, free from the worry of war, it has cured many diseases thought incurable. The Earth is healing from the disasters and wars that plagued it after the Impact, with paragon as it's protecter, the world will live another day.