High School Reunion [BDSM Semi-Con]

Started by zoarster, June 24, 2010, 01:36:02 AM

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I've been wanting to play this one for a while: our characters were high school sweethearts, very innocent. They may or may not have been sexually involved back then, but it is now five or six years later. After breaking up before college, the characters run into each other again at a bar or other setting, and your character seduces mine into a one-night stand. When my character wakes up the next morning, however, he finds out his high school sweetheart has become a dominatrix--he's tied up, blackmailed, or otherwise coerced into being her sex toy. We can work out the details of how his newfound slavery works, it could be anything from a relatively mild whips and paddles weekend to all-out lifestyle servitude. No kinks are off-limits for this one and, although it would start as a solo RP, partners are more than welcome to bring in others to use him as the opportunity arises.

Potential variations on the backstory are welcome, please PM me or reply below if you're interested or want to discuss further!